2×4 Makes Great Ch. 03

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Chapter 03: New Years Eve

It had been a long time since Labor Day and we were more than ready to party. It’s hard to get four couples together without any outside interference. We don’t do any swapping or any other sexual gatherings within the group, saving up until all eight of us can get together. That keeps it really special for all of us. New Years Eve was the first opportunity we could come up with. After all, you can’t just get up from the Thanksgiving Day diner table with the family and say “Excuse us; we have to go have an orgy with a few of our neighbors.”

We had decided on Kristy and Don’s since their only son, Jeff was off with a group of his friends for a week long ski trip, leaving the house to us for our night of octagonal sex. The pretence of dinner had been dropped by now since everyone knew why we were getting together. The Fountain’s house was a sprawling ranch style with a large sunken den. The den dropped down three steps and was wide open with a couch, love seat, small bar, nice sound system and a wide fireplace. There were a number of very large throw pillows on the couch and randomly scattered on the floor.

About 5:30 we were having a few drinks and waiting for the last of our group, Linda and Al Stokes to arrive. When we heard the door open and close, Kristy got up and met them at the top of the steps taking their coats. When Linda removed her long fur coat, she was wearing a lavender see-thru long sleeved blouse with two pockets and a black mini skirt that was inappropriate for a woman her age, except for our little group get together. As they stood at the top of the steps Al reached over and gave the front of Linda’s skirt a flip showing us her Purple thong for just a second. Not being shy, Linda turned around and bent over at the waist giving us a nice long look at her ass with just a purple strip running between her cheeks. They came down and sat on the love seat, and Kristy followed them carrying a tray of snacks in one hand and a tray of maybe two dozen Jell-O shots in the other.

Linda’s nipples were hard from the cold outside weather and were poking out the thin blouse, ever though you couldn’t see them well because of the pockets. After Don threw another log on the fire, Linda moved closer to it. She sat cross legged on one of the large pillows, flashing her thong, stretched tight across her crotch, at us. There was something about Linda’s pussy that just made a beautiful camel toe. You would never know that tight pussy with its puffy lips had birthed two children.

A little latter Linda’s blouse still looked like she had a marble in each pocket so Kristy walked over and said “Are you still cold sweetie?” And then……”Oh my God! You got your nipples pierced! When did you do that, did it hurt, did it bleed, did you do it you’re self?”

“I got it done about a month ago as an early Christmas present for Al. I went to this tattoo place down town; they sprayed them with this can of cold liquid stuff that made them hard and numbed them at the same time, then the guy just pulled each nipple out and shot a ring thru the base of each one with this little gun like thing.”

“Linda! You let some guy you’d never seen before play with your boobs?”

” No Kristy! He wasn’t playing with my boobs, it was like a doctor’s office. He wore rubber gloves and everything, besides that Al was standing there holding my hand the whole time. Al couldn’t touch them for the first week or so because they were swollen and tender but now he can suck and play with them all he wants, and he wants all the time. But the best thing is, once they healed, the hurting stopped but the swelling didn’t go down much at all, so now, I’ve got these supper nipples that stay hard all the time and keep me feeling sexy 24/7. Al even hung two little ornaments from them and took my picture in front of the Christmas tree. He wanted to post it on the web but I told him no way, I wouldn’t mind you guys seeing it but not the whole world. We were going to make Christmas cards and send them to all of you but then you never know who’s going to open Christmas cards so we just dropped it.”

Jimmy- “Well, take that shirt off and let’s have a look-see at Al’s new play things.”

Linda stood and did a little strip show, slowly unbuttoning her blouse then flashing one tit then the other finally shrugging it off her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. Don leaned in sucked a nipple into his mouth then gave the little ring a tug. “You can pull em harder than that, they don’t hurt unless you pull pretty hard.” She grabbed both rings pulling them up and out, making her canlı bahis şirketleri breasts into two fleshy cones. We all took a turn pulling, pinching or sucking her nipples, Beth and Kristy even sucked them, giving a quick tongue lashing. True to her word, they were now nearly twice the size they were before, all the girls having normal size nipples before, so she was now much bigger than the others. We decided to crown her Nipple Queen of the group.

