A First Time – I Become a Man’s Man Pt. 05

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I rolled over and turned the alarm off and laid back down. Staring up at the ceiling. I thought it seemed strange to wake up in my bed, and alone. Spending the last two nights with Jimmy was so nice. I missed having him close, to kiss and hug. I had never spent the night with any of the girls I had fucked, and frankly, I didn’t want to. But it is different with Jimmy.

I always dreaded Mondays, and going to school. Only a month until graduation and it couldn’t get here fast enough. But today was especially dreadful as I knew I had to go see Coach after school or he would let everyone know how he overheard me sucking Bruce’s cock Saturday night. The last thing I wanted was to get outed before I was even sure if I was gay.

I parked my car in the Seniors’ lot and was walking in when Kim came running up and seemed upset.

“Why didn’t you call me after you picked up your car on Saturday? I thought we had a date? Where were you all weekend? Did you find someone else to fuck?”

“After you went out with Stu Friday night, I figured you would be fucking him all weekend.”

“Stu was worthless. He couldn’t get it up. You know how much I hate to suck cock. He insisted I had to suck him to get him hard, so I did, and he got hard when I sucked his cock, but as soon as he would try to stick his big cock in my pussy it would go limp. After the third time trying, I gave up on him and left. I think he must be gay. So where were you? Who were you fucking?”

I stood there not knowing what to say. Part of me wanted to tell her the truth, to have someone I could talk to. But I knew she would laugh and make fun of me, and the whole school would think I was gay within an hour.

“Kimy, I had a quiet weekend. I didn’t fuck anybody, but we are finished. I hope things work out with you and Stu.”


The final bell rang and I just sat in my desk and watched everyone walk out of class. I knew it was time to go see Coach, and I didn’t know what to expect. I had been thinking about it all day. Was he going to make me give him a blowjob? I finally got up the nerve and walked slowly towards the gym and Coach’s office. As I walked past the weight room I noticed there was one guy working out alone, and it was Stu. I looked him over and thought about what Kim had said. Could he be gay? He is the best looking guy in the whole school, tall, wavy blond hair, penetrating blue eyes and a body that belongs on the cover of Muscle and Fitness. No, no way could he be gay.

I reached Coach’s office and stood in the doorway. He was sitting behind his desk and waved me in and told me to sit, pointing at the chair in front of his desk. As I sat down he got up and closed, and locked the door. He then sat on the front of his desk, directly in front of me so that I was between his spread legs, and glared down at me.

“Well, Joe, how long have you been a cock sucking faggot? I never suspected it.”

“Coach, let me explain.”

He held his hand internet casino up, “no excuses, Joe. After listening to you suck that waiter’s cock the other night, it was obvious you both enjoyed it, and based on what he said, you must be a skillful cock sucker, too.”

“But …”

“You’ve met my wife. We have a great sex life, but she refuses to suck my cock. And I love having my cock sucked. She says it’s disgusting. Do you think sucking cock is disgusting?”

I knew I was trapped and knew lying would do no good. “No, Coach, I don’t.”

“Tell me Joe, do you like sucking cock? Do you want to suck my cock?”

“But Coach…”

“No buts. You are going to suck my cock now, and any time I want you to until graduation. Take my cock out and suck it like I know you can. You know you want to.”

I thought to myself, Coach is a great looking, fit man. It could be worse, and I have been wondering about his cock since Saturday night. I reached over and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. His cock was already causing a bulge. I grabbed his pants at each hip, he lifted up, and I pulled his pants and boxes down in one motion. His cock sprang out, almost hitting me in the face.

I stopped and looked at it. I was a good seven inches, fat, and the head was covered with foreskin. I had never seen an uncut cock before. I grabbed it and started stroking it, pulling the foreskin up and down, exposing the big, pink head. I was intrigued with it. I leaned in and licked the head and inserted my tongue under the skin and licking around the head, eliciting a moan from Coach. I continued to play with the skin and then pulled it down and started sucking on the head. I realized I had a raging hard on of my own, but left it alone and focused on pleasing the Coach. I licked down the length and then licked his balls, taking one, and then the other into my mouth, sucking them gently as I continued to stroke his cock. I loved tonguing the foreskin and going down on his fat cock, it was so different than Jimmy’s or Bruce’s.

As I continued to bob up and down on his manhood, I wondered how his wife could keep her mouth off this delicious cock. I stroked with my hand and focused on sucking the big head and tonguing the foreskin. I tasted some pre-cum and knew he was getting close. I started bobbing the full length, picking up the pace and maintaining full suction, and Coach raised his ass off the desk pushing his pelvis out and grabbing my head with both hands, holding me on his cock, as if he thought I might back off when he came. I had no intensions of doing that, sucking harder, working for my reward. He came forcefully, exploding in my mouth, rewarding me with a big load of cum, the biggest load I had yet experienced, and I loved it, sucking him dry and swallowing every drop.

I continued to gently suck and lick his cock making sure I cleaned him and got every drop, licking under the foreskin and around the head.

“That was an canlı poker oyna awesome blowjob, Joe. I wish I had discovered your secret love of sucking cock sooner.”

