A Break from Grief

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First thing to know about me: I’m a widow.

Second: I’ve always had a painfully high sex drive. When I lost my husband, the only man who could keep up with me, I looked forward to a toned down libido. But, to my dismay, not even crippling grief could stop my need for a good fuck.

Masturbating to memories of us having sex, started to become painful after awhile. Knowing I could never be with him again drove me mad, so, I had to think about other people to get off. Then, two years later, getting myself off was no longer enough. I became desperate for the feel of a man. Hard shoulders, strong arms, and hopefully in amazing shape. That’s where my brother in law Andrew came into focus.

He is the classic hot in law. Never out of shape, always ready to play with my boys, even after a long day at a construction site, and kind. After my husband died, he made it his life’s mission to come over 3 days a week to play with them.

One particularly hot day, he worked up quite a sweat playing in the yard. He asked if I could wash his shirt, and I said yes. Anything to see his body. Perfect abs, strong shoulders, and just enough chest hair to be sexy. His brother was similar. Man, I have a type.

While I was in the basement starting the machine, the phone rang upstairs, and he brought it down to me. He had a new shirt on. (Damn.)

I took it from him, and said “Thanks hun, love you.” Exactly the same way I spoke to my husband. The break down was instant. Thousands of memories flooded back to me, I thought I’d drown in grief. Luckily, Andrew had seen me lose it a lot by then, and knew to just hug me until it was done.

Very suddenly, my feelings switched. From crippling grief, to extremely horny in two seconds flat. I realized my hands were on his chest, and that his pelvis was perfectly lined up to mine. He smelled amazing, even though he was sweaty earlier. His hands were wrapped gently around me, keeping me still. One hand was on my lower back, and the other on the back of my head.

Before I could stop myself, I slowly moved my hips against his crotch. I heard a rough moan come from him. The room must have gotten 10 degrees hotter.

The hand that was on my lower back went even lower, and he gently pushed me against him. I could feel him start to harden against me, which made me breath a lot heavier. I lifted my head up slowly, and lightly kissed his neck, which made him moan again. He twined his fingers in my hair, and pulled my head back a little to look in my eyes. “I want this, do you?” he asked, at the same time he pushed harder against me. That last thrust almost brought me to my knees.

At this point I was truly blind with lust. I heard myself say “You can bend me over this washer, and don’t bother illegal bahis being gentle.” In less than a second he had me turned around, his hands went under my shirt, and they were instantly on my tits. While he was pinching my nipples, his mouth was on my neck biting, and kissing the whole time. I practically came from that alone.

Just as I was moving my hand to grab his dick, I heard a little voice call for me, and start to walk down the stairs. Thank goodness we were still dressed. Andrew moved away quickly, and grabbed a towel to put in front of him. “Uncle Andrew! I thought we were playing hide and seek! We were waiting for you. Are you ok mommy? You look weird.” my son said, while laughing.

Andrew looked at me, and I quickly looked away, “Sorry kiddo, mommy needed some help.” He said while throwing my son over his shoulder, and walking up the stairs. Next I heard my son say “Are you done helping mommy yet?” he asked. Andrew put him down, and looked at me from the top of the stairs then said “Not even a little bit.” He closed the door, and went off to chase the boys. I collapsed against the washer, breathing like I ran a marathon.

Once I calmed down I called my parents, and asked them to watch the kids for the night. They agreed, thankfully. Two hours later the boys were gone, and I was alone in the house. I basically ripped my clothes off, and threw myself into the shower. When the water started to get a little too chilly, and my wrist started to ache from making myself cum so much, I finally left the bathroom.

Outside my room were black boots. Andrews boots. My heart started pounding at a dizzying rate. I pushed my door open, and found him sitting on the edge of my bed. He looked so fucking hot, that I literally got wet from his gaze. “We should probably talk.” he said.

I looked at him, and smiled a little. “Do you really think I want words? No. What I want is for you to fuck me.” I said.

He grabbed my towel, and pulled me onto him. We kissed so hard, I thought I chipped a tooth. I pulled his shirt off kissed/bit his shoulders, and chest. He suddenly grabbed my hair, and pulled me away from him, so we were eye to eye. “I know what you said, and believe me, I have wanted this for awhile. But, I need to be sure; do you want me?” he asked. Then he put my face in his hands, and kissed my forehead. “I’m not my brother, and I’d hate to see you upset again.” he said, as he wiped a tear from my eye.

I took a step back from him, closed my eyes, and calmed myself. He was right, I have to want him. This was Andrew in front of me. If I go looking for my husband; I’ll be sorely upset. He has done so much for me, and my family. I opened my eyes, and saw him looking at me nervously, with his arms crossed. illegal bahis siteleri Something my husband never did. He was a very certain man.