Kristy took off running and moments latter came bounding down the steps holding two tinny gold bells witch she hung from each ring. “Here you are Your Majesty. Now when it’s midnight you can ring in the New Year for us.” Everyone roared with laughter, and Linda was already breathing heavy from the nipple play.

Al told her, “sound the starting bell baby and let’s get this party rolling.” Linda gave her shoulders a quick shake, “Jingle-jingle.” The clothes started flying and in no time we were all down to our underwear, mostly in the holiday theme. Linda dropped her mini skirt, leaving her with the purple thong and bells. How appropriate to be wearing purple, the ‘royal color’, for our newly crowned queen. Al had a sheer red bikini trimmed with white fur. Jimmy sported a silk Santa face pouch with his dick hanging out Santa’s mouth. Beth wore just two snowflake pasties with holes in the centers for her nipples and the little green elf hat she had walked in with. Kristy had see-thru white lace crotchless panties and matching shelf bra that left her nipples exposed above the top, while Don had a sheer white thong to go with his wife’s ensemble. Lisa and I wore matching red fish net thongs and she had a tube-top that covered the lower two thirds of her breasts. I say covered but the weave of the delicate threads did nothing to obstruct the view and it let her nipples stick through. In fact, all eight nipples were in the open and all four cocks were plainly visible and semi hard by now.

By 9:30, about half of the Jell-O shots were gone plus other drinks.

Beth suggested, “hey, let’s do body shots.” Don already had lime slices at the bar so we cleared the bar top and I lay on the bar as Beth did the salt, tequila and lime thing, playing with my cock through the fishnet at the same time. I was hard and the head of my dick was pushed out above the thong so after she sucked the tequila from my belly button she sucked up the head of my cock and gave it a twirl with her tongue then stepped back. This was repeated in different variations until everyone had given and taken a shot.

This time Kristy spoke up, “hey, let’s have a contest.”

“What, another blow job race like last time?”

“Close but not quite. A shooting contest, each girl will jack off her husband until he cums and the one that shoots the farthest wins. Same prize as last time, ‘anything the winner wants’.

Don spoke, “Sounds to me like there aren’t any losers just winners and a big winner. Speaking of big winners or rather big wieners, doesn’t this give Jimmy an unfair advantage?”

“You never know.” I said. “It’s not all about size. There’s some marksmanship and technique involved too.”

“Okay but not down here, lets move to the kitchen so cleanup will be easier,” Don replied.

We went the kitchen and got some tape and laid out a line on the floor for us to stand on. We used our own wives to make sure everyone would give it their best shot. Beth and Jimmy went first, Beth standing behind Jimmy and stroking his cock. When she felt him swell she aimed his cock to get the best possible arc and let it fly. His second shot was the longest at about four feet according to the floor tiles. His shot was marked by a piece of tape and his name. Lisa and I were next, I stood at the line and Lisa stood facing my right side, she pushed my thong to one side and went to work. Lisa had jacked me off plenty of times and knew just how to make me cum hard and fast. As soon as I started to tighten up she pinched just under the head of my cock and squeezed my balls with her other hand and when she let the pressure off my cock, I went off like a cannon. I hit maybe 15 inches beyond Jimmy’s mark. Just then the side door flew open and in walks Jeff, Beth and Don’s 19 year old son.

“Holly shit! Mom, Dad what’s going on here, what are you doing?” I’m still standing there facing the door with Lisa holding my cock and the floor in front of me splattered with cum.

Finally Beth broke the silence. “We were just having a little New Years fun. Want to join in?”

“I don’t think that’s a very good idea Beth, he’s our son.”

“Oh canlı kaçak iddaa don’t be a prude Kristy. It’s his home too! What are you going to do, send him to his room? Besides, he’s pretty much seen it all now so he might as well stay and join in, it might be fun to add some new blood or ‘what ever’ to the party.” Everyone was breathing again and for some reason we started taking Beth’s side. We kinda ganged up on Kristy, even, Don until she finally relented.

