A Fantasy Fulfilled

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They were a couple very much in love, with each other, and with sex. From tender, intimate love-making to raw, rough, down and dirty sex, they embraced it all with great delight, just as they embraced each other, many times a day. She, however, had a secret fantasy and finally, unable to hide it any longer, she approached him with her desire. After explaining what she wanted, she waited breathlessly for his response. He sat there contemplating her for quite a while, making her more and more nervous with each passing moment. Finally, he spoke, telling her the idea not only excited him, but he was determined to make her fantasy come true. Leaping from her chair, she launched herself at him, hugging and kissing him, and thanking him for not only understanding her, but loving her enough to want to do this for her. She started to ask questions but he silenced her with a long kiss, his fingers quickly searching beneath her skirt to penetrate her wet pussy, stroking in and out, his thumb teasing her clit until, with a gasp, she came all over his hand. He brought his wet fingers to her lips, and watched with a smile as she licked her juices from them. He then told her he would make the arrangements that would allow her to fulfill her fantasy.

Several days later, he told her they would be spending the weekend at the cabin, along with a ‘friend’. She knew right away he’d made the arrangements and that weekend would be the fulfillment of a long time fantasy for her. She was both excited and apprehensive, as this was something she’d dreamed about for so long, but was nervous about actually living out. He told her she wouldn’t need to pack anything as he’d already obtained everything she would need, and held out a bag for her to carry to the car, forbidding her to look in the bag.

They enjoyed the ride to the cabin, discussing their week, their friends and just riding from time to time in comfortable silence, holding hands or caressing a thigh. When they arrived, there was another car already there and her breath caught in her throat as she realized the time had come. He turned to her and told her it was time to fulfill that fantasy. From that point, until the other person left, she would be, not his companion, but his sex pet, and not just his, but would also be the sex pet of the woman standing on the porch waiting for them. He reached over and grabbed the bag from the back seat and withdrew a beautiful red leather collar and leash. Smiling, he told her the decision was now hers. If this was truly what she wanted, she would undress, right there in the car, and put on the collar. There were to be no words from her, no speaking; she was to truly be a pet, to be played with and to do their bidding.

With trembling fingers, she undressed, carefully folding her clothes and placing them on the seat behind her. She took the collar he held out to her and placed it around her neck. She turned so he could fasten it but he told her she must do that herself, as locking the little padlock that would secure the collar would be her final admission that this is what she longed for. Taking a deep breath, she leaned over to him, placed a loving kiss on his lips and then, her eyes never leaving his, she snapped the little lock in place. He took the leash and snapped it to her collar. Getting out of the car, he came around to her door and opened it. Because the drive was graveled, he allowed her to walk up to the porch but told her that, once there, she would drop to her hands and knees as a proper pet.

Reaching the porch she did as she was told, her eyes on the wooden boards of the porch, afraid to look up at the woman who waited there. She’d long had the desire to submit in this fashion, not just to a man but to a couple, a man and woman who would both use her as a pet. Now, here she was, naked, on all fours, with a collar and leash, at the feet of a woman she did not know. She had to fight the urge to cum just from thinking about it!

He greeted the woman, hugging her and giving her a long, deep kiss. He then introduced her to his pet, saying how pleased he was that they would be spending the weekend together. She listened intently, aware of a deep jealousy as he kissed the illegal bahis woman, but also aware that the jealousy added to the burning ache deep in her pussy and tits. She wanted this, she reminded herself; to be the plaything of a couple and how could they be a couple if they were not intimate.

He led his pet inside, the woman following after stooping to stroke her head, telling her what a pretty, sexy pet she was. The woman’s name was Angie; a beautiful, tall woman in her 50’s, still fit and sexy as hell. ‘Pet’, as he told her she was to be called, couldn’t wait to feel the woman’s hands all over her heated body. She wriggled like a puppy with excitement as she reflected that her secret dream was coming true!

In the cabin, he put the bags in the bedroom, keeping Pet with him on her leash. She saw a large kennel in one corner of the bedroom, a fluffy pet bed neatly arranged on the floor surrounded by the cage’s walls. She felt her pussy start to drip as she realized she would be locked in that kennel, forced to watch him fuck Angie while she whined, unable to join in, until after they’d finished and he let her out to clean them both up. In the kitchen, on the floor next to the table were new food and water bowls, obviously set there for her. She trembled again with excitement as she watched him from her place on the floor. He uncorked a bottle of wine, poured two glasses and then, with a soft smile at her, he poured some into the bowl on the floor. She settled in front of the bowl and dipped her head to lap at the sweet, spicy wine. After they’d finished, Angie settled herself on the couch, spreading her legs to reveal a moist pink pussy under her short skirt. Calling Pet to her, she spread her legs a bit wider and pulled Pet’s head into her, commanding her to lick her pussy until she came. He sat beside Angie and started fondling her ample tits while watching his Pet perform.

