A Deception Of Love

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Walking into the kitchen, she noticed the blinking red light on the answering machine. Instinctively, she pressed the button to play the messages. All were routine, a reminder from the dentist’s office, a telemarketer, and an offer for a credit card with a ridiculous line of credit and a zero percent interest rate. Then, on the last message, she heard his voice.

“Hi, Honey, sorry I missed you. Just wanted to let you know that I’d be home later tonight. We wrapped up the negotiations early so we’re coming home a day earlier than we thought. We got a good deal, so we’re going out to celebrate this afternoon. I’ve already rebooked and should be there by 9:00. Maybe we can grab a late dinner. Pick me up at the airport. Thanks, Honey. I love you.”

She could hardly control the excitement that the message brought her, and smiled as she pressed the button on the answering machine to delete it, accidentally deleting all other messages as well. The bright red zero on the digital readout further reminded her that she would not have to wait another day for him.

Almost a thousand miles away, Jerrod reclined in his seat in the first class section of the jumbo jet. His boss sat beside him and they clinked glasses in a toast to continued success for the firm. Jerrod had been the lead negotiator on this contract and his boss was generous with his praise. Jerrod hoped he would be just as generous with his bonus.

“Jerrod,” he beamed, “that was sheer genius on your part. I really thought they had dug in on their offer. But when you closed your briefcase and headed for the door… Well, you should have seen the looks on their faces when they thought the deal had collapsed. How could you be so sure that they’d up their price?”

“I couldn’t be sure. But if they weren’t prepared to meet our terms, I was prepared to walk out. I was counting on you to show support for my position. And you did. Thank you.”

“Support, my ass!” Jerrod’s boss burst into laughter, “I was following you out to the elevator to try to drag you back to the table. And then when they followed us both out. Well, what can I say, Jerrod? You’re a damned genius!”

Jerrod took the praise with a grain of salt, knowing that this had been his day. Tomorrow could be different. As they say, “sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you.”

Jerrod never slept well on these business trips and took the opportunity to nap for the remainder of the flight. As the plane made its descent and final approach, Jerrod declined an offer from his boss to bring his wife along to join Jerrod and Sandi for cocktails and dinner. Jerrod had been away from Sandi for four days and only wanted a quiet dinner with her, and maybe an evening of lovemaking. To that end, he had reminded his boss that he might be in a little late the next morning. His boss had laughed and suggested that he take the entire day off to celebrate.

At the luggage carousel, Jerrod’s boss quickly found his luggage, said goodbye and headed for the taxi line. Jerrod waited impatiently for his luggage, but also noticed that Sandi was nowhere in sight. He hoped she had gotten his message. It was only 8:50, so she was probably en route now. Finally seeing his two bags, Jerrod retrieved them. Turning to look for a quiet place to call Sandi on his cell phone, he found himself staring into the face of Kim, his wife’s younger sister.

“Surprise!” she smiled.

“Well, yes it is. Where is Sandi? Is anything wrong?”

“No, no, nothing’s wrong. I think she mentioned something about a bridge club meeting scheduled for tonight. I was going to be out and about, so I told her I’d pick you up and bring you home. She should be there by the time we are. The car’s right outside. Follow me.”

Loading his luggage into the trunk of his sister-in-law’s red Miata proved to be an ordeal, and for Kim, a challenge to modesty. The short sundress she was wearing showed plenty of skin at both ends as she leaned in to rearrange a few personal items to make room for Jerrod’s luggage. Jerrod caught himself staring at her cute, firm behind and her silky tanned legs. And, as she leaned into the trunk giving a final push to the luggage, the short dress provided a glimpse of her white cotton panties, giving him a tiny bit of a rise. Jerrod wondered why anyone would wear a sundress at this hour.

“Sorry, Dear, but you’ll have to hold your briefcase. No more room back here.”

After finally squeezing the luggage into the tiny car, Jerrod climbed in and waited for Kim to come around to the driver’s side. She bent forward to climb into the car and he was forced to look down the top of the revealing dress at her small, but shapely breasts. Kim was obviously not wearing a bra. Jerrod, embarrassed by his actions looked up quickly, only to see his sister-in-law smiling at him. Knowing nothing witty to say under the circumstances, Jerrod decided he was best served by keeping quiet, which he did.

