5 Tests Pt. 04

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Hello once again! We’re almost at the end of our tale with this being the penultimate part of 5 Tests. I’m happy to have provided you with a brief distraction from the craziness of the world and hope you continue to read my work. Please feel free to rate and comment and criticize down below. Your opinions matter to me. Enjoy!



By my estimate we all get at least one moment in our lives that is so surreal that it’s fairly certain few others can say they’ve experienced it too. That time you caught your manager kissing the head of a mannequin in the storage room, for example. Years worth of education in etiquette and social convention won’t do you any good in those rare, special moments.

A breathtaking beauty sat on the couch, fiddling with a stopwatch. Kim was stripped down to a pink, lace matching bra and panty set, but she might as well have been wearing an official’s uniform based on her keen stare and her index finger caressing the start button.

Next to her was her sister, Mary. Pretty in her own right, Mary looked as far from demure as possible with her black panties and purple sports bra in a messy pile to her right and legs splayed.

Finally, there was yours truly, in grey boxer briefs that were tented and a red face that advertised my shyness to the world. “This”, I thought to myself, was probably one of those moments.

“Ready, baby?” Kim asked, eager to be vindicated.

“Make your sister orgasm in ten minutes or less in a completely novel way? I mean… if you’re ready I guess I have to be.”

I gave her one last chance to change her mind, but I wasn’t expecting any U-turns from such a stubborn lady. Kim had long stopped looking at my face and was now laser-focused on my crotch so, when my comment didn’t receive a response, I took it that she wasn’t about to waver.

“Mary, you’re good to go?” Maybe she wouldn’t be as bold as her slutty sister.

“To go to sleep, maybe. Bring it.”

Never mind.


With a press of the button I fell to my knees in front of Mary and lifted her ass towards me. I’m sure someone had thought of this approach before, but maybe if I did some sort of random technique I could pass the test. Long strokes with my tongue along the length of her labia garnered a smug look of satisfaction coupled with occasional moans. She was wet before I had even started, though my saliva made my tongue slip even faster up and down the length of her pussy.

Mary grabbed me by the hair and said, “Feels good, dude, but if you don’t change it up you’ll fail.”

Fuck. I leaned back and readied two fingers to enter her. Once immersed I was bending them towards me quickly and rhythmically, causing her to grab onto the couch in surprise. I caught a glimpse of Kim who had started to drool while making glances from me to her stopwatch and back.

“Yessssss. I’m so glad everyone tries that one; it feels so yummy,” Mary teased.

“Uhh…8 minutes left.” Kim said, her hand now stretching the front of her panties

I slipped my thumb in to join the rest, and began rotating my hand. I moved my fingers in and out. The squishing sounds filled the room but were followed by some giggling and squeals of joy.

“Eeee! Nate, Nate. You’re getting desperate, and it’s very cute, but that’s still not quite what you’re looking for.”

I lowered my head and added my tongue to the effort. I lapped at her clit, which I exposed with my free hand, giving myself more of a workout than I’d bargained for.

“Ohhhhhhh ya. Yes, fuck me with your fingers just like that! I promise I won’t tell anyone you couldn’t pass. It’ll be our dirty little secret.”

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! How does anybody pass this damn test!? I kept going to give myself time to think, at least she’d be close once I thought of something.

Then it hit me. She’ll be very close.

I sped up my pace and was rewarded with more taunts: “Giving up so soon!? Ha! Alright then. Make me cum all over those big fingers. That feels so fricken good Nate…oh…I’m glad this was worth it for at least one of us.”

Then I unceremoniously removed my hand. Looking up at her, I grinned and said “Don’t be so sure”.

“4 minutes, Nate” Kim gave me a blank look that gradually evolved into one of realization and ultimately flaunted the same smugness her sister had carried earlier.

“Wait–no, don’t stop. Nate, come on I was almost there.”

I sat next to Mary on the couch, throwing her underwear across the room and settling into a comfy spot. I lifted her up and put her on my lap.

“Nate, seriously, what are you doing? Finish what you started, dammit! Don’t be a sore loser!”

“This is how I win. Now be quiet and pay attention,” I whispered into her ear.

I nibbled and licked her neck and began rolling her nipples between my fingers. My hands travelled down her stomach and onto her thighs. They brushed so very close to her sweet spot but then barely missed the mark. If I couldn’t win by playing fair, then I had illegal bahis no choice but to play dirty.

