20 Years in the Making Ch. 01

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Rachelle has been the eye of my sexual desire since we were teens. My mother married a distant cousin of hers and being a family big on parties we saw each other all the time. As we got older the teasing and joking turned sexual. Rachelle was a bombshell. Blue eyes, blonde hair, great legs a smile that would light up the darkest night. I went to visit her at college hoping it would lead to us finally hooking up. Turns out I would spend the weekend with her best friend. You can read bout that in my story called “wanted one but got another.”

As we grew up, we remained close. We hung out, were in each others weddings- the whole nine. With age came life- work, kids, and all the other issues that come along with being an adult At one point, I had left my wife and Rachelle and her husband separated. She was still a bombshell. We talked all the time about sex and whatever else.

One day I text her while she was at work, just checking in. She tells me it’s funny I messaged her as she had a dream about me the night before. We both had dreams with each other in them before. Not like this one though. For the record I tried hard over the years to get Rachelle in bed. Never even got close. She proceeds to tell me about her dream basically being us fucking. I remind her that she is the reason that dream hasn’t come true and she admits to it- expressing she wants to change that. We set up a date for me to stop at her house.

As the days count down to Rachelle and I finally having our fun I give her a few instructions. I’ve seen Rachelle be very aggressive with life and have heard that she scared a buddy of mine with her aggressiveness with just kissing. I wanted to make sure Rachelle knew I was going to be controlling her and she was going to enjoy it. I inform her that she is to wear a dress. No panties, no bra. I know Rachelle has at least a DD set of tits. No matter what she wears you can see they are big tits. No hiding that. I leave those as the only instructions.

I pull into the drive way like it’s just another day hanging out. I walk in the side door and she is waiting for me. Standing there in her grey dress. I grab her by the canlı bahis throat and push her into the wall. She grunts as she slams against it. My lips quickly cover hers and my tongue pushes its way into her mouth. My hand still on her throat squeezing as we make out. As we continue our battle of tongues I reach up with my free hand squeezing her tits. She moans softly into my mouth. Her nipples hard poking my hand through the thin fabric of the dress.

I let go of her throat and take a step back. I grab her hand and head to the couch. I push her to the couch and she sits up quickly reaching for my shorts. She pulls my shorts and boxers down and my cock springs free. Quickly her mouth is on my cock. Her lips wrapped around my shaft. Her tongue swirling around the head. She begins sucking my cock. Her aggressive nature shows again as she continues to work her mouth up and down my cock. I move to sit in the couch. My cock never leaving her mouth, she moves with me.

Kneeling beside me she continues to suck my cock. I pull her tits out the top of her dress. They are even bigger than I thought. 38DDD tits hanging there swaying back and forth as she pumps my cock into her mouth as if she is starving. I pinch one of her nipples between my finger and thumb. She moans sending waves through my cock yo my body. It’s clear she loves her tits and nipples played with.

I slide my hand down her side pulling her dress up. Reaching between her legs I find her pussy. Wet and sticky with a desire to be filled. I slide a finger into her waiting pussy pushing the length of my finger Inside if her. It’s a dream come true as my finger begins to work inside her pussy. Her mouth still working my cock. I warn her if she doesn’t stop I’m going to cum. She quickly pulls my cock from her mouth and straddles me.

My is cock sticking straight in the air and dripping with her spit. She doesn’t waste time as she quickly lines it up with her pussy and the head of my cock slips between her wet sticky pussy lips. My cock pushes through and is buried deep inside her warmth. She moans loud as she sinks herself onto my cock. As she begins to grind back and forth bahis siteleri on my cock she kisses me hard, forcing her tongue into my mouth. She begins to rock faster and faster. My hands find her massive tits and being squeezing as hard as I can. She lets out another loud moan. As she grinds on my dick she starts breathing harder and hard. My hands are still working her tits, squeezing them like stress balls, pinching and rolling her nipples. I grab one and pull it to my mouth, taking her nipple between my teeth. Biting it softly, I flick my tongue back and forth over her hard nipple.

Just like that, she is cumming!! Her hips start bucking wildly “Oh fuck yes. Oh fuck. Oh god… oh god… Fucking yes!” She yells as she cums on my cock. Her pussy juices flood the inside of her, adding to my pleasure. As her pussy tightens at the height of her orgasm, I begin to shoot my load deep inside of her. Still breathing hard, she sits on top of me kissing me while we both try to catch our breath.

After a few moments she slides off me, fixing her dress. She goes to the bathroom as do I. We grab a cold drink from the fridge and shoot the shit for a while just hanging out and watching tv. About an hour has passed since I unload the first load into Rachelle’s pussy. I’ve waited too many years to only get it once. As we sit in the couch tormenting each other I tell her if she doesn’t stop

I’m going to gag her then fuck her ass. She laughed informing me she doesn’t really have a gag reflex. With that said, I get my cock out of my shorts.

As I get my hardening cock free of my shorts, Rachelle slides to the floor. I instruct her to take her dress off. For the first time seeing her totally naked. Her tits even as massive as they are being 38 DDD sit firm and perky on her chest. Her pussy shaved bald. She kneels in front of me pulling my shorts off. As she pulls the to my feet i take my shirt off. Both of us naked in her living room dying to touch each other.

I sit on the couch spreading my legs slightly, allowing Rachelle to slide between them. SHe never takes her eyes off me as she takes my cock into her mouth. She rested her arms bahis şirketleri just above my knees and held my shaft firmly in her hand before she started to twist and stroke my shaft. Her head stays still as she works her tongue around the head of my cock like I’m a lollipop. Her tits pressed against my legs. Her hard nipples sliding back and forth from her stroking my cock. I love the feel of her bare tits against my skin.

As she continues to please me with her mouth she looks up. We lock eyes- as if looking into each other’s minds reading our dirty desires. I love the feeling of her mouth working my cock but I need to be back inside her pussy. She needs me back I side her pussy. She gives my cock a finally tongue trashing and lets go of my shaft as she stands up. She climbs onto the couch facing the back of it. Her ass sticking out in the air. I stand up quickly and get behind her.

I reach down grabbing my cock and take a step forward. My cock head slips right into her well lubercated pussy. Her juices mixed with the load I fired into her just a short time ago. I push my cock hard into her. She moans again as I force the length of my cock into her tight pussy. I reach up and grab her throat, squeezing it as I fuck her from behind. Slamming into her as hard as I can, pushing her into the couch with each trust. My balls banging off her clit. Her hands squeezing her tits. Her moans now mix with screams as she cums on my cock again. I keep pounding into her as her pussy tries to squeeze my cock like a snake squeezes it’s prey. I tighten my grip on her throat.

“You love being my slut don’t you?” I ask as I pound into her.

“Yes” she moans.

“You love my big cock fucking your tight pussy don’t you?” I ask. Fucking her as hard as I can.

“God, yes. I’m your slut. Do whatever you want to me” she squeaks out as my cock continues to hammer away at her now dripping wet pussy.

I slam my cock into her shaking body 2-3 more times before staying deep inside her. For the second time today my balls unload a massive amount of cum deep inside Rachelle’s pussy. As I pull my cock from her she falls to the couch. I slide over presenting my cock to her face. She hungrily takes it into her mouth sucking me dry.

As we get dressed we discus our next play date. We’ve waited so long for this to happen, so we’re not going to stop anytime soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20