1001 Texas Nights

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He walked into his house. His house! A wide grin spread across his face. He felt lit up inside, like some switch that had been off had just flicked back on. He felt full.

Setting his drab olive green duffel bag on the floor, he stepped into the living room. The moonlight glowing through the big picture window cast ethereal shadows on the floor, making it look like the dream sequence in some Hollywood movie.

Only this wasn’t a dream and he wasn’t in Hollywood. He was home! His voice pitched low he murmured it out loud, “I’m home.”

Quick, impatient steps carried him through the house. He couldn’t wait to see her, touch her, smell her, and breathe her in. His woman, the one he had kept in his thoughts day and night, the woman he had stayed alive to come back to.

As he entered the hallway he slowed, an unusual light spilled out onto the carpet from their open bedroom door. He paused, his brain taking a minute to catch up with what his eyes were telling him.

He had, arrived several hours ahead of schedule, he and his buddy David had driven all day and into the night to get here. David was going to sack out on the couch for a few hours before he took off in the morning. In the mess tent guys would walk through and yell out their home state, trying to find someone they had something in common with, and a bond of sorts. Both of them being from Texas, they had hit it off right away.

He wondered why the light was on at all in the middle of the night and why was it that unusual color?

Quietly he stepped closer and found the doorway draped with some kind of sheer fabric, a diffused magenta blush shone softly into the hall. He realized the closer he stood the better he could see through it.

She was there, her body moving softly to the hushed tones of some music he was just now able to hear. His heart lurched, and then started pounding a primitive beat. Glued to the spot he was unable to move. He watched, drinking her in, she was the cool moisture that bathed his parched soul.

She laughed low as her bare feet easily completed a series of intricate steps. Her arms raised above her head in a sinuously feminine motion, the sweet ringing chime of the castanets punctuating her movements.

“Sweet Jesus!” his exclamation nearly silent as he finally figured out what was going on. He quickly took in his decidedly unfamiliar bedroom. Satin and velvet pillows everywhere, magenta and gold silk hanging from the walls and draped around the bed. The tiny flame of a hundred candles seemed like so many fireflies flickering about the room.

She had transformed their bedroom into a Middle Eastern fantasy. He had told her of the beautiful folkloric dances that he’d seen while on leave in Bahrain. He grinned from ear to ear as he realized that she had created this just for him. This glittering palace complete with his very own harem girl. Damn! What a woman!

She was dressed from head to toe in a deep shade of midnight blue that enhanced her cafe mocha skin tones to perfection. Golden coins embellished the fabric that clung to her hips and breasts leaving her midriff tantalizingly bare from just below her breasts to several inches below her belly button.

Pulling back the gauzy drape he stepped into the fantasy, “Who are you dancing for, Beautiful?”

She shrieked with surprise and joy as she realized in an instant he was there. “You, Tex!” she hurled herself into his arms, “I’m dancing for you!”

He plucked her up into his arms and whirled her around, “Damn, Woman! What is all of this?”

She buried her face in his neck and hung onto him for dear life. “This is your homecoming.” She rumbled against the strong cords of his neck as tears glittered in her eyes.

He set her gently down in front of him, his large hands framing her face, “This, is my homecoming.” He whispered in his sexy drawl. Lowering his mouth to hers and giving her the kiss he’d been dreaming of for a year. Lips tenderly melding into one achingly sweet kiss that punched him in the gut like a fist.

Her hands lovingly slid up over his shoulders, the nape of his neck and drew canlı bahis şirketleri his head down to kiss her more fully. His bristly military haircut tickled the pads of her fingertips. Gone were the days when she would clutch handfuls of his hair and guide him to where she wanted him to be. “All that beautiful hair …” she mourned.

His grin was dazzling, “High and tight, baby!” He laughed as she rubbed her hand over his head, “It’ll grow back soon enough.” He growled as she stroked his scalp, “Pet me Honey, just like that only all over.”

She purred and pulled him in for another kiss. “I was practicing my homecoming dance for tomorrow and here you are.” She said amazingly and licked hotly over his mouth.

“God.” He moaned. “Do it again.”

She licked again and this time bit his bottom lip and tugged. “Welcome to your palace, husband.” She invited, a sweep of her arm indicating his new surroundings. “We have all things for your pleasure. Are you hungry, thirsty?” she asked.

He shook his head.

“No?” she smiled. “Perhaps, I can make you more comfortable?” Her fingers worked on the buttons of his BDU’s, tugging his shirt off, she touched the dog tags that hung over his army green undershirt. He ducked his head so she could remove them.

“Sit if you please.” She indicated the edge of the bed.

As she knelt to remove his boots his eyes ravaged her cleavage, mounded up high by the sequined and bejeweled bra of her costume. He wanted to bury his face in those soft mounds and never come up for air. She massaged his bare feet, her strong thumbs kneading his arches.

