A Birthday Favor Ch. 01

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It was several hours before Jennifer’s 21st birthday bash. She couldn’t wait. She had been looking forward to this all week. “wow, I can’t wait” she said with a smile. Then she started thinking of who was gonna be there. Mostly her girlfriends, but she wondered would he be there. Charlie, was a very handsome well built guy she had been eyeing for months now. He was tall about 6’3″ crew cut black hair. Very nice muscular chest. Very tight ass. He worked out a lot playing football here at college.

Jennifer had tried many times to catch his attention in the halls. But every time it seemed like he wasn’t interested. But if he wasn’t interested why did it seem like he was every place she was. Who cares she thought. If he was at the party tonight she would make her move and talk to him for sure. The more Jennifer thought of Charlie and how handsome he was the wetter she became.

Oh! She groaned. She got off the bed where she was laying and grabbed her towel. Time for a quick shower. she kinda really needed one now. A cold one at that! she had a lot to do and wouldn’t have a chance later.

“Brenda I’m jumping into the shower if someone calls tell them I’ll call them after I am done,” Jennifer said.

Brenda was Jennifer’s roommate. They met there freshmen year of college and became best friends. Brenda was 5’5″ and had very long brown hair, with big brown eyes. She had a slim waist and very large breasts. 44d was big for her body frame.

“Okay,” Brenda said.

As Jennifer took her clothes off to get into the shower she looked at her body in the full length mirror, on the back of the door. She never really considered herself to be attractive, until now. She was a tall 5’9″ very long black hair green eyes, very thin and athletic type of body. She had 38c size breasts, which she thought were perfect for her body frame. She cupped her breasts and turned to one side admiring her thin waist. Her long legs.

OK enough of this she thought climbing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri into the shower and turning on the water. She grabbed the soap and lathered her hands up. She ran her hands up and down her thin waist. She started moving more slowly and was thinking of him again. Charlie! Thinking of all the things she wanted to do to him. Without even realizing it she was cupping her breasts and moving her hand out to the nipples. She was pinching them and rolling them gently in her fingers. She put her head back and a moan escaped her lips. OK, that’s it she thought. Rinsing off, she turned off the water grabbed her towel and trotted quickly for her bed room.

Brenda who was passing by the bathroom when Jennifer ran by, was wondering what the commotion was all about. She followed quietly and peaked through the crack in Jennifer’s door.

Jennifer was laying on the bed with her knees bent and her legs spread wide. She hadn’t noticed in her haste to take care of something she had forgotten to close the bedroom door all the way. She was caressing her breasts, and playing with the nipples. Pinching and rolling them between her thumb and middle finger.

Brenda who was outside the door grew very hot and wet quickly. She had always had a secret passion to sleep with another women. So she pushed open the door quietly and walked over to where Jennifer was laying on the bed.

Jennifer now moaning with her eyes closed, never heard anyone walk in. she did feel a warm hand cup her breast. It felt nice. She slowly opened her eyes and Brenda whispered sshhh let me help you. Jennifer was so horny she couldn’t say no. She at the moment just didn’t know how to.

Brenda began to fondle her breast as Jennifer still cupped the other arching her back and moaning with anticipation Brenda bent down and stuck out her tongue gently touching her nipple. It was so quick and gentle, It was hardly felt. But nevertheless very erotic sending shivers güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri through Jennifer’s entire body. She gasped as Brenda once again stuck out her tongue and this time touching it a little harder and longer. In fact she traced a circle around Jennifer’s nipple before closing her lips around it. Jennifer was moaning very passionately and thrusting her breasts up into the air.

Brenda began sucking on her nipple while flicking it back and forth with her tongue. Jennifer ran her hand in Brenda hair grabbing a hold and pulling her closer. She allowed her hand to fall to Brenda’s shoulder. Quickly her other hand followed to the opposite shoulder. Jennifer followed the curves on Brenda’s shoulder to her back. she grabbed a hold of her shirt and tugged it up over her head, tossing it to the floor. Brenda picked up where she had left off only taking the other nipple into her mouth and teasing, sucking and playing with it. Jennifer quickly undid her bra and tossed that to the floor as well.

Once again Brenda returning to assault Jennifer’s nipples. Brenda began to lick and suck a trail from one breast to the other, and back again. While at the same time pushing them both close together. She paused briefly looking at Jennifer.

“Let me suck on your sweet pussy Jennie,” ” Oh yes, please!” is all Jennifer could say.

Brenda leaned forward and kissed Jennifer very passionately before she began making small kisses and sucking spots. First on her chin, then at the top of her neck. To the middle. Licking and sucking. Brenda’s hands still cupping and fondling Jennifer’s breasts. All Jennifer could do was caress Brenda’s back. Encouraging her to keep going.

Brenda was now making her was past Jennifer’s breasts. Stopping and giving each one a kiss before continuing downward. Kissing, licking and sucking small parts of her skin until she reached her belly button. There Brenda traced and outline with her tongue. She moved güvenilir bahis şirketleri her body and potion it much better in-between Jennifer’s thighs. She quickly finished undressing and knelt down. Jennifer with her head thrown way back moaning from the erotic pleasures Brenda has given her. She was wet, oh so wet!

Brenda ran a thumb over her nicely trimmed pussy hairs. Gently just tickling them. Jennifer grabbed at the blankets under neither her, arching her back as much as she could moaning out loud. Brenda could not only see her dripping juices but she could smell her sweet smelling pussy. With her index finger she ran her finger right down the middle of her folds, stopping at her very hot wet hole. Jennifer thrust her hips up in reaction to the feeling, trying to take Brenda in. Brenda with both index fingers parted her lips, stuck out her tongue and ran it right over the back of her clit. “OH MY GOD!” Jennifer exclaimed.

Her hips bucking again into the air. Again Brenda placed her tongue right near her hot wet hole and ran it right up the back side of her clit. Shivers running madly through Jennifer. Brenda paused a moment and circled her clit with a thumb. Massaging bottom to top making her clit so very hard. Brenda let go and repositioned her middle and index finger to hold open Jennifer’s sweet folds. With her other hand she took her middle finger and slid it deep into her pussy. Brenda began tracing small circles on Jennifer’s clit sending shock wave after shock wave of pleasure right through her. Brenda inserted her index finger deep into her pussy. She was finger fucking her plunging two fingers in and out, while licking and sucking on Jennifer’s clit.

Jennifer wildly bucking and moaning incredibly loud. “yes! Oh god, yes,” she couldn’t hold back any longer. She spread her legs and hips as wide as they could possibly go and thrusted her hips into he air. Brenda continued to suck on her clit, and fuck her pussy with her fingers. “ooooooo” god she was cumming and it felt so great. She soaked Brenda fingers with her cum. After a few moments Brenda stopped and looked up to meet Jennifer’s gaze.

Jennifer was smiling now “why don’t you bring your self up here and let me return the wonderful favor you gave me.”

***To be continued*****

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