A Beautiful Present

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I sat on the bed, waiting impatiently for you to show up. The hotel room was rather large with a comfortable king size bed and a radio playing a song that I didn’t notice. I was too busy looking at the clock to see how much longer I had to wait. I grabbed the remote to turn on the TV, hoping to find a distraction.

Flipping through the channels anxiously, I didn’t even notice what was on them. I turned off the TV and threw the remote on one of the chairs. I looked at the clock and noticed that time was inching away. I got up and went to stare out the window. I watched in wonder as the lights twinkled along the streets. They looked so far away.

I heard a knock at the door and jumped. Hurrying across the room, I paused only long enough to make sure I looked okay. You stood there waiting as I unlatched the door. You held out a present and said trick or treat. I took the present and stepped aside to let you into the room. Walking across the room, you sat down on the bed and waited.

I stood there looking at the present. The wrapping was so beautiful that I didn’t really want to open it. You smiled as if you were reading my mind and reminded me that if I didn’t open it I couldn’t see what was inside it. I blushed at being caught in the thought. Sitting down in a chair, I started removing the ribbon and paper, putting it to the side. I opened the box and the scent of rose petals floated out. Pushing aside the rose petals and the paper, I saw a gorgeous blue silk.

I touched it gently before pulling it out of the box. The blue silk was made into a nightgown with small amounts of black lace detailing it. I smiled and told you it was amazing. You walked over to me and took my hand. You pulled me out of the chair and I wrapped my arms around you. I hugged you before I let my lips touch yours. It was a soft kiss that had you pulling me closer so you that you could deepen the kiss.

You pulled away a little, whispering in my ear that you’d like to see me in your gift. I bent over and picked it up off the arm of the chair. You grabbed me around the waist as I turned to go change and asking me where I was going. I laughed and said to change of course. You nibbled on my ear and offered to help me.

I agreed as your hand started to wander its way around my body. I stood there trying to catch my breath as you mobilbahis güvenilir mi kissed behind my ear and ran your hand up my side. Gently cupping my breast, you started to massage and rub, making my knees feel like jello. You brought your hand up to touch the side of my neck before following the path of the skin down to top button. You slowly worked your way down the buttons allowing your hand to drift across my skin along your way.

I caught my reflection in the window and noticed you watching as you undressed me. I held your gaze, captivated, as you loosened your grip around my waist to undo the final button. You brought your hands up to my shoulders, pulling the shirt of my shoulders, and stepping back to allow it to slide down my arms and fall to the ground.

You trailed my spine with your hand stopping to trace the design of my tattoo. Continuing your way down my back, you reached the zipper on my skirt and all I felt was a small tug before it dropped to the ground joining my shirt. I kept watching you in the window but you never noticed as you seemed to be swallowing me whole with your eyes.

Stepping around me, you grabbed me by the back of the neck and pulled me close so that you could kiss me deeply. I moaned as you pulled back from the kiss taking my lip between your teeth and gently nipping. Your hand caressed my back as it worked its way down to the closure on my bra before effortlessly undoing it.

You kiss my neck again working your way down to my shoulder and you slip the straps away. You walk towards the bed and sit down on the edge, and I stood there confused for a second, trying to gather my thoughts. Before I had a chance you told me remove my panties. As I started you asked me to turn around first. I bent over to remove them, allowing you to see my round ass and to catch a glimpse of my wet, swollen lips. I looked back and saw you smiling at the view.

I stood up and started looking around for the nightgown. You lifted it up and told me to come closer. I took a step towards you. You rose and met me halfway. I looked down, realizing that I was still wearing my heels, and you whispered in my ear that you liked me naked in heels. You whispered that it was a shame to cover it up but that you really wanted to see me try it on.

You asked me to raise mobilbahis my arms as you slid the nightgown over my head. I could smell the rose scent clinging from the wrapping and feel the cold as the fresh silk fell over my body. Your hands ran down my sides as you smoothed the nightgown over my skin. The silk warned at your touch and I draped my arms around your neck, pulling you down for a kiss. I kissed you deeply letting you feel my frustration. I stopped my kiss and pushed you back to the bed.

As you sat back on the edge of the bed, I put a leg on each side, straddling your lap. I watched the change in your eyes as I took control. I saw the color deepen as I started to undo your shirt. I felt the hitch in your breath as I kissed your neck and lightly ran my tongue along your jaw. I kiss you softly as I push the shirt your shoulders. I let my hands slide the shirt down your arms. You removed your sleeves placing your hands on my side.

I deepened the kiss and push you back so you are lying down. I shifted my weight back so I was no longer on your lap and could kiss your throat. I continued to work my way down, kissing your chest and stomach, until I was standing at the end of the bed leaning over you. I fumbled a little at the button on your pants wanting to hurry. I bit my lip as I forced myself to slow down.

Barely breathing, I pulled the zipper down. I felt my hand tremble as being so close to what I was craving. You lifted up allowing me to remove your pants and underwear and revealing your gorgeous rod. I swirl my tongue around the tip and down the shaft before taking the tip in my mouth. I lap and suck, enjoying the feeling of wrapping my lips around your gorgeous cock. I kneel on the floor between your legs making it a little easier to move my lips up and down spreading the moisture with my lips and tongue. My hand gently caresses your scrotum as I suck your head into my mouth, varying the pressure of my tongue and trying to take you deeper into my mouth. I let your cock fall from my mouth as I moved my hand up to stroke it. I lick down the shaft and towards your scrotum before using my tongue to circle each ball. I pull one and then the other into my mouth as my hand tightens around your shaft and starts to move quicker up and down.

I stroke down on your hard cock, gripping it mobilbahis giriş at the base as I ran my tongue up from the base and circled the head again before taking it back in my mouth. I looked up and saw you watching as my head bobbed up and down taking you further and further into my mouth. You bring your hand to the back of my head running it through my hair and gently guiding the pace.

After a little bit, I removed my hand from your shaft to allow you deeper into my mouth. Your cock starts to push at the back of my throat and I swallow to stop from gagging. You start to push my head down slowly giving me time to adjust before allowing me to return to my up and down. It continues on like this for a little while allowing the head deeper into my throat each time.

The wetness in my pussy starts to make me squirm as I feel an urgency to have you deep inside it. I stand up putting a leg on each side as I lower myself onto your cock, guiding it inside me. Even with the wetness, it’s a tight fit and I have to move slowly to allow time to adjust. I start to move my hips up and down allowing it in further with each down stroke. Your hands grip my sides as I start to set the rhythm.

Your hands traveled up and cupped my breasts through the nightgown and I let out a small moan. They moved up my shoulders and tugged the straps down. Pulling the nightgown down, you expose my breasts. You take one in each hand squeezing and massaging. I started to move my hips faster as trying to catch up the warmth flooding me.

You start to play with my nipples rolling them in between your fingers. They pinch a little and I cry out. I start riding your cock faster needing to feel it deeper inside me. I leaned forward, changing the angle of entry, and I could feel it push inside me with each stroke. Each movement caused a jolt in my clit as it rubbed. I looked into your eyes as I moved your hard cock in and out of me faster and faster. I cried out as I felt the warmth burst in my body and the wetness started to flood out of me. I started to slow down not able to help it even though I knew how close you were.

Never withdrawing from me, you rolled me over onto my back and continued stroking in and out of me. Being on top you were able to get it deeper inside me and each stroke caused small aftershocks to rumble throughout my body. It wasn’t long until I felt your warm cum spurt inside of me. You rested your weight on top of me and kissed me gently as we both came down. We moved up on the bed to cuddle and I kissed you deeply on the mouth. I smiled down at you and said thank you for the beautiful present.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20