A Birthday Surprise

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Now I came home after a long day at the office. My girlfriend is quite a voyeur; she’s a nudist and wears next to nothing around the apartment or plain old nude. She’s 5’4 with a shapely 36c and a tight little shaved pussy. The name has been changed for this story. Lea was wearing a sheer white tank top that barely covered her nipples and a white thong. The weather had been humid so I thought she might be going nude today.

Anyway, she was finishing her usual stuff around the apartment when I plunked down on my usual comfy chair. I was wearing shorts and t-shirt and came back from coaching.

Lea came up to me with a sly grin. “I heard someone was having a birthday today.”

“Yes, it’s true”

“Would you like a blowjob on your birthday?” She said.

Now as I said her earlier she is quite open about her nudity; however I never expected this.

Lea gently got on her knees and crawled her way to me. She opened up my legs slowly. I began to unzip my shorts which she sensuously took off while her nipples began to harden through the t-shirt. My hard eight inch shaft was beginning to get more aroused with canlı bahis this gorgeous creature at my feet. Her hair was in two pony tails today. She eased me back down on the chair and began kissing down my chest to my hard cock. Her small hands grabbed my pounding member as her lips made it down to the head of my cock.

She got on her hands and knees further and began licking my shaft up and down in long strokes then delicately caressing my balls with her hands. She engulfed my cock with her mouth going all the way to the base almost choking on it. I began pushing my hand on her head pushing her further and further down. Lea motioned me to stand up as she still remained on her knees.

“I want you to use me; I’m your slave. Do as you wish with me. I love your cock so much.”

With statement really turned me on, I knew Lea was a wild one, but never expected this from her soft wet lips. I immediately grabbed her pony tails as she opened her mouth welcoming my cock. I must be dreaming.

“Shove it down my throat baby!” She said as sweat began to roll down her sweaty breasts. I did as she asked and rammed my cock bahis siteleri down her throat again and again. Lea tried to catch her breath as she went down my shaft. I grabbed her head and held it there feeling her hot mouth surrounded my throbbing shaft.

Again and again moulding her head around my hard cock between licking it from to side to side or going down my shaft completely. Lea,still on her knees, claimed “Fuck me baby, fuck me like a bad girl I am.” I smiled widely ” Alright my little whore!” I lifted her off her knees ripped off her tank top and sucked her nipples hard. She moaned as I bite her nipples gently with my teeth. I moved up and kissed her lips passionately.

Swiftly I turned her around and ripped her thong off her legs. In doing so I spread her legs wide and pushed her back forward. Lea said “Put me against the wall baby.” Her hands spread on the wall, she turned her head around enough to see me and proclaimed “Now fuck this little whore like I know you want to. Fuck with her hard cock now.”

I slammed my cock into her tight little pussy. She screamed out while yelling at me to go harder and bahis şirketleri faster. I grabbed her hips pushing her against the wall she held back by thrusting her hips against mine. She trembled as she cam. Still Lea was not satisfied yet. I pulled my cock out slowly. Lea gracefully turned around sweat beating down her well-toned body. “We’re not done yet baby, you still have to cum.” She whispered in my ear.

Lea grabbed me by my cock and lead me to bed. Her hand rested on my chest softly, she made a sly grin then proceeded to get on all fours with her fine ass sticking in the air. I slapped her ass cheek hard; she giggled like a naughty girl that she was. I pushed her ass high in the air and rammed my cock hard into her pussy. Lea’s hands grasped the bed sheets as I pounded her harder, faster and faster. I was about to cum on her ass when she turned around and pushed me to the bed.

She immediately shoved her whole mouth down my shaft sucking hard. She went again and again almost gagging on it. Lea sensed I was close to cumming swallowed my cock up taking in my love juices down her throats. She proceeded to lean my shaft leaving it nice and moist.

“Like your birthday present?” She said as she nestled between my arms. “Yes, an awesome present indeed.” I kissed her forehead gently. I wonder what my Christmas present will be this year.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20