A Daughter’s Love

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Part 1

Samuel Johnson was, in many ways, a lucky man. He was brought up in a very loving home. He had two parents who truly cared for him. He had two younger sisters who were fun to be around. They lived in a nice middle class neighborhood.

Sam did well in school. He graduated with high honors from college. He started a business, and it was doing well. It had 75 employees and was bringing in good money.

But the luckiest thing to happen to Sam was meeting Shelly. Both were juniors in high school when they came together. Shelly was beautiful and fun loving. She had black hair and green eyes. She worked out and was always in shape. They dated until the end of their freshman year at college. Then they married.

Sam had been a virgin until his wedding night. Once he and Shelly first made love it was a very active sexual union. He enjoyed giving her long, deep, tongue entangling kisses. His hands would roam all over her body as their tongues danced together. She in turn would caress his body. On thing about Sam was that he much better enjoyed watching Shel undress then undressing her. However, he also more enjoyed her undressing him then stripping for her.

A normal sexual encounter would go like this. After the kissing and touching had been going for several minutes, Sam would usually sit. Shelly would then begin to disrobe. She would slowly unbutton her top as she began to talk to him. Now, Shelly was not a person who would normally swear. Once in a great while she might say damn or shit when she became extremely excited or startled. However, when it came to sex, she was always very verbal and graphic. While unbuttoning her top she would begin to tell Sam what was in store for both of them

She would tell him how badly she wanted to fuck him. Caressing her boobs through her bra she would tell him she wanted him to kiss her tits and suck on them. Then she would undo the front clasps and slowly remove the bra. Her breasts were a good size. Not watermelons but certainly not small. She would pinch her nipples and tell him how stiff they were. Her nipples were bigger than most and stuck out proudly when excited. She said she wanted him to stick his dick between her breasts and fuck them.

Next, she would begin to remove her skirt or pants. It was always done slowly, with a wide smile on her face. Once removed, she would stand there in only her panties. She would slowly rub her pussy through the material. She would tell him how wet she was becoming. She would say that she could not wait for him to love her with his tongue, cause her to flow more, and drink up her cum.

She would then turn around and remove her panties. Her hands would caress her backside. She would tell him she wanted many kisses on her cheeks. Then she would spread her cheeks and say how she wanted to feel his tongue in her asshole. She would then bend over. She knew this position excited him. She would always ask which hole he would prefer to enjoy, my pussy this time or my ass. She would then face him and add, or just my mouth. He would then see her uncovered cunt. It was always trimmed but not bare. Her lips protruded just a little.

She would then walk over to him as he stood up. Most times she would ask him if he was ready for the fuck of his life. She would press her body to his and they would then share a long, very energetic, kiss. She always felt great in his arms. After the kiss, she would begin to remove his shirt. Once off, she would slowly rub his chest and nibble on his nipples.

She would undo the belt, unzip the fly of his pants, unsnap them and let them fall. She would then feel his now harden cock through his underpants. They would then kiss again. She would drop to her knees and pull down the underpants. He would step out of his pants. Then she would engulf his cock with her mouth and start sucking. He would gently hold her head as it bobbed up and down. Her warm mouth was heavenly. She would stop sucking and lick the shaft. Then she would suck on his balls. Then she would suck some more. Her beautiful eyes would look up at him. Her hand would reach around and tickle his asshole.

After the blowjob, she would stand up, grab hold of his dick, and ask if he was just going to stand there with that shit eating grin or was he going to fuck her. Then Sam would take over. He usually chose where the fucking was going to take place: they screwed all over the house, and what type of fucking it was to be. Sometimes he would just have her suck him off and he would eat her out. Sometimes he would screw her cunt. Sometimes he would screw her ass. Every once in a while he would fuck her titties. Sometimes the routine would change, but this was by far the one most often followed

As I said, Sam was a lucky man. Another fortunate thing to happen in Sam’s life was the birth of his only child, Amanda. No one could have asked for a better child.

