A Family Comes Together Ch. 02

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Conflicting emotions raged through Ryan’s mind as his Aunt; the woman he had just ravished like an animal on heat, peppered his face with kisses. At the very base level, an unbelievably sexy woman was complimenting him over and over. Telling him that she found him sexy, handsome, kind, caring and charming. What young man wouldn’t find that enthralling? What man wouldn’t believe there was a definite chance of further fun? But as those enticing thoughts drifted excitedly through his conscious thought process, they were met with other, less instinctive urges. After all, the beautiful woman who gazed so lovingly up into his conflicted, yet blushing face. Was his Aunt Carla. His mom’s sister. Family.

Every and all concern about her familial status however, immediately vanished under the coordinated onslaught of her soft lips and delicate hand. Things seemed to have evolved so quickly from Carla telling her nephew he was a wonderful man while kissing him gently on the face like any other Aunt. To her soft mouth pressing against his with increasing passion before her lush lips parted and their tongues clashed in a firm caress. While a deep groan of excitement seemed to reverberate from somewhere near the base of his balls all the way up to his exploring tongue as her hand swept over his cock.

Whether it was just the suddenness of it all, or perhaps because it was something he knew, shouldn’t happen. Ryan had never felt such a rush of arousal. Carla’s small, yet exceptionally talented fingers teased along his long thick erection that still hadn’t gone down after their rough fuck. He could feel and hear her touch gliding over his velvety soft flesh, covered in the slick remnants of their mutually powerful orgasm. Instinctively she found all the sensitive spots that made the breath catch in his throat. Her mischievously naughty eyes never once left his as she constantly changed the way she touched him. One moment, a bunched fist blurred back and forth along his massive shaft. Then delicate fingers played and teased the throbbing bulbous head. Circling the very tip, or grazing over the thick ridge and teasing the spot on the underside of his cock that made his whole body shudder with pleasure.

It was with a soft moan of disappointment that her lips and hands suddenly removed their affections. Had it not been for the naughty grin spread on her sensual lips, Ryan would have thought that she had come to her senses and everything was about to get weird.

He was only half right.

“Don’t worry sweetie. I’m not going anywhere…” Her sultry words purred from her disappearing lips as the woman he had loved like a second mother all his life slowly dropped to her knees. Unable to speak, Ryan watched in awe as his Auntie Carla; someone he hadn’t ever truly recognised as the devilishly attractive woman she was until he’d started dating his ex-girlfriend. He absently began to wonder whether it had been his sexual awakening that…

“Oh FUCK!” Ryan gasped as Carla’s lips wrapped softly around his thick throbbing shaft. Every muscle in his entire body seemed to respond to the new sensation with a powerful shudder of raw pleasure. Thoughts had quite literally been wiped from his mind, as if someone had pressed a reset button. At that moment, as Carla glided her plump lips further along his shaft and teased her tongue across the thick sensitive underside of his manhood. He wasn’t even sure he could remember his own name. Nothing had prepared him for the sensation of her mouth thoroughly cleaning every last drop of their arousal from his shaft. Pulling stretched lips off the tip, he burst from her mouth with a soft pop before trailing a silky-smooth tongue over every inch of his rigid dick.

“Oh…” Still caught in the overwhelming, shocking and above all else, mind-blowing arousal at having his Auntie’s lips and tongue ravishing his cock. Ryan’s sudden lack of oratory skills made the sexy blonde on her knees before him giggle happily. “Do you like that sweetie?” Carla teased with a flicker of her tongue over the very tip of his throbbing cock as her hand gently held his thick base. “How about this?” She asked with a questioning rise of her perfectly shaped eyebrows as she once again stretched her lips around the thick bulbous head of her nephew’s cock.

Whether the question was rhetorical, or if she just knew that Ryan wouldn’t be capable of responding. Carla didn’t wait for any kind of answer. Instead, she sank further and further along his manhood. And Ryan could only watch in wonder as inch after glorious inch slipped deeper into the wet, warm and exquisitely tight confines of her luscious mouth. His lips fell open into a silent “O” as he felt her throat quiver against his sensitive flesh as she impaled herself upon him.

His ex-girlfriend; whose name he suddenly couldn’t remember, had always tried to deep throat him fully. Yet despite her perseverance she had never been able to take more than half of his impressive shaft into her mouth. Carla however, was putting the suddenly nameless ex completely to shame.

