A Busy Week Ch. 03

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Chapter Three – Monday: Business Meeting

I awakened slowly on Monday morning, feeling warm and safe with Tyler’s strong arms holding me. His body was pressed against mine in a spoon. As I became aware of my surroundings I began to notice a hardness pressing against me.

Tyler was asleep, but sporting a huge erection and it was pressed right up against me, resting in the crease of my arse. Its presence started my body tingling, I couldn’t help but push back against it, wriggling my hips slowly from side to side and up and down. As I moved I could feel the shaft sliding deeper between my cheeks, until I could feel it touching my arse hole.

As I continued to rub myself against Tyler’s cock I became increasingly aroused. My pussy moistened, slowly at first, but after only moments my juices were flowing readily. When he woke I wanted him to be inside me, but I couldn’t manage it from the position we were in, and there was no way I could reposition us without waking him.

I was so aroused that I considered taking him anal, but I knew that without lubricant there was no way I could get him entirely in me. I decided to roll us over and take the chance of waking him. I turned around within his arms and pushed him onto his back. The motion disturbed his sleep, but didn’t waken him; he put his arms around me and drew my head onto his shoulder.

I rested my hand on his erection and waited until he was sleeping peacefully again before I started stroking it gently. Soon he was letting out an occasional soft moan in his sleep, a sure sign that he was as ready as me. I straddled him, and guided his cock into me slowly, taking just his head into me at first, and then gradually working the rest of his length into me.

We weren’t using a condom, and his hot bare dick in me felt like heaven. I was confident I would be able to feel when he was ready to cum and be able to get off him in time, even if he was still asleep.

He was moaning more frequently now, and moving his hips slightly, even though he was still deeply asleep. It was a very strange sensation, making love to a sleeping man, and I wondered if he would wake up before he finished.

I was trying to be as quiet and gentle as possible but my own orgasm was building. As my excitement mounted it became harder and harder to keep my pace slow and calm, and I began to grind my pelvis against him, causing his cock to excite my g-spot.

His hands moved to my hips then and he started to moan more deeply, I couldn’t quite tell if he was already awake, but if he wasn’t alr5eady, it wouldn’t be long before he was. I could feel the beginning of an orgasm spreading outward from my g-spot and I reflexively increased the pace of my grinding which released the orgasm as several waves of intense pleasure coursing through my body, forcing me to moan loudly, convulsing my pussy and squeezing his cock.

“Oh baby,” I heard him say then. “Oh baby, I thought I was dreaming, thought you were a dream baby, oh, so much better than a dream.”

I was on the edge of another orgasm almost immediately after the previous one had passed, and I continued riding him without altering my pace. I could feel the heat spreading outward from my pussy as the orgasm approached until the waves of pleasure passed through my body again. I could feel my pussy becoming completely wet as I came, I could almost feel the juices flowing out of me.

Tyler was raising his hips against me, pushing for the maximum possible penetration. He held my hips with his hands and lifted me off him slightly, beginning to thrust into me from below as he held me up. Each time he thrust his full length into me it felt like a bolt of pleasure racing through my entire body. I was completely helpless in his grip and was in an almost constant state of climax.

I could feel Tyler’s orgasm building in the tension in his muscles, the tightness in his jaw, and the intensity of his thrusts. I couldn’t bear to get off him now, but I must; as I lifted myself from him I felt an intense sense of loss as his erection was withdrawn from me.

I wasn’t finished yet, I could feel that I was at the edge of the final release that I needed, I turned around and straddled his face. Tyler enthusiastically used his tongue on my clitoris sending me straight back to heaven, and I took the head of his cock slowly into my mouth, twirling my tongue around the end and stroking the length of his shaft with my hand.

It was very difficult to concentrate on giving him good head while my clitoris was being licked so expertly, and I gave in to the sensations radiating from my pussy. I continued to lick, suck and stroke his cock, but only just enough to keep him close to his own orgasm.

Suddenly the orgasm struck and my whole body seemed to convulse. I could feel my pussy quivering, my juices flowing from me in torrents. My hand on Tyler’s cock was squeezing down hard and I was wanking him in spasms. I could feel his muscles constricting and he thrust his hips upwards at my face, pushing güvenilir bahis his cock almost into my throat. He let out a long moan, almost a growl, as he came and filled my mouth with his cum. I could feel his cock jerk each time it shot cum, some of the spurts going directly down my throat and some filling my mouth, I swallowed them all greedily.