“While I am in desperate need of sex, I only want it with you.” I said as I walked back to him, laying one hand on his chest, and my other hand on his cheek. “You have become a huge part of my life.” I said, giving him a quick kiss. He took my towel off, and said “I want you too.”

He smiled through our next kiss, and I started undoing his pants. I pulled them all the way down, then I practically ripped off his boxers to find one of the most perfect dicks I’d ever seen. My mouth actually watered looking at it, and immediately started sucking him off. A low growl actually came from him before he said “Fuck. I knew you’d be amazing at this”

He was so hot and hard. Once I started stroking his dick while sucking him, he came instantly. I made sure to swallow every drop, it felt so amazing to make him cum. “My God. That was insane.” He laid there for maybe two minutes before sitting up. “My turn now.” he said. I took his hand, and stood in front of him. He just stared at my body for a bit, which made me nervous, so I started to reach down for my towel. “What are you doing?” he asked, with a frown.

My cheeks were burning hot with embarrassment. “I’m not so comfortable with my body, especially after two kids. I don’t want you to dislike what you see.” I said. He kissed my nose, and laid me on my bed. “Don’t do that. You look amazing.” he said, while slipping his fingers into my pussy. It was slow to begin with, his finger fucking was amazing, and the way his thumb made circles on my clit, was blindingly perfect. I could feel my first orgasm rising, but I did need a little more.

“Be rougher with me. I’m not made of glass.” I said. He went to kneel on the floor between my legs, and began to eat me out while still fingering me at the same time.

“You are so wet. I bet I could put two more fingers in you.” he said, while doing exactly that. His tongue stayed on my clit while he started slamming his fingers into me over and over. My orgasm made me scream, and buck my hips wildly around, but, he didn’t remove his tongue from my clit. It was everything I needed it to be.

We laid down in bed for about half an hour afterwards, just talking, and kissing. I saw a sudden grin come to his face, and asked him what he was thinking about. “I have a question: when we went shopping for my tux, and your dress two months ago, I came out of the room, you said you liked it, and almost ran away into the changing room next to me with your dress.” he said. I asked what was the question, while kissing his neck, and lowering my hand to his dick. “I thought I heard a moan or two from canlı bahis siteleri the room. Were you making yourself cum?” he asked, with a big smile on his face.

My cheeks flushed painfully red. “I was imagining you fucking me against the wall, while wearing the tux. Made me cum hard, especially since you were only a room away.” I said. At that point he was rock hard, and I was ready to fuck.

He rolled on top of me, kissed, and bit my lip. “I was thinking the same exact thing. What’s your take on getting spanked?” he asked, while rubbing his dick along my pussy. I told him I loved it, especially from behind.

Andrew wasted no time in flipping me over, and thrusting his dick deep into me. The feeling of a real cock back in me made me dizzy. I could have cried from how much I missed the feeling. He knew how to fuck. Every thrust was perfection. Just when my next orgasm arrived he spanked me, hard. It only doubled my cumming, and set me off screaming. “Oh God! Don’t stop. Give it to me as hard as you fucking can!” I said. He put one hand around my stomach, found my clit and slowly swirled his fingers around it. My next orgasm was quickly approaching “Cum in me, please Andrew. I need to feel you cum. Please. Oooh fuck. Ah!” I said as the next orgasm broke my thoughts up. He started to groan a little harder, and his thrusts practically blinded me.

Next he pulled my shoulders towards him, my back was against his chest with his cock still in me. One hand back on my clit, and he rubbed it hard. “I’m going to move very fast now, are you ready?” he said, with a sharp spank, a slow thrust, one more hard spank and a final slow thrust. I turned my head to lick his lip, and his tongue licked me back. “I’ll take that as a yes.” he said, and he shoved me back down to the bed.

He began to reposition himself, placed his hands back on my hips. Then he released a speed of thrusting I didn’t know was possible, I needed to hold the headboard to keep me still. He released the loudest, most content moan, and was completely still. Everything was perfect in that moment.

We collapsed on the bed, just staring at the ceiling for a little while. Andrew laid his hand on the bed, palm side up, and i happily took it. “Do you want to try this? See where it takes us? Because, nothing would make me happier than to be with you. I do understand though if you just want a fuck buddy now.” he said, looking anxious.

I lifted his hand to my mouth, and kissed it. “Even before today, you helped me feel better in every way, except physical of course.” I said while kissing him. His grin through our kiss made my heart flutter. “But, I’m not sure about a full blown relationship just yet. That’s territory I haven’t been in for a very long time. So for now, I’d like to fuck you often, and maybe find ourselves together at some point. I really hope you aren’t upset.” I said while putting my head on his chest. Andrew stroked my hair for a bit.

“It would be my honor to wait for you.” he said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20