A Different Sort of Cuck Ch. 04

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The next day at lunch with Mary, Susan pulled her camera from her purse.

“Check these out girl friend, you made a mistake passing up on this cock!” she said to Mary as she showed her the digital pictures of my dick.

Mary gasped as she scrolled through the pictures, squealing with delight at the ones of “Susan’s property”.

“Oh my God, it’s huge! Have you tried it on for size yet?” Mary asked.

“That happens tonight, hubby’s out of town on business, so my new boy toy is coming over for a test drive!” Susan said.

They both laughed.

“Guess what else?” Susan continued. “I order a CB 3000 for him last night, paid extra for overnight delivery; should be here this afternoon.”

“What’s a CB 3000?” Mary asked.

“A chastity device, silly, I’m putting that cock under lock and key, and guess who will have the only key!” Susan said smiling smugly.

“Oh my God! You’re locking up the cock of someone else’s husband! That takes guts girl!”

“You heard Julie, she told me to go for it, and I plan to!” replied Susan.

They spent the rest of the lunch discussing Susan’s plans for her new acquisition. Mary insisted that Susan keep a “photographic diary” as things developed and Susan promised she would.

After lunch, Susan sent a text to Julie just to let her know that she would be using her husband tonight: “Hey, Tim has an appointment at my house tonight at 5, just wanted u to know.”

Julie texted right back: “U go girl, hope it fits!”

Susan smiled as she read Julie’s response, thinking to herself, “Oh it will fit or I’ll die trying!”

Susan then called me at work, “Would you like to wear some stockings and a garter belt for me tonight Timmy?” she said seductively into the phone.

“Really, can I?” I answered excitedly, looking around to make sure no one in the near by cubicles could hear me. I noticed one of my colleagues two cubicles away; she seemed busy staring at her computer screen however.

“Sure you can Timmy, just tell Miss Susan what you would do if I pissed in a glass and handed it to you.”

“Excuse me?” I said a little too loudly.

The girl two cubes down looked briefly my way.

“You heard me Timmy, remember, I know ALL your secrets. Now tell me, and say it loud enough so I can hear you. What would you do with my piss Timmy?” she asked again.

“I would drink it,” I said softly.

“I don’t think I heard you Timmy, say it louder and don’t make me ask again.”

“I would drink it,” I said again, only louder this time.

The girl two cubes down was now definitely eavesdropping on my conversation.

“You’d drink what Timmy? Tell Miss Susan what you’d drink.”

I looked over at the girl in the other cube and our eyes met, “I would drink your piss if you handed it to me in a glass,” I said in a loud but defeated voice.

The girl’s eyes got wide and she covered her mouth with her hand to stifle her laugh.

“Very good Timmy, you may wear stockings and a garter belt under your clothes tonight when you come to see me. Make sure you’re thirsty when you get here. Ta Ta!” And with that she hung up.

I had a raging hard on, this woman was driving me insane. She knew which of my buttons to press that was for sure.

I went home after work and showered and slipped into my stockings and garter belt. The mere act of hooking my stockings to the garter belt never fails to give me an erection! I pulled on my jeans over the stockings, stepped into my topsiders, grabbed a shirt and was on my way to Susan’s house. As I grabbed my cell phone on the way out the door I noticed Susan had sent me a text:

“When u get here, cum in front door and remove ur clothes except 4 lingerie. Meet me in den.” Miss S.

I arrived promptly at five and let myself in. I had been to Susan’s house a few times before, so I knew the basic layout. I stripped off my clothes in the foyer and stood there, feeling pretty strange I must admit, in nothing but black stockings and a black lace garter belt. My cock began to grow. I headed for the den.

