A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 23

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Literotica.com issued a challenge to its volunteer writer’s to create stories for as many categories as possible. The following chapter is part of a novel length story relating a journey of awakenings, discovery and growth involving a number of people. For your entertainment, and mine, I’ll be submitting chapters into at least 17 different story categories. I don’t believe anything like this has been tried here before.

New chapter(s) will be submitted almost daily. By clicking on a blue Wm_Sexspear, you’ll be taken to my Profile; at the bottom of the page you’ll find a list of all the currently available chapters. THIS SHOULD MAKE IT EASY TO READ THEM ALL, IN SEQUENCE, WHICH IS HEARTILY SUGGESTED so the reader can follow the story line, character development, and catch the inside jokes.

I can promise those readers who are familiar with my work that you’ll find a ton of very erotic reading that will appeal a wide variety of tastes, even though I intentionally attempted to have at least one turn on for anyone visiting Literotica. This saga features mostly caring, even romantic sex, but it’ll occasionally flirt mildly with a “fetish” so a given chapter will genuinely qualify for that category. Many of these chapters could go into many different categories.

For example, in Chapter 1 there’s a small amount of male-male sex because a number of ladies have said it turns them on to picture two guys, just like the idea of girl-girl sex is arousing to many males. Yet Chapter 1’s purpose is to supply important background regarding the heterosexual development of 2 young men, so I’d expect a totally hetero or gay reader to relate to and enjoy this chapter.

Chapters 2~4 features voyeurism by 2 inexperienced young males and exhibitionism by a female, but also includes experimental lesbianism between sister’s. So, don’t judge my book by its multitude of covers. If you enjoy sex, there should be something [actually a lot of somethings] in it for everyone. LOL

Final example, Chapter 50 will be under Mind Control. Unlike many entries in this category, it fits in there because circumstances allow a female to have her every sexual whim acted out by 4 other people.

Fan mail, well-intentioned questions, and constructive criticism are welcome; I do my best to respond when an e-mail address is supplied. Hate mail is now instantly deleted without being read, so why waste your time and mine – life is too short.

Thank you. W_S

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Chapter 23: Beth & Lynn Decide It’s Time For A Change

Lynn had been effected by our show. She looked ready to explode. Sounding determined Lynn said “Move Beth, you’ve had two nice cocks inside of you tonight, Jimmy still owes me something.”

Beth had more energy left than I did. She was up and pulling me over to Lynn’s small loveseat before I was fully conscious. Lynn had thrown the wet towel we’d left behind onto the floor and replaced it before we were half way to the little sofa. Soon he was prone, with Jim in her arms. Thinking about the first time I’d really necked with Lynn, I wondered how Jim felt as he began kissing his older sister for the first time in a non-brotherly way. For sure, I found it a little awkward watching the girl I’d lost my virginity with tonight preparing for sex with someone else.

Apparently Beth understood my conflicting emotions. Later I learned that she and Lynn had talked for hours nightly during the past week about how they’d feel if everything they were planning actually happened. They’d also engaged in lengthy speculation about how two virgin males might react. They’d been extraordinarily concerned and thoughtful about not having things blow all to hell if we all had sex.

Before I could start thinking myself into a bad place, Beth whispered in my ear, “You’ll be spending the night alone with her, lover.” My head jerked her way. Beth was smiling sweetly at me.

Opening my mouth to speak, Beth promptly slid her tongue into it; that shut me up fast güvenilir bahis enough. After a minute of French kissing, Beth began kissing my neck, then worked down to my chest spending extra time on my nipples. Feeling a shade more mellow now, I tried to lay back and simply watch the unfolding show.

Jim was nibbling on Lynn’s breasts; I sure couldn’t blame him for wanting to do that. As I watched, he slipped a finger into Lynn’s pussy; Lynn’s face broadcast the fact that Jim was giving her a great deal of pleasure. Her hips displayed a very seductive undulation. They radiated a warmth I felt across the room.

Lynn had been patient while first Jim, then I made love to her sister. She had come sitting in my lap, but as I watched her body squirm, even I understood that her recently deflowered body was ever so ready to go again.

Jim’s body wasn’t. His penis was fat and had lengthened, but it wasn’t hard the way he’d need to be to penetrate her still tight vagina. Lynn pushed Jim onto his back, kissed his mouth, then began a trail of kisses that I knew was going to end with him in Lynn’s mouth. I felt a twinge of jealousy, along with arousal.

Beth had been keeping an eye on the bed herself. Observing her sibling’s foreplay was turning her on tremendously. Beth worked a finger into her pussy, dragged wetness up her slit, then onto her clit. Slowly strumming herself, watched and kissed my taut stomach. Beth too knew where Lynn was headed, how aroused her sister must be, and what frustration Jim’s still rubbery cock meant for Lynn.

