A Fluttering Wildflower Ch. 03

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The weeks and months passed and Alfie and Gina grew amazingly close with each other without the benefit of having sex at all. They were buddies in the pure sense. It was incredible though because there were instances strong enough to warrant sexual relation. Once Alfie let Gina shave his face at her insistence while he was seated and straddled on his lap. Alfie had seen her standing over a weighing scale wearing just a white tank top and g-string panties. He’d seen her also applying moisturizer on her legs and getting all that lusty view. She asked him one time if her skirt was too short giving him a rear view to find out if her thong was showing. She even asked him to take a real good look and he thought he just saw a string running through the crack of her butt. Of course in those occasions Alfie’s libido hit the roof and he’d resort wanking off to high heavens after she left.

On the other hand Gina had seen him walking around the house with only his underwear shorts on and several times with obvious erection. Each was aware of the sexual tension building between them and yet they manage not to be carried away. Whether they were protecting their beautiful friendship or testing their limits was good as anyone’s guess.

One day when it was Alfie’s turn to clean the whole house, he found her bedroom unlocked and broke the rule by entering inside. Gina was always neat and proper but he found her room that day unusually unmade and there were clothes lying about on the bed and on the floor. He thought that she might be too in a hurry to leave. He wanted to pick the jeans and stockings on the floor but his eyes got focused on a tomato red underwear lying on the bed. His pulse rate increased as he sat on the bed and reached for the underwear. He held the wispy material up with both hands and it was a low rise bikini panties of soft cotton with a small DKNY detail at the back. He gulped in his throat as he brought the underwear to his nose and smelled a cocktail of aroma, her own natural scent which was pleasant to him and a taint of raspberry. His cock stirred in his boxer shorts and he took it out and walked to her dresser looping her underwear around his straight hard on. He looked down at an array of cosmetics and he found a spray bottle for removing bikini hair which on the label read ‘with a Great Scent of Raspberry’.

Her dresser was tidy and even the hair brushes were clean and even the room itself smelled alluringly like a nice girl’s bedroom. But he wondered why her bed and clothes were in disarray. He picked a bottle of scent called Pink Suede and it smelled like what he’d also smelled in her panties. So he smelled her panties again and he was right. He was like a CSI agent on a sniffing binge. Upon closer examination on the crotch part he found a strand of pubic hair. He plucked a single strand of pubic hair from his crotch and compared it with hers under the light of the sun peering through the curtain opening. The central part of the inner crotch appeared a bit wrinkled as if some pussy substance had dried there and the smell proved to be tantalizing to him. He imagined her wearing the panties and he became dizzy with lust that no other relief could be made but to jack off.

Later he washed her panties full of globs of his semen and hung it to dry in the open air. When it dried he returned it on her bed and sprayed it with a bit of that raspberry scented hair remover so she would not detect that it was washed. Then he put on the crotch part his pubic hair that he entwined with hers.

Later that night Gina announced to him the news that her newly-wedded cousin Lara and her hubby Chris would be visiting her the following day and they would stay for a couple of days. Alfie told her that it was no problem with him. He anticipated with gladness to see her relative.

Lara and Chris was a nice couple and Alfie had gone out of his way helping Gina prepare a hearty dinner for them which the couple could not thank enough. All of them had a lovely evening of chit chatting and getting to know each other.

When it was time to sleep, Alfie learned that Gina had let them used her room while she would just use the couch. Alfie suggested she crash on his bed and he’d be just the one to sleep on the couch.

“No, no, no Alfie I’m fine here. Don’t trouble yourself. It’s just for a couple of nights.” This was the first time Gina kissed him goodnight on the lips. His cock went straight to heaven as she watched her moved about in a flimsy top her enticing breasts jiggling beneath and low-slung drawstring shorts with unbinding leg opening. Was she wearing panties underneath that short? There was no trace of panty line on her rear but in front there was pussy line. Thinking of what he’d done with her panties urged him to give in to his greatest relief — Mary Palmer, his ever reliable soothing palm.

