A Billionaire’s Life Ch. 05

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— CHAPTER 5: The Birthday Party —



“Mr. Kwong, we should be landing in three minutes.” The helicopter cabin went silent as the pilot clicked off and I glanced out the window to see Shea Stadium and the Tennis Center go by.

I sighed. “Sometimes it feels like I’m barely working, and yet I *really* want this vacation.”

I shook my head for a moment. Just a week ago, I’d been in Tokyo seeing the sights with Cassandra by my side. But despite the good food and exotic little excursions, that hadn’t really felt like a vacation. True vacations didn’t have four- hour long meetings sprinkled throughout them.

And then, returning home to find Kate’s room empty only added to my built-up stress. When I began to think of what Dean might be doing to her at this very moment, I found myself squeezing the doorframe so hard I left shallow dents in the soft wood.

I needed a vacation.

Cassandra squeezed my hand. “Just a few more meetings, Jonathan. And then we’ll be off.”

I glanced over at Taylor and Charlotte. “Do you guys seriously need to go shopping today? You both have plenty of clothes and I KNOW you’re going to be doing more shopping in Vegas.”

Taylor giggled and glanced at her personal assistant before looking back to me. “You married a model, honey. We can NEVER have too many clothes.”

The helicopter soon touched down and I kissed Taylor goodbye before we parted. “Remind Kaitlyn that they need to be ready to go by six.”

“Or what? They’ll miss their flight?” Taylor laughed.

I rolled my eyes. She knew as well as I did that I’d never have the private jet take off until everyone had arrived. Taylor managed to be serious for a moment and answered, “I will.”

She then flounced off with Charlotte in tow to spend more of my money. No matter, once I signed off on this latest deal I would be profiting another $6 million personally.

Four hours later, Matthews, my VP of Sales shook my hand and then said, “Happy Birthday, John.”

“It’s not ’til tomorrow,” I answered as the elevator dinged and opened up to whisk Cassandra and me back up to the helipad.

“You’re not sad at all?” he asked as I stepped in and turned around.

“Sad? Why?”

“Because after today, you won’t be the wealthiest man under 30 anymore, old man,” Matthews grinned as the doors closed.


“Nngh, nngh, nngh!” Mia grunted while I pounded her pussy from behind. I had a good grip on her hips, but even with that leverage I was having a hard time plowing my way through her deliciously tight channel.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she wailed, and that constricting tunnel got so tight that I had to stop thrusting for a while.

“Ohhh…” Mia finally gasped when she was done. Her arms buckled and she rested her chest and head against the mattress while her hips remained in the air, suspended by my cock in her pussy.

“I want to give you your birthday present,” Mia moaned with her cheek pressed to the bed.

“My birthday isn’t for another few hours,” I sighed while catching my breath and recovering my control. I flexed my dick inside her a few times just for the fun of it.

“I can’t wait that long,” Mia replied while she began to rock her hips back to start pumping herself back at me.

“What is it?”

“I want you to fuck my ass, John,” Mia whimpered, and then she squeaked when my hips involuntarily jerked forward and drove our two bodies into the mattress.

“Oh, SHIT,” I grunted as my eyes flew wide and I suddenly found myself leaning over her body and supporting my weight on my arms so that I didn’t crush her. Everyone in the house knew I had a kink for anal sex. Taylor, Charlotte, and especially Rebecca were more than happy to provide when those urges struck me. But it had never been Mia’s thing. She was perpetually horny and wonderfully experimental for pretzel-like positions, but she simply wasn’t into anything resembling pain.

“I mean it, John,” Mia said in a breathy whisper. She was clearly turned on and her words were slightly slurred, as if she was drunk on the two orgasms I’d already given her. The fact that we were currently thirty-thousand feet in the air in a pressurized Gulfstream jet was probably adding to her arousal. She always did love “renewing her membership in the Mile High Club”.

“Fuck me some more,” Mia intoned in a sultry voice while she began to rock her hips and fuck her body on my pole. “Then pull out and cum on my asshole. And then I want you to shove your cock through my tight sphincter and fuck me until I see stars. Can you do that for me, John?”

“Oh, yeah,” I grunted. Just hearing those words had already put me close to the edge, and I stared down at Mia’s puckered rosebud. Her buttcheeks were so firm and so tight, the two globes didn’t even touch in the middle, and her anus was already wide open to my gaze.

“Do it, John. Do it!”

“Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck!” I groaned and then pulled out at the last second. Mia reached behind her and spread her own asscheeks. And with my hand jerking my own shaft, I began canlı bahis spunking glob after glob of creamy male lubricant directly onto that dusky star.

“That’s it. Cum on that asshole. Cream me up, John!”

The moment I finished spurting, I notched my dickhead into the spermy mess I’d made until I felt my tip settle into the little cavity of her anal sphincter. And then with one hand holding my dick in line, and my other hand gripping Mia’s hips again, I shoved my way forward.

“Aaaah!!!” Mia screamed as my mushroom head popped through, and for a moment I was going to stop and tell her to forget it. But as soon as I slowed down, Mia bucked her hips back at me, swallowing another three inches down her asshole.

“Oh, FUCK!” I growled and then jerked my hips forward, and a second later I was balls deep in Mia’s ass.

“So full… so fucking full…” Mia grunted.

I paused to catch my breath. My dick was just now starting to soften slightly after my previous cum. But Mia began to experiment with tensing her inner muscles, squeezing her abs a bit before figuring out how to control things so that she contracted around the rod up her ass.

And as she caressed me, my dick started to reharden.

“Ohhh… I can feel it…” Mia moaned as she settled into a specific squeezing pattern. And a few minutes later, my dick was rock hard and ready to go again.

“Fuck my ass, John! Fuck my ass!”

I was only too happy to comply.

Five minutes of heavy-duty reaming later, both my hands were on Mia’s hips and I was screaming at the ceiling as I nutted a quart of spunk into Mia’s asshole.

“Oh, FUCK!!!” I groaned while my own buttcheeks clenched and I felt gob after gob of cum shooting out into Mia’s rectum. And when I finally squirted out my last drop, I slowly pulled out and sat back on my heels.

Mia was panting softly and her hips lightly bobbed up and down with each breath. Her anus had been stretched wide and remained a gaping chasm, and as the ivory white liquid began to trickle out of her and run down towards her sopping wet slit, I allowed myself an amazing chuckle. “Thank you, Mia. That was incredible.”

She hummed happily. “Happy birthday, John.”


By 8pm (Central time), I emerged exhausted from the back bedroom and slumped in my seat as the private Gulfstream jet blitzed past Missouri on its way westward across the country. While the hectic workweek had worn me out, Mia’s assfuck had completely drained me of any energy I had left.

I ignored bemused gazes of everyone in the main cabin, who’d certainly heard Mia’s unrestrained screaming.

Jeff just gave me a funny grin and then dragged Kaitlyn into the bedroom after him and shut the door.

But while I was slumped into my chair after Mia’s latest draining of my bodily fluids, she was still perky and chatty with everyone else on the plane. “I can’t WAIT to party in Vegas! I can’t believe we haven’t even gotten all of us naked together in the same room since January!” She bounced eagerly. Her accent made her comments even more amusing.

I leaned back thoughtfully. Many would think that my life would be just a non-stop orgy, what with the harem and all. But the truth was, everyone had their own interests and jobs. Whether it was design work or classes or late nights at the office or up-till-midnight financial analyses, it was near-impossible to get all eight of us together without some prior arrangement.

Personally, I looked forward to the few times we could get Jeff and Kaitlyn to join in, period. Two guys for six girls was much less taxing on me than one on five.

As if to prove my point, when Jeff came out of the bedroom with a goofy expression on his face, Taylor just took one look at my exhausted shell of a body and then grabbed Jeff again, pulling both him and Kaitlyn back into the bedroom. My wife started stripping even before Kaitlyn got the door closed.

Cassandra leaned across the aisle. “We don’t need a private room if you would like me to… ‘serve you’… sir,” she purred.

I glanced up to see Mia’s and Rebecca’s bemused expressions. Charlotte actually looked eager to join in. But I waved Cassandra off. “Let me save something for the hotel.”

But even if I wanted to save something. That didn’t stop Mia and Rebecca from getting naked in the main cabin and having some fun. And Charlotte practically creamed herself when I pointed and ordered her to join in.

Eventually, everyone had their clothes on by the time we landed. A short time later, we arrived at the Palms Resort and Casino. Our party of eight was quickly shuttled up to the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, and everyone collectively gasped as we took in the incredible view of the strip in the distance, all lit up against the black night sky.