Pet licked the pink folds of Angie’s pussy, using her tongue to separate them and delving into the inner moistness. She knew that, as a Pet, she couldn’t use her hands, so skillfully she manipulated her tongue, alternating between soft full licks and hard penetrating thrusts, pausing every so often to suck and nibble on Angie’s throbbing clit. It didn’t take long to feel Angie tighten and then Pet’s face was covered in thick, sweet juices which she eagerly lapped up. Settling back on her ‘haunches’ she looked up at them, seeking approval for her first performance as their Pet. Praise was quick in coming from both Angie and her Love, as they stroked her head and told her what a wonderful sex pet she was. Angie pulled her up and, leaning over, licked the sticky juices from Pet’s face, then placed a loving kiss on her lips. When she was done, Angie reached over and undid the zipper of his trousers, freeing a very hard, rigid cock. With an eager smile, Pet moved from between Angie’s legs to take her place between his, almost devouring his cock in one swift gulp, burying the head in her throat in her eagerness to taste him. She sucked and slurped, swallowing and licking until, with a groan, he came in her mouth, flooding it, drops of cum leaking from her lips, drops that Angie quickly leaned over and licked away.

By now, Pet was trembling with excitement and aching to cum. She looked up at him, pleading with her eyes to get release of her own. Chuckling, he acknowledged her need but told her she would have to wait a bit, til they were ready to play again. Instead of letting her cum, he zipped up his pants and, pulling Angie up with him, announced that it was a beautiful day outside and they were going for a walk. Tugging on her leash, he headed out the back door, to the grassy lawn that ended at a small cliff, giving them a spectacular view of the mountains beyond. Her body on fire, Pet followed on all fours, tugged along by the leash as she walked between them. Her body was on fire for more than one reason, though. Not only was she sexually frustrated but she realized it had been hours since she’d been to the bathroom and she needed to pee badly. However she couldn’t tell him of her problem because he had forbidden her to speak. She stopped crawling along and whined up at him. Guessing illegal bahis siteleri at her problem he looked down at her then at Angie before reminding his love that she was a Pet and Pets peed outside! She stared up at him, her cheeks burning as she realized he expected her to pee out there, on all fours, in front of both of them. She whined again, hoping to make him relent but he wouldn’t give in, reminding her that this was her fantasy and she would live it to its fullest. Finally, able to hold it no longer, she crawled to the end of her leash and spread her thighs, letting her stream of warm pee release into the grass. As she peed, even with her cheeks burning in shame, she realized that she was even more turned on than before!

Back in the cabin after their walk, he placed a couple of pillows on a low broad coffee table and ordered Pet up onto it. Placing her knees on one pillow and hands on the other, she looked up at him expectantly. Not willing to disappoint her, he nonetheless left her there on display for Angie as he went to retrieve something from the bedroom. Returning he held out a strap-on dildo and, with a grin, handed it to Angie who eagerly stripped and donned the lethal looking toy. Stepping out of his trousers he presented a rock hard cock to Pet, urging her to take it in her mouth once again. As she did, she felt Angie behind her and then the fat dildo was thrust into her aching pussy. She came instantly but that was just the beginning. Quickly establishing a rhythm, they alternately thrust in and out of Pet’s pussy and mouth, fucking both her holes with great delight. After a while, and after several orgasms for Pet, they switched positions and Pet took the dildo in her mouth, tasting her own juices as it thrust in and out. It didn’t take long for him to cum, filling her pussy with his cum. Angie withdrew the dildo from Pet’s mouth and, once again changing places, she proceeded to suck his cum from her pussy as Pet cleaned his cock.

Afterwards, he instructed Pet to curl up on the rug on the floor and rest as he made supper. He gave her permission to speak so she and Angie could get to know each other better. As they spoke they realized how much they had in common and became very comfortable with each other. There was still the matter of her being a Pet, but now it seemed almost ‘normal’ to them as they talked about their likes and desires. It was evident that Angie loved controlling another woman and Pet certainly reacted favorably to that control.

Supper being ready, he called them to the kitchen to eat. The table was beautifully set with delicious food, china, and crystal wine glasses. Pet looked longingly at the spread then turned her head to see a plate of food on the floor for her, next to a bowl with more wine in it. The food had been cut into bite sized pieces and she, with a sigh, settled herself in front of the plate and proceed to eat, snatching up bites with her teeth. When she was done, and the couple at the table was enjoying their after dinner drinks, he ordered her under the table to lick and suck both pussy and cock again. She eagerly crawled under and, alternating between pussy and cock, brought them both to orgasm.