However, to assuage guilt feelings about his libidinous thoughts toward his good friend, he took 100 push-ups and some biceps curls with bahis firmaları his dumbbells to sweat his sexual energy out and limp out his angry dick. Then he took a cold shower and drank gallons of warm milk to throw him into deep slumber. That did it.

At around 4 a.m. his eyes opened with a flutter as he felt somebody was spooned behind him nibbling at his ears and neck as he laid by his side. With the full moon filtering its light through his room he could sense whose breasts were squashing behind him with her hand wandering over his bare chest and abs. He could smell his favorite scent of her…Serenissima. Slowly he stretched out his body under the sheet and turned to her to answer her probing kisses. It was the first time their lips touched and locked savoring and tasting each other’s desire. Under the full moonlit night she looked like a screen goddess, fully made up. They embraced each other and it was beyond erotic. Oh, please cue the violins. It was so warm and tender without anyone of them getting to be in a hurry. It was like they knew their timing. As he took her mouth in a deep kiss, rapture swept through them like a swirling wind blocking out all thought and reason.

Gina held his maleness and Alfie groaned as she stroked it gently. He didn’t realize that his junior had gotten out through the fly of his Calvin shorts. She savored its thickness, power and length and even went on to speak of it. She even used the head to rub on her clit through the silky fabric of her thong. Sideways and under. Oh the feeling was indescribable. Then she pushed his blanket down to see his pride and glory, standing upright like a Boy Scout in a flag ceremony. She looked at it lovingly and gently massaged it with her hand. Her thumb rubbed the tip spreading a drip of his arousal and causing more as her other hand his family jewels through the contoured pouch of his soft cotton shorts. Alfie felt alarmed that his semen might jettison too soon with her ministration. as doing. Prior to this heavenly moment she had jacked up the AC so the cold air had made her nipples peeked naughtily through her silky camisole.

A moment later Gina tugged away his shorts and spread his legs apart kneeling between them and facing him. Her blonde hair whipped along his chest and torso and finally on his upright maleness. Of all the places that she could start to lick, she chose that crinkly seam of his testicles that separates his twin boys before the rest. His face contorted with an enviable bliss and he responded with a tsunami of moans and groans.

“Shhh! Cut the noise you might wake up our guests. Put your legs upon my shoulder,” she offered and then treaded her exploring tongue under his balls. Alfie’s toes curled and his hands delved into her silken hair.

At first he couldn’t see what she was doing because her dark blonde hair cascading down to his lower belly shielded her delicious deed. Finally she upturned her hair and he saw her smearing his maleness across her pouting lips like a fat lipstick. Then she smiled at him and rubbed the head between her parted lips heightening up the sensation. She formed two tight rings around his penis using thumbs and forefingers one on top of the other in the middle of his shaft. She slid them in opposite directions, going back and forth from the base to the head at once. She took it torturously slow in the beginning and then built up speed as he got more pumped and then slowed down to keep him in a holding pattern. Adding her saliva to her strokes made it even more mind-blowing.

Alfie couldn’t help moaning aloud that she shushed him off again. “Hey, calm down they’ll hear us.” That said he came without warning, blowing a gasket of come. The rest of his come laced her wrist and inundated her hands. She was in awe. “It’s an avalanche! I bet you can make the national sorority pregnant.”

She drew a drenched finger to her nostril and tasted a droplet.

“Not bad, tastes like an eggplant,” she said in a jest and rubbed her semen-filled hands to her arms like lotion. “What can ‘Your Excellency say about that?”

“Downright intimate and erotic,” he said and stared at his softening junior to which Gina took the opportunity to take all of him and cleaned off the remaining semen in her mouth. Alfie winced at the post pleasure that could still be regarded as mind-blowing. When she let it off her mouth it managed a half-erect status. “Hey, I’ll be back, junior” she said tapping a finger on the head, “and I’ll wash you up, okay.” She smiled and scurried off to the bathroom. Alfie’s excitement was uncontainable.

