A First Time Ch. 07

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Author’s note: In this second to the last chapter, Laurie is taught a thing or two about perversity of making love with son, Jonathan, her love child and lover. Constructive comments and suggestions are always welcomed. Enjoy this telling.

Thanks as always to Amela for her patience and advice.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I love you, Mom.” Jonathan murmured as he kissed my neck. “You’re so beautiful.” My eldest son’s lips silenced my negative comments when I tried to put myself down. Moans of passion escaped my open mouth as he kissed me tenderly and slowly, his hands and fingertips lightly caressing my quivering body. Gasping and squirming, I couldn’t help but respond to my son’s soft kisses, nips, and sucks as he traveled to my earlobes and then down my exposed neck.

Lying on my back, my small breasts flattened to gentle mounds that would have been barely noticeable if not for my large, purple nipples. Call it genetics or continuously nursing my two boys, but my meaty cylinders were thick and amazingly long. Fingertips and nails teasingly zigzagged feather-light strokes and scratched across my heaving chest, causing my nipples to jut provocatively to their fullest and then tilt slightly out towards my sides. How I cried out when Jonathan’s teeth lightly bit one of my teats to pull it into a sharp peak before releasing it to nip at my other stiff tip.

A whimper of utter ecstasy escaped my lips as my son’s hands traveled slowly down my sides, his hot, wet tongue blazing a lazy trail across and down my twisting torso. Jonathan cupped my buns, squeezing and lifting them as his face drifted down to the juncture of my tender inner legs. Licking and sucking his way first around my right inner thigh, he carefully and teasingly avoiding my exposed vulva before doing the same to the tender flesh of my other thigh. Grasping the ebony tuft of pubic hair above my pussy slit, Jonathan tugged it upwards, causing me to gasp sharply as my hooded clitoris and vaginal delights became exposed to my son.

Mouthing my thick labia before letting his rasping tongue run up and then back down my pussy slit, Jonathan leisurely lapped my slippery juices that drenched his face. He was pleased to hear me cry pitifully when the tip of his tongue flicked my stiff, fleshy love button. My hips lifted off the mattress of their own accord, jerking and gyrating in lewd response to his oral ministrations.

“You love that, don’t you, Mom? How about this and this too? You’re so hot and sexy, Mom. I can’t believe how fucking wet and slippery you are. So, while I suck on your delicious little clit, how about I finger your drenched twat?”

Jonathan shoved a stiff middle finger right up my sex, loving the way my hips rose in response to give him better access. His plunging and twisting finger was soon joined by a second finger. Both curled to find the familiar ridges of my vaginal G-spot. He rubbed in increasing tempo as he strummed my stiff clit. Jonathan delighted when I cried out as I rapidly ratcheted up to a gut-wrenching climax.

When I finally came, my legs spread to form an obscene arch, my hips thrusting sharply off the mattress. Shaking with the uncontrolled convulsions of a horrific orgasm, I seemed to gush from my exposed genitals in an embarrassing fountain of release and relief. I was stunned, but couldn’t do anything but shake wildly, oblivious to the world around me. When I collapsed in an exhausted heap of spent limbs, Jonathan found his two buried fingers and hand drenched in the slippery love juices of his mother.

I moaned deliriously as trembles ran down my body in the aftermath of my orgasm. Jonathan continued to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri pump his fingers in and out of my slippery vagina, and I vaguely heard him mumble something about inserting another finger. Moaning deliriously as my limp legs were spread wide, I droned at my son’s digital pumping of my oozing sex. Suddenly I felt this push of Jonathan’s fingers and then unbelievable pressure and fullness in my vagina.

“Ooh, Jonathan! What are you doing down there?’ It feels so… strange! What are you doing?”

“I’m fist-fucking you, Mom! You’re so fucking slippery and relaxed. I can’t believe I’ve got my whole goddamn hand shoved up your damn twat!”

“Oh, no, Jonathan. Please stop,” I begged as I desperately reached between my legs to grab his wrist in a futile attempt to pull him out. “Please, Jonathan, don’t. I’ve let you do many things to me that no man has ever done. But, this is too much. It hurts, Jonathan, it really hurts! Please, please stop…”

I guess seeing me crying and in obvious pain was like a splash of icy water on Jonathan’s raging lust. Withdrawing his hand (and therefore producing a lewd slurping sound), Jonathan kissed away my tears and murmured tenderly, “I’m sorry, Mom, I got carried away wondering if it could be done. I had my thumb tucked into a cone of fingers…and…pushed…not thinking it would slip in. I was amazed when your pussy just seemed to stretch and stretch to admit – no, more like engulf – my coned hand. I did it but didn’t realize, Mom, that it would hurt you, and that you wouldn’t like it. I’m so sorry, Mom…”

When Jonathan told me that and I finally felt my love tunnel close to a slightly more dilated opening than it was, I hugged him to me. I kissed him deeply to show that all was forgiven and whispered, “That’s alright, Jonathan. It was just unexpected and caught me by complete surprise. I mean, it’s not every day that you find a hand being shoved up your pussy.”