She pulled off his remaining shirt, the muscles in his chest irresistible to her soft hands. “You are more muscular than before.” She noticed. Her knuckles grazed his nipples as she slid her hands down his stomach.

His abs clenched tight and he moaned, “Oh, baby!” But, he stilled her fingers after she had undone his waistband. “Not yet.” He growled, not letting her unzip him.

“As you wish Husband.” She acquiesced. Her dark, kohl lined eyes looked up at him, “How may I please you?” she looked up at him, playing her role beautifully.

“God!” He moaned. “Just looking at you pleases me.” His voice gained a little strength now that her hands were not on him.

She smiled, “I have attempted to learn the beautiful dances that you told me about.” She went to the stereo and found her favorite track on the belly dance CD she had bought. “I have great respect for the dance and the artists and I hope to someday do justice to their beauty.”

He watched her strike a pose in the center of the room before the music started and he felt that fullness well up inside of him again. He lay over on his elbow, smiling, lost in her Middle Eastern fantasy.

She began to sway, gently at first, her body just finding the rhythm of the music. Her eyes closing, her face was serene as she became one with the tempo. Hips undulating until the gold coins around her costume were chiming along with the music.

He was mesmerized by her muscular control. She lowered to her knees and slowly shimmied her shoulders until she was bent backwards like a tautly strung bow. The light glowed off of her bare skin as her abs contracted and released, she brought her shoulders back up, one shoulder raised and then the other. Keeping time with the music she shifted and swayed until she was again standing.

She swirled in circles, her hips writing poetry with slender loops and dramatic slashes, like the passionate strokes of ink on paper. Her fingers delicately manipulated the golden castanets so that the chiming sounds emphasized her movements. Her arms were like tendrils of smoke constantly moving about her body sinuously.

He watched spellbound, forgetting to even think. He just felt, felt the music, felt her, felt the rhythm of his heart beating with the tempo.

He reached out and grabbed her; unable to keep his hands off of her as the music continued it’s primitive pulse. He buried his face in her cleavage and licked the dots of perspiration from her skin.

She moaned, her body going canlı kaçak iddaa limp in his arms. She slipped the castanets off and dropped them clattering sweetly to the floor.

He sat with her between his outspread legs on the mattress, “Baby. That was so, incredible.” He undid the midnight silk holding her breasts and dropped it, coins clashing with the little finger cymbals.

She shimmied, her breasts freed, gently swaying.

He cupped them reverently in his hands, pushing them up as the silk had; he licked his tongue up the deep center line. “Sweet tits.” he murmured, as he attached his mouth to one nipple and tugged. He switched to the other when she moaned longingly enough and latched on, sucking.

She framed his face with her hands and watched his mouth pulling at her flesh. Her body clenched low and moistened in preparation.

He buried his face in her and moaned, “God, baby. Oh God, you feel so good.”

She pulled his face up so she could smile down at him, “It will feel better if you take off those pants.” She climbed off the bed and tugged the camouflage down his legs as he lifted his hips.

She purred appreciatively as his hard cock bounced into sight, “I have missed this.” She licked lightly over the head as she climbed back on the bed. “The toy you left has been well used while you were away, but honey, this is what I’ve been craving.” She grabbed him with both hands and licked. Then popped the whole head in her mouth and sucked.

The silken veil that adorned her hair fell around her face and he held it back to see his woman sucking his cock. He had dreamed of this one thousand and one times.

Her mouth tugged softly at first, sucking gently, his cock head swelled in her mouth. She let her saliva drool down the sides and lubricate his shaft as she fisted him.

His breathing was ragged and he knew he wasn’t going to last. It had been such a long time since he’d sank mindlessly into her and reached for that sweet forgetfulness. He groaned and reluctantly pulled her off of his raging hard on, “I’m not going to make it much longer.” He warned in a raspy growl.

She stood on the bed and slipped the silken veils from around her hips. Naked now except for the tiny bells that encircled her ankles and the silk covering her hair. The soft glow in the room made her nude body look pink. She smiled down at him.

His eyes wandered up her curvy body, her skin glowed with a lustrous sheen. He thought she must have used a body oil of some kind. Her shapely legs spread on either side of him. He reached up and set his hand on her mound, pressing his thumb in between her lips. She had shaved. Her mons was completely smooth and bare. His eyes met hers, “I’m not the only one missing something.” He smiled and slid his thumb down to cover her clitoris, his thumb pressing that switch back and forth, watching her body jerk as he did so.

She rolled her belly muscles to bring her pelvis in closer contact with his hand, “I have heard that the women of the harem were bathed, shaved, polished and buffed for their husbands’ pleasure.”

