A Day in the Life of a Slave Ch. 01

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I woke at 6 AM to the sound of my alarm, an hour before mistress. Though the cupboard under the stairs was hardly luxury, I couldn’t help but feel I was the luckiest slave in the world. I began my morning chores, scrubbing and cleaning the kitchen, before loading mistress’ laundry into the washing machine. I then began to hand wash her panties, a task I relish despite the discomfort it causes my caged cock. Then ascending the stairs to her bedroom, I place her morning coffee at the side of her bed, before kneeling and kissing her feet.

“Good morning slave, did you sleep well?” Mistress laughs, before giving me a swift kick.

“Massage my feet while I drink my coffee.”

As mistress extends her left foot I immediately get to work, kneading the balls of her foot, before gently squeezing each individual toe. After about 10 minutes she indicates for me to switch feet, and I repeat the process. Mistress lets out an audible sigh as I press my thumbs into the arch of her right foot, before continuing the pressure down to her heel.

I can see mistress laying back and closing her eyes. I know how much she enjoys having her feet pampered and canlı bahis şirketleri I am often commanded to spend hours at a time doing so.

Biting her bottom lip, she begins taunting me “I bet you’d love to massage my feet with your mouth slaveboy.”

“Yes please mistress” I replied “please let me worship your beautiful feet.”

“I love it when you beg, it makes me horny knowing that you’re locked up in chastity desperate to worship these pretty toes.”

Now I can feel my cock throbbing in its cage. I continue rubbing mistress’ feet as she sits up on the side of the bed. Her foot is right next to my face now, however I dare not lick without permission. Her other foot is gently resting on my thigh.

“Awwwww are you trying to get hard?” Mistress coos as her toes gently brush up and down my chastity device.

“Tell you what, if you’re a good boy I might let you massage my feet with your mouth when I get back from my morning run, I know you like it when they’re all hot and sweaty.”

My heart races as I imagine the smell and taste of Mistress’ feet. my mouth begins to water at the thought of licking between her toes. canlı kaçak iddaa

Mistress notices I am starting to daydream and kicks me in the face again, ordering me to resume her foot rub as she continues drinking her coffee and checking her phone.

After about half an hour mistress sighs “that’s enough for now.” As she pulls her foot away, my disappointment is obvious.

“Follow me to the bathroom” mistress orders offhandedly, as she arises from bed and I crawl behind her.

“Slave, that coffee you made me was a bit too strong, and now I need a shit before I head out.”

I interject “sorry mistress, I…”

“Shut up, don’t interrupt me” she responds “on your knees bitch, get me ready.”

Knowing what mistress wants, I drop to my knees and start licking. I begin with long licks up and down the crack of her arse, before gently circling her arsehole with my tongue. As I feel her sphincter relax I start to push in and out, much to mistress’ delight.

“Mmmmmm good slave, that’s it, stimulate my bowels with your tongue.”

After a few more minutes mistress sits on her porcelain throne, and I lay on the canlı kaçak bahis floor, my stomach warming her feet.

“Back on your knees” says mistress as she flushes the toilet, “now clean me up.”

Mistress does not like toilet paper, claiming it is too rough and course for the arsehole of a goddess, and that a slave’s tongue is more efficient and feels much nicer. I wince slightly as I begin licking, applying firm pressure before sucking and nibbling her hole.

“How do I taste slave?” Mistress groans as I continue cleaning.

“You taste divine.” I respond, before resuming my oral ministrations.

“I’m glad you think so” says mistress, before letting out a fart, “an extra little treat for you” she giggles.

“Now lay in the bathtub, face up, mouth open.”

I’m quick to obey as mistress positions herself above me, before letting out a slow stream of piss. Moving my head to catch as much in my mouth as possible, some goes in my eye.

Mistress laughs “you are pathetic slave, do you like my golden nectar?”

I nod as I continue gulping her sweet champagne, which is always slightly tangy first thing in the morning.

“Aren’t I kind, giving you something to wash down the taste of my shit, I’m getting changed now and going for my run, clean yourself up and make my breakfast.”

Mistress steps out, leaving me naked and lying in her piss. Another day in paradise.

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