Then reaching down to grasp the offending hand, I leisurely and lovingly mouthed each finger to show him what I felt. “Jonathan, you know how much I love you and how I’ve been unable to deny you anything. So maybe the next time you want to fist-fuck me – if there is a next time — Jonathan, you will let me know. Get me more relaxed and use more lubrication — like a whole tube? Okay?”

“Oh, Mom, I love you and promise I’ll use two tubes of lube the next time. I just got carried away when you came in one of those gushing orgasms that I’ve heard about. I was…well…I was shocked and delighted that you were so turned on. Your pussy was so damn slippery, relaxed, and loose that I thought…”

“That’s okay, Jonathan. You’re a young man who is exploring the world of sex and a woman’s body. The things you do never cease to surprise me, and I’m amazed just how willing I am. In the process, you’ve taught me a thing or two, which goes to show that even an old dog – or bitch like me – can still be schooled by her young pup. I mean look at the things that we’ve done together. You’re the only one who’s butt-fucked me. I guess that if I were your shoes, I would want to see just how far you could go while finger-pumping my cunt.”

Then subtly changing the subject so as not to incur another fisting, I said, “However, if you’re going to ram anything up my poor little pussy, I would prefer that big piece of hard man-meat dangling between your legs. Jonathan, I would be a terribly neglectful mother if I were to let my son’s raging hard-on be the cause of a bad case of ‘blue balls.’ So, unless my handsome young son objects, I’d be willing to give you some immediate relief…but güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri elsewhere…”

Smiling, I slid down the glistening body of my eldest son to grasp his stiff eight inches of manhood and gently pulled it down, admiring the smooth texture of his shaft skin and the courser feels of his flanged head. The slightly open dick slit called to me as a delectable drop of pre-cum emerged. The tip of my tongue quickly flicked on it, enjoying the jerk of his hips and the sudden throb of his fleshy erection. Then looking up at my handsome young lover — my son — I slowly slurped that stunning cock into my wet, welcoming mouth.

“Oh, Jonathan,” I murmured wetly as his bulbous penis head slipped from my grasping lips, “You taste so damn yummy…and feel so good…filling my mouth. No wonder I love sucking this lovely delicious piece of cock.” I bobbed my head as I breathed through my nose while relaxing my throat. As Jonathan slipped effortlessly down my gullet, I realized how I wanted to take all of him and sinfully deepthroat him.

I felt him nudging the back of my throat with over three inches left on his thick shaft. No matter how I tried, my sucking lips could not meet the hairy base of his youthful erection. Pulling back to breathe, I furiously hand-jived his massive length while teasingly sticking the tip of my tongue out to flick away the drops of pre-cum that beaded in his fleshy tip slit.

“Oh, shit, Mom,” Jonathan groaned as his hips lifted to thrust into my grasping lips, “Don’t tease me. You’ve got such a lovely mouth…made to be kissed deep and sensuously…a mouth made to moan with lust when I fuck you good…especially up between your fantastic buns…a mouth made for giving your loving son such unbelievable blow jobs.

“God Mom, you’ve gotten really good at sucking and jerking me off, especially when we don’t have enough time for a full-on make out session. There are mornings when I wake up with this raging woody that can’t be comfortably tucked into my underwear until I get some relief. And I know that you’ll always be there for me.

“Jerking off is okay but nothing can beat once Dad has taken Andrew to school, to find you kneeling before me without being asked. How I love feeding you my stiff breakfast sausage. I love playing with your fat nipples while you go down on me with a hunger I can’t believe. Then when I blast my spunk into your sucking mouth, I love watching you swallow everything and then lick me clean. Going to school after I’ve shot my load down your throat is one hell of an incredible feeling. I love you Mom, and how you give me head.”

“Hmmm…I’m glad, Jonathan. Hmmm…Mommy loves this big cock of yours…hmmm… sliding in and out…between my lips…hmmm…the taste of your sweet cream…hmmm… filling my mouth and then gulping down everything. Hmmm…it’s a good thing sperm isn’t fattening…hmmm…given how much often you’ve filled Mommy’s tummy.