“Okay stay, but in no way are you going to touch me, I’m still your mother. What ever you do with the other girls is up to them.”

We found out later that a couple of Jeff’s friends had gotten really drunk and rowdy and their group was asked to leave the lodge, so they had to scrap the trip and return home.

Beth took Jeff by the hand, “Come over here and let’s get you out of some of those clothes. Don’t worry, it’s just down to your undies for now.” She explained the contest and the prize to Jeff and asked him if he wanted to compete.

“I uh….I don’t have a partner or anything, I guess I’ll just watch for now.”

“Nonsense, I’ll be your partner, Jimmy and I have already finished, come on, it will be fun.”

“Well if it’s okay with the rest of you.”

“Yeah, why not.”

Big mistake.

We got back to the game. Incredibly, someone had remembered to mark my shot. Al stepped up to the line and Linda took her place. Al’s shot was just short of Jimmy’s. Finally Don and Kristy were up. You could tell that Kristy was embarrassed to be jacking off her husband in front of their son, but Don seamed to be turned on by it cuz he was hard as steel before they even started. When he unloaded he shot nearly as far as I had. I was already thinking about what I wanted for my prize as Beth led Jeff to the line.

She pulled down his bikini briefs and out sprang a dick almost as long as Jimmy’s only much thinner. “My! My! My! You are a big boy now, aren’t you? Just let me do all the work kiddo, you can scope out the titties or something.” His eyes took in Lisa’s big breasts, then Linda’s royal nipples and then zeroed in and locked on his mom’s breasts with their nipples fully exposed and hard above the lacy bra. Kristy didn’t move or try to cover herself. I thought I saw a little smile before she bit her lower lip. He had a slender slightly pointed head and although it was about the same girth as the rest of us, it appeared thinner because of its length. Beth gave it a quick suck then went to work. She had picked up on Lisa’s style and in about one minute Jeff blasted a huge wad of sperm halfway across the kitchen, maybe two feet farther than my high mark. The crowd cheered and clapped, and my ego dropped like a rock. I was crushed.

Don found a tape measure and measured it off, 7 feet 8 ½ inches. Jeff was beaming with pride as he was congratulated by one and all.

Linda exclaimed, “Wow! That was one hell of a shot and look how much cum there is.” Lisa got down were Don was marking the shot to inspect the pool of thick white fluid, she swirled it with a finger then suddenly dropped her lips to the floor and in an obscene jester slurped up the cum.

“Ummm….. Nice and warm, and sweet too.”

We shuffled down to the den while Lisa and Kristy cleaned up the kitchen floor, this time with damp towels. Just as they were finishing up, Lisa noticed Kristy with a permanent marker putting a little black dot at Jeff’s start and finish marks, as she pulled up the tape.

“What are you doing that for?”

“Oh, I was just marking it for Jeff, he was so proud when he won, I wanted him to remember it.”

“Yea right! You sure you’re not marking it so you can get Jeff in here when you’re alone and try to break his record?”

“That’s disgusting Lisa, how could you even think something like that?”

“Well I know if I had a young horse dick like that in my house, I’d take it out and play with it every chance I got.” The rest were in the den and didn’t hear any of this.

“Well son what do you want as your prize?”

“I uh…….”

“Don’t be shy son; remember anything you want as long as no one gets hurt. Just say the word, and don’t worry, nothing you say is going to shock any of us.”

“Can I have more than one of the ladies?”

“You can have them all if you want, except your mother of course.”

“Then I’d like Linda and Beth, one to suck me while I eat the other, then switch and finish by cumming on their faces. Is that okay?”

Beth agreed, “Okay, that’s great, just let us know when you’re rested and ready.”

“How does canlı kaçak bahis right now sound?” She hadn’t factored in the recuperative powers of a 19 year old dick.

Jeff had thought that his weekend was shot when he was thrown out on his ear, but this was a hell of a lot better than anything he could ever dream of and he was thankful that his friends couldn’t hold their liquor. This was well worth the two hour drive home and way better than skiing.