Watching güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri with increasing incredulity as his thick length disappeared between her lips, Ryan desperately wanted to put his hands on her head and fuck her face. Yet the thought of who she was tempered his actions, making his hands feel suddenly awkward as they hung by his sides. For a few bizarre moments, he lifted them up as if he was going to entwine fingers in her silky blonde hair. Then just as suddenly, stopped himself and made an odd little circle in the air like some uncomfortable teenager unsure of what to do.

Sensing her nephew’s hesitation, Carla stared up at him and tried to smile encouragingly. However, with lips stretched to their absolute limit, the only part of the smile he could see, was the playful twinkle sparkling in her bright blue eyes. So, with a soft moan that instantly made her nephew gasp in pleasure, she sank all the way down to the hilt of his massive cock and winked up at him as she finally choked on his throbbing flesh.

Ryan was in seventh heaven. All thoughts of foolish awkwardness vanished with the mind-altering sensations of Carla’s tight throat convulsing around his shaft. Words still managed to elude him as he stared down into the mischievous eyes of the seductive vixen that had so effortlessly taken him completely into her mouth and throat. However, if he had thought the sensation of her going down was good… the return journey was spectacular. He couldn’t have even begun to describe how she manipulated his smooth flesh with her lips and tongue. Breathing came in short staccato gasps as she finally slipped him from between her lips with a soft kiss to the tip, making him shudder with uncontrollable pleasure. But what she said next very nearly made his legs buckle underneath him. “It’s ok Ryan. You can take charge. Don’t hold back. You can fuck my face if that’s what you want to do.”

Carla was in a whole other league to all the other women he’d been with when it came to seduction. Never once had she taken her eyes from his as she continued to kiss the tip and stroke expert fingers over the straining head. Catching a drop of pre-cum that she felt begin to drip from the corner of her mouth with a sensual finger, she scooped it back between her lips and languidly sucked herself clean. And that was the point when Ryan knew nothing would ever be the same between them; it was only going to get better.

Placing hands on either side of her pretty face, she willingly let him guide her back to his rock-hard cock that stood twitching with desperation to get back between her lips. With nothing more than a sultry smile, she accepted his manhood into her mouth and let her nephew take control. At first, he was slow and methodical. Pushing her down and then up again, before pushing her back down deeper with every steady thrust into her mouth. Then suddenly, as if a switch had been flicked, or perhaps he simply realised she wasn’t fragile or worried about him taking over. He began ruthlessly fucking her face.

All Carla could do was moan with pleasure as her nephew took her for a devilishly exciting ride. Catching her slightly off guard by the sudden change of tempo, she felt her pussy gush with pleasure as she was forced to choke on his full impressive length. Giving head and deepthroating had always been something she enjoyed, even prided herself on doing well. But it had never been as hot as it was at that moment with her nephew. The way he used her for his pleasure gave her such a powerful rush of arousal that she honestly believed a slight breeze across her clit would been enough to make her cum. Oh damn, she loved the way he used her. And she was more than happy to let him.

Time meant nothing as Ryan’s powerful grip on his Auntie’s head forced her back and forth along his huge cock. Over and over, he manipulated her willing body to bring him such sublime pleasure that if he hadn’t just cum, he’d have exploded inside her mouth within moments. It was only when he felt the familiar surge and swell between her lips that he finally pulled Carla away from him.

Her pretty face was a complete mess and it was as hot as hell. Drool, spit and precum all mixed together leaked and dripped from her mouth, and his cock, all over her face and chin. Cheeks were flushed with the effort of being used so roughly. But it was the huge smile and ecstatically fluttering eyes that smouldered with arousal that truly made her look like a rampant slut. “You’re so fucking hot Carla. Have I ever told you that before?” Ryan gasped breathlessly, as he stroked the sides of her head before encouraging her back up to her feet.

Kissing her deeply, he didn’t care that her lips tasted of his own cock and cum. Pulling her close, their bodies pressed together in perfect union. Breasts squashed against upper abs. Cock slipped between her shapely legs. Arms wrapped around shoulders and waist. They simply fit. They worked.