After washing him off with a scented face towel, Alfie felt like a happy king. He drew her to him and sealed his mouth over hers. She straddled his hips and felt his cock slapped the crack of her ass. To his credit he was hard as a stone pestle when she groped him. She smiled because that was fast. She hated long intermission. She loved action and Alfie was pure stud all the way.

She kissed kaçak iddaa him back, matching him move for move, her mouth hard and demanding against his. Alfie could barely control his desire. This is no longer pretend. By the time they broke the hot kisses, Gina grabbed hold of her flimsy camisole and pulled it over her head tossing it to the floor. A pair of beautiful breasts tumbled out as well as a bunch of various colored condoms. They scattered down on his chest and torso.

“What the heck are you doing keeping so many condoms?” Alfie asked in a muffled voice with eyes wide open, leaning on his elbows.

“Well, I certainly don’t know how many we could use in one night,” she said in her naïve sexy kind of way.

“Well, let’s find out.” he said intoning his bedroom voice.

She giggled.

“Shhh!” he said. “Keep your giggles down,” and added with a serious note, “I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want you,” he whispered molding his hand on one of her adorable breasts and rolling the hardened nipple between his fingers.

“I feel the same way,” she confessed.

“By the way did you happen to enter my room yesterday?” she asked.

His hands dropped to her narrow waist and stayed there for awhile fiddling on the elastic band of her panties.

“Yeah I did,” he admitted.

“And what did you do in there?”

“I saw your nice thong and smelled it.”

“You did that? I thought you’re a Holy man. I didn’t know your such a pervert.”

“Only with you. Look, it was my cleaning day and I was in the mood for washing clothes too. Why did you leave your dirty clothes strewn around?”

She laughed a muted laugh. “I couldn’t sleep thinking of you that night so I played myself in those panties. And I came several times wearing myself out till I fell asleep. Morning came and I decided to leave it on my bed praying that you would smell them and jack off like crazy like I did.”

“Did you do that?” She asked.

He nodded sheepishly.

“Oh I knew it!” she squealed and grabbed his head toward her breasts with nipples dabbed with flavored lip gloss. “Guess the flavor,” she said as he alternately licked and sucked each with varying pressure and speed.

“Hmmm, it’s like straw…ber..ree milkshake.”

“I’m not lactating yet.” She giggled and squealed at the electricity that rippled within her body.

“Remember the time when I was in the garden lying on my back on a spread sunning myself? I was wearing skimpy bikinis and I asked you to get my tanning lotion. I loved the way you looked at me I almost cried. When you left I secretly followed you and I saw you masturbated and shooting your wad on the plants. I don’t know but it was the greatest turn on for me. How come you never came to me that time? I was waiting for you. I would love it if you shoot your wad all over my body and I’d rubbed them along with the tanning lotion. Who knows we might discover a better sunblock?”

“I believe there is such a turn for everything to happen?”

When he pulled her down to poise her underneath him she made another confession. “I entered your room before you entered mine. I looked into your drawers if you were hiding condoms but I didn’t find any. So before going home I bought a big pack just to ensure that passions like this would not be hampered,” she said blinking an eye. And she moaned deep in her throat as the grinding warmth of his manliness penetrated her clit.

“And what if you found a condom in my drawer, what would you do?”

“Ah, oh yeah ah um I’ll mark an inconspicuous dot on it with a pen so the next time I check on it and I found another one without the mark then I know that it is new and you’ve gotten yourself laid.” She sighed with pleasure.

“I’ve never had sex in a long time. And I’ve never found a girl as beautiful as you in the 28 years of my life.”

“Kiss me Alfie.”

Alfie kissed her again, slowly and seductively. It quickly grew hotter again and he thrust his tongue into her open waiting mouth. His hand cupped her breast, tugged her nipple while he made short lusty kisses below her ear sending shiver along the nape of her neck. He trailed soft kisses over her breasts and made soft, small circles with his tongue as she started to moan. He sucked each flavored nipple with such hunger she thought they would lose them. His hand traveled down massaging her lower belly just above her low rise panties. He teased Gina there until the anticipation drove her so wild, she moaned repeatedly.