“Me too. I just sucked my first cock Friday night. You have a great cock. I can’t believe your wife doesn’t suck it as soon as you walk in the door every day.”

He pulled up his pants and walked around his desk and sat down. “Well, every day might be too often. But since we both enjoyed it, let’s plan on you coming by and sucking my cock Friday after class. That is, if you want me to keep that you are a cock sucking faggot secret. Now get out of my sight.”

As I walked out I thought he felt he had to play macho and put me down to protect his masculinity, which was alright with me as long as I got to suck that fat cock of his again. I was already looking forward to Friday and how that would be a great way to kick off the weekend. And I also admitted to myself that I love to suck cock, My boner was finally going down, but I was still horny as hell. I decided to cut through the locker room as it was the quickest way out to the parking lot.

As I entered the locker room I saw some one getting out of the shower, drying his hair with a towel, using both hands. Oblivious that he had an audience, walking towards the lockers, cock swinging with each step. I recognized it was Stu, even more gorgeous in the nude. His muscled chest was covered with a dusting of blonde hair that ran down his six pack abs to his big, swinging cock. He got to his locker as I approached him. I decided not to reveal what Kim had told me this morning.

“Hi, Stu. Did you have a good workout?”

He turned to face me, “Joe, what are you doing here?”

He made no effort to hide himself, obviously proud of his body and his cock. “I’m cutting through to the parking lot. How was your date with Kim Friday? She’s a great fuck, isn’t she?”

I had trouble not admiring his hot body and his nice cock. It was starting to stiffen and rise, about half erect, and growing, and it was impressive.

“Joe…Joe. You must like what you see.”

I tore my eyes off his hot, growing cock and looked him in the eyes. I lied, “I’ve never seen a hard cock other than my own. Is talking about fucking Kim getting you excited?”

“No, but having you admire my body, and my cock is. Judging by the bulge in your pants, it looks like you are getting excited too.”

I was tongue tied, not knowing what to say, as he stepped close to me, his cock now fully erect. It was about six inches and had a slight upward curve. I knew I wanted to suck it, but here in the open?

He grabbed my wrist and pulled it towards his cock, and I didn’t resist, wrapping my hand around it, loving it’s hardness, yet it was soft to the touch. He put his hands on my shoulders, pushing me down and said “you know you want to suck my cock.”

He was right. I leaned in and took the head into my mouth, licking around the head. poker oyna I worked my mouth down it’s length, past my non-existent gag reflex, into my throat and stopped when my nose hit his stomach, and moaned, sending vibrations through his cock. I started moving up and down the shaft, loving every inch as it slid in and out of my mouth. I was really enjoying how my efforts were causing him to moan with pleasure, and realized how much I enjoyed sucking cock. I sucked hard, massaging the underside with my tongue as I picked up the pace, wanting him to cum quickly, before someone walked in. Stu was obviously enjoying my efforts, slowly moving his pelvis, adding to the experience. It wasn’t long and his body stiffened and I was rewarded with his load of cum. I sucked him dry and licked him clean, and stood up and looked him in the eyes.

“No girl has ever given me a blow that good. That was fantastic!”

“Stu, now it’s your turn.”

He quickly dropped to his knees and as soon as I cold get my cock out, his mouth was on it, taking the head in and starting to bob quickly on it.

“Watch your teeth, Stu!” He was clumsy in his efforts, as if he had never sucked a cock before. But he made up for lack of experience with enthusiasm. I was so horny from thinking about Coach all day and then sucking him off and now Stu, that I knew I’d cum quickly, and I did. My first shot hit the back off his mouth, startling him. He backed off and I continued to shoot gobs of cum on his face. I pushed my cock into back into his mouth and slowly fucked his face until I had finished cumming. I pulled out off his mouth and rubbed my cock over his face, spreading my cum around. It was fun rubbing my cock around as he tried to catch it with his mouth to suck it some more.

Sticking my cock back into his mouth, I said “Suck it dry and lick it clean.”

I looked down, watching him licking my softening cock, with my cum all over his face and felt a sense of satisfaction.

“Stu that’s enough. you need to wash your face.”

I watched him walk over to the sink and lean over, washing his face and had to admire his ass. It had to be one of the best looking asses I had ever seen, man or woman. I walked over and started rubbing it, moving my hand down his crack and started massaging his asshole. He continued washing his face and pushed his ass back against my hand. I knew what I wanted to do, and that he wanted me to do it. But I knew this wasn’t the time or place. He stood up and started drying his face.

“We are going to have to get together so I can fuck you. You have a great ass.”

“Wait for me, Joe, to get dressed and I’ll walk out with you. And we can talk about getting together again. I’ve fantasized about being gay for so long, and there is so much I want to ask you about and learn from you. I would have never guessed you were gay. this is so cool.”

We walked out laughing and chatting like we had been best friends for years. We definitely bonded in a way only two men can that share a secret. I told him I had to be going and got in my car and left, anxious to get over to Jimmy’s to tell him about my day, looking forward to sucking my favorite cock. And hoping he would fuck me crazy.

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