1825 Days and Counting…

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“Thanks for the offer, I look forward to it!”

She was not looking forward to it. Katherine Kazumi had no intention of spending another minute in her office. She had just finished another meeting with a company asking her to do a photo shoot with their product. At least when it was for charity, she never felt like it was in vain. With a quick text, she asked her agent to do some background checks on the company, to make sure there wasn’t anything shady going around their track record. Locking the door, she walked out of the building, smiling to the people desperate to catch her attention and waving to those who had become accustomed to her presence.

As the 23-year old actress felt the chill of the night air hit her skin, she heard the all-too-familiar voice of her best friend since kindergarten.

“KAT! Wait up, the rest of us non-popular folk have lungs y’know!” Hela said, panting as she steadied herself by holding onto Kat’s shoulder with one arm.

Kat rolled her eyes at her friends comment. Ever since Kat made it as an actress, Hela kept making sure that her best friend stayed humble, which wasn’t a problem, but having Hela around helped her in more ways than one. As such, Hela loved to make the strangest jabs due to Kat’s popularity. No matter how bad they were.

“Could I have one?” Kat asked her.

“I find it fascinating that you are one of the most successful actresses on the planet, yet somehow you feel the need to still hog my chips every chance you get.”

“Whaaat? You know about the ones which have all the good flavors. I don’t.” Kat said, half smirking and munching on a BBQ flavored crisp. God, these were the highlights of her day sometimes.

“Oh, by the way, are you going?” Hela asked, reluctantly.

Kat stopped in her tracks.

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean.”

Taking a deep breath, she sighed. “Don’t know.”

Hela didn’t say anything else about it and they both continued walking down the street to the parking lot. Though their conversation went on as it usually would everyday, Kat felt a twinge of nervousness in her stomach. March 20th.

The day their teacher died.

Kat had a lot of important people in her life. It was safe to say that the ones that stuck around were by far the most important. Yet somehow, the one person that didn’t was also the one person she would give anything to see again. The boy who taught her what love was. The only mind-blowing kiss she ever had in her life. Now she had the chance to see him again, at the 5th anniversary of their beloved teachers passing.

As Kat dropped Hela off at her house, Hela turned around and gave her a hug.

“Don’t overthink it.” she said.

Kat drove off, trying hard not to think about that day. The way the air felt perfect, like a soft hug from the earth. The warm rush of blood coursing through her body, setting her senses on fire. The way his arms wrapped around her, comforting, with a hint of possessiveness. How his breath tickled her while he took hers away. His soft…

Kat veered off the turn and screeched to a halt, barely stopping her car before it hit her gate. She groaned and rested her head on the steering bahis firmaları wheel.

This was going to be one of those nights.

She took a shower and changed into a comfy set of pajamas, turning on her laptop as she sunk into her bed. Too many times had she felt lonely here. Too many times had she contemplated moving on and just finding someone else. But her teachers bet rang through her head, clear as day.

“You two are perfect for each other, if you two do get together, I bet a 100 bucks that you wouldn’t get any work done and that you would just keep thinking about each other the entire day. Lovebirds.”

She groaned even louder into her pillow. Her teacher was a strange man, however, he loved watching his students grow up to become respectable adults. If he was still around today, she would have to give him a 100 bucks. There wasn’t a day that went by without Kat thinking about him. And that stupid kiss. That stupid, perfect, jaw-dropping kiss. She could have anyone. If she wanted, she could walk into a bar, a club, or even a library and come home with someone who would love to date her.

If it wasn’t for that stupid kiss.

She looked through a bunch of her e-mails and saw the online invite for the anniversary and clicked accept. She didn’t click off the page, as the words “Other Participants” glared at her, challenging her.

It was just to see if he was coming. That’s it. Nothing else.

Her heart skipped a beat when she saw it.

“Nathan Holdings. Teacher at Slegensdale High School.”

Her jaw dropped. “TEACHER?!”

Suddenly, a small fragment of her past came rushing back. The class teacher was absent and the school had no substitutes. A member of the staff would usually have watched over the kids, but not with Nate around. As the staff dozed off, Nate taught the kids about Biology, Chemistry and Physics. She peeped through the classroom window, a warmth overcoming her at seeing Nate’s smile. She teased him by calling him ‘Sir Nate’ but she never realized…

Teacher. Teacher. Sir. Nate. Hungry. Her mind was fixated on these thoughts as she took another bite of her sandwich. She shouldn’t. She really shouldn’t.

Oh, to hell with it.

Copying his name and credentials, she looked him up online, remembering Nate’s little victory cry every time he found something obscure online. “By the power of the INTERNET!”.

As the page loaded up, she felt anxious. She convinced herself that it was just to see his basic info to make small talk. Like a charity project. Or his apartment. Or if he had a girlfriend. This wasn’t stalking. No, no, this was researching. On her best friend. Her cute, kind and sexy fr…

She threw a pillow in frustration. Nothing. No image popped up of him. No profile picture on his socials, no relationship status, not even a picture of what he was up to recently. Nate always did value privacy.

Kat wondered if Nate thought about her. Looking down at her body, she tried to make an assessment about herself. She wasn’t super skinny, but she kept fit and healthy. Last time she checked, she was a D, though that might have changed now. Her hair color changed almost every month, but Nate had told kaçak iddaa her he liked her natural blonde hair. So she decided to get rid of the black dye.