Part 2

Thirteen years after Amanda was born, Sam’s luck ran out. Shelly came down with lung cancer. She lived for six months and then died. He was devastated. The canlı bahis şirketleri only thing keeping him from taking his own life was his responsibility of taking care of Amanda. Life for them for the next five years was routine but fun and fulfilling. It brought Sam and Mandy close together. Each weekday he would go to work and come home around 5pm. Once home he left work behind. He would eat dinner with Mandy. Then they worked on her homework, watched TV, went to a movie, or played games. The only thing that interfered with this was any practice or game/match she might have. He would go to all her games. Weekends were for each of them to do their own things. As Mandy became older, this was the days for her to go on dates. Dating was one thing Sam had not done since Shelly’s death.

Amanda was a wonderful child. Outgoing, friendly and caring: very caring. She did well in school. Not all A’s but nothing below a B. She played tennis and softball. She had several good friends. She did not smoke, drink, or use drugs. She loved her dad.

Amanda is now 18. Amanda has her mother’s green eyes but her father’s blond hair. She has a small nose and full lips. Her breasts, like her mother’s, are of a good size without being too big. Her nipples are long like her mom’s. Her stomach is firm and she has a belly ring. Her legs are shapely. Like her mom, Amanda keeps her pussy trimmed.

Amanda is not a virgin. Shelly had taught her that sex was a beautiful experience. She told her about vaginal and anal fucking. She taught her about safe sex. One of the last things Shelly did for Mandy was to start her on the pill.

Amanda lost her virginity when she was sixteen. For the last two years she was fairly sexually active. First, it was with Bobby. Next, it was with Tom. She enjoys fucking and has become very good at it. Sam knows his daughter is having sex. She has not kept it from him. He does not object as long as she is being careful. She does not go into any details with Sam.

Amanda knows that her father has not been on a date since her mother died. She knows that he has not fucked a woman in over five years. About three years ago she came across some porn on her father’s computer. She did not tell him she found it. It is obvious that her dad must be masturbating when the need becomes too great. To Amanda, it seems like a great shame that her dad has not had the comfort of a woman for so long. She is determined for her dad to fuck again. She has come up with a plan.

Part 3

Amanda and Sam are going on a trip. They will be taking two weeks to visit six colleges she is interested in attending. They will be spending twelve nights together in hotel rooms. Amanda plans to be the woman Sam will make love to. She has always thought that her father was sexy. She knows that her father also thinks she is sexy, although he would never tell her. It will be a difficult task to accomplish. Sam has only screwed one woman in his life. Now, she is asking him to make love to his only daughter. It will be tough, but she is sure she can make it happen.

Day one of the trip was enjoyable. Both drove and they took their time. When he drove, they would listen to his music. When she drove, they would listen to hers. She made sure the songs she played were suggestive in nature. She would even comment on the songs. She could tell that they were having a slight effect on him. Every once in a while he would even make a comment.

They did not visit a college that day. After dinner they went back to the hotel. Sam took his shower, put on some pj’s, and got in his bed. Amanda then took her shower. When she was done, she came back in the room wearing a very flimsy nightgown and no robe. Not much was hidden. Sam asked her where she got that at. She said at Victoria’s Secret. As often as she could, she would get up from her bed and walk across the room. One of the last things Sam said was that she had certainly become a good looking woman. Tom must be crazy about her. She thanked him and smiled. He had never said anything like that before. Day one was a success.

The first half of the next day they visited the first college. Then they saw some sights. Amanda repeated what she did the night before. Sam gave her a start when he made the comment that perhaps from now on he should get two rooms. He immediately dismissed it with the statement that it would be silly to do it. Again, Amanda smiled.

The next day was again a driving day. Amanda got things rolling by turning off the radio and CD player. She said she needed to talk to him about something personal. He told her to go ahead, baby. She could tell him anything. Amanda started telling him that she and Tom were having sexual issues. It was not true, she lied. She first told him that when she is giving Tom a blowjob, and Tom cums in her mouth, that he wants her to swallow it. He says that he swallows her cum when he eats her out, so she should do the same for him. Sam thought for a few seconds and then responded. He told her that a girl swallowing a guy’s sperm should depend on the canlı kaçak iddaa girl. However, for a lot of guys, it is a great turn-on. It would be a plus if the girl does it. She then asked what her mom did. Sam honestly said that she did swallow.