As our orgasms subsided Tyler moved his mouth to my pussy, licking and sucking my juices, swallowing my orgasm as I had swallowed his, sending quivers through my body, as he touched parts of me that had become ultra-sensitive. I lay my head in his crotch, too spent even to move, simply enjoying the sensations still emanating from my pussy.

I didn’t want to move, but had no choice. I was going to be late for work as it was, and I still had to walk to my car, then go home and get ready for work. I gave Tyler’s dick a last kiss and lifted myself off him. I gave him a lingering kiss on the lips with a promise for the future, then gathered my clothes and dressed. I still couldn’t find my g-string, and I didn’t have the time to hunt for it.

“Why don’t you stay baby?” Tyler asked. “We could call in sick and spend the day together.”

“That sounds fantastic, but I have a client I can’t blow off today.”

“Too bad, we could have done some of our own blowing,” he said with a grin. “Will I see you again?”

“Fuck yeah, I’m not done with you yet,” I said as I kissed him, just before I ran out the door.

When I finally got home I began undressing as I walked down the hall. The hours I work are flexible, but there were a few last minute details I wanted to clear up before the meeting, so I was feeling very rushed.

I showered and washed my hair in what must have been close to record time. I was still aroused, and disappointed that I couldn’t take my time in the shower, but I still had to dry and straighten my hair, put makeup on, and get dressed. And I hadn’t even decided what to wear yet.

The meeting today was important for me. I wasn’t just finalising a sale, I was aligning a new channel partner in Singapore. If I pulled it off I would be sure to get a big bonus and a promotion would follow. Everything had to be perfect, and I couldn’t let the partner develop any doubts in me.

As I dried and straightened my hair I decided on my outfit in my mind. I didn’t have time to put things together and try different combinations. I decided to go with a black fitted skirt suit, plain black stockings, and low heels. The skirt suit was very professional, but fitted to my figure, so there was no doubt I was a woman. The skirt was modest, but short enough to show that I wasn’t conservative; it reached just past half way to my knees.

I looked in the mirror and was happy with the combination. I looked like a sexy, ambitious professional. A little makeup and I was ready to go. I got the last minute details worked out without any hitches, and my boss and I headed for the restaurant for the lunch meeting. We were a little early and the partner hadn’t arrived yet. While we waited my boss and I had a glass of wine and discussed the deal.

I work for a fairly large company, and this deal was not really that significant in the big picture. To me it was very exciting though, it would mean a new direction for my career and a whole new income stream from Singapore. My boss was fairly blasé, but I was finding it difficult to conceal my excitement.

“You look nervous,” my boss, Susan, said. “Don’t be, he needs this deal a lot more than we do.”

“I’m not so much nervous, as I am excited,” I said. “I think we’ve got it nailed.”

“We do, it’s in the bag,” she said. “Heads up, here he is. Don’t let him see how excited you are.”

I was realising that the excitement I felt wasn’t simply professional. The prospect of closing this deal was really turning me on.

After a little small talk Susan suggested that we wait until after lunch to discuss the deal. The partner Brock readily agreed and we ate without discussing the deal, although we discuss conditions in Singapore.

After lunch, Susan opened business by saying, “I have all of the papers here. The details are as we agreed. Once the three us sign this it’s a done deal.”

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that,” said Brock. “I need to change the numbers slightly,”

A long discussion followed. When Brock eventually told us the numbers he wanted I knew we couldn’t accept them. I looked at Susan to see what she was going to do, but she was completely stony faced and wasn’t moving.

I realised with a sinking feeling that the deal was slipping away, and that Susan wanted to see what I was going to do to save it. She was letting me know that it was my deal, and that I had to fix this, if it could be fixed.

I steadied my heart, I was sure Brock and Susan could hear it pumping, and I said, “Brock we could manage two points lower on the ongoing, but any more than that and it simply won’t be worth our time to open a channel in Singapore.”

“I türkçe bahis need a full five points, or I won’t be able to do business. The situation is different in Singapore.”

