A Baker’s Dozen Ch. 02

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I found a note book with stories I had written but never type up, including one I never finished. I decided after some thought to post them. So here is the second of my baker’s dozen. Another story of son desiring his mother. I hope you enjoy it…if not oh well…can’t make ever one happy. Can only make myself happy and I am.

Drop me an email…if you like… Wet and waiting Carrie

Now on to the story;

After my dad died, my mom and I had to move into a one-bedroom apartment in which we shared the same bed. My mom worked a day job and as a waitress during the evening hours while the lady next door kept an eye out for me. As soon as I was old enough I got a job to earning money to help out my mom, bagging groceries and making deliveries.

One afternoon, a woman by the name of Ms. Keely was in the grocery store. She was an older woman, a widower like my mom who got plenty of attention. What it was that got her that attention was her huge chest. Ms. Keely was a thin woman with long hair that fell passed her ass, but her chest was huge. Her big tits jiggled and bounced as she walked as she rarely wore a bra. It was early afternoon, I was work extra that day as school was out early; the store was quiet so I was doing some stocking. As I worked Ms. Keely came down the aisle.At seventeen I didn’t know too much about sex, other than I knew I like jerking off. I couldn’t help but stare at the deep cleavage that she had on display. She saw me looking at her tits and jokingly as if I liked what I was seeing. I blushed embarrassed and started to turn away.

Then Ms. Keely cornered me. I tried to move away, but she grabbed my arm and with her other hand started to rub my crotch very gently. I had never had another person touch me there and her gently rubbing felt so good. My cock grew rigid as her slide her hand over my expanding shaft though my pants. Seeing my excitement she pressed my hand to her breast and I gently squeezed her large melon. I felt her start to slide my zipper down when another customer walked onto the aisle. Ms. Keely moved off a bit. She must have been as turned on as I had been as her nipples were now very visible. Smiling, she asked if I could deliver her groceries to her house for her. Of course I was more then happy to. I didn’t know want to except as I knock of Ms. Keely’s door.

She let me in and told me to put the bags on her counter. When I turned around she had unbuttoning her dress from top to bottom, exposing her, from her big breasts to her hairy pussy. It didn’t matter to me that this woman was older then my mother. All my cock care about was she was naked. She told me to get naked, which of course; I did. She asked me if I’d ever fooled around with a girl and I sheepishly admitted I hadn’t. Smiling she said for me to sit down on the couch. She sat next to me and began kissing and stroking my cock, saying that I should be proud I had such a thick handsome cock. She told me she liked to suck off young men because it reminder of when she sucked off her sons when they were my age. She canlı bahis şirketleri asked if I liked her lips and hands on my cock and I about screamed yes. Smiling, she told me not to worry and just cum when I was ready; with that she opened her mouth and she took my cock in. I guess she really like to suck because she took the whole thing in down to root with out any trouble. She sucked hard and bobbed her head, making noises. I grabbed on to the couch, fighting back my need to cum as I enjoyed the thrill of having my cock sucked for the first time. As hard as I try it wasn’t long before I was shot into her eager mouth. She continued pleasuring my pole until my balls were empty.

Smiling she stood and slipped off the dress and told me to follow her. I followed her small tight ass as she walked to her bedroom. She lie down on her bed and spread her thin legs wide showing off her hairy snatch. Pulling apart her lips she flash me the first pink I had ever seen and it looked so moist. She explained how she wanted me to finger her while I sucked on her nipples. I guess I was a quick learner because it didn’t take long before she was moaning that my fingers felt so good and not to stop. While I followed her instruction playing with her pussy and rolling my tongue over her thick nipples, she reached between my legs and began to stroke my cock. Her pussy went from moist to sloppy wet as I fingered her. She began to talk dirty, saying words I never heard a woman say before.

When I was hard, she pulled me on top of her and guided my cock into her cunt. It was heavenly sliding my hard cock into her hot wetness. Wrapping her legs around me, she held me inside her, and then began to grind herself on my stiff cock. Then she began to telling me to pull back but not out and push it back in. I did as I was told, her hot wet pussy grabbed at my dick as I stroked in and out.

I moaned that this felt so good while she kept saying, “Faster…fuck me…faster!

Sooner than I liked her hot wetness brought me off and she held as I trembled, cum inside her, losing my virginity. I collapsed on top of her. She held me close and told she felt I would make a wonderful lover and she wanted to teach me all about fucking and that I could visit her anytime I wanted to for a lesson.

I spent ever share moment that summer in her apartment learning how to French kiss, how to caress and lap her pussy, how to hold it off as I fucked to make it last. She taught me how to arouse a woman so that they would allow me to fuck them. As much as we fucked we also talked. She asked me about my life. She was very interested that I slept in the same bed with my mother. Asking if I ever saw my mother naked and how affectionate she was. Asking if I ever felt her rub up against me I in bed during the night. One day she came out and asked if I ever thought about fucking my own mother. When I admitted that I had, Ms. Keely instructed me on how to try and make something happen between us.

She told that one night when my mom came to bed after I was already canlı kaçak iddaa in bed. I was to pretend to be asleep. After she settle in I was to cuddle up to her and move my hand up to the breasts and squeeze them, gently run my finger over her nipples.