She next said that Tom wanted her to lick his ass during foreplay. She was very uncertain about doing it. Sam replied that it would indeed be a thrill for Tom if she did it. If she was concern about it being dirty, that there were shields she could buy so that her tongue would not come in direct contact with his anus. If she still did not want to do it, then she should not do it. She asked him if her mother ever licked him. Sam said that, yes, she did.

Mandy next said that Tom wanted her to do anal sex. She did not know how she felt about it. Sam said to her that it would have to be her decision. If she decided to do it, Tom had to do it right. Make sure he uses a lot of lubrication. Ensure that he first uses his finger to open her up. Tell him he has to take it slow. She asked if her mother ever did it. Sam said that she did.

Mandy thanked him for helping her with her problems. Sam said it was ok. Mandy then said that it sounded like her mom was a nasty girl in bed. Sam said that she was not nasty. She was just determined to enjoy sex and to make sure he enjoyed it too. If two people are in agreement on what they want in bed, then it is not nasty but beautiful.

That night, Mandy again wore the nightgown

Part 4

The next day they again visited another college. While driving and sightseeing in the afternoon, Mandy started to ask Sam questions. She asked him right out if he had fucked a woman since her mother died. Perhaps, there was someone at work. Perhaps, there was someone out of work she did not know about. Sam told her no. Mandy asked him what he did to relieve himself. Sam admitted that he would jerk off to porn on the computer. When she asked him why he did not date, he could not come up with a good answer. She told him that what he needed is a woman to fuck him silly. He answered that if she could find one, send her to him and he will think about. Little did he know that she was going to be that woman and that tonight was the night.

After dinner, they again returned to their hotel room. As usual, Sam took his shower first. This time, however, Sam’s mind was racing. It had been almost two weeks since he last jerked-off. Since the conversation with Mandy about her sexual problems, He found himself thinking about Mandy and Tom fucking. He could see Mandy taking off her clothes. He could envision her blowing Tom. He thought about Mandy with her legs spread as Tom licked her pussy. He could almost see Mandy’s beautiful face covered with cum. He wanted to jerk his cock to the images in his mind. The only thing keeping him from doing so was that the woman in his thoughts was his own daughter. He stood in the shower with a raging hard-on and not being able to do anything about it.

At that moment there was a knock on the bathroom door. Mandy slowly opened it. She yelled that she had to pee and could not wait. She said she was coming in. Sam froze for a second but then said it was ok. He heard the door open all the way and saw her distorted image through the shower curtain. He made sure to face the shower wall just in case she could see clearly enough to see his hard-on. Then he heard her begin to pee. It brought back memories of Shelly. Often she would be peeing on the toilet while he was in there. He would watch as the pee flowed from her sweet snatch. He would never touch the piss, but would often tell Shell what a turn-on it was to see her peeing. She would smile and tell him what a nasty boy he was. Now, here he was in the shower. His beautiful daughter, whom he had just been imagining fucking, was pissing about four feet away. He could hear it. He could envision it in his mind. His dick was so hard.

The spell was broken when she began to giggle. She said that peeing with Tom in the bathroom was one thing they had never done before. She would have to try it one day. She wiped and left the bathroom saying thanks as she left. It took a lot of effort for Sam to cause his cock to soften. He then dried off and put on his pjs. He went back into the room and told her it was her turn.

She showered quickly. She did not want the spell of her peeing to have a lot of time to wear off. She was able to barely see her father through the shower curtain. His back was turned to her, but she just knew he had a hard-on. After showering, she put on what she knew was her mother’s favorite perfume. She put on some lipstick. She put on the nightgown, but this time did not put on any panties. She looked at herself in the mirror. She new she looked damn good. Her father was going to have a treat.

When Amanda emerged from the bathroom, she found her dad lying on the bed. He was under the covers and reading a book. She walked over and sat on the side of the bed. She said that she wanted to talk. Sam put down the book and said sure baby, what’s on your mind. canlı kaçak bahis Are you concerned about choosing the right college? She said that she was not concerned at all about herself. It was him that she was worried about.