He moaned, “I like it.” He slid his hand up and down that heavenly gash, “Bring it closer.”

Her knees split as they bent and she sat down on his cock, shifting her hips to slide over his hardness. She lifted her arms and rotated her torso, her soft pussy lips dancing over his cock.

“Damn woman, you are killing me!” He grabbed her thighs and shifted her quickly, his cock invading her silky cunt in one sudden punch.

She rocked onto him as he shoved up into her silken tunnel pushing him deep, “Oh, yes,” she moaned. “Yes, that is what I need!”

He used his thumbs to pull her labia apart and press her clit in between them sliding it back and forth. Watching his cock slide in and out of her glorious opening, he groaned, “Look at that hot fucking cunt sucking my cock!”

Gasping, she used her inner muscles to literally tug him deeper into her. “Yes, Tex. Look at me swallowing you whole!” She panted, “Feel that! My pussy fucking you so good?”

“I’m going to come!” He hollered out, he couldn’t canlı kaçak bahis take it one more second, that silken, tight muscle squeezing his cock. It was more ecstasy than he could endure. So, tight and hot. “Fuck!” He yelled and shot his come into her glorious body. His face contorted, pleasure and pain showing on his features. “Fuck.” he spat again, he wanted to make it good for her.

She moaned softly, lying over his chest. She kissed his mouth and licked his dry lips. She smiled and kissed his face all over making little noises as she did. “I missed you,” she whispered, “So much.”

He reached down and took hold of her ass cheeks and pulled her harder onto his softening cock, spreading her as he did. Pushing up into her a little deeper. His eyes caught movement in the doorway.

David stood on the other side of the transparent silk hangings.

For the third time, he breathed, “Fuck.” He had forgotten all about David.

A million thoughts raced through his head. Should he tell Sarah that David had seen them? Oddly he didn’t feel, too weird about it. He chuckled to himself, maybe he should invite him in. As that thought crossed his mind his cock jumped and started to swell. He moaned and pressed up into Sarah’s sweet, tight pussy. This time he knew David could see everything and he slowed his movements, dragging her over his cock, showing off her luscious cunt.

She wriggled over him and continued kissing his face and neck, softly moaning. She could feel that Tex’s cock was getting hard again instantly. She presses her mound down hard around his growing thickness. “Oh, God.” she muttered against his neck, “another hard on, baby.”

Tex watched as David’s silhouette faded away, he smiled and pulled Sarah harder onto his cock.

Hearing some small noise, Sarah looked to the open doorway then back at Tex. “David?” she asks.

He growled, pushing his hard enough to cut diamonds cock up into her drenched cunt, “Yes. David was watching.”

She sat up, his hardness buried full length in her hot snatch, she clenched him with her well toned muscles. “Made you hot didn’t it, knowing that he saw us fucking?” she teased. Her fingers plucking at his nipple as she watched for his reaction.

He groaned and writhed but doesn’t answer her question, he reached for her but she evaded his grasp. “Oh no you don’t.” she chuckled throatily. She slapped his hands away, bucked on his hard cock, “Say it!”

Using his superior strength he grabbed her, makes a quick roll and pinned her to the bed on her back, his cock like an arrow holding her in place. “Yes! Fuck yes, it made me hot!” he grins. “Knowing he saw me come in that nasty, sweet pussy makes me crazy hot!”

He circled her wrists and pinned them to the mattress beside her hips, never taking his eyes off of her wide gaze, he slid down her body pressing her thighs open with his chest. “I’d like him to taste this.” He pressed his open mouth against her wet cunt, filled with his come.

She nearly comes out of her skin as she feels his mouth and tongue ravaging her needy sex. Her puffy lips being split open, his tongue pressing her hard little button and dragging lower. She feels him place his mouth directly over her fresh fucked cunt as he starts to draw the creamy juices from her opening. “Oh! Tex! God!” she moaned, her body quivering with need, she was so close.

The low growling sounds coming from his throat tell her that he is completely enjoying every sweet taste of her pussy. She struggled to pull her wrists free from his hold and started panting, “Baby, oh God, baby. Tex. Tex. Tex!” She screamed low and raw, calling his name over and over again, a plea and a prayer.

He smears his shiny face up over her bare mound grinning and with one swift motion, rests fully on her prone body.

“Please.” she rasps

“Please what, my sexy baby?” he grins, torturing her.

She bites his shoulder groaning, “Please, fuck me now! Make me come! Please!”

A small shift of his well developed glutes and he shoves his cock hard into her needy, sweet, cock loving cunt. He enters her swiftly, pressing against her sensitive clit, rocketing them both over the edge, clinging wildly to each other as they collide with the force of a supernova.

The night ends as the day begins, two lovers asleep in each others arms, a celebration of life and love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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