A Bad Night for Brandi

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Brandi knew she was in trouble. The 18-year old college student had been out partying at her friend Jessica’s house to celebrate the start of spring break, and as was often the case she’d consumed one wine cooler too many. Her friend Naomi had offered to drive her home but Brandi had refused, knowing she’d be needing her car the next day. When she first saw the police cruiser behind her she had unwisely opted to avoid getting pulled over by making a break for it, and at first it looked as though she had succeeded. First, she took a sharp left through the alley at close to 50 miles-an-hour, followed by another sharp left onto Walnut Drive and then another quick left onto Maple and then zipping into her driveway sight unseen. Imagine her shock and dismay when a minute later a police cruiser pulled into her driveway, as if they somehow knew who she was and where she lived. And that proved to be exactly the case, as the officer who got out was Stephanie O’Connell, Brandi’s next door neighbor. Brandi moaned aloud when she realized what had happened.

“Please step out of the car, Miss Davis,” Stephanie said as she walked up to the driver’s side. “And I’ll need to see your license and registration.”

“Oh, come on, Stephanie, give me a break!” Brandi said, climbing out of her white sports car. “What have I done this time?”

“It’s ‘Officer O’Connell,’ young lady,” she replied. “And you know very well what you’ve done. I’ve got speeding, reckless driving, eluding a police officer, avoiding arrest, and unless I’m mistaken, somebody’s been drinking and driving?”

Brandi moaned. Seconds later she was handcuffed and sitting in the backseat of the police cruiser.

“I’ve got you, Brandi. This is an iron-clad case.”

Brandi Davis and Stephanie O’Connell had never been particularly friendly with one another, not since the single-professional-woman-Stephanie had first moved into the house next door three years earlier. Stephanie was at least ten years older than pretty young Brandi, and she was everything Brandi was not. The policewoman had short, scraggly black hair and a firm, muscular body. And while attractive, she preferred jeans and sweatshirts to dresses and frilly tank tops. By comparison, Brandi was your typical airhead party girl, with shoulder-length light brown hair, and a pretty body that she enjoyed exhibiting in public with micro-mini-skirts and ultra-revealing tops that her parents despaired of stopping her from wearing. Her differences with Stephanie had begun with a pool party the girl and her friends had held one summer day. Stephanie had later complained to Brandi’s mother about both the noise and the empty beer bottles that had found their way over the fence and into her own backyard. Brandi’s mother had ordered her daughter to pick up the trash and to apologize, but the relationship between Brandi and Stephanie had begun on a bad note.

Another time Brandi’s mother had asked Stephanie to help get her daughter out of a speeding ticket. The policewoman had obliged, but had also suggested that Brandi’s mother rein in her wild daughter, mentioning in particular the girl’s drinking habits and especially her trashy wardrobe. This had especially infuriated Brandi, and she’d made a point afterward to puchase the skimpiest thong bikini she could find and brazenly wear it outside by the swimming pool so that Stephanie could see her while working in her garden. But little did Brandi realize the sight of her barely-covered body failed to distress her neighbor; in fact, just the opposite. Stephanie was impressed at what a beauty the younger girl was becoming.

And now she had Brandi handcuffed in the backseat of her police cruiser as she sat next to her filling out a report. The list of charges was impressive. A conviction would put the girl in jail for a week with over a thousand dollars in fines. And if the look on her face was any indication, Brandi was aware of this, too.

“Are your parents home now, Brandi? Do you want me to knock on the door and get them out here?”

The misery on the younger girl’s face was obvious as she replied. “No, they’re on vacation in Mazatlan until Thursday.”

“And they left you here alone? You?”

“Actually, I was about to leave as well. My friend Naomi and I were driving to Florida for spring break.” Her eyes started to moisten with tears as she spoke.

“Well, I think you can scrap those plans,” Stephanie said. “What you’re going to need right now is a good lawyer.”

“Oh, come on, Officer O’Connell,” the girl pleaded. “Don’t do this to me! Please give me a break! Just this one time! Please?”

“Give you a break? Listen, young lady, these charges are serious,” the policewoman scowled, staring hard at the girl. “You could have killed somebody driving like that! What you did was criminally negligent! You deserve a fine and jail time. No doubt your father will be stuck paying your fine, but a long overdue night or two in jail will certainly do you some good, too! You’re as canlı bahis şirketleri spoiled as they come!”