“No…don’t…nooooo Naaaate it’s not…no…” Confidence had given way to desire as Mary began to squirm on my lap, reacting to my teasing.

My dick was bulging in the little bit of clothes I had on and just barely brushing against Mary’s dripping wet hole. She was emanating heat that I bet could be felt from across the room.

“Why are you doing this? You can’t expect to me to…you’re trying to make me…you’re so mean!” Mary whined. I never would have thought that I could mistake bravado for maturity, but she had made her overconfidence seem so sexy when I met her. But now it was time she understood who she was dealing with.

“You want to cum?” I whispered.

“…yes?” she whimpered.

I moved her left hand down to her pussy hole and the right was placed right on her clit. “Then earn it.”

As expected Mary immediately began rubbing and filling herself while I continued to mercilessly tease her nipples and plant kisses on her neck.

I let natural bass carry my words. “This is what you actually want to be. Not some tough girl but an adorable little play-thing. From now on you’re going to ask me if it’s okay to cum. You have my permission, but only this once.”

“Mmmmm dammit Nate this is bullshit.” She was masturbating without any signs of slowing down and her eyes were sealed shut. Her breathing was becoming rapid and her body was begin to sweat on top of me. I, on the other hand was barely touching her at this point and began to enjoy the show.

“Cum on top of me, Mary. Better do it quick too, or I’ll change my mind.”

I grabbed her hair and pulled it back with some force.

“Oh Fuck!”

Her hands were a blur as the body in my care was shaking in spasms and jolts to the tune of quiet gasps and high pitched cries. I looked over at Kim, who was wide-eyed and sweating a little herself. Apparently she hadn’t expected my plan to go quite that well. Lucky for me, the sisters weren’t all that different.

Beeping echoed from Kim’s wrist and she turned off the alarm discreetly. Her face was a little flushed and her expression gave me the impression that she was pleased and oddly proud. This might have been a weird thing for either of us to be proud of, but I was definitely flirting with that sin a lot when Kim was around.

Mary rag dolled in my embrace and had a contented look. A minute passed and we all basked in silence as I considered my accomplishment. Feeling her squirm again, I checked to see how she was doing and was unsurprised to see Mary’s face a mix of shock and embarrassment.

Like a far off breeze, she quietly whispered to herself “Fine. You pass,” before she rolled off me, collapsing into a curled, naked form on the couch.

I smiled at Kim. “She might need a minute. Hey babe, I didn’t even think to ask before, but why are you mostly naked too? Not that I’m complaining.”

“Oh! Well…moral support? I don’t know. Everyone was doing it and I don’t like feeling left out.”

“You’re too cute. You also look absolutely fantastic.”

“So do you. I’m kind of eager for you to win so I can have my turn.”

Mary shifted and looked at her sister. “Enough. Y’all are gross. He’s still going to lose.”

“You sound a lot less sure of that now.” Kim replied, tempted to remind her of the last ten minutes and her abject failure.

“Shhhhh. None of that. It’ll be more embarrassing for you when he fails the next test. Both of you, come with me.”


We followed the wobbly girl into the bedroom and watched her rummage through drawers until she found some socks. Tying them together with expertise or perhaps natural talent, Mary fashioned a blindfold and makeshift handcuffs. Kim looked down on the ground as she B-lined from the doorway to the nightstand and threw her real pair of metal handcuffs onto the bed.

“Oh, wow. I guess I should’ve figured.”

“Shut up.” Kim went back to the doorway.

“Nate, darling. On the bed laying on your back, please.”

“Yes ma’am.” The testing materials were applied to me with the precision of somebody who had done so plenty of times.

Ten minutes blindfolded and handcuffed on a bed without making a sound? Anybody else in their right mind would put together that something fishy was going on. I was still cocky from before and the thought hadn’t even occurred to me. That arrogance would soon prove to be stupidity in disguise.

“Your time starts now,” Mary announced.

Shutting down any stray impulse to speak, I could hear my surroundings amazingly well: the slow, calm breathing of three people; footsteps that got fainter and some activity in what was either the bathroom or the kitchen. A door closed, but not the front door–far too quiet for that. “What is she doing?” I wondered. I was turning out to be a lackluster daredevil.

The footsteps returned at a quick, happy pace and I heard Kim gasp a little.

“That’s cruel, Mary!” Kim accused. Though I illegal bahis siteleri wondered if I’d heard a stifled laugh as well.