For all that was going on in her pretty head, Beth still had presence enough to heed Lynn’s suggestions. She saw Lynn clutch Jim’s penis and study it. As Lynn opened her mouth to engulf Jim, Beth pursed her lips then slowly suctioned my penis flaccid penis into her mouth. Turns out Lynn had guessed correctly. It IS impossible for a boy to feel very jealous when his penis is in a sexy girl’s mouth.

Beth motioned me to lie back. She was able to find a position where she could keep nursing on my penis, yet not lose track of things on the bed. She didn’t want to miss the moment her brother’s penis pushed inside of Lynn for the first time. Beth had fallen in lust with sex; she was loving everything about the surrender of their virginity to their newfound young lovers. The very idea of her and Lynn having the same penises inside each other almost made Beth faint. No one got left out, everybody wins.

By now it was taking longer for Lynn’s head to travel Jimmy’s length. Beth was pretty sure Jim must be hard enough, so Lynn would be wanting that thick cock between her legs anytime now. Beth jumped off me, quickly having me move one end of the loveseat so it faced the bed to suit her.

As I lay back down, Lynn was swinging her leg across Jim’s hips. Beth did the same to me. Jimmy was rock hard, I clearly saw his erection in Lynn’s hand as she raised her hips to guide his red tip to her opening. Having her back to me, I watched Lynn’s sculpted derriere rise, then screw gently onto his shaft until her pubic hair was jammed against his.

I didn’t have time to feel jealous. I was barely firm, but Beth was able to worm my penis inside of her still slick pussy. It IS almost impossible to feel jealous when your penis is buried inside of a very sexy girl. Beth began to strum her clit area at a moderate speed, soon establishing a slow, steady corkscrew motion around my penis.

Nearly motionless, I simply lay there. Beth’s undulations were the only reason I was slightly moving in and out her. It felt heavenly to just lay back feeling Beth’s fantastic pussy react to my embedded penis. I’d seen National Geographic films of snakes swallowing a meal. My cock felt like the meal, like Beth was gradually devouring my shaft, pulling me slowly into her. It was a memorable sight watching Beth as she rode me the way I’d seen her ride her horse Blaze many a time. I loved being her saddle. Come to think of it, that had been a fantasy of mine more than once!

Turning my head, I rejoined the show on the bed, a truly provocative sight. I’d known Jim most of my life. We’d joked about screwing his sisters. Now, there he was, his türkçe bahis ass going up and down, his slick looking penis sliding in and out of his oldest sister. A sister I had lost my virginity with maybe an hour ago. My mind reeled as I contemplated how I seeing nearly the identical view Jim and Beth had seen when I made love to Lynn. The same Beth that was now giving my penis such a lovely massage at that very instant.

Beth lifted my hands onto hers breasts. She drove her long nipples into my palms. I didn’t think I could possibly come again that evening, but my penis jumped inside of her when she did that. Ever since I’d first seen her aroused nipples last weekend, I’d been lusting for them. It looked like Jim was somewhat worn down, he was pumping into Lynn at a far more leisurely pace than I’d seen when he lost his cherry inside Beth. I wanted to watch Lynn when she came, but it looked like I had enough time to worship Beth’s heart stopping nipples.

So I sat up to give both of her pliant breasts a proper nursing. I did love the way I could pucker my lips and fuck my mouth with them. My tongue would attack the nipple every time it poked through. When my lips tired, I switched to taking in as much of the end of each breast as comfortable, then sucking her while my tongue laved every bit of her warm flesh. I liked the way Beth, like Lynn, would run a hand through my hair or hold my head to her breast as I nursed on her. Very gradually I was fully inflating inside of Beth, despite my earlier self-doubt. She and I were very much enjoying what I learned was called a ‘long, comfortable screw’.

I was being introduced to a entire other aspect of sex. All the dirty stories I’d read always talked about sex as ‘frantic’ or ‘pounding’. We were barely moving, but this was a whole new world of feeling good. Sliding my hands onto her butt, I remembered the times I stared as her ass wiggled in her tight jeans as she walked around. Now I held one of those tight, strong cheeks in each hand.

It felt so sexy as her cheeks flexed and relaxed while she ground her pussy onto my penis. I felt my penis swell as the sensations from my fingers began to dance together with the sexual imagery in my brain.

Beth whispered in my ear “Larry, you feel wonderful inside me. I want you to lay back and close your eyes until I say now. I want us to come when Lynn and Jim do. Close your eyes. Trust me.” I did and I did.

Lying motionless with my eyes closed introduced me to new aspects of pleasure. With Beth doing the work, I was free to do nothing but experience her body. All the feelings and sensations of our coupling washed over me. I was freed to think about where this tingle or that originated. I could almost picture our flesh rubbing together inside her. I felt my helmet flare, loved the ring of friction as it grazed her sheath, noted the difference where her contractions squeezed my shaft. I also suspected Beth had a good idea of how to keep me excited, but was limiting her motions to prolong our increasing pleasure. Mainly, I knew I felt very peaceful, very happy; my entire body felt as though it had been lowered into a pool of liquid joy.