Looking up into her nephew’s handsome face, Carla melted against his embrace and groaned with güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri pleasure as his slick manhood grazed against her wanton cunt. Breaking the kiss, she smiled at the man he had become and ground her hips against his massive cock. “No, I don’t think you have. Why don’t you tell me again, just in case I forget?” She finally replied with a playful smile as she kissed him softly on the lips before squealing suddenly, as he casually swept her off the floor and onto the kitchen table. Making her shriek with laughter as her naked ass touched the cold wooden surface. “Ryan, what…” Cutting her off with another kiss, Ryan leaned over and encouraged his beautiful Auntie to lie back against the hard surface before breaking their connection.

“What am I doing? I’m showing you how fucking hot you are!” Stifling a laugh at how corny he had just been, Ryan slowly trickled a line of kisses down the length of her entire body. Pressing soft lips against sensitive flesh and thin clothing alike, he didn’t care that she wasn’t naked. Because if he was right? There was going to be plenty of opportunities to get her naked later. Trailing lower and lower, he shivered as desperate hands entwined in his hair and held him firmly, yet not once did she try and control where he and how went.

Sliding deft fingers beneath the hem of her short skirt, Ryan calmly lifted the thin material up over her thighs. Revealing her shaved, swollen and dripping pussy, Ryan inhaled the sweet scent of her eager sex as he kissed the inside of her thigh. “I’m going to enjoy this.” He breathed before flicking a firm tongue directly over her hooded clit.

Carla literally quivered uncontrollably when her nephews tongue teased her clit so wondrously. With a sharp gasp, she could barely breathe as the sensation almost overwhelmed her immediately. However, her tormenting nephew pulled away just in time for the impending climax to frustratingly slip through her grasp, accompanied by a longing moan sighing from her lips. Only to be replaced with gasps of pleasure as Ryan’s tongue began to enjoy a new playground of pleasure. Carla was enchanted by his ability to keep her right on the edge. From soft, delightfully arousing kisses directly on her clit that made her stomach tighten with need. To slow exploring licks from the edge of her sensitive perineum, through her soaking slit and tantalisingly around her quivering hood. To long thick fingers sliding gently into her dripping cunt that twisted and curled inside of her pussy that was a raging furnace of lust. And even in the writhing throes of unbelievable pleasure, it wasn’t lost on Carla that her nephew never once complained or surreptitiously tried to wipe away his own cum from her body. It didn’t seem to bother him at all, and it only served to turn her on even more. Not because she thought he enjoyed it, but because he was so focused on her pleasure, he clearly didn’t care.

The first orgasm claimed her exactly as Ryan had planned it too. Switching from teasing around the erogenous zones he’d deliriously explored, to concentrating on them fully. A flattened tongue grazed languidly over her engorged clit, smothering her sensitive nub so she was completely overwhelmed, just as a thick finger spun inside her pulsing cunt with enthusiastic skill. And it was mere moments before Carla was a shuddering bundle of orgasmic bliss on her kitchen table. The moans of pure ecstasy echoed around the large room as the deep climax erupted from the pit of her core and radiated through every muscle and limb. Punctuated with a constant flow of gasping expletives and screams to god, her curling toes pressed against her nephew’s muscular torso while her right leg spasmed wildly as he continued the onslaught against her gushing pussy.

The second orgasm came immediately after. “OH…” Was the only word she could say as Ryan curled a delightfully invading finger inside her vice like walls and massaged the soft g-spot that suddenly came alive beneath his touch. Pulling his skilled tongue away from her oversensitive clit, he didn’t want to divert any attention away from her pleasure as the climax claimed her.

Watching Carla squirm uncontrollably beneath him; eyes squeezed shut and mouth hanging open, trying desperately to suck in oxygen as her body quivered and shuddered in overwhelming pleasure. Small delicate fingers grasped wildly at her nephew’s hair. Caught between wanting more and feeling so overwhelmed that she almost wanted him to stop, if only for a brief moment to allow her to gain some semblance of control over herself. And unsurprisingly, Ryan had no intention to stop just yet.

Her third orgasm came from nowhere. With fingers still curled inside her, pumping, twirling and massaging her slick cunt in ways that stoked the embers of her second climax. Ryan grinned up at his gorgeous Auntie while lowering further down and gliding an eager tongue over her puckered ass. It was far from the first time that someone had rimmed her. Yet it was the first time that she had exploded with pleasure güvenilir bahis şirketleri as she did right then with her nephew’s tongue gliding over her slick hole.