Jerrod watched his sister-in-law in the darkness, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri able to see her lovely face only by the passing streetlights. While Kim was seven years younger than his wife, the two sisters looked much alike. But while Sandi and Kim shared a strong resemblance, they were two different women entirely. Sandi enjoyed the spotlight and was at the center of their social circle, while Kim would have been just as happy sitting alone in the park with her dog and a good book. Jerrod felt himself fortunate that Sandi was a great wife and a wonderful lover. Their sex life left little to be desired. He could count on one hand the number of times she had been less than excited about sex when he reached for her. Still, over the years, he had to admit that Kim had caught his eye. He had wondered if Kim was anything like her older sister in bed. And, while he had actually fantasized on occasion about her, he would never admit it. That was what it was, simple fantasy. Jerrod knew he would never risk losing Sandi. He was not interested in any woman other than Sandi, and doubted that he ever would be. She supported his work and the long hours away from home that it required. She assured him that the time they had together made up for the time apart, and that she couldn’t be happier. Yes, Jerrod was living the good life.

Jerrod was jarred from his thoughts, as Kim turned the car into his driveway. At last, he was home and he could not wait to see Sandi. He hurriedly grabbed his briefcase from the car, and headed toward the garage door, which led to the kitchen entrance. He noticed the blue SUV parked just outside his garage.

“Whose car?” he asked.

“I don’t know, Jerrod. Must be a friend’s.”

Raising the garage door, he noticed his car and Sandi’s SUV in their usual places. Looking back to be sure that Kim was following, he hurried to the door and turned the handle. He was a little surprised to find it locked, since she should be expecting him and apparently had guests in the house. He reached for the doorbell, only to have Kim step in front of him.

“Allow me. I have a key”

“Why do you have a key to our house?”

“Sis gave it to me last year when you two went on vacation. She told me to keep it. I come by sometimes and deliver things or help her out. Why?”

“No reason,” replied Jerrod. “Just curious.”

Kim unlocked the door and led the way into the house, which seemed strangely quiet, considering a bridge party was supposed to be underway or, he hoped, winding down. He set his briefcase down by the door.

Hoping not to disturb the card game, he walked from the kitchen into the dark hallway toward the den, noticing that, except for a lamp in the hallway and one in the den, the lights were off. Kim followed close behind. He turned to her with a look of puzzlement, and she just shrugged.

Then he heard it.

He heard noises that were strange and yet were somehow familiar. He stepped past the den entrance, to the end of the hallway to his bedroom door, which was barely ajar. He pushed the door open further and only the light of a bedside lamp allowed him to see the source of the noises. An emptiness instantly penetrated his mind, and made its way into the pit of his stomach, permeating every fiber of his being. He could only stare, too stunned to speak.

In front of him, his loving wife Sandi was straddling another man, moaning and riding him with movements borne of passion, and until now, he thought were reserved only for him. Her beggings and pleadings were noises that he understood, but could not fully comprehend. Unaware of his presence, she pleaded with her lover to do things to her that Jerrod thought that only he was capable of doing. He was frozen in the moment, unaware of the touch of Kim’s hand on his shoulder and her whisper, “Let’s go. You don’t want to see this.” Jerrod resisted.

Repulsed, yet strangely mesmerized, by the scene playing out before him, he watched as his wife’s lover rolled her off him and onto the bed and moved to enter her from above. Her pleadings for satisfaction intensified, echoing through the room and through Jerrod’s head, like the pain of an electric current. Instinctively, he reached and flipped on the light switch.

The moans of desire yielded to screams of panic and fear as his naked wife, lying on her back, strained to look at the intruder. The awareness that it was Jerrod did nothing to calm the fear shown on her face. She stared at him, wild-eyed and afraid. If there were words, he never heard them. Neither did he speak. And yet, despite his pain, he felt a strange urge to comfort her, to tell her to not be afraid.

And, as her lover turned to face him, Jerrod looked into his eyes and saw the same fear. He again felt the current surge through his body as he stared at the frightened man. It was Stephen, the husband of Gina, his wife’s best friend. No one moved. Stephen had raised himself up on his forearms, but was still lying between güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Sandi’s legs. Unable to control his staring, Jerrod’s eyes trailed from Stephen’s face downward, seeing his manhood still inside his loving wife, Sandi.