At this point Brandi broke down completely in tears. Stephanie couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for the girl. At the same time she couldn’t help but notice how beautiful and vulnerable Brandi looked. She reached over to pull the girl’s hair out of her face, caressing it gently as she did so.

Brandi looked at her imploringly. “Please don’t take me to jail, Stephanie, I mean Officer O’Connell. I’m terrified of being in jail and what might happen to me in there.”

Stephanie met the girl’s terrified gaze. Yes, a pretty little thing like this wouldn’t have an especially easy time in the Jacinto County jail, what with the hookers and the other hard cases. She ran her hand lightly down the girl’s face and then softly squeezed her on the arm.

“No, I don’t think I’ll take you to jail,” she mused. “But I can’t let this slide, either. You need to be punished, girl. The question is how?”

Brandi brightened up as the older woman spoke. “Yes, you can punish me! That’s a great idea! I’ll do whatever you want me to, Stephanie! I’ll clean your house, I’ll work in your garden, I’ll…”

The policewoman touched the girl’s lips with her fingers to silence her. “No, Brandi, I’ve got another idea. Yes, you’ll work for me, but not the way you’re thinking.”

She smiled down at the girl and licked her lips before continuing. “Here’s the deal, take it or leave it. You know what I could charge you with, right? It’s pretty serious. Well, I’ll let you go free if… and only if… you become my slave for the next 24-hours!”

“Your slave? And then you promise you’ll let me go free? OK, I’ll do it,” gushed Brandi with a look of relief. “Thank you, Officer O’Connell! Thank you so much!”

“Hold on there, Brandi,” the policewoman said in a soft voice. “When I say you have to be my slave I’m not just talking about working for me. Have you ever thought what being a slavegirl might entail?” Brandi stared at her confused. Stephanie went on, “Slavegirls in ancient times were used by their masters and mistresses in a variety of interesting ways, perhaps to satisfy the desires of their master, or maybe even their mistress. Do you understand what I’m saying?” She gently touched the girl’s knee with her fingers, then slowly began running her hand up the girl’s slender leg.

“What are you doing?” Brandi began to exclaim. “Stop it!”

Stephanie quickly grabbed the girl by the hair and pulling her head back, hissed at her, “If you’d rather spend the night in jail with some tough dykes then let’s go there right now! They’d love to have a lovely young thing like you to play with for the next few days. So you’re going to decide right now: who is it going to be, them or me?” She then grabbed the girl’s chin. “And if it’s them, then you’re also going to be stuck with a hefty fine, a lost driver’s license, and a police record that will stay with you the rest of your life. So what’s your decision? Are you going to be my slavegirl or not?”

Brandi stared back at her in shock, then gulped and asked quietly in a timid voice, “What exactly would I have to do?”

Stephanie responded by caressing the girl’s face, then slowly running a finger down her neck and onto her chest. “You’ll have to do whatever I say, allowing me to do anything I want to with your lovely body,” she murmured in a slightly husky voice. “This luscious body… I liked the way it looked in that thong bikini of yours, and let’s just say I’d like to see it even more up close and personal.”

“You wouldn’t hurt me, would you?”

“I don’t know. If you mean permanently injure you, certainly not. But I fully intend to spank that gorgeous ass of yours,” she said leering at the younger girl. “So what do you say? Do we have an agreement?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be a policewoman? I mean, isn’t this all illegal and everything?”

Stephanie rolled her eyes. “Look, Brandi, I’ve got all the evidence I need to haul your sweet ass in right now. I should have already done it, but instead I’m prepared to give you a break. My shift ends in half-an-hour. Here, I’m unlocking the handcuffs you’re wearing and then I’m giving you the key to my front door. Then I’m driving back to the station to sign out for the weekend. I’ll be back here in exactly forty-five minutes. Either you’ll be long gone by then, which means I’m filing an all-points bulletin out on you for your arrest… or, you’ll be in my house, bathed, totally nude, and wearing these handcuffs as my willing, submissive slavegirl. It’s your decision.”

With that, Stephanie pulled the girl up and out of her car, got back in it herself and drove away. Brandi stared at the patrol car as it made its way down the street. She was shaken by what had just happened, and shocked at the proposal officer Stephanie O’Connell had just made to her. She wasn’t a lesbian, but here was this crazy woman trying to turn her into one, canlı kaçak iddaa as her personal sexual plaything. It was outrageous. But at least she’d be free… no, it was all too bizarre. And yet at the same time, deep down, the idea also kind of excited her.

