A Dream Come True Ch. 04

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I came home from work today and sitting on our couch with my wife is a beautiful little Asian cutie, barely 5 feet tall and 100 pounds soaking wet. My wife stands up hugging me and giving me a very passionate kiss and then says.

“Babe this is my little sister Alice. For her eighteenth birthday I sent her a plane ticket to come visit us for a while. She turns eighteen on Saturday and we are going to take her out and celebrate her birthday in style. I want to take her out for dinner and dancing and make it a night to remember.”

We took her out on the town and made sure she had a great time for her birthday and quickly adjusted to having her around. I was going crazy with two beautiful petite women running around the house in their skimpy little outfits. Alice has quickly gotten comfortable with our relaxed dress code at home and after just a couple of days I noticed when she came in to watch a movie with us she was wearing a tiny little pair of panties tight enough to see the sweet little cleft between her tight young pussy lips and a short tight thin shirt that really showed off her great cleavage and perky little nipples.

I was lying in the middle of the bed with Ester beside me when Alice hopped up on the bed and sat on the other side of me and asked if she could watch a movie with us. Ester said sure and we all got comfortable while I started the movie. The TV is off to the side of the bed so we all ended up lying on our sides to watch the movie and Ester moved up close behind me to cuddle up and spoon with me while we watched the movie. I could feel the heat from her hot little body as she pressed up against me and laid her head above my shoulder to see the movie. This placed her lips right beside my ear and I could feel her warm breath as she whispered in my ear.

“Babe, I love you.”

I turned and kissed her moist lips and then went back to watching the movie as I felt her reach her arm around me to snuggle up close. As we are relaxing watching the movie her hand starts wandering lightly caressing my chest and gently rubbing and pinching my nipples which starts to make my cock thicken and then she slides her hand lower to check my reaction and wraps her silky soft hand around my shaft, giving me a firm squeeze making my cock throb and thicken in her hand, I can feel the smile form on her lips as she whispers in my ear.

“Is this big beautiful erection for me or are you thinking about Alice?”

Ester pulls down the front of my silk boxers releasing my hard cock so she can wrap her soft little hand around the shaft to stroke it without the material in the way. I am wondering how long our little game can continue with Alice less than a foot away while her big sister is stroking my solid erection right behind her and about that time a scary part of the movie pops up and a frightened Alice jumps and moves back closer to me in an attempt to feel safe. I lay my hand on her shoulder to comfort her and she grabs my hand and pulls it around her while snuggling her hot little body right up against mine and placing my hand right between her perfect tits.

Because Alice is only 5 feet tall her sweet little ass is just above my belly button and just out of reach of my fully erect and throbbing cock that her sister is stroking just inches away from her tight little fertile 18 year old pussy. I feel Ester grab my boxers and I lift slightly so she can slide them down and off to get them out of the way so she can have full access to my raging hard on and balls with a huge five day load. I feel her wrap her hand around my cock again and give it a couple of long firm strokes bringing it to full hardness and forcing precum to ooze from the opening and coat the head with slippery juice. While Ester rubs the slimy precum around the very sensitive head she whispers in my ear.

“Pinch her nipples Michael it drives her crazy and makes her pussy drip, she loves it.”

I slowly move my hand until I can feel Alice’s nipple and gently squeeze and roll her hard little bud between my fingers making her moan and wiggle her illegal bahis firm ass back at me which makes my cock throb and jerk in her sisters hand. I feel Ester let go of my cock and reach up to rub Alice’s pussy thru her tight little panties making Alice squirm and rub her sweet little ass back against me harder.

Just then I feel Alice lift her hips and realize that Ester is removing her sister’s panties sending my imagination into high gear. Ester has removed my boxers and Alice’s panties leaving us both naked from the waist down with my erection just inches away from Alice’s sweet virgin pussy and as I’m wrapping my head around this exciting situation Alice curls up again and adjusts herself so she is once again spooning tightly in front of me.

I go back to rubbing her tits and playing with her nipples and she moans as I feel Ester reach around me and slip her fingers between her sisters moist pussy lips causing her to melt into my arms, she turns her head and kisses me while her sister rubs her clit and slips a finger into her slick pinkness. Just as Alice stops kissing me Ester whispers in my ear.

“Babe, taste how wet and fertile my sister is”

Ester slips her moist finger into my mouth letting me taste Alice’s sweet nectar as I feel my erection throb. I could feel Ester reach around me with her soft little hand grasping my cock firmly she slowly strokes the shaft and I’m so excited that my cock jerks in her hand and oozes out a big gob of slimy precum that runs down the side of my hard cock coating her fingers, the more she strokes the more precum oozes out until her hand and my cock are covered in a slippery mess.