Jerrod was sickened. He tried to scream, but only a guttural groan emitted from his throat. Then, silence. He felt as if he would vomit. Turning, without thinking, to make his way to the hallway bathroom, he was unaware that Kim was guiding him back down the hallway toward the back door. Shocked into a stupor, he felt powerless to help as Kim grabbed his briefcase and pushed him back out the door, into the garage and toward her car. He was acting purely out of instinct and would later not remember even getting into Kim’s car. And it was days later when he would remember his wife’s pleading, “Jerrod, please come back. Jerrod, I’m sorry!”

They drove in silence. As the shock subsided and reality began to seep back into his consciousness, Jerrod could only shake his head. “Why?” he kept asking, mainly to himself, barely aware that Kim was driving, and giving no thought to where she was taking him.

“I’m sorry, Jerrod. I’ve known about it for a while. I should have told you. But I just couldn’t.”

“But, Steve? I mean, how, uh, when? Shit, I don’t know what I mean.”

“Jerrod, it’s not just Steve. There have been others.”

“Don’t say that, Kim!”

“I’m sorry, Jerrod, but it’s true. It’s been going on for a while, even when you were engaged.”

“I don’t believe, you. Stop it, Kim,” Jerrod snapped.

“OK, Jerrod, let’s not talk about it right now. We’ll be home in a minute and you can have a drink.”

“Where are we going?” asked Jerrod.

“To my place. You can get some rest. Tomorrow you can decide what you want to do.”

No other words were spoken as Kim drove Jerrod to her apartment. In silence they unloaded Jerrod’s luggage and made their way inside.

Closing the door behind her, Kim set the luggage down and hugged Jerrod. “You can get situated in the extra bedroom. I’ll fix you a drink. Scotch?”

“Yea,” nodded Jerrod, “a double.”

Jerrod took his things to the bedroom and numbly placed them in a semblance of order while Kim fixed their drinks. Returning to the den, he collapsed on the sofa. Kim brought his drink and sat beside him. Despite her attempts to quiet him until morning, Jerrod quizzed her about his wife’s behavior. Who had she slept with? Did Sandi even love him? Kim resisted his questions initially, but finally shared with him a picture of his wife that left Jerrod in a stupor: a picture of lovers, barhopping and one-night stands. She told him of at least one instance of multiple partners and other women. Had it not been such a story of deceit involving his wife, Jerrod might have found it to be strangely erotic.

“And to answer your question, Jerrod, I think she does love you. And if things had been different, if you had been here more, who knows? But keep in mind that even before she met you, she behaved this way. This is how she has always been, Jerrod. And unfortunately, you couldn’t change her.”

Jerrod stared ahead, silently recalling the excitement of his early sexual encounters with Sandi. He knew she had a past, but so did he. He knew she enjoyed sex as no woman he had ever known. That was part of the initial attraction. Then he fell in love with her, and remained totally faithful, assuming she had done the same.

Kim continued to refill Jerrod’s glass for the next two hours. Finally, she kissed the top of his head, and, taking his hand, led him to his bedroom.

“Go to bed, Jerrod. Tomorrow is a work day. We can talk more when your head is clearer.”

Jerrod nodded and leaned back on the bed, kicking his shoes off and staring at the ceiling, fully dressed. Kim switched off the light as she left.

He heard the phone ring, once, twice. He heard Kim answer it and he knew immediately who was calling. Her voice drifted through the open doorway.

“Yes, Sandi. I brought him here. He’s already gone to bed. No, I don’t think I should wake him. He’s not ready to talk. Why did I bring him there? What kind of question is that? Look, Sandi, don’t blame me for this. You’ve been fucking every man who would have you and you got caught, so just drop it. What… Oh go to hell, Sandi!” Jerrod heard Kim slam the receiver down.

Kim was right. He had no desire to talk to Sandi, at least not now. The liquor had provided the desired effect, so Jerrod brushed his teeth, undressed and climbed into bed. He could only hope that exhaustion would force him to sleep.

Jerrod was not sure if he had dozed, but the next thing he noticed was Kim standing at the doorway. Even in his anguish he could not help noticing her attractive silhouette against the light in the hallway. Her gown, though floor-length, was sheer and the light allowed Jerrod to see the outline of her slender legs and thighs. He had always found güvenilir bahis şirketleri her to be beautiful, even sexy, but he was amazed that with all that was on his mind, he was able to think in those terms.

“Can I come in?” she asked.

Jerrod sat up in the bed, the covers falling to his waist, “Sure, Kim, come on in.”