Meanwhile, Stephanie was also more-than-somewhat shocked with herself. She couldn’t believe what she had just proposed to her younger neighbor. It was all so illegal and unethical! What if the girl was calling the police station right now? What would they say? Would they believe her? Would she be taken into custody while the episode was investigated by the internal branch?

She pulled into the station and checked out without incident. As she returned home she told herself Brandi was probably miles away by now, racing for the state line. Or maybe she was talking to her father’s lawyer about what had happened. She pulled into her driveway, noticing that Brandi’s car was exactly where she had left it. So far, so good. Then she opened her own unlocked front door, and a smile slowly crossed her face.

There, sitting on the stairs, totally nude and with her arms handcuffed behind her back, was her pretty neighbor, Brandi Davis.

“Welcome home, Mistress,” the girl said.

The girl stood up. Stephanie noticed her lithe body was trembling. Her medium-sized breasts looked pert and soft and wonderfully well-rounded. Stephanie bit her lower lip as her eyes devoured the younger girl.

“Turn around, my pretty slave,” she said in a soft voice, “and let me see your pretty ass.”

Brandi did as she was commanded, bending over slighly so that her mistress could get a good view of her gorgeous derriere. She was rewarded by the sound of Stephanie’s sharp intake of breath. “God, you’re beautiful,” she heard her whisper.

The next thing Brandi felt was the older woman’s hands grabbing her hips as Stephanie knelt down behind her. She then felt the woman’s hot breath on her ass, followed immediately by the feel of two moist lips kissing her silky smooth ass cheeks. Brandi gasped in surprise, and bent over further to give her new mistress better access to those lovely round globes of curvy flesh. Stephanie repeatedly kissed the girl’s beautiful, gorgeous ass.

Then she stood up, and turned the younger girl around to face her.

“I’m glad you’ve agreed to become my slave, Brandi,” she told the girl. “I’ve wanted you for quite some time. And now you’re all mine!” She then kissed the girl passionately all the while exploring her body with her hands.

“Let’s not put this off any longer,” she told the girl, breaking away from their long, lingering kiss. “I want you upstairs and in my bed. I’m going to fuck you, girl!”

At this, she turned Brandi around and slapped her on the ass. The girl yelped and headed up the stairs, Stephanie following closely behind her, again slapping her on her pretty naked butt.

Upon reaching the bedroom, she unlocked the girl’s handcuffs, but only temporarily as Brandi soon found herself handcuffed once again, this time to Stephanie’s bedpost. The girl then watched as her new mistress undressed, revealing her smooth, athletic-yet-still-feminine body. When she was completely nude she climbed up onto the bed, mounting Brandi, all the while kissing her all over. She ran her lips down the girl’s face, neck, and shoulders, and then began sucking greedily on the girl’s breasts. All Brandi could do in return was moan softly. She told herself she wasn’t a lesbian, but she nevertheless loved this feeling of another woman’s lips hungrily travelling all over her body. She was delirious. Stephanie’s lips then glided further down to her taut smooth stomach, soon arriving at her trimmed pussy. Stephanie gently pulled the girl’s legs apart, then began her final conquest with a number of soft kisses on and around the younger girl’s vagina lips, the kisses then turning into licks and eventually nibbles. Then, without warning Stephanie’s tongue forced an entry into the girl’s most private area. Brandi screamed in ecstasy as the older woman’s tongue licked and sucked greedily on her throbbing clit.

After a while, Stephanie raised her head and said to the girl, “Turn over.” Brandi immediately did so. The older woman’s hands then began massaging Brandi’s back, moving down to her lovely round derriere which she squeezed and fondled, telling her, “One thing you’re going to realize about me, Brandi dear, if you haven’t figured it out already, is that I’ve got a real butt fetish for pretty young women like yourself. That day I saw your pretty ass in that thong I knew I’d have to possess it someday. And it looks like that day is here at last!”

With that she smiled and lowered her face onto Brandi’s firm round derriere, kissing and licking the girl’s gorgeous ass cheeks. Brandi squealed aloud as she felt the older woman’s teeth sink into her soft and silky globes. “Oh, it’s wonderful, Stephanie,” she cried out. She pushed her butt out further to allow better access canlı kaçak bahis for her mistress’s lips and tongue. At one point Stephanie’s mouth locked onto the girl’s upturned butt, and when she finally pulled away with a pop there was a bright red hickey on Brandi’s pretty rear. Stephanie laughed and told her, “You’ve been branded, girl.”

