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Sitting on duty in his squad car, drinking coffee, a police officer checked his watch. “Hm. 5pm already?” Just at that moment a white car flew by. He checked the radar and clocked it at 120mph. “Damn. 120?” He switched his lights on, and raced after it. When he finally caught up, the car was already pulled over on the side of the road, so he pulled up behind her. When he ran the license plate, the owner came back as a Gabriela Montgomery. He promptly got out of his car, and when he walked up to the window, he saw the woman inside applying lipstick. “This is going to be interesting,” he thought to himself.

He tapped on her window and she smiled as it lowered. “What seems to be the problem officer? I was just fixing my make-up.”

“I clocked you at 120mph back there, ma’am. License and registration, please.”

She opened her purse and pulled out her license for him, then leaned over toward the passenger side of the car and opened the glove box. He noticed she was wearing a very short skirt. Clearing his throat, he noted her registration she gave him was under the correct name and handed it back to her.

“I’ll be right back,” he told her and went back to his unit to call dispatch run her license. Everything checked out. No discrepancies of any kind. He sighed and quickly returned it to her. Then, he noticed illegal bahis a suspicious looking bag sitting on her backseat. “Do you mind if I have a look inside your car, ma’am?”

“I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t, please,” she replied. He took another look in her back window and raised an eyebrow at her.

“Ma’am. I’m going to have to ask that you step out of the car please.”

“But I didn’t do –“

“Step out of the car now.”

She checked to see if any cars were coming, and slowly opened the door. Stepping out, she revealed her very tall, black heels along with her very long, smooth legs. She stood up and smiled. “Is there something wrong, officer?”

“Put your hands behind your head.” She did as she was told and he began to pat her down.

“Are you trying to feel me up officer?”

“I am making sure you don’t have any concealed weapons, ma’am.”

To his dismay, traffic began to pick up. “Step to the other side of the car, please.”

She promptly responded and as he began to finish patting her down she whispered, “Just in case you were wondering… I’m not wearing any panties today.”

“Are you trying to bribe me ma’am?”

“I don’t know. Is it working? I can spread them farther if you’d like that, officer.” He looked her in the eyes as she spread her legs apart illegal bahis siteleri a little more. “I do have a concealed weapon. Frisk me again.”

Not sure what she meant, and his heart racing as it was, he began patting her body down again. When he reached the edge of her skirt, temptation slid his hand over her thighs, glistening in the sun. He knew he shouldn’t.

She smiled.

He slid his hand inward, feeling how ready she was. Though he was nervous, he couldn’t stop. He began to stroke her soft, wet lips, and the tension began to build.

Quickly, she took his nightstick from his hip and looked up at him. Removing his hand, she smiled as she slowly inserted it inside of her, closing her eyes just enough to enjoy how good it felt, but also to see how much he was enjoying watching her. She revealed the wet object and licked it softly. “Want to know what my pussy tastes like?” The police officer cleared his throat. She could see how much he wanted her through his uniform. She always liked a man in uniform. She reached down to unzip and reveal him to her, and as she suspected he was hard and ready. “Mmm. So, you do like it, don’t you?”

She lifted her leg and wrapped it around his waist and pulled him closer. “Go on, take it. I promise not to tell, officer…”

He saw that there were no canlı bahis siteleri cars coming at the moment, so he quickly leaned down to bite her neck, and she dropped his nightstick. Panting, he grabbed her hips and hungrily slipped inside of her, letting out a hard moan. He had never done this before, but he was definitely enjoying himself. He began sliding back and forth slowly, feeling how slippery and wet she was.

Wanting him, and not wanting a ticket, she grabbed his ass and rammed him inside of her hard and fast and moaned, “That’s how I like it, officer. Harder.” He couldn’t contain himself, and soon, with the sun beating down on them, he was grunting and breathing heavily; pounding inside of her over and over again vigorously against her car.

Then, he began to shake. Sweat was glistening over his neck and back, as they grinded together rapidly. “Oh, god.” With his face buried in her neck, he gave her one last good hard thrust. She screamed and dug her nails into his back, snagging a hole in his uniform as he exploded inside of her…

They stood there still for a while, until she finally lowered her leg and adjusted her skirt back into place. She picked up his nightstick and handed it back to him. “Here. A little souvenir for you.”

He cleared his throat, zipped his uniform back up and looked at her with a stern, but handsome, face. “Slow it down to about 80 next time, will you, baby?”

She smirked at him, sticky with sweat and cum. She grabbed the collar of his uniform, leaned in and whispered in his ear, “See you when you get home, dear.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20