Ms. Keely said to me, “If your mother thinks you’re doing this in your sleep, she may not stop you. If she doesn’t say anything or stop you the next step is to move you hand down and rub her thigh and over her ass. Again if she doesn’t stop you keep going, move your hand between her legs and rub her crotch. Then, you should stop, just quit rubbing. She may move your hand away but she may not.”

Finally a night came that I got the nerve to try what Ms. Keely had suggested. I listen to my mom came in, undress and get into bed, my heart was beat like drum. When she settled down, I put my hands around her and cuddle up to her. She was lying on her side and she gave my arm a squeeze. I slipped my hand up and squeezed her globes and rubbed my thumb of her nipple. She immediately took my hands away and moved them down to her stomach.

After a few tense minutes, I slide my hand downward, and began to rub her mound thought her panties. As I stroked her, mom moved her body away and turned to face me. I laid there my eyes closed slowly moving my hand back and forth, wondering what was about to happen. Then I felt her reaching down. Then felt her palm rub over my hard bulge.

As she felt my hard cock, she giggled and whispered, “Are you asleep, baby?”

She pushed the blanket down and off us when I didn’t answer her.

She took my hand from her crotch and placed it on my cock that she had freed from my boxers and began to move my hand up and down. As I laid there pretending to be asleep and playing with myself.

She whispered, “Stroke it baby! Stroke it for mommy!”

When I was about to cum I stopped, afraid to cum, but mom, I guess want to see me cum as she finished me off with her hand, ‘waking’ me up when I climaxed. I turned over acting embarrassed but really I was hiding my excitement. She made a sighing sound and then I felt her arms wrap around me.

As she whispered, “It ok, Baby! You just had a dream, a wet dream!”

I could feel her breasts and erect nipples press into my back. I had a hard time falling asleep that night.

The next morning, mom told me it was fine, that it was normal to have wet dreams. I asked if she have had one and she laughed and then sighed before answering, yes.

Mom then said, “Since we share the same bed if it happens then it happens. It nothing to be embarrassed about so didn’t be. I didn’t mind.”

A couple of nights later, I again pretended I was asleep. This time mom didn’t stop me from rubbing her breasts. My cock throbbed as I felt my mom erect nipples pressing against my palms. Nor did she stop me from rubbing her mound though her panties. Again I felt excitement as I felt the crotch of her panties grow wet from my rubbing.

When I tried to move under her panties to actual touch her wet canlı kaçak bahis pussy, she said, “Oh no, baby, you can’t touch mommy there.”

Then as she had the first time she turned over towards me. A gently shake to see if I was asleep, then she jerked my hard cock, playing with it till I climaxed blowing my sticky cum on to my belly as she whispered how nice and hard my meat was.

I told Ms Keely about what had happened as we lay in bed after I had just finished fucking her doggie-style. She smiled and told me to be patient, that she knew from her own experience that my mom was make up her mind that incest wasn’t as wrong as peolpe say, that her own son’s hard cock wasn’t off limits for her wet pussy. That one night she would beg for my cock to be in her pussy.

Ms. Keely was right, over the next two weeks things stay the same. Then one night mom didn’t stop me from slipping my hand under the elastic band of her panties. As my fingers massaged her slit and circled her clit, her hand was wrapped around my cock.

The next morning as we woke from sleeping in mom looked at me and said, “I know you faking been asleep at night.”

When I said I didn’t know want she was talking about she sighed, saying it was ok. After that night mom stopped wearing panties to bed. For the next month we played our game almost every other night but that was a far as it went.

I went to Ms. Keely and told her what was happening and asked how to make things go further. Only after I had eaten her pussy till she had orgasmed twice, did Ms. Keely tell me want to do. I wasn’t sure I could, after hearing what she said, but that night as I felt my mom’s hand on my cock and how wet she was as I fingered her, I knew I could do it.

As she was moaning as I fingered her, I rolled onto my side pulling away from my mom then suddenly rolled back and on top of her. Her knees had been slight apart allowing my hand better access so I was able to slip between her legs. I reached down and quickly slipped my cock head up between her wet lips and into the very hole I had come from.

Mom moaned, “No Baby, don’t do this!”

She tried to stop me but the incredible wet heat kissing my cock head and wickedly wonderful excitement of being inside my own mother, there was nothing she could have said that would have made me stop. I fucked my mother nice and slow her protest became weaker and weaker with each stroke. Then I felt her wrap her legs around me and she begged me to fuck her harder and faster.

Fucking Ms Keely and all the stroking my mom was doing to me had giving me that stamina of a bull, I pounded my mother cunt for more then thirty minutes before I cried out and flooded her insides with my sticky cum.

The next morning as we lay naked in bed, my mom asked me how I had become such a wonderful lover. I told her about my sexually experiences with Ms. Keely and even confessing that Ms. Keely couching me on my seduction of her. Mom and then showered together before returning to bed to fuck away the morning. It turn out mom was a very passionate lover. After another shower, mom had me take her to meet Ms. Keely and upon meet Mom hugged her and thanked her. The two of them have been the closed of friends ever since just as mom and I have been permanent lovers.

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