Susan was sitting in an overstuffed chair to one side of the room. She wore a shiny red satin corset with black lace trim. The corset held up black seamed stockings. She did not have on panties or a G string. Her shoes were three inch, black, pointed-toe mules — again with a stiletto heel. I love backless shoes! Her legs were crossed and one shoe was on the floor, another beautiful sight of her nylon clad foot dangling in mid air! My cock grew some more at the sight. On the table next casino şirketleri to her was a glass of golden liquid, I could only surmise that it was her piss. I noticed a blue pill resting on the toes of her shoeless foot.

“You have nice legs Timmy; we should put you in nylons more often. I see you’re getting hard already, that’s good. We need to make sure you stay hard all night tonight, so I want you to take your medicine,” she continued, looking down at the blue pill in her toes.

I dropped to my knees in front of her and lovingly held her pretty foot with both hands. The smooth, shiny nylon sent shivers down my spine! I then sucked the blue Viagra pill off the end of her foot, licking the nylon as I did.

“That’s a good boy, here, wash it down with this,” she said very matter-of-factly as she handed me her glass of piss.

It was still warm; she must have just filled it before I came. I took the glass, actually feeling very fortunate to be allowed to drink this beautiful woman’s piss. I drank the whole glass as I swallowed the Viagra pill.

“My shoe,” she said softly.

I picked up her discarded shoe and placed it back on her pretty foot.

“Tonight is all about pleasing me, do you understand?” she said. “If you happen to cum, so be it, but you better stay hard for me all night,” she continued with a fair amount of sternness in her voice. “My worthless husband hasn’t fucked me in over two years; I need some cock in the worst way!”

I nodded my understanding and consent — I wanted to please this beautiful creature!

She then put each of her legs over the arms of the chair, spreading herself wide open. Her shaven cunt looked delicious!

“Eat me,” was all she said.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I put my head between her legs and went to work. She gripped the back of my head and held me tightly to her cunt. It was so smooth, I was certain she had just shaved. She also had sprayed some of her wonderful perfume that I am crazy about all over her inner thighs, I was in heaven! I must have licked and sucked on her for at least 30 minutes, probably longer. I know for sure she had one orgasm, maybe two. While I had my head buried between her legs, I heard the click of her camera as she held it off to one side. I looked up at her with a quizzical look on my face.

“For Mary, she wants lots of pictures, get used to it,” was all she said.

After she took a couple of pictures of my face buried between her legs, she pushed me away.

“I’m ready, let’s go,” she said, standing up.

She walked down the hallway and I followed her to the master bedroom. Her black seamed stockings were gorgeous. I stared at her backless high heels and enjoyed the subtle sound of her foot slapping against her shoe as she walked.

We walked into the massive bedroom and she pointed to the four poster bed.

“Lie down on your back, spread eagle,” she directed.

I did as she told me.

Susan then went to a dresser drawer and pulled out some old stockings and pantyhose which she used to tie my wrists and ankles to the four bed posts. Standing back to admire her handy work, she grabbed the camera and snapped a few more pictures.

“I want to make sure I get your face in these pictures, great blackmail material if I ever need it since you’re wearing stockings and garter belt!” she chuckled.

I was still hard as a rock; my cock was standing straight up at attention. Susan climbed on the bed and straddled my body with her lovely legs, she kept her shoes on which I liked. Her corset was open-bottom, so her naked cunt had easy access to my pole. As usual, her camera was nearby, lying next to us on the bed. Susan then got serious for a moment, not even calling me Timmy this time.

“Tim, you’re a nice person, but from this point forward you are just a hunk of meat to me. All I want is to ride your beautiful cock to orgasm after orgasm. So just lay there and don’t say a fucking word.”

I nodded.

Susan was true to her word, she was like a woman possessed or in a trance. From that point forward, it was as if I was not even in the room. She licked her lips and then slowly started to ease herself down on my cock. I was surprised how vocal she was, grunting and groaning like some whore in heat.

“Ohh, ooo, ahhh….,” she muttered as the first few inches of my dick invaded her pussy.

She continued to lower herself slowly, saying things like “Ohh, it’s so big” and “My God, this feels great! It’s been so long!”