“That’s Test 3. If he doesn’t like it he can quit anytime.” You could feel the smarmy satisfaction coming off of Mary, no super-hearing required.

It had been at least 40 seconds and my silence was unwavering. The room felt a bit cold now that all the heat from the other room had been left behind for a softer surface I could lay on.

Wish I had more clothes, was the last thought that went through my mind before shockingly cold ice touched my right thigh. I jolted, trying to squirm away. The ice was suddenly removed.

“Oh, Nate! The same rules apply! Unsurprisingly, somebody has already passed this test by running away from me the entire time.”

Like something out of a nightmare, I resigned myself to a terrible fate. The ice went back on my right thigh and travelled straight into my underwear. The cube was shuffled around and then tucked just below the waistband. It took everything I had not to start swearing there and then.

My mind searched to remember how much ice the tray in Kim’s freezer could hold and if it was filled recently. My frantic train of thought was no match for ice cube number two, which was now caressing my left nipple and travelling up and down my stomach.

Every hair on my body was standing up at full attention and I realized I had to come up with something to stop her or else there was no way I’d make it to ten minutes.

“You’re at three minutes. Keep it up!” Kim said, her voice a blend of amusement and concern.

The satisfying thought of when I’d inevitably do this to Kim was interrupted by two more ice cubes now being held with the last one. They slid all over my body as if to coat me in a damp layer of cold spite.

Why was this even a test!? Why was I doing somebody else’s tests? I only wanted Kim; who cares if Mary thinks I’m boyfriend material? But the more I thought about it, the more I realized Kim wanted me to do this. Encouraged it, in fact. But why? To show up her sister? No. That’s shallow and unlike her. So what is going on?

Ice slid excruciatingly slowly down my neck as the moisture in my underwear only added to my discomfort. I was no stranger to discomfort, but this was record-setting for me, considering I’m usually one to stick to what I know I can handle.

“Five minutes to go, honey! I believe in you!”

To accompany my shivering and the warm tongue that was now caressing my ear, an epiphany washed over me.

Test 4. Oh my god.

Kim never said I passed nor did she ever tell me what she was looking for. The thought hadn’t occurred to me due to all that had happened since we got to her parents’ house. What was she looking for? I was a gentleman, suitable for sex and very patient, so what would the fourth quality need to be?

Well what kind of boyfriend would I be if I wasn’t willing to take risks for her? Kim knows that to a self-improving, big, strong dude standing up to an ex or not taking advantage of a drunk girl isn’t necessarily brave; it’s just basic chivalry. In contrast, doing her sisters’ unknown tests with no clear reward, or going through a completely blind dinner with her family is just ludicrous for an anxious guy like me.

Terror would visibly grip me if someone were just telling me about what I’ve been through. Anybody who knows me as well as Kim does would know there isn’t a damn thing on this Earth to make me go into such an awkward situation unprepared. But only I knew that it never crossed my mind not to do it for her.

The world around me faded away and the cold and the damp and the laughter and the discomfort and the pain didn’t really matter anymore. My entire being was enveloped in a thought that materialized instantaneously, but felt like it had resided in me for a long time. I was absolutely, madly in love with Kim, and I would put up with absolutely anything to be with her. Holy shit.

I got up and ice slid down my body with a loud clack! as it made contact with the floor and slid away. My hands were still securely trapped behind my back and all senses but sight guided me. I moved to where I thought Kim might be, and after hitting a wall I heard her sweet voice.

“Oh! Come here you poor thing” her warm words were laced with genuine affection and some pity. She held me tight and I kissed her deeply, enjoying both her warmth and the sensation I could experience only when our lips met.

Mary was right behind me now and an ice cube was forcefully wedged between our lips. What she didn’t realize is that she was playing right into my hands.

I took the ice into my mouth and let it jut out, my teeth holding onto it and keeping it steady. Using my bulk I made Mary back up toward the bed, and then collapsed myself on top of her carefully enough to make sure the ice remain stationary. Then I sought my blind, frozen revenge.

My head roamed around her body tracing lines of chilly mayhem along her smooth skin. Screams filled the room.

“Fuck canlı bahis siteleri me! That’s so fucking cold — Nate you bastard — shit! Get off me!” yelled Mary, unable to free herself from the leg lock I managed to create.

The cacophony of her screams and struggling, and Kim coming to the verge of tears with laughter heralded the end of the test.