Brandi giggled and wiggled her ass in appreciation. Her hands remained handcuffed to the bedpost, and this feeling of being a captive slave added to her feeling of delicious helplessness. Stephanie’s kissing and licking of her manacled body had her moaning with unbridled pleasure.

At that point, Stephanie got up and whispered into her ear, “I’m not finished yet, my pretty slavegirl.” Brandi looked back to see the older woman walk over to her dresser drawer and pull out what appeared to be a strap-on dildo. “Yes, this is what I want now,” she murmured, looking back at the girl still laying handcuffed, stomach-down, on her bed.

“What are you going to do with that thing, Stephanie?”

“I told you I was going to fuck you, my pretty slave. And since I don’t have a dick of my own I’m just going to have to use this,” she said, slipping the strap-on around her waist and adjusting it securely. Brandi looked at her with eyes widened.

“I don’t know about this, Stephanie,” she whimpered.

“Well, I do,” the older woman responded, climbing back up onto the bed. “Now, come on, lift up that pretty ass, yeah, just like that.” She tenderly kissed the girl’s butt as Brandi raised up onto her hands and knees, still whimpering. Stephanie prepared to mount her again, this time with the strap-on poised to enter inside the girl’s awaiting cunt. Brandi gasped as it slid into her from behind. Stephanie’s pushed Brandi’s head down onto the pillow, and then her hands gripped the younger girl’s hips as she began rocking the strap-on back and forth into the young beauty’s well-moistened pussy.

“Do you like this, Brandi? Do you enjoy being fucked, ass up, by another woman?” The younger girl replied by making an uh-uh-uh-uh sound. Stephanie laughed as she continued to fuck her from behind.

Slap! Her hand smacked Brandi’s ass while she fucked her. Slap! Brandi yelped, “Thank you, mistress,” as she cried in complete submissive ecstasy. Stephanie laughed and continued to occasionally slap the girl’s ass while she continued to ride her doggy style. “This girl makes an excellent slave,” she thought to herself.

At long last Stephanie’s lusts were at least temporarily sated. She climbed off of the younger girl, kissing her beautiful nude glistening body as she did so. She removed the strap-on from her waist and then laid down next to the girl, kissing and caressing her.

“Did you like that, Brandi, my lovely, submissive slavegirl?” The young girl nodded back.

“It was wonderful, mistress. You are a wonderful lover. I never realized it could be like that.”

Stephanie kissed her bare shoulder. “And we’re not through yet. Come on, get up, I need a beer.”

Brandi stared at her and looked at the clock on the nightstand. “But it’s past midnight,” she exclaimed. “And I noticed earlier that you don’t have any beers in your fridge!”

Slap! She felt Stephanie’s hand strike her ass. “I never gave you permission to look in my refrigerator, darling! And besides, I didn’t say I wanted to drink a beer here. You and I are going out!”

“Out? OK, mistress, if you say so.”

“I do say so. But first things first. I’ve got to get you something to wear, and then I think we need to take a quick shower together.”

Stephanie then took the key to Brandi’s house and left for about five minutes, returning with what Brandi recognized as clothes and shoes from her closet. Stephanie then unlocked the girl’s handcuffs which had secured Brandi to her bed. “Shower time, pretty girl,” she sang, and slapped the younger girl’s ass playfully as she ran past her toward the bathroom.

Brandi enjoyed getting under the warm water with Stephanie as they quickly washed eachother’s nude bodies. The older woman kissed and fondled the girl’s wet skin while bathing her, while Brandi in turn got her first taste of another woman’s pussy as Stephanie pushed her down onto her knees and made her service her with her inexperienced tongue. But Brandi proved to be a quick learner, and both women exited the shower fully satisfied.

After drying off, Stephanie changed into a pair of black designer jeans and an equally dark sweat shirt. For Brandi she had chosen a very short and sexy black skirt she had found in the girl’s closet. She had also selected some silky black panties and matching fishnet stockings that made Brandi’s legs look great along with her black high heels and a black choker that resembled a collar. Stephanie liked the look as the girl posed for her.

“But why can’t I wear jeans and a sweatshirt like you’re wearing,” Brandi complained. “Why do I have to get all dolled up?”

“Because we’re going to ‘The Dollhouse,’ OK? And since you’re my date and I want you looking especially pretty tonight for my friends.”

“The Dollhouse? Isn’t that an all-girl bar?”

“Why, yes it is. That’s very perceptive of you, my pretty slavegirl!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20