After a few minutes of easing herself casino firmalari onto my pole, she finally bottomed out. I was in her all the way. She sat there, very still, eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of the fullness inside her. She then opened her eyes and looked at me and smiled, but didn’t talk to me. She then started a slight rocking motion, back and forth, back and forth. She gradually increased her tempo; I think she was rubbing her clit on my pelvic bone. After rocking like this for a while, she raised her self up on her knees until just the head of my cock was still inserted in her cunt. She then began an up and down motion, again, gradually picking up speed. Her eyes were still closed and she continued licking her lips. She pulled the top of her corset down, exposing her tits – which she began to rub, each hand on a breast.

I was enjoying the show and trying hard not to cum. I thought I had great stamina, but Susan was starting to wear me out; she had been riding me hard now for over 20 minutes. She was in great shape apparently, moving up and down like that used some serious leg muscles! I know she had at least one orgasm during this time, but it barely slowed her down as she continued her erotic ride. Finally, I couldn’t last any longer and shot my load up into her gyrating cunt. Feeling my cum blast inside her, she grunted audibly. She then paused briefly, smiled, never opened her eyes, and then resumed her torrid ride with a renewed frenzy.

After another five or ten minutes, and I’m sure at least one more orgasm, she slowly opened her eyes. Her forehead was glistening with light coating of perspiration. She climbed off me, not bothering to catch my cum that was now leaking from her distended cunt lips. Some of the cum dropped on me, some on the bed and it was still leaking out of her as she stood next to the bed looking at me with a glazed stare.

“I need a gin and tonic,” she said, and walked out of the room, cum running down her stockings.

About ten minutes later she walked back in, cocktail in hand. I noticed I was still hard as a rock, the Viagra was kicking in. She was sipping her drink and then went to her dresser and brushed her hair. Standing next to the bed, she was staring at my cock. She then set her drink on the nightstand and leaned over the bed, taking my cock into her pretty mouth. She diligently cleaned the still moist and sticky cum off of my cock, murmuring to herself as she licked. She then stood up, drained the rest of her gin and tonic in one big gulp and climbed back on the bed.

“Round two,” she said flatly. “Get me ready again,” she mumbled as she straddled my face and put her still messy cunt in my face.

I had sort of hoped she had cleaned herself up while she was out of the room, but that was not the case. As she ground her cunt into my mouth, I could clearly taste my own cum still inside her, not that I really minded.

She only lasted on my face about five minutes, apparently anxious to feel my cock again. She moved off my face and swung around, mounting me reverse style this time. Like before, she slowly lowered herself onto my staff.

“Ooooo this feels so damn good! It feels even deeper in this position!”

She had never pulled her corset back up, so I leaned my head slightly to one side to watch her tits bounce up and down as she started her gyrations again. She came quicker this time, probably about ten minutes max. Although still very hard, I had no cum to offer her at the moment, I was drained for the time being. Like before, she rode me to two loud, vocal orgasms, then dismounted.

She offered another editorial comment “That was sweet,” she said softly. “Time for another drink.”

This pattern continued time and again, she never seemed to tire, two orgasms and then break for a drink. She was getting slightly tipsy after a few hours of this, I guess she noticed, because she switched to ice water after a while. She had not taken any pictures for some time now, I guessed she was so focused on getting fucked repeatedly that she simply forgot.

It was now after midnight and she was riding me yet again, I was starting to lose count and my dick was starting to get a little sore. I had cum in her twice now, neither time had she bothered to clean it out. As she was riding me this time, her cell phone that was on the nightstand rang. She looked at it and hesitated, not wanting to answer and break her rhythm. It keep ringing, so she reluctantly leaned over and grabbed it, still sitting on my cock.

“Hey girl, it’s Julie, what’s up?” güvenilir casino I could overhear my wife’s voice coming through the phone.