The girls immediately wanted to strip down to their bikinis and jump in the jacuzzi that was jutting out off the edge of the building. Jeff and I weren’t exactly about to protest, and the outdoor patio was soon filled with hot steam and sweaty bodies in the night air. Everyone stayed up for a couple hours, chatting bahis siteleri and playing and screwing until it hit midnight in Las Vegas. And then with cocktails raised, everyone cheered “Happy Birthday!” to me.

I’d hit the big three-zero. And yet it felt like my life was just beginning.


I woke up the morning of my birthday to find Taylor and Cassandra both snuggled up to me on either side. And topping things off, Charlotte was rolled into the sheets at our feet.

Still groggy, I tried in vain to remember exactly what had happened last night. Bits and pieces came to memory, and those bits were VERY pleasant. But the whole movie failed replay itself in my head.

Oh, well. Time to make new memories.

My birthday started off in the best way possible, with a dual-blowjob from Taylor and Cassandra. I was putty in their hands and the feeling of two tongues licking up both sides at the same time is one of the truly unique things in this life.

Watching the two women you love most in this world passing your cock like a baton back and forth while you spurt out jet after jet of cum is another.

“Breakfast” started when we all woke up, which was around 1pm. This was followed by pampering ourselves at the spa. The massages were good, although I missed Cassandra’s “happy endings”. Mineral baths and various other treatments were pleasant enough, but I think I had more fun hanging out with the girls in the quiet room knowing they weren’t wearing anything beneath their bathrobes.

At least until Mia pulled me into a darkened corner and gave me a “happy ending”. Rebecca stood watch and after I filled Mia’s mouth with my spunk, the adorable Chinese girl went and fed my cum directly into Rebecca’s mouth.

After the spa we hit the hotel pool. Jeff and I were surrounded by six gorgeous women wearing the skimpiest bikinis, and they were surrounded by seemingly half of the guys in the pool area. At one point, Cassandra, Taylor, Kaitlyn, and Rebecca laid side-by-side in a row of lounge chairs with their big tits upthrust into the warm August air, and if the guys got any closer their drool might actually splash the girls.

I resolved right then to visit one of the topless pool areas with my entourage, perhaps at Caesar’s Palace.

Dinner was thick slabs of dead cow, except for Taylor who picked at her salad like a discriminate little bird. Kaitlyn and Mia just looked enviously at Cassandra devouring her entire steak, seemingly always able to eat without ever getting fat. And Rebecca loaded up on carbs.

“Trust me. We’ll need them tonight,” my personal trainer said cryptically.

Dinner was followed by a Cirque du Soleil show, which gave everyone time to digest and get into a pleasantly funked out mood.

And then the REAL birthday party began.

The eight of us tromped back up to the Sky Villa and I then was to find out what the girls decided to get the man who already has everything.

It started with blindfolds. Taylor and Cassandra had apparently arranged for some modifications to our suite while we were out and blindly Jeff and I were led into one of the bedrooms.

Once sequestered, Jeff and I idly watched a baseball game on TV while the girls busied themselves in the living room. I think we both spent more time trying to figure out what was being planned than watching the game.

“Did Kaitlyn give you any hints?” I asked Jeff.

He raised his eyebrows and shook his head. “Nope. Well, Kaitlyn HAS been out visiting Mia a lot in the last week. I’m not worried, but it IS odd. But other than that, she just warned me that the girls as a group would probably be paying more attention to you tonight than me. You ARE the birthday boy, after all.”

“You don’t mind?”

“Hell, no.” Jeff broke out in a big grin. “My birthday’s in two months!”

I smiled as well, and we zoned out to the game for another minute. Then I asked, “Naked or lingerie, you think?”

Jeff frowned. “Lingerie. That way they get to tease us for a bit.”

I nodded. Just then, I heard a crashing sound of something heavy. Not like anything was breaking, but just enough noise to know that SOMETHING out of the ordinary was going on out there.

Not daring to invite the girls’ wrath by going outside, I picked up my phone and called Taylor. She didn’t answer the first time but she did the second time I called.

“You getting impatient, honey?” My wife said sweetly as she came on the line.

“What is going on out there?” I asked.

“Stop worrying. It’s under control.”

“How much longer?”

“Mm, we’re almost set. We’re putting the last touches on our outfits.”


“You’ll see…” she teased. “And if you’re getting bored, you and Jeff can jerk each other off until we’re ready.”

“Are you TRYING to put me out of the mood?”

She laughed. “Five minutes. Bye.”

I sighed and lay back. Jeff shot me a glance but I shook my head after getting no information. My mind was a whirl of ideas. As it turned out, even my imagination couldn’t keep up with what Taylor had planned.