I slide my hand up from Alice’s hard little nipples and as I reach her shoulder she understands my intention and slides down the bed until she feels my rock hard cock make contact with her hot wet pussy lips, she pauses when we both feel Ester rubbing my slippery cock head back and forth between Alice’s puffy moist lips. When she has everything from Alice’s clit to her puckered little rosebud covered in my slippery precum, she says something to her sister in Tagalog and then lines up my leaking cock head with her sisters tight little opening.

Alice turns her head and looks at me with lust in her eyes and kisses me with amazing passion, while we are kissing I feel Ester’s lips next to my ear and I hear her say.

“Michael, I know you want to sink your big hard cock deep in my little sister and fuck her tiny wet pussy and she really wants you too, but if you bury your cock in my little sisters pure fertile virgin paradise I will make sure you nut hard and deep inside her until she is pregnant with your baby so she can stay with us, the decision is up to you stud. You can just roll over on your back and pull the slippery head of your cock out of my tight little fertile 18 year old sister and watch the movie or you can bury your big hard cock in her and fuck her good and deep until you blow a huge thick load of sperm deep in her tight little ovulating pussy and knock her up good.”

I had dreamed about how it would feel to have Alice’s hot snug little pussy sliding down around my throbbing cock but I really wanted to wait a while before having more kids. While I was trying to decide what to do the decision was being made for me. While lying on my side spooning with my wife’s beautiful sister, she is kissing me passionately and has the precum covered head of my very excited cock lined up with her tight wet little fertile pussy. Ester is whispering in my ear telling me she wants me to bury my cock in Alice and fill her with my potent sperm and knock her up.

My wife has her soft little hand wrapped around my throbbing shaft, softly stroking, I am so excited now that when she runs her finger nails across the bottom of my cock while whispering in my ear to fuck her sisters little pussy, my cock jerks in her hand and spews a small blast of thick rich sperm covering my overexcited cock head and the opening to Alice’s pussy, I hear Alice moan and slide down a little pushing her tight wet pussy illegal bahis siteleri down until the slimy head of my cock penetrated her tight opening.

Alice’s kiss builds with passion and I feel her tensing up as I pinch her nipple and I hear Ester say next to my ear loud enough for Alice to hear too.

“Alice is going to cum any second, she has your cum covered cock head lodged in the opening to her very fertile pussy and you’ve already squirted a nice little blast of thick rich sperm all over her pussy lips, she ovulated this morning and with just the little bit of your potent sperm that you put in her pussy when she slipped it over your cock head.

The chances are already 30% that she will get pregnant, the next time I make your cock jerk and squirt it will push her over the edge and she will start jerking, convulsing and cumming all over your dick and bury your cock balls deep in her fertile spamming little pussy before she is done Cumming increasing the chances of you knocking her up to about 80% and if you can’t hold back and blow the full load in deep against her cervix there is no doubt she will have your baby, if you do exactly what I tell you to do you can fuck my little sisters pussy and mine any time you want, make your decision fast, either pull out now or get ready to be a Daddy.”

In less than a second I feel Ester licking my ear and then reach around with her right hand to squeeze my nipple while reaching between my legs with her left hand, she grabs the slippery base of my cock and gripping it hard she slides her hand up all the way to where my cock head was lodged in her sisters wet quivering pussy and then right across Alice’s throbbing clit starting a chain reaction.

First my cock expands jerks and fires a good sized blast of thick sperm, Alice feels my cock swell and fire off a warning shot and a split second later her sister rubs her clit and sends her into her first cock induced orgasm, her pussy suddenly gets wetter and starts throbbing and squeezing my over excited cock and when she jerks she pushes two more inches of hard cock inside her very tight pussy and her sister gently squeeze my balls making me jerk hard a second time and launch a second bigger blast of hot sperm in the middle of her tight pink tunnel. I feel her convulse again and bury two more inches of sperm covered cock in her fertile little box. Alice stopped kissing me when she felt the second larger blast coat the walls of her tight pussy and looked up at me with a surprised look and then with the most beautiful smile she said.

“Don’t hold back Michael, pump it all deep inside.”

I hear Ester whisper in my ear.

“Michael take her now, this is just like your fantasy, tight young Asian virgin fertile pussy wrapped around your big hard erection begging to be knocked up with your baby. Seed that little pussy and make it yours.”