“Your husband, thank God – and he has been all night!” Susan replied.

“You having fun with him?”

“Honey, I’ve earned frequent flier milers I’ve ridden him so much tonight!” Susan chuckled.

“Great, well have fun, I was just checking to make sure everything was going okay. Send him home when you’re done using him.”

“Will do, might be a few more hours though,” Susan said smiling, looking down at me.

I know this may sound strange, but I think I fell asleep shortly after that phone call. It had been a long week at work and to be honest, Susan had plain worn me out! I have no idea how many more times she rode my dick to orgasm, several I am sure, she was insatiable!

I woke the next morning as the first rays of sunshine peeked through the window; Susan had never closed the drapes last night. I glanced at the clock, a little after 5:00 A.M. Susan was still on top of me, but I had gone soft and really could not tell if I was still inside her or not. She was leaning forward, asleep on my chest. I had a sudden urge to hug her, she had made one my fantasies come true last night and I was so grateful! Unfortunately, I was still tied to the bed posts with the stockings and pantyhose. I did however, lean up and kiss her on the forehead, which caused her to stir a bit and wake up. She picked her head up off my chest and looked at me.

“Good morning” she said with a smile. “You okay?”

“I’m fine, but my arms are a little tired.”

She sat up and climbed off the bed. I noticed her makeup was a little smeared and her shoes were discarded somewhere. I found it humorous that as soon as she realized her tits were in plain view, she pulled her corset back up to cover them – the modesty that comes with daylight I guess. She moved around the bed and untied my wrists and ankles.

“That was so awesome last night, thank you,” she said to me.

“No, thank you. You fulfilled a long time fantasy of mine,” I replied.

“Well, hopefully this is the start of a long-term, very special relationship,” she said with a hopeful look on her pretty face.

“I’m at your disposable,” I said with a grin.

We took a shower together and then she fixed us a quick breakfast. Playing to my feminine side I guess, she gave me one of her silk robes to put on while we ate breakfast; it smelled just like her and I loved it! When we were done eating, Susan got up from the table.

“I want to do one more thing before you leave,” she said, heading back to her bedroom, “Wait here, I’ll be right back.”

She came back with a small box.

“Stand up and put your hands behind your back,” she said to me, getting serious again.

After I stood, she untied the silk robe I was wearing and removed the belt from the robe. She then opened the robe and pulled it down off my shoulders. She then used the belt to tie my hands behind my back. My cock began to stir and she immediately noticed. Playfully she slapped it and said “Down boy, not this time!”

She reached into the box and pulled out the CB 3000 chastity device she had told Mary about. My eyes went wide, I was all for submitting to this woman of my dreams, but had not expected this! Susan quickly went about fitting the device around my scrotum.

“We both agree this is mine now, don’t we?”she purred seductively as she held my cock with her hand.

I nodded my agreement.

“Well, since it’s mine, that means it doesn’t even belong to you anymore. I’m just letting you carry it around for me, right?”

Again, I nodded my agreement.

She continued, “And since it’s mine, I can use it whenever and where ever I want, right?”

Another nod from me as she continued to fit the device into place.

“Well, I like to lock up my valuables so no one takes them or uses them without my permission.” she said with a wicked grin, simultaneously clicking the lock on the CB 3000 and thus taking complete control of my manhood.

As soon as the lock snapped into place, she headed for the bedroom, saying as she left “Stay right there, don’t move.”

She came back with the camera and a hot pink lipstick pencil. She wrote on my chest: ‘This cock belongs to Susan’ and then drew and arrow down my stomach and abdomen, pointing to my now locked up cock. She stepped back and took several photos of her handy work.

“Mary will love these!”

She then untied my hands and coolly dismissed for the time being.

“You can go home now, but stay close to your phone,” she said as she walked back into her bed room.

I gathered my clothes, quickly got dressed and headed home. What a night!

END PART 4- comments welcome via the CONTACT tab on my profile.

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