Kim moved gracefully to the bedside and sat down. Taking his hand in hers, she smiled at Jerrod.

“Jerrod, I know this hurts more than I can imagine. But don’t blame yourself. You’re a wonderful man who gave all his love to one woman and it wasn’t enough. That is her fault. It does nothing to detract from how great you are. I just wish I had met you before Sis.”

Kim leaned forward and kissed Jerrod softly on the lips. Instinctively, he returned her kiss.

Before his emotions could take over, Kim placed her fingers on his mouth.

“Good night, Jerrod. If you need anything, just call. I’ll be in the next room.”

Jerrod watched her leave, both disappointed and relieved. Kim was beautiful. And her beauty was matched by her compassion and concern for him. He could not help but muse as to whether he had indeed married the wrong sister. Of course he was in no state of mind to contemplate such matters. More pressing on his mind at the moment was Sandi. How could she do this to him? He loved her and thought she loved him. It was almost like a dream.

Jerrod slept. Then he heard her voice.

“Jerrod, are you awake, Darling?”

Jerrod looked up sleepily to see Kim again standing at the door and he blinked his eyes in disbelief. She was wearing nothing except panties. His gaze moved upward from her slender legs, past her tiny waist, to her small, round breasts. His eyes were riveted to her and he was drawn to the movements of her hand as she touched herself gently through the fabric of her panties.

“Jerrod, you know I have always wanted you. I was always the woman for you. My sister has always been a slut and you should have known. Do you want me, Jerrod? Will you fuck me, Darling?” Kim moved toward him and Jerrod attempted to raise himself upward from the bed. He shook his head groggily and looked up again to find Kim, clad in her robe leaning over him.

“Jerrod, wake up. It’s 7:00 and I was going to give you a ride to work or to pick up your car. You need to shower. Towels are in the bathroom closet. While you get dressed, I’ll prepare breakfast for us. Would you like eggs?”

“Uh, no. Just toast thanks,” replied Jerrod, relieved, but strangely frustrated that Kim’s seduction had been a dream. As the reality of why he was here soaked in, Jerrod felt the nausea return. Why couldn’t the scene with Sandi have been a dream? Why did he have to wake up to the reality that the woman he loved was unfaithful. Could he ever take her back? He didn’t think so.

Jerrod showered and shaved, staring at the face in the mirror. Was that haggard, unshaven face in the mirror really him? The events of the last few hours had left his eyes red with large bags underneath. He looked just like he felt. Then he remembered telling his boss that he’d be taking the day off. Relieved that he didn’t have to go in to the office, he slipped into a pair of Dockers and polo shirt that were still in his suitcase, and made his way to the kitchen to join Kim for breakfast.

“Hmm, you look a little casual for work. Taking the day off?” asked Kim.

“Yea, I think so. I need to get my car, and a few things, and look for a place to stay. I don’t think I can go home.”

Kim smiled. “That’s probably a good idea, Jerrod. Maybe after you two talk and work this out you’ll be ready to go back.”

Jerrod stared past her at the wall. “No, Kim. To be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever go back.”

After breakfast, Jerrod helped Kim clear the table and returned to the bedroom and made his bed. As he was packing his things, Kim came in.

“Jerrod, you’re welcome to stay here. There’s plenty of room.”

“I know that Kim, and thank you. But I think it will be best for all parties if I stay elsewhere. No point in dragging you into all this.”

“I’m already in this Jerrod. But I do understand. And if you should need to crash here, or just want company, you know I’ll be here for you.”

“I know that too, Kim. Thank you. You’ve always been a friend.”

“Jerrod stood motionless, just smiling at Kim. She walked over and wrapped her arms around him. He responded by pulling her close to him, and then it happened. Despite his best efforts to control himself, he began to cry. The realization that he had lost the most precious thing in his life finally sank in. He shook as he sobbed. And the more he cried, the tighter Kim held him.

“Let it go, Jerrod. It’s all right. I’m here for you. I’m going to hold you until you’re better.”

Finally, Jerrod regained his composure and the two of them discussed their plans for the day. Jerrod was pleased to learn that Kim had already called in to say she was taking the day off. She phoned her sister, who agreed to be away from the house while Jerrod came over to pick up a few things. And no, Jerrod would not speak to her now. Maybe in a day or so, but not today. Would he take her back? Kim, being completely honest with her sister said, “No, Sandi. Actually I don’t think he will.”

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