“Two points is all the room we have to move. We’ve already trimmed everything we can from this deal. As it is it’s very close to the point where it makes more sense for us to open our own office in Singapore.

“If we move into Singapore we’ll be looking at all aspects of the enterprise. In the long run this would dry up a lot of your other revenue streams, including training and professional services.”

I could see Susan concealing a smile, and Brock was thinking. I had the deal back on track.

“Alright. Two points it is. Where do I sign?” he said, smiling.

After we made and initialled the amendment, we all signed. The final papers would be sent to legal, but the papers just signed included penalties for changing terms or reneging, so the deal was as good as done.

With a big smile Susan asked, “Who wants champagne?”

As we were signing my excitement had returned. My hands were shaking, I definitely needed a drink.

“I could use a champagne, what about you Brock?” I said.

“I never say no to a beautiful woman,” he replied, with a quirky smile.

He was flirting with me! It was a shock, but made me look at him in a different light. He was older than me, maybe in his mid-thirties, older than my usual men, but possibly not too old, especially the way I was feeling at the moment. He was handsome, with a cultured English accent, and looked like he was fairly fit under his suit.

I raised one eyebrow and gave him my own quirky smile as I said, “Oh really, Brock? Never?”

“It’s a rule I have.”

“What about changing the deal just now? I think that counts as saying no,” I asked.

“Well, that was business. And as much as it pained me to break the rule, business comes first.”

The champagne arrived then, and Susan poured us each a glass.

“Cheers,” I said, as I touched glasses with Susan and Brock.

“Cheers,” Brock said.

“Cheers, congratulations,” Susan said.

“What are you plans now?” Susan asked Brock.

“I fly back to Singapore tomorrow morning,” said Brock.

“It seems like a shame to come for such a short time,” Susan responded.

“Well, I had all weekend to myself. I got down to the beach and did some sightseeing and shopping. I visit Sydney quite regularly for business so I don’t feel like I’m really missing anything.”

“More champagne anyone?” I asked. As I did I realised Susan still had half a glass, and Brock wasn’t much further ahead.

He took a big sip and held out his glass to me, “I can’t say no, now can I?” He winked as he said, “Rules. You know.”

Susan had a knowing look on her face, she finished her champagne, and said, “I have to get back to the office, I’ll send the paperwork to legal and get the ball rolling.”

She looked at me and said, “Stay and celebrate, you deserve it. You’ve done a good job opening a new channel in Singapore for us.”

Brock and I sat down and resumed chatting and drinking champagne. After we finished the first bottle Brock ordered another.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” I asked.

“I would never do such a despicable thing.” He laughed as he said, “I’m trying to get us both drunk.”

The champagne was making me tipsy, the successful deal was making me excited, my ability to get the deal back on track and Susan trusting me made me feel powerful and successful. All of this, together with flirting with Brock was making me extremely horny.

I hadn’t looked at Brock as a potential partner before now because I strictly will not mix business with pleasure. Not until the business part is completed anyway. Now though, the deal was done, signed, the more I thought about being with this man the more I wanted it. I had had him in business, dominated him and forced him to accept the deal on my terms, and now I wanted to have him physically as well, on my terms.

“Let’s move to a couch,” I said. “They look so much more comfortable than these chairs.”

Brock agreed, saying, “They do look good, especially after a couple champagnes.”

We rose and I led the way to the couches. As I walked I let my hips swing just a little more than usual, not enough that he would realise it was intentional, but enough that he would find it hard to look anywhere except at me.

I sat down and gestured to the opposite couch for Brock to sit down. As I sat I let my skirt ride up a little, exposing a lot of thigh, to add to the effect I sat with my legs together, but with one leg lower than the other and on a slight angle to Brock, which gave him a long view of my inner thigh, and tantalised with the potential of being able to see up my skirt.

“What do you like to do when you aren’t working Lisa?” Brock asked me.

“Anything fun really. I really like seeing bands live and going to the beach. I’m going to miss lying in the sun güvenilir bahis siteleri now that it’s winter,” I replied.

“I was lucky enough to get down the beach on Saturday,” Brock said.

“Me too! Saturday was a beautiful day, I had such a wonderful time,” I said. Remembering Sam and Mark was getting me very hot and bothered again.