Her firm grip on my cock stopped me from blowing the rest of my load, she said something to her sister in Tagalog and suddenly we were all rolling and when we stopped Alice was face down on the bottom with her legs tight together with me on top of her and all of my cock except the part being gripped in Ester’s hand buried deep in Alice’s fertile pulsing flower.

I lift myself up and look down to see Alice’s fine little golden brown ass, her legs tight together with my rock hard cock sticking out of her wet pussy with Ester’s hand wrapped around the base of my shaft, I feel Ester’s breath in my ear and she says.

“Michael it’s time to really show her what this nice big cock of yours can do, Ester lets go of my cock and says, ok babe fuck her little pussy good now and show her what a full load of hot potent sperm feels like.”

I slip my legs to the outside of Alice’s legs and get up on my knees, her ass looks so good I have to massage her sweet cheeks before sliding them up her back making her moan, as my hands settle on her hips just above her golden brown ass I slide my cock almost all the way out so I can see the ridge just before the head and then slide it back canlı bahis siteleri in getting a little deeper with each stroke.

As my thrusts get quicker and more urgent I feel Alice pushing back against me with each stroke trying to get the rest of my cock buried in her tight little snatch before I lose control and fill her with hot potent sperm. In this position with her legs together she is extremely tight and her amazing ass looks so good like this that in no time at all I am starting to feel my erection swelling and getting ready to pump a huge load into Alice’s fertile pussy, she is getting close to orgasm again and I can feel her getting wetter and starting to pulse around my shaft, her breathing is getting harder and she is really pushing back hard now working to get the last couple of inches.

I slowly buried my cock in Alice and then pushed a little harder sinking all but the last inch in her tight young cunt and paused reaching around to grab a handful of Ester’s long silky hair and pulling her around to my side so I could see her and kiss her lips, as I hold her by the hair with one hand kissing her passionately I reach down with the other hand and run two fingers between her dripping wet pussy lips, she is soaking wet, I stop kissing her and pull her away so I can look into her eyes.

“Is this really what you want?” I am still holding her hair and I turn her head so she can see my swollen cock stretching Alice’s tight little pussy. “Look at my hard cock throbbing deep inside Alice, look at the sperm coating my cock when I pull it out of her cunt.” To make my point I pull back so she can see all but the very tip. “You both wanted this I hope your both ready because there is no turning back now”

To drive my point home I bury my slippery cock balls deep and push hard making Alice moan. Ester knows I have made my decision so she leans in close and starts to suck on one of my nipples as I start to take long deep strokes in and out of Alice’s extremely wet tight fertile cunt. I can feel Ester reach down and rub her own very wet pussy while sucking my nipples, I am getting really close now and I hear Alice moaning and feel her getting tighter and pulsing around my cock.

I feel my shaft swell getting ready to deliver a huge potent load of hot thick sperm, I lean forward reaching under Alice and pinch both her nipples hard and she bucks her ass back hard against me and tenses up and goes into a wild orgasm squeezing and jerking around my cock pushing me over the edge and suddenly my cock lurches hard deep inside her fertile pussy firing the first blast straight into the back of her pink tunnel coating the entrance to her cervix, just as the second and biggest blast erupts from the tip of my cock and covers her cervix in thick potent sperm I pull back until just the swollen throbbing spurting head is gripped and squeezed in the tight entrance to Alice’s very fertile pussy.

When I pulled my cock part way out so Ester and I could watch it pulse and jerk while I filled Alice’s fertile cunt with sperm, Ester moved in and went after my nipples again while taking her pussy juice covered thumb and slipping it into my ass and rubbing my prostate making me cum harder than I ever remember and pumping 10 full blasts of thick hot cum in Alice.

I pulled Ester away and pointing to her sisters fertile sperm filled cunt I said “watch this, now that her pussy is full I am going to slowly push my cock all the way back in and push all my sperm into her cervix. Her pussy is so tight if I push slowly none of my sperm will leak past the head of my cock and almost all of it will be pushed thru her cervix and into her womb.”

As I pushed forward I could feel the pressure build and just kept up the steady pressure until my cock was touching the opening to her cervix and held still until the pressure eased and when I slipped my cock out and we looked down at Alice’s sweet pussy lips gapping and wet, only one little thick pearly drop of sperm leaked out.

I was exhausted and laid down to rest as Alice and Ester snuggled up on each side of me and went to sleep. Two weeks later I came home from work, to find Ester and Alice with ear to ear smiles waiting to tell me the good news, they both came up and gave me a big hug and kiss and showed me the positive pregnancy test.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20