“That’stimeohmygodIcan’tbreatheNatestopit’stoofunny!” spilled from Kim’s mouth as she fought to compose herself. I freed Maria and emerged as a being of pure bliss and delight.

I sang “We Are the Champions” and wandered to the bathroom once my handicaps were removed. The hot shower was heaven. When I returned, I looked at the girl I loved, and she was all smiles as well. Mary looked dower and totally defeated. I wrapped a fresh towel around her.

“Attacking me with the ice? Where does he even come up with this shit?”

“Well, sis, Nate is a creative, quick-learner who is sexy as hell,” Kim replied, kissing me on the cheek.

“I also go by Test Destroyer–maybe you’ve heard of me by that name?” I added.

Mary sighed. “You know I didn’t even get to the best part thanks to your assault.”

“Come on! The only really sensitive spot you didn’t get to ice was my…oh.”

Mary stomped away, and my butthole puckered in fear.


The sun had set while the room was given time to dry off. Kim and I had been talking strategy while her sister read a book on the couch. This was not going to be easy considering the most obvious answer was the most useless to me.

“She obviously expects me to either use a toy or to talk dirty to her for this one. How else do you make somebody cum without touching them?”

“I’d prefer not to share my vibrator with my sister, thanks.”

“Alright, so what can I say to her to make this happen?”

“What happened to all that dominatrix stuff you had going earlier?”

“Kim. I can’t touch her and I can’t just start giving commands from the start–she’ll just laugh.”

“You know I can hear you, right?” Mary called from the other room.

Just then Kim’s face lit up. She grabbed my hand tightly and said “I have an idea!”

She pulled me by the hand into the living room and stood me opposite to her. We held hands in front of Mary. Kim kissed me like a lover right before a long goodbye. She put my hands on her ass and rested her own on my shoulders. Out tongues intertwined and wrestled. I began to stand at attention.

She pulled back and then looked at me expectantly. “Get it?” she asked.

“Get what?” Maria and I asked in unison.

Kim rolled her eyes. She asked for a hand, then carefully lowered down onto her knees and pulled down my boxers. My penis sprung forward and Kim’s eyes locked with mine. Mary’s eyes were somewhere else.

My cock entered Kim’s skilled mouth and warmth carried with it the realization of what she was going for. “Ohhhhh ya. I get it now.” Mary was to be a spectator and have no choice but to get herself off again. Kim really loved to put on a show when she did this, so I had no doubt this would turn even Mary on. Coated in saliva, Kim would make my hard rod disappear as if by magic, and make it reappear, even harder. Watching me and Mary’s earlier performance shot up Kim’s libido and I couldn’t be happier to reap the benefits.

I love it when a good plan comes together. A few minutes in and Mary’s damp panties slid off as she reluctantly exposed herself, my wet cock growing more rigid in response. Though perhaps her sister’s amazing blowjob was the stimulus for that. I wasn’t sure where to glue my eyes, but I ran my fingers through Kim’s soft hair instinctively.

Mary moaned and put three fingers inside herself, skipping over any unnecessary build-up to the main event. “You two¦ ungh¦ are really sh-shameless, you know that?” Mary said, perhaps unaware of the irony. “I mean¦ aah ¦ really depraved,” she moaned.

I laughed and Kim sped up, taking well to the criticism. Her bobbing was persistent and bringing me close.

“Oh, wow, Kim. It’s…it’s too much”

She slipped me out of her mouth, saliva and spit connecting us. She stood up using my thighs as a balance, and let her panties fall to the floor. She moved to the arm of the couch, bending over it and presenting me with phase two of her plan.

I moved in behind her and lined myself up. Mary stared as I pushed into her sister, filling up her insides and causing them both to gasp. Grabbing hold of her amazing ass, I thrust in and out of Kim. Whatever expression she was making caught Mary’s attention and caused her to bite her lip. They were in sync as Mary moved her fingers at the same pace I fucked Kim.

The big, green eyes watching us make love to each other was a mutual turn on, as in silence we both felt passion and excitement force our bodies to react. I was bottoming out inside of a tight, squeezing cavern of hot, wet ecstasy. Shorts grunts and moans escaped Kim’s drooling mouth as she clutched onto the side of the couch with all of her strength.

Mary cried out “I think I’m cumming! Oh no I’m cumming!” and gripped the couch just as tight, rocking back and forth similar to before, but this time fixated on the perverted act that had made her lose for a third time.

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