“Hmmm…you taste so much better than your Father…hmmm…his cum is so bitter. Hmmm…but I’d rather go down on him…hmmm…and get it over with quickly… hmmm…than be sexually molested by him in bed. Hmmm…no wonder your Father always calls me a cock-sucking whore.”

“Oh Mom, stop talking and just suck me. Suck my dong good…ooh, yeah, just like that! Jerk me, Mom, wank me with both hands! Oh, god, Dad and I don’t often agree but I’ve got to say that he was right…you are one hell of a good cock-sucking whore! Oh, fuck, I’m going to come…shoot my load… into your sucking mouth. Goddamn it, Mom! Suck me off…harder…drain me dry…come on, you cunt…do it…do güvenilir bahis şirketleri it now!”

My hand gently rolled Jonathan’s large dangling testicles while my mouth and other hand worked in practiced harmony. Jonathan’s dirty talking turned me on as I squeezed his sack and felt his nuts immediately tighten. A humungous manhood invaded the depth of my throat as Jonathan’s hips lifted and thrusted his erection into my welcoming mouth. I responded by greedily sucking on him like some backstreet hooker eagerly making her first trick of the night.

My son’s loins exploded with an eruption of molten ambrosia, causing me to gag momentarily at the sheer volume. A trickle of cum escaped the corner of my grasping lips but I continued to swallow my son’s spurting manhood like there was no tomorrow. I don’t know if it was that his penis had softened because of his discharge, or his pent-up semen acted like added lubrication, or if I was so relaxed in my blissful swallowing, but before I knew it, my lips kissed my son’s hairy groin.

‘I did it! I took all of Jonathan’s massive dong down my throat…all fucking eight inches of savory man meat! Fuck, there I did it again! Jeez, Laurie, what a shameless slut you’ve become!

‘Wait! Oh my god! What the hell am I talking about? How can I be so proud that I can suck off my son, my incestuous love child by my younger brother? Shit, you’re sick, Laurie,” I scolded myself. “Fucked by my son and then letting him ream my virgin ass. Just moments ago he fist-fucked my cunt…and now I’m gulping down his massive monster like it is nothing. That’s nothing for a mother to be proud of, Laurie! Jeez, what a perverted bitch I’ve become!’

But despite my self admonition, the taste and feel of Jonathan’s throbbing penis in my mouth was simply incredible and oh so addictive. He moaned softly when he escaped my grasping lips, only to groan deeply and shudder as I lovingly licked and kissed his length to swirl around his still tightened nuts. With my clenched fist slowly slipping up and down his shaft, the tip of my tongue flicked upon my son’s clenched asshole. Jonathan gasped and jerked, his hips lifting as his legs spread to let me kiss and then drill into his anus.

‘What this? Jonathan’s getting hard again? Oh, fuck! I don’t believe it! He’s starting to swell and lengthen in my hand. Hmmm, how do you like that, Jonathan?’ I thought to myself as I gave my inserted finger a twirl on his puckered asshole. ‘Now you know what it’s like getting butt-finger-fucked. Ooh, it must feel good because someone is getting really hard in my other hand!’

“So, you want to play games, huh? Well, naughty mothers who like sticking their fingers up their son’s asses need to be taught a lesson. Assume the positon, Mom. That’s right, turn over and kneel so that your big butt is sticking high in the air. Jeez, I love spreading your buns to see your puckered asshole. Now for some lube from the tube…ooh, doesn’t that feel good when I spread it around with my finger? How about another finger, Mom? Jeez, look how easy you take to being fingered? What? You can be so demanding, Mom…so horny. Okay, I’m mounting you…look how you take me…oh yeah!

“You’re mine, Mom. Mine to fuck anyway I want…anytime…anywhere. Despite how you act, I know, and you know, that you want it – to please me. I’m going to make you mine. I’m going to ‘brand’ you as mine. Don’t you love this, Mom? What do you say?”

‘Oh, damn it…oh fuck…Jonathan’s so goddamn huge! Jeez, he’s filling my ass.’ I groaned to myself and shuddered uncontrollably. ‘Ooh, fuck Laurie! You deserved this, and wanted this, you depraved mother! Fuck, what else can possibly happen to me with my incestuous love affair with my own son? What else?’

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Laurie discovers the answer to her question as she acquiesces to Jonathan’s demands and commits the biggest taboo of incest. Stay tuned for the final chapter of “A First Time.”

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