A Better Understanding Ch. 2

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I awoke to find myself pressed tightly against Alice’s back, my arm around her holding a soft warm breast in my hand and my morning erection was lying between her buttocks.

I moved my arm trying not to wake her and a voice said “Good Morning, how do you feel today” and she turned to face me. “OK, I think I am dreaming, pinch me and I will find myself back in College”. She didn’t pinch me, but kissed me, whilst sliding her hand down to grip my cock. I kissed her back and held her tight before rising to go to the bathroom. I was so hard I put the shower on and let the ice-cold water flow over

my body, waking me fully and reducing my erection to a fraction. I was drying off as Alice entered the room and got under the spray. I watched fascinated as she moved the soapy cloth over her exquisite body.

I returned to the bedroom and found that my clothes from the previous night were crumpled. I decided to ask if she had anything for me. The door to her room was slightly open and I could see her in the reflection of the large mirror as she dressed. She bent to put her panties on and I resisted an urge to move behind her and

stroke her. Straightening up she took her summer dress and it slid down her body slowly hiding it from view.

She turned to face me and laughed “mmm You can’t go our like that, can you?” her glance made me look down at myself. Unnoticed my cock had risen and was in full view through the gap in my shorts. I stuttered “Er, I have nothing to wear, can you help out?”

Still laughing, she turned and taking a pair of Jeans and a shirt from a drawer, threw them to me.

I dressed quickly and we made our way downstairs. During breakfast she outlined our plan for the day “I thought we could take a drive to the river, take a long walk and a meal before we deliver you to College”

I replied “A good idea, fresh air will do us good.” 15 minutes later we were on our way. It was an uneventful day, we laughed a lot, especially as a slight breeze lifted Alice’s dress to her waist, showing her long legs and panties to everyone around us. She blushed and hid behind us as she pulled it down. The fresh air had made us hungry and I ate more than normal.

Eventually I was back at illegal bahis the College gates waving goodbye. Alice had held me as she kissed me and hugged me and arranged to collect me on Friday. I couldn’t sleep that night or the next, reflecting on what had happened to me.

It was Wednesday before I was somewhat back to normal and looking forward to Friday. The phone call changed all that. Calls for Students are only allowed in an emergency and I was surprised when the Secretary gave me a note at lunch. I laughed inwardly as I read ‘must see you urgently Aunt Alice’. I had planned to go

for a run that afternoon so I got changed and started off.

I was about to ring the doorbell as I heard the car. Turning I got a good look at a nylon stockinged leg framed by the split in the skirt as Alice got out of the car.

She ran up the steps, opened the door and I followed her in closing it behind me. I could only splutter “What is so urgent?” as she faced me and took off her jacket. She was wearing a white silk chemise and I could see her prominent nipples. She laughed as she spoke. “I had to come home for a few hours and I wanted to see you. Don’t stare, go for a shower whilst I make us coffee.”

I showered quickly, found a silk robe and ran downstairs, nearly tripping on the bottom step. The coffee was on the table and Alice had taken off her skirt and stockings, leaving her dressed in the top and a matching pair of silk shorts. I felt my cock rising and she laughed. “I didn’t think I would have that effect on you, but nice to

know” As she spoke she placed her hand on the top of my leg. I turned to her and her hand slipped under the robe and lay on my cock. I couldn’t speak. I just stood there enjoying her caress. I bent down, took her chin in my hand and kissed her. Her tongue slid along my lips and I opened my mouth to accept it. She broke the kiss, stood up and whispered “Let’s go upstairs”. She led the way and ran up the stairs, shouting “Catch me if you can”. I followed and caught her at the first landing where I pressed her against the wall, slipping my hands under the waistband of the shorts and pushing them down. My hands encompassed the cheeks and I dared another kiss. She broke away from illegal bahis siteleri me, forgetting the lowered shorts and we danced crazily through the bedroom door where we stumbled to fall on the bed. I pulled her close and we kissed again deeply.

I slid my hand under the top and captured her soft breast with the engorged nipple, which I squeezed. She groaned and rolled on top of me straddling my hips, my hard cock rubbing against her vulva.

I ran my hands around and under her until I felt the pubic hair and ran a finger between the lips, finding the clitoris which I began to stroke. ” You are a Devil” she murmered and rolled off me onto her back. She got the tangled shorts off her feet then sat up and took off the top. God, was she beautiful, I thought as I slipped the robe off my shoulders. She lay next to me, not moving, and I took in the erect nipples and slightly parted legs.

I bent towards her and started to discover her. I kissed her forehead, eyes and mouth. My lips moved to her neck and shoulders and she still didn’t move.

I placed my hand on her stomach and moved my lips to an erect nipple and started to caress it with my tongue. She groaned and I felt the nipple grow.

Moving downwards I left a trail of kisses along her body until I felt the pubic hair against my cheek.

I parted the lips with my fingers and the hooded clitoris seemed to beg for attention. Lowering my head I tentively licked it and I could feel Alice tremble slightly.

I positioned myself, face down between her legs, my face against the open lips, my tongue moving slowly along the inside of the labia until it came in contact with the clitoris. My tongue moved slowly but deliberate and caressed it until Alice moaned “Ohhhh, that’s good, don’t stop.”

The trembling of her body increased and she became more moist, a sort of sweet and salty tasting fluid tickled my palate. I guessed that she had had a small orgasm and I slid myself up her body to let her share this taste with me.

We kissed and as she moved her hips, I felt the tip of my hard cock entering her, making it’s way up the warm, tight and lubricated passage.

God, I thought, I’m making love to a woman for the first time. canlı bahis siteleri It was so much different to the fumblings in the back row of the local cinema. She gripped me tight and whispered in my ear. ” You are so hard, it feels good.” I was pleased at this and the natural movements of making love came easy, up to a point.

My inexperience and excitement took their toll. After a few strokes I felt my cock grow and I exploded, filling her with my sperm. I collapsed onto her, embarassed and at a loss for words. I heard Alice say “It’s OK, my lover” before she pressed her lips hard to mine. I slid my arm behind her neck and and pulled her to me. She lay on

her side with her head on my chest, her hand on my stomach. It was quiet and peaceful as we lay there and I pulled her close. I kissed her forehead and remarked “So much has happened in the last few days, it’s still like a Dream.” She asked, giggling “Should I pinch you again”. and her hand moved down to grip me. The touch was electric and I felt the stirring in my groin. Her fingers started to work me to full hardness and she moved to place her mouth over the the tip of my cock. She worked at me and I lay there enjoying it. But I wanted more.

She seemed to read my thoughts and swung round to straddle me. Gripping my cock she guided it along her labia and then lowered herself onto me.

This time she was in control, raising herself up only to fall down and enclose me completely. I could do nothing but lie there and enjoy it. I raised my hands to gently enclose her breasts and tease the nipples with my thumbs.

This spurred her on, she began to moan and her movements quickened. I felt myself coming to the point of no return and gripped her hips tightly. With a loud and long cry she sank down onto me and I came, again and again. She fell forward gasping for breath and the sweat on our bodies bonded us together. I held her tight as we both fought against our breathlessness.

Having quietend down she raised her head. I noticed the sparkle in her eyes. I said “It’s not a dream” and kissed her lightly on the lips. Time passes quickly and eventually we rose and showered together.

My clothes from the weekend had been cleaned and we dressed slowly, trying to avoid thinking about us parting. But eventually we had to make the move and she delivered me to the College gates.

A short kiss and a promise to collect me on Friday was all I had as I stood there and watched her drive away.

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