She shut off her laptop and went to sleep, the soft hum of the Air conditioning unit droning on, almost as unnoticeable as the sound of her breathing. Her hands slowly grazed down her body. Nate.

Kat grabbed a spare pillow slightly bigger than her and cuddled it. It was no surprise who she imagined the pillow to be. Though today, her fantasies would be a little on the wild side. Sometimes, she imagined she met Nate at a bar by chance. They would talk, not for very long, before she couldn’t keep her hands off him and eagerly dragged him all the way back home so that he could have his way with her. Sometimes, she liked to think Nate would be on the wrong side of the law and that he would break into her house, tie her up and steal her heart all over again. Of course, there was the obvious mind-blowing sex that would happen.

But with a lazy smile, she realized none of them compared to her most recent and favorite fantasy. She would be in a classroom, alone with him. He would be a teacher on after-school hours with his…mmm…favorite student. She felt a chill run down her spine as she pictured herself taking notes while Nate subtly tried to peek at her breasts. She would be offended, if that wasn’t exactly what she wanted him to do. To look at her and only her. Maybe she wouldn’t finish her homework. On purpose. Like a bad girl. Kats hands slithered down her PJ’s and started rubbing on her clit.

She looked up at him. “I’m sorry sir. I could’ve sworn I finished it, but I guess I was too preoccupied with edging myself over and over again to the thought of that beast hidden in your pants.” she said with a naughty look of feigned innocence.

Nate smirked and slowly circled her seat, like a shark swimming in the waters of it prey, before it would devour it. His hands sank into her shoulders, releasing her tension and making her moan in both worlds. He would then bend her over the desk, lifting up her skirt, his hands squeezing her plump ass.

“Count.” he said, in a low, husky voice.

Spank. “One.” she said, the sting of her punishment turning into a rush of pleasure.

Spank. “Two.” Her pussy was now dripping, eager for more, for so much more.

Spank. “Three.” The hardest one so far, with a rough squeeze at the end to emphasize control.

As the punishment continued, her ass would glow redder by the minute, while Nat…Sirs cock grew harder against her ass. He would then observe that she wasn’t wearing panties. Pinning her down to the table with a grin, he would slowly sink himself into his favorite student, while she moaned at the entry as it sunk deeper into her. His thrusts would increase with the volume of his grunts, as she could do nothing but moan and yelp at the man she loved taking everything she was. Every fiber of her wanted to exist for his pleasure.

Her phone rang as she rubbed herself silly thinking about Sir fucking her brains out, her juices slathering his rock hard cock as he pounded into her while she mumbled gibberish trying to thank him for teaching her a good lesson. The phone kaçak bahis added another layer to her fantasy. Maybe Hela would call her during her lesson, prompting Sir to stop his relentless fucking as she whined for him to keep going. He would answer the phone, making her suck his throbbing cock, angry at the sudden withdrawal of pleasure.

She would worship his cock with her mouth as he talked to Hela, looking down at her with that dark glint in his eyes that set fire to her pussy. He then gave her the phone, making her switch to a hand job while she talked to her best friend. She would talk but her eyes would be laser focused on making Sir cum all over her. Soon, she felt Sir throb and knew that it was time for her reward. As she ended the call, Sir covered her in his reward as she closed her eyes in ecstasy, loving the feeling of it dripping down her face as more ropes of spunk landed on her mouth.

“Good girl.” he said in a low growl, running his hand through her hair.

“NghhAHHHH!” Kat screamed as she came in a long climax, the end of her fantasy perfectly timed with her release, her juices making a mess of her sheets. She mumbled and moaned his name, over and over and over again, like a mantra that she hoped would summon him out of thin air. She collapsed onto her pillow, in the aftershock of her orgasm, in blissful ecstasy. Lazily, she grabbed her phone and saw the notification for a miss call and a new text from Hela.

She opened it, out of breath from her recent ordeal.

“Woman, did you see who else accepted it?!”

“No duh. I can’t believe it’s actually him.” Kat replied.

“And Mr. Holdings is now a teacher. You two are so going to role-play.” came the next text.

Her blush grew across her face as she quickly typed in her response.

“WHAT?no nononono. Its just me seeing him again. nothing else will happen between us. You know it.”

“Yeah, right. Make sure you’re on the pill. Night, you kinky knockout.”

Kat let out something between a groan and a chuckle. She didn’t have many secrets from Hela, submissive fantasies included. She knew that Hela was mostly a straight vanilla girl with her boyfriend…


A light-bulb went off in her head as she asked Hela for his number. Sam was Nate’s best friend, though neither of them admitted that. Back then, she didn’t really have a reason to talk to him or reach him. But, since Hela started dating him last year and with the perfect excuse to talk to Nate about the anniversary, she could ask him for Nate’s number. A thrill shot through her.

Hela came back online. The three dots floated on her screen.

“You trying to steal my mahn byytch?:P”

Kat snickered. “No, I just want to talk to him about something.”

“You just want your teachers number from him, hmm?

Kat wrote a message in protest, something along the lines of “WHaaat?noooo?psht whay would i do that? tis just friends catching up and nothinf abou”

She then deleted that message and sent “Yes.”

Fucking Hela and her extensive knowledge of her best friend.

“Alright let me ask bae and get back to you, boo.”

Hela always texted in classic teenage shittery, though recently they just found it funnier to laugh at how absurd some of the terms they used were.

Kat took a deep breath as Nate’s number popped up with a message below it.

“Good luck.”

This was it. No turning back.

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