Taylor bahis şirketleri came to fetch us nine minutes after the call. It HAD been a long day and I was starting to get tired. In fact, with the late hour it was getting close to the day *after* my birthday. But the prospect of what my girls had in store had me too amped to really be tired.

Taylor ushered Jeff out first as I came alert and started for the door. He stopped three feet into the living room and in a low voice, uttered an amazed, “Whoa…”

While we’d been out to dinner and a show, the furniture in the suite had been rearranged into what looked very much like a strip club. A stage had actually been erected two feet off the ground, complete with stripper pole and mirrors on the wall behind it. Multi-colored lights were hung along a black metal apparatus, complete with disco ball and spotlights. Boom-chicka-wow-wow music was already bumping on the surround stereo system.

And then there were the costumes. Six girls stood before us wearing identical flashy-silver outfits. The material was stiff and glossy, reflecting the array of lights while still having the texture of fabric. They all wore short-sleeved, short-hemmed jackets with no buttons over matching push-up bras. Cassandra was practically exploding out of hers.

Their midriffs were bare, and then matching silver miniskirts and skyscraper silver heels finished the standard clothing. But the silver bunny-ears really took their costumes over the top.

Taylor took my hand and led me to the center chair in front of the stage while Kaitlyn grabbed Jeff and put him in a chair a couple of feet away from me. And then Cassandra grabbed a remote and started up the next track. Rump-shaking music started blaring over the speakers and a smile came to my face as I recognized one of Taylor’s favorite songs.

Fearless as ever, my wife took the stage first and proceeded to show off her amazing grace and coordination, a must for any model. She spun and pivoted with the music without shame, giggling as she saw the expression on my face while she twirled around the stripper pole and mimed having sex against empty air. Eventually, the jacket came off, quickly followed by the skirt to reveal a silver g-string that did almost nothing to hide the features of her crotch. And when she turned, the back strap completely disappeared between her asscheeks.

I found I was holding my breath as Taylor faked opening the front-clasp on her bra THREE times before finally popping the damn thing and spilling my favorite tits in the world to my view. And at the very end, she slipped the g-string down to one foot, and with careful aim she balanced it on the toes of her shoes and then flipped the tiny garment into my lap.

I grinned, Taylor laughed, and then the next music track started playing.

My wife came and knelt before me while Kaitlyn and Mia took the stage together. And when the two simultaneously struck the first pose together, I glanced to Jeff and we shared a look. THAT was what Kaitlyn had been visiting Mia for.

In synchronized choreography, Kaitlyn and Mia bumped and twirled around the stage, energetically bouncing to the music and gyrating far faster than Taylor had done earlier. In unison, the girls came together and pushed apart in a riot of blonde and jet black hair. But as they continued, I soon ceased to care about their hair as both Jeff and I were locked onto their firm tits jiggling naked as they continued their dance.

By the end of the song, Taylor had stripped me nude in my chair and at almost the same time Kaitlyn and Mia crashed together and kissed, my wife took my dick into her throat.

Charlotte was quite nervous and shy when she took the stage next. Her movements were choppy and hesitant at first, but with Taylor encouraging her on and my own pleased expression, she soon got more comfortable and seemed to enjoy what appeared to be her first strip tease.

And then Rebecca was the last. I hadn’t known before, but it turned out that Rebecca had stripped to help pay for college. She was a consummate pro and after watching my other girls’ enthusiastic but not-quite-professional dancing, Rebecca’s performance was eye-popping.

By now, Kaitlyn had similarly stripped her man and was blowing him, just as Taylor was doing to me. And somehow, with exotic poses and elegant gyrations, Rebecca was able to communicate her sensuality so that even though she was on the stage, I half-believed it was Rebecca who had her lips wrapped around my dick instead of my wife.

I just about blew my nut when Rebecca popped her bra and those amazingly round tits came into view. I started actively drooling when she turned around and gyrated her ass at me from just a few feet away. And when she dropped her g- string, turned and split her knees to the side, lewdly opening her pussy lips for my gaze, I finally erupted.

Taylor started moaning and pulled off me at the very last second. Closing her eyes and jacking my cock, I sprayed rope after rope of hot cum all over her face, coating her forehead and dripping goo into her eye sockets, splattering against her nose and cheeks, and after she couldn’t feel me splashing onto her face anymore she moved in and slurped the rest out of me only to let it roll down her chin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20