After supper, they went to the living room to watch a movie. Settling onto the couch, cuddled up together, he and Angie looked at their Pet. They ordered her to lay on her back on the floor in front of them and, as she watched the movie, she was to play with herself, but not cum. She spent the next 2 hours playing with her nipples and pussy, repeatedly bringing herself to the point of cumming, only to have to stop and wait for the desire to pass, then playing again. By the end of the movie, she was panting, aching, with the need to cum. He ordered her to her hands and knees then, taking the leash, he laid several short lashes onto her tender backside, telling her she had paused too often in her playing and this was her punishment. Her butt cheeks burned as did her face cheeks with shame, but she now needed to cum even more. Relenting, he offered her to Angie who had Pet roll over onto her back and, kneeling between her legs, quickly licked her pussy into a screeching orgasm.

By now, canlı bahis siteleri it was bedtime and they took Pet outside to pee again before retiring. He explained that, if she needed to use the bathroom facilities for more pressing needs, she would be allowed, but that peeing was to be done only outside. After a brief walk, they went to the bedroom where Pet was put in her kennel and the cage closed. He and Angie tumbled into bed, stroking, kissing, and eventually, after a few hours, fucking long and hard. Panting, he tumbled out of bed and sleepily released Pet from her cage, roughly ordering her to clean them both up with her mouth. Crawling up on the bed, she carefully and completely licked Angie’s pussy clean, sucking out every drop of his cum. She then licked and cleaned his cock. When she was done he grabbed her collar and drug her back to her kennel, locked her in, and crawled back into bed. Pet struggled, wanting so much to curl up in his arms, but, instead, with a whimper and sigh, she curled up in the bottom of the cage and fell into an exhausted sleep. He watched her from his place in the bed, torn between his need to have her in his arms, and his desire to completely fulfill her fantasy. Angie’s gazed alternated between them, before she finally gave him a soft kiss, complemented him on his great love for his Pet that allowed him to fulfill even such an extreme fantasy and, climbing from his bed, went to the guest room to sleep.

Pet was awakened in the morning to the sound of the cage door being opened. She blinked her eyes, still half shut with sleep, and saw him standing there, hand out to help her out of the cage. Angie was no where to be seen and he quickly pulled her into bed with him, holding her tight and whispering to her how proud he was of her and how much he loved her. He made slow sweet love to his Pet, reinforcing his love for her with his soft caresses and kisses. When they were done, he stroked her hair then, with a soft ‘come Pet’ he had her back on her hands and knees, crawling to the tub where he proceeded to wash her as he would a dog. When she was clean he laid a big fluffy towel on the floor and told her to stay there while he showered.

When they were both clean, and he was dressed, they proceeded to the kitchen where Angie had just finished preparing breakfast. Hot coffee, eggs, and bacon were sitting on the table, with a plate of food already on the floor for Pet, along with a bowl filled with hot coffee for her. Pet went to Angie and, rubbing her face against Angie’s crotch, let her know how much she appreciated Angie’s participation in her fantasy. Angie reached down and scratched her head, telling her what a good pet she was and then ordered her to go eat, while they sat at the table.

After breakfast was done and the kitchen cleaned, they went for another walk, this time carrying a bag of toys with them. Finding a grassy meadow some distance from the house, they proceeded to play with their pet, throwing a ball for her to fetch, then sprawling on the ground, with her on her back so they could tease and torment her nipples and clit, til she came again and again. They took turns fucking her, he with his hard, hard cock, and she with the fat strap-on dildo. Angie discovered how sensitive Pet’s nipples were and, to Pet’s great delight, produced a pair of nipple clamps for her. With the clamps biting into her nipples, Angie forced Pet to chase the ball, her tits swinging, nipples burning with each step because of the clamps. When she returned with the ball, Angie removed the clamps at the same time she thrust a dildo into Pet’s pussy, forcing her to cum violently.

Too soon for Pet, Angie announced that it was time for her to leave. They packed up the toys and headed back to the cabin, Pet’s nipples still aching pleasantly from the morning’s fun. She went with Angie to the guest room, curling up on the rug while she watched Angie pack. Escorting her to the door, Pet whined softly and rubbed her head against Angie’s legs, letting her know how much she had enjoyed their time together and how sorry she was to see Angie go.

When they were alone, he reached down and unlocked the collar, then pulled his love to her feet. They retreated to the cabin, spending several hours in bed, making love and discussing the events of the weekend. Finally, they packed up and headed home, both sure the weekend would be repeated, soon, as they had both thoroughly enjoyed the fantasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20