Words completely failed her. A deep flush crept up from her straining chest, all the way to the top of her thrashing head. Arms and legs flexed powerfully as wave after wave of throbbing arousal crashed through every muscle like bolts of lightning. Her pussy gushed with arousal and dripped with his cum, coating her inner thighs and ass with the glossy sheen of sex. And it was only when Ryan finally eased out of her slick cunt and away from her pulsating ass that she could finally float down from the intense sexual high.

“Mmmm. You taste delicious Auntie.” Ryan breathed with a sultry edge as he glided up over Carla’s body before kissing her lips. “Are you ready for the next round?” He asked with a playful glint glistening behind bright blue eyes while his throbbing manhood grazed against the slick opening of her saturated cunt.

Gasping for breath, Carla could only stare into the hauntingly attractive eyes of her nephew. Amazement and arousal battled for space on her blushing face while the words slowly filtered through the clouds of pleasure fogging her thoughts. ‘How could he possibly carry on?’ She exclaimed to herself as an involuntary groan escaped her lips as the feeling of his manhood pressing against her pussy sent a wave of fresh excitement through her body. “Yes! Yes! Fuck me again, please!” Shocked at her own desperation, Carla couldn’t quite believe just how easily and magnificently her nephew had pleasured her. And it was with a sly inner chuckle of maliciousness that she realised that Ryan’s ex-girlfriend may very well never find a new lover with his talents ever again.

‘Serves the little bitch right for hurting her nephew’ was the last thought that crossed her mind before she felt him enter her.

“Oooooh… fuck. You’re so big!” She exclaimed as Ryan slipped inside her incredibly tight snatch. Grinning down at her, Ryan watched as lustful eyes that burned with lust flowed between their bodies as she looked in awe at his massive dick sliding between her spread legs. “Oh god. How… I’m… Ooohh… shit… oooohhh” Desperate words burst from her lips as he began to slowly fuck her on the kitchen table. Slowly sliding in and out, she could feel the heat building deep in her core as he steadily began to build up the pace. Shifting bright, excited eyes up to her nephew’s face, Carla could no longer speak while her body fell effortlessly under his spell once again. And she was loving every fucking second of it.

Within minutes, their bodies were crashing together with every deep thrust. Heavy balls smacked against her sensitive ass. One hand pinched a stiff nipple, while the fingers of his other teased her clit. But it was his huge cock impaling her wanton flesh that really fuelled the flames of her arousal. Screams of pleasure erupted from her lips that were so loud that had anyone been in the back-yard, they could have been forgiven for thinking she was being tortured.

Ryan couldn’t quite believe how his day had changed so drastically. From leaving school early in a fit of brooding depression to being buried balls deep in one of the sexiest women he knew. Who was also his Auntie! Everything seemed almost surreal. As if it wasn’t really happening?

However, the screams of pleasure as her body quivered uncontrollably while another orgasm washed over her was enough for Ryan to know he wasn’t dreaming. And as he felt Carla’s already tight cunt grip hold of his cock as another climax claimed her again, his own pleasure reached a peak of such intensity, he didn’t know how he stayed standing.

Ramming every thick inch of his manhood deep inside her trembling body over and over again, Ryan could feel every muscle in his entire body clench with need. How he managed to stave off the inevitable while she was in the throes of such a deeply satisfying climax he honestly didn’t know. All he could do was concentrate with every ounce of self-control he possessed in trying to hold off until she had opened her eyes. Just that little act was all he was waiting for. He didn’t know why he silently demanded this arbitrary condition to be met before he completely let go? Although he suspected it was something to do wanting her to see what she did to him.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh fuuuckk!” Carla wailed before her eyes sprang open to look up in awe at the man who had given her more orgasms in the past hour than any other man had in the past 6 months. Her mind reeled from the intensity of their actions. Actions that shouldn’t have happened. They were family. He was her sister’s child.

Yet it had happened. Holy hell it had happened and Cara was damn well going to make sure that it was going to continue to happen over and over again. And as that thought crossed her mind, punctuated with a knowing smile curling along her lips. She suddenly groaned with disappointment and a sensation of emptiness as her nephew pulled his cock from her succulent flesh. Confusion crossed her perfect features for a brief moment before she peered down and witnessed the wickedly naughty sight of her nephew’s cock erupting all over her. Rope after thick rope ejaculated with such ferocity that it left a trail along her body from her forehead all the way down to her smooth pussy.

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