“Wonderful? Really? What did you get up to?” asked Brock.

“Oh, this and that. Just hanging out at the beach really, until the weather got cold. We made some new friends who were a lot of fun.”

As I answered, I couldn’t help but smile, remembering being with two sexy men at the same time. I also couldn’t help but squirm a little as I felt my pussy moistening. The motion pushed my skirt a little higher, exposing the top of my stocking and a little bare thigh. I noticed Brock looking, and trying not to look.

I was very aroused now. Adding the memories of Sam and Mark to the mix of lust already stirring within me was almost enough to make me lose control completely. I was desperately trying to think of a way to steer Brock toward his hotel room, but I couldn’t think of any subtle way to do it.

“Lisa, would you like to have dinner with me tonight?” he asked.

“I’d love to Brock. You don’t have any silly rules about mixing business and pleasure do you?” I asked, the beginnings of a mischievous smile curling my lips slightly.

“Ha. Any rules I may have had along those lines were completely out the window when I first met you!”

“Oh, really?” I asked.

“Yes, I’ve been hoping for a chance to take you to dinner, and maybe have a drink with you,” he said.

“And maybe get me a little tipsy too?” I asked, the smile growing.

“Completely plastered if necessary,” he responded, a smile beginning to crease his face as well.

“Necessary for what, may I ask?”

“No. Some secrets must remain my own.”

“I see,” I said, as I rose from the couch.

My heart was hammering. I wasn’t able to think of any subtle way of leading Brock where I wanted to go, I was about to throw caution to the wind. The effects of adrenaline were quickly sobering me; not that being sober would alter my course now. In fact, it was even more exciting to be this brazen while sober.

I sat down again next to Brock, and turned to face him. I placed my hand on his thigh, and when he turned to face me I kissed him. I felt him hesitate for the barest moment, then he opened his mouth and returned my kiss.

I was breathless from the kiss, and whispered in his ear, “Dinner sounds great, but I think we have some pleasurable business to take care of first.”

“Yes, very,” he replied. He wasn’t making a lot of sense which I took to be a good sign.

“How far is your hotel?” I asked.

“It’s next door.”

“Perfect,” I said. “Let’s go.”

I stood up and started toward the exit, swaying my hips wantonly as I walked. I was about to stop and make sure he was coming when I heard his footfalls behind me, and then felt his arm move around my waist. As he embraced me I let myself lean against him, pressing our bodies together.

We walked to his hotel in each others arms. I took the opportunity to run my hand over his body. My suspicion about him being fit under the suit was correct, his body was nice and firm, I was becoming more excited by the moment,

Once we were alone in the elevator I turned to face him, and looked up ready to be kissed. He took my lead and leaned down to kiss me. We kissed during the entire elevator trip to his floor. The kiss was alternately passionate and tender. I undid one of his buttons and ran my hand over his firm pecs and pinched his nipples.

When the elevator came to a halt we broke our embrace and walked quickly to his room. He fumbled with the security card several times before he got the door open, his nervousness was endearing, but frustrating, as it slowed us down and I wanted his clothes off.

Finally, we were in his room. I turned him to face me and slid my hands under his jacket to his shoulders, pushing his jacket down his arms until it fell to the floor. Thank god he wasn’t wearing a tie! I don’t think I could have borne the delay. Once his jacket was off, I pulled his shirt open, popping the buttons onto the floor.

I smothered his protest with my lips, I could only barely reach him on tip-toes, but it was enough. He kissed me passionately, forgetting about his ruined shirt. He ran his hands over my body pushing my jacket to the floor also. As his hands moved to open my blouse I pushed him back on the bed.

I didn’t want my blouse ruined and I wanted him to know I was in charge. I unbuttoned my top and let it fall on the floor, exposing a lacy black bra. I was glad I had chosen this bra this morning; it gave me more cleavage than I had any right to expect. I unclipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor with my blouse.

I stood in front of Brock in my push up bra and tiny black g-string, stockings and heels. I stepped up to the bed and straddled him. I ran my hand over his chest, running my fingers through the hair on his chest. He put his hands on my thighs, and ran them up my thighs, to my hips, then up my waist, and finally behind my back to unsnap my bra.

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