A Day at the Office

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As you bring in my morning coffee and stock quotes, you deftly turn and lock the door. I look up at the click of the lock, and then return to my paperwork, sliding my chair back from my mahogany desk. You gently set down the mug and newspaper, and I arch my eyebrow over the papers I’m inspecting, and without further ado you sink to your knees in front of me, the space between me and my desk being the perfect size for you to fit in. As I finish doing my morning paperwork you fish my semi hard cock from out of my trousers, and with practiced ease you suck it into your mouth and quickly work it to its full length with your skilled tongue and mouth.

I lean back slightly, enjoying the sensations coursing up my pulsing member as you move forward slightly, allowing me to see down your shirt to your braless cleavage. You suck me deep into your throat, humming lightly so that I feel the vibration on my cock head. After continuing this for close to twenty minutes, you work me up to the brink of orgasm then ease off, toying with me until I can take it no longer and press my large hand onto the back of your head. I force you to keep my cock deep in your throat as I fire off my morning load straight into your waiting belly. When I finally let go of your head, you quickly clean any last drops off my dick and lovingly tuck it back into my pants.

You flash your pantiless ass at me as you stroll back to your desk outside, promising more fun during the lunch break. We both work hard through the day, until finally it’s time for lunch. You again leave your desk and stroll into my corner office, noting the amazing view I have from my windows as you lock the door and climb onto my cleared desk. I move my chair closer to you, and when it gets within reach you plant your silky smooth legs on the arms and draw me closer. I finally move close enough and I push your skirt fully away from your beautiful body, getting you canlı bahis şirketleri to lift up slightly so your firm ass rests only on the polished wood. I slowly plant light kisses and breaths all the way up you toned sexy legs, until finally my lips reach your already wet pussy. I begin with light kisses all over it, and move slowly to gentle licks up the length of your slit, moving my tongue slowly, coating every inch and not missing a drop of your sweet nectar.

My lips lock around your engorged clitty, gently tickling it with my tongue and pulling on it with my lips. Your hands come down on my head, forcing my tongue deep into you, so I oblige you and I begin fucking you with rapid strokes of my tongue – pushing it in as far as I can and twirling it around to touch as much as I can. One hand goes from your thigh to your clit, and my fingers match the pace of my tongue, as I eat you out as hard as I can. You finally cum against my mouth and I continue sucking, trying to gather every sweet drop from your slick pussy lips. As I stand up, your legs stay on my broad shoulders, and I move forward guiding my thick hard cock to right outside your waiting pussy.

I tease you slightly, making you ask me to fuck you and as I hear the words leave your lips I thrust forward as my hands pull your hips back to me. I drive into you in one smooth motion, my thick eight inch cock gliding into your tight pussy and filling you to the brim. I set a mind wrenching pace, slamming into you again and again as fast as I can, we shake the heavy desk with the frantic pace I drive into you. We continue for what seems like an eternity, my constant barrage on your pussy bringing you to more than one orgasm in the half hour we are fucking. We stop to catch our breath for a moment and see that lunch has ended ten minutes ago, but instead of stopping, we quickly replace everything and sneak you under my desk.

You kneel on your hands and knees, with your perfect ass facing back at me under the desk, and as I glide forward in my leather chair, I see you raise canlı kaçak iddaa your butt slightly, so I continue forward, trapping you in with my chair as my cock slides back into your pussy. We both work hard for the rest of the day, me on my paperwork and you on my hard cock, fucking back into me with as much force as you can. you keep pressing into me as quickly as you can, and when you finally feel me cum deep inside you, causing your fifth orgasm, you quickly turn around and engulf me in your mouth, sucking me back to hardness as fast as possible I feel myself come back to full mast in your mouth, and instead of letting you finish me off in your mouth, I make you turn again. As you attempt to resume your fucking of my dick, my office door opens and one of the vice presidents walks in.

You don’t dare move, afraid you’ll make a noise, and I get annoyed at this unwanted break in our session. As I continue to discuss the man’s problems, I reach under the desk and slowly guide my prick back toward you, you raise your hips to retake me in your tight slit, but I push down on your hips slightly, letting you know that I’m going to slowly fuck your ass for stopping. You quietly leave your hips where I positioned them, and reach back to spread your firm cheeks so I can enter easier. I slowly push against your tiny rose bud, and I barely bite down a grown at the tightness as my cock head finally pops in. I keep up the steady pressure, finally getting my entire eight inches deep in your sexy ass. You slowly begin fucking back against me, trying to slowly get used to the size, but I’m having none of it. I thrust forward quickly and unexpectedly, catching you off guard and causing you to moan out loud.

Immediately you freeze, knowing that the vice president heard you. You hear him ask what the noise was, but you don’t hear my response. All of a sudden you hear his deep voice addressing you, asking you to please climb out from under the desk. I roll back my chair, and you stand up, my cock leaving your tight asshole with a slight pop. The Vice canlı kaçak bahis president moves around in front of you, looking you up and down, and then he lashed out quickly before you can respond, and tears your shirt open down the front. He quietly tells you that you shouldn’t wear ripped clothes to work. So you quickly strip out of the shirt and your skirt, and stand before the two of us naked. We maneuver around you, inspecting your amazing body from every direction as he and I remove the rest of our clothing. We finally stop our inspection of your flawless body, and he snaps out an order, telling you to drop down and suck his cock to full hardness.

At this, he sits down in my chair, so you move around to better envelop his cock. You feel me move behind you, gently gliding into your pussy. You suck and lick his cock, feeling it swell to a nice 7 and a half inches, but a massive two and a half wide. You can barely fit your mouth around it, but my constant driving into your hot pussy helps you swallow his massive cock. He and I look at each other over your smooth back and we nod, and we begin thrusting in unison, every forward thrust of mine pushes you into an upward thrust from him, until you become lost in the sensations.

You feel yourself be lifted into the air by my strong arms, and as you’re set down on the cool mahogany of my desk you feel my still raging cock press against your asshole, and you sigh as it moves into you, filling you totally. As I lay back on the desk with you bouncing happily on my cock in your ass, you feel the Vice President move up next to us, and as I draw you down into my chest you realize his intentions. I slow down my thrusts into your tight ass, allowing him to gently push his massive dick deep into the tightness of your pussy.

Once he is in, we get you to sit back up straight, with you shifting your hips slightly at the massive amount of cock deep in you. We set a good rhythm, making sure that there is always a cock deep in you at all times. You ride us to a shattering orgasm of your own before he and I both thrust deep into you together, releasing our own massive loads. We all get cleaned up in my private bathroom and leave my office at exactly 5 o’clock. Not a bad way to start the week you think as you walk gingerly to your car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20