Sam was surprised by her comment. He asked her what she could be concerned about. As far as he knew, things were just fine. She told him that in a short time she was going to be leaving and he was going to be alone. At that moment Sam first smelled the perfume she was wearing. He knew that scent well. It was Shel’s smell. It startled him, but he liked it. Mandy realized that he had noticed the smell. She smiled sweetly. She asked him if he liked the way she smelled. Sam answered that, yes, he did like the aroma. That was her mother’s favorite perfume. Amanda said she knew that. She said that she put it on just for him.

She went on to say that with her going away, he was going to be alone. Sam smiled. Her little girl was worried about him. He started to tell her that he would be alright. He would spend more time at his work. Perhaps, he would find a hobby. Amanda looked at him sternly. She told him that he needed a woman to take care of him. It was time for him to leave her mom behind. Find another to fulfill his needs. He needed to make love again.

Finally, she bluntly said to him what she had wanted to say for awhile. She looked him in the eye. She told him that he needed to find a woman and enjoy a good, long fuck. She started to fondle her breasts. She said he needed to touch a woman’s breasts again. He needed to kiss them. He needed to suck on the nipples. She lifted the hem of the nightie, revealing that she had no panties on. She began to rub her pussy. She told him that he needed to touch a woman’s cunt again. He needed to lick her and drink her nectar. He needed to inhale the aroma of her pussy. She leaned on him with her head on his chest.

She told him that before she died, her mother told her that she was worried. Her mother knew that he would not want to see another woman. Her mother said that it was wrong if he decide to never again make love. Somehow, he must be shown that he must continue to have sex. Amanda lifted her head and looked at him. Daddy, she said, I love you very much. I also loved my mother very much. She wanted you to fuck other woman after she was gone. I know that you need to fuck again. Tonight, I am going to fuck you.

Amanda then stood up. She quickly took off the nightgown, and stood naked before him. She sat back down on the edge of the bed, and leaned over him. Quickly her mouth was on his. Her hand reached out to fondle his prick. Her lips were hard on his. Her tongue was trying to force its way into his mouth. At first, Sam froze. Then he tried to gently force her off. She would not give up. Her tongue kept trying to enter his mouth. Her hand kept feeling his cock.

Sam knew that he should keep resisting. If this was someone other than his own daughter, he might give in. After all, here is a beautiful, naked woman trying very hard to give him a French kiss. Her hand was expertly shagging his very hard cock. She was eighteen, no longer a minor. But, my God, this was his sweet Mandy. This had to be wrong. That is what his mind was telling him. However, his body was saying something else. The events of the last few days had made him so horny. He had been thinking about Mandy fucking. Not with him, but fucking. Her perfume was so alluring. Her body was so enticing. What was he going to do? After about a minute, he slowly opened his mouth and let her tongue in. She feverishly explored his mouth with her tongue. Soon, he responded by exploring her mouth with his tongue. They kissed for several minutes. Amanda moaned into his mouth and continued to fondle him. Sam resigned himself to the fact that he needed to fuck her.

Amanda then stood up. She started to move her hands over her body. She told him how she wanted him to suck on her breasts and make her nipples hard. She touched her snatch and told him she wanted him to suck on her pussy and taste her cum. She turned her back to him and said she wanted to feel his tongue on her asshole. She bent over and spread her ass cheeks.

Damn, there it was. Just like Shelly. Her sweet ass was only a few inches away. Sam reached out to caress her butt. Amanda smiled and turned back to him. She said she wanted him naked. Sam stood up before her. He smiled and softly told her to take off his clothes. This was the do or die moment. He decided to go for it. They kissed some more and she pressed her body into his. Oh, she felt so good pressed against him. Then she unbuttoned his pajama top and took it off. She rubbed his chest and sucked on his nipples. His nipples have always been sensitive. He stiffened a little when she sucked on them so she lightly bit them. Sam responded to that by telling her yes, baby, bite them, pinch them. She then knelt before him and pulled down his pajama bottom and underpants. His dick sprang free, fully hard and ready for action. His prick was average in length but thicker than most. There was some precum at the slit. Mandy grabbed it and slowly took it in her mouth. Sam finally said what she wanted to hear. He quietly said that what they were doing was wrong, but that he was not able to stop. He had no choice; he had to make love to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20