My senses told me something was different, better. The reverie I’d drifted into was why it took a few moments for me to identify what had changed. Beth was no longer working her hips in slow circles. She’d begun lifting her hips up and somewhat to the rear before sliding back to her starting point at the base of my cock. The tube on the underside of my penis now dragged against the top of Beth’s clit on her upstroke. On her way down, my position inside her shifted so the top of my shaft got pressure, and the knob created friction on the opposite side. It felt good, damned good, too good to last.

Beth’s accelerating pace was inducing a tingling that I knew meant I’d soon be coming inside her. That image soared inside my head like a glider in an updraft. Coming inside of Beth. I’ll be coming inside of Beth. My sperm is going to shoot out of me into Beth’s divine pussy. In my head I saw my tip shooting thick, white goo against her secret inner pink flesh. Beth that I’ve dreamt about when I masturbated had MY penis between her güvenilir bahis siteleri legs. I’ll be coming inside of Beth.

My waking dream was interrupted by hearing “Now!” from Beth. Her hips began reaching higher, sliding to the very end of my penis on each stoke, then driving me back inside her with enough force to push my tush deep into the cushions. My eyes flew open; I turned towards the bed to resume watching the sibling sex show. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw.

Sensing that Jim was slightly fatigued, Lynn had moved him onto his back. My eyes were treated to the sight of Lynn’s firm, round buns rapidly rising and falling above Jim’s hips. I drank in the details of how her breasts swung to and fro as she rode his rod. And that penis! Seeing it slide out of her, then back in, paralleling the crack of her ass; that image hit my system like a ton of bricks. There was something about seeing a view of a penis in the little space between her cheeks that reached right into my prehistoric cortex and said go.

As I watched, I witnessed Lynn launch into the throes of a serious orgasm. Her body went spastic. Jim responded to her condition, soon he was thrusting hard into her. Seeing Lynn’s breasts flying and buns waving wildly was too potent a vision for me. I was ready to come, I needed to come, but I didn’t ejaculate.

Everything felt perfect, the tingling was exquisite, but I couldn’t quite get off. My back arched, I went rigid, enabling Beth to get the greatest possible penetration on her down stokes. My gaze jumped to our joined groins. The sight of my penis appearing then disappearing into Beth’s dreamy body did it. I don’t know if my balls still had a drop of sperm left, but I was racked by spasms. It surely felt like I was planting my seed inside beautiful Beth.

Beth and Lynn appeared to be in sync, I felt she’d begun her potent orgasm the moment Lynn had. Both girls were a joy to behold. Strong, narrow hips were driving, hair was bouncing, breasts were dancing. My head rolled sideways, Lynn was riding Jim hard. It was almost like watching one girl from two perspectives.

[That’s how Beth and I would look to someone behind us. Jim must be seeing what I see when I look as Beth.] flashed in my head.

Such heady stuff! My body stayed arched for Beth to ride. My ejaculation continued. A glimpse of Beth’s taut belly excited me anew as it hit me that Beth was being excited by MY penis being inside her. Maybe I imagined it, but I swore I felt my cock grow thicker.

As I looked back to Lynn, she abruptly changed her motion. Suspending her hips at her apex, she’d pause with just the fat tip of Jim’s penis inside her, then slam her hips downwards, emitting a noisy grunt as her wet lips slurped Jim’s balls at end bottom of each forceful thrust. Slowly she’d rise up his pole, then bang home again. I finally realized Lynn was sounding one continuous grunt, she’d just soften it so much going up, it was easily missed.

A second orgasm was shaking Beth. Her hips dropped very close to mine, she showed me a new killer move. Her legs locked, her upper body held position, but her hips began a speeding lever action whereby just my bottom inch would appear and disappear. I was constantly buried in Beth as she pulled back on my cock so she could grind her slit against my root. I grabbed her nipples, holding on for dear life.

Man, I was pretty far into La La land. I finally allowed my head to roll Lynn’s way, drinking in her glorious self. Gradually my body relaxed until my back landed on the loveseat. Beth eventually stopped coming. Wilting, she stretched out on top of me.

When next I looked, Lynn lay beside Jim so they could kiss and engage in light post-coital petting.

Hugging Beth tightly, we exchanged many gentle, loving kisses. Please don’t ask me how long any of these post-play events lasted. I was beyond thinking, satisfied to drift along on an endorphin-induced high. Life was good.

Eventually four naked, squealing youngsters squeezed into a shower stall wherein much soap, much touching and much laughter were exchanged. Soon after, four naked lovers launched a serious raid on the kitchen.

After replenishing some seriously depleted energy reserves, Beth took Jim’s hand and led him to her room. Likewise, Lynn led me to hers.

* * * * *

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