“Wait! Wait! Wait! It’s almost midnight; we have to do the count down.” It was 3 minutes till midnight so Don had to hustle to open the champagne and make sure we all had a glass for the toast. 25 seconds to go and Al told Linda to give the count down.

“Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Then she grabbed both her tits, shaking them up and down vigorously, ringing in the New Year. Everyone laughed and raised their glasses in a toast to good times and good friends.

Beth grabbed Jeff by his cock since he hadn’t replaced his briefs after the contest, and dragged him to the middle of the room. Looking over her shoulder she called to Linda, “Come on Linda let’s start the year off with a bang. They got together and Jeff went for Linda’s supper nipples while they were still standing so Beth dropped to her knees and engulfed his cock. Gradually they worked their way to the floor. Once prone, Beth and Linda lay on their backs, Linda had her legs on each side of Beth’s shoulders. Jeff stood over them and lowered his cock to Beth’s waiting mouth, then ripped Linda’s thong off and dived into her crotch, lapping away at her bald pussy as he fucked Beth’s mouth making her gag when he pushed to deep, all to the cheers and clapping of the crowd. They turned 180 degrees and Jeff ate Beth’s bald pussy as he fucked Linda’s mouth, but Linda was able to take him all the way to his balls. When Linda felt his cock start to swell she pushed him up and the girls scrambled in front of him, mouths wide open as he stroked himself.

“I’m cumming Mom…Er… Linda, then squirted rope after rope of hot semen into their

mouths and on their faces. We all heard his Freudian slip and eyebrows shot up. When he stopped, the girls licked his cock clean then licked all the cum off each others faces. Another round of applause and cheers came from the group. Jeff was quickly becoming the hit of the party and we were glad Beth spoke up when she did.

Thirty minutes later Kristy was on her hands and knees getting hammered from behind by Jimmy a while Linda laid under her, licking both her clit and Jimmy’s cock as it slid in and out, savoring the taste and smell of the pussy-cock combination. At the same time I was trying to work my cock into Beth’s tight puckered ass hole as she rode Al on the couch. Lisa jabbed me in the ribs and pointed out on the floor were Don was leading Jeff over in front of his mother to Linda’s pussy.

Jeff got down on his knees ready to fuck Linda. Kristy hadn’t even noticed because she had her eyes rolled back in her head as wave after wave of pleasure swept through her. Just as Jeff was about to enter Linda’s pussy, Don reached down and pulled Jeff’s cock up to his mother’s lips. Kristy didn’t look or think, she just inhaled the cock that was offered to her and started sucking. Suddenly she realized something was wrong and looked up.

Her eyes meet her son’s and she jerked back, dropping Jeff’s cock out of her mouth. “Jeff, what on earth are you doing?”

“I’m not doing anything Mom, you’re the one sucking my cock.”

Lisa ran over to Kristy. “Come on Kristy, you know you want it, suck your son’s cock. Take his cum, it’s really sweet, nobody’s going to think your bad, it’s hot.”

“Yeah” said Don, “Taste our son, swallow his cock like you do mine. I’d love to see you do that, do it for me.”

Kristy glanced around the room, we were all looking at her urging her on. Finally she leaned forward and took Jeff back into her mouth with a low moan, relishing the taste of this forbidden fruit as its musty smell filled her nostrils like his cock filled her mouth. There she was in the middle of the den, with everyone watching, (Linda had slid out from under her) as she took the two biggest cocks in the room, and one of them was her very own son. After 15 or 20 strokes Jeff couldn’t hold back any longer and came in his mother’s mouth sending gush after gush into her wanton mouth, she swallowed every drop. That set Jimmy off and he filled her pussy to over flowing, pile driving her cunt as his cum oozed out around his shaft making load squishing noises every time his balls slapped against her thighs.

I thought the last party was going to be hard to beat. This was going to be impossible, barring special effects and stunt men. I did have that beach front cabin rented for Memorial Day weekend though, so we’ll see.

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