“Touch me, please.” Finally he molded her feminine softness with his palm through the silk of her nude-colored panties and moved his hand side by side delving a finger into the damp cleft. Gina raised her chin and elicited the delicious sounds of good-vibes sex.

The heart-thudding moment cane when Alfie was licking her navel. He hooked his thumbs up the side strings of her panties stretching them up to the max. The material pressed her tender flesh and snippets kaçak bahis of that precious part bulged out at the edges of her panties crotch. He stroked her through the silky fabric with his nose, lips and tongue and she almost screamed like she’d fallen from the Hilton Hotel.

“Shhh, quiet down,” he said. She couldn’t bear the vendetta of pleasure he was doing to her that it didn’t take long that she arched her hips pressing her dampness against his face and gave in to a series of involuntary jerks that swept her body. What a climax! And yet he hadn’t pulled off her panties yet.

“Gosh, I didn’t know it would be like this when we’re on bed. All the whirlwind that took hold the day we met caught up with us today and it was like I was rocketed to oblivion and back.”

Because he had almost ripped her panties apart, the slacked fabric now lay shriveled around the lowest part of her waist no longer hiding the dome of her most intimate part. His eyes wandered at the trimmed triangular patch of her chestnut blond pubic hair that shrouded the soft dome and fluffed them with his lips; the inch-long hood of her sticky clit trying to extend out to welcome the pulp of his light tapping finger.

At last Alfie rolled down the sappy panties down her sumptuous thighs. Gina watched his well-defined chest and torso, the greatest of which was his incredible boner and the two round bling-blings scrunching up. The most beautiful package she’d ever seen.

“Alfie, I need to feel you inside me,” she groaned. “We’ll come to that sweet cake. I haven’t explored you yet. You are so beautiful,” he murmured gently easing her legs open with his palms. The view of her flower fluttering with merriment was inebriating.

Alfie began kissing her inner thighs as his hands ran the top of her thighs. Once again her passion was rekindled as his tongue flick each side of her groin heating up every tingling sensation. His tongue traced the side of each lip and the sweet taste of her arousal was the greatest cuisine. Then he pushed a finger inside as he worked on sucking the hood of her clit as gentle as he could handle putting the pressure as her moans dictate. With his other hand he pulled up the twin lips upward forcing her clit to come out in the open and the tip of his tongue feather-brushed the stretched skin folds that surrounds it. The skinfolds trembled as his tongue swished over them like a punching speedball with nary a contact so her hips arched for a much closer encounter. Then his tongue slowed down and she could feel her clit was straining out in the open desperate for his warm and tender bathing tongue. It was a truly erotic oral sex that there wasn’t any rating for it.

“Ah…Ah…Ah…I’m coming again…suck my clit…ohhh,” she moaned and Alfie felt her inner muscles clenched around his sloshing slick finger. Her juice poured like sweet nectar and he imagined himself as the black butterfly sucking her flower.

“Alfie, promise me we’ll do this all the time,” she said panting like she ran a flight of steps to Eiffel Tower. “Put the condom now, I want you to fuck me…fuck me till I see the stars!”

“What color do you want?”

“Alfie, they’re all my favorite colors, get any.” There were tears in her eyes.

He slipped the condom and asked her with love and tenderness in his eyes, “Is the color peony opal okay with you?”

“Put it in Alfie, I can’t wait a second more.”

Alfie kissed her opened mouth as he sank into her. The rhythm began slowly at first, letting her feel every inch of him. Each stroke brought her to the brink. Now it was faster. The bed was creaking at his pounding blending erotically with the sound of their mingling flesh. Her hips were meeting up to his every thrust. Plop! Plop! Plop! His hard meat filled out her young, craving pussy from all sides, stimulating her G-spot as well. Nobody had done that to her.

As Alfie kept a steady thrust she took one of his hands and licked his middle finger. She put it in her mouth and sucked it the way she sucked his dick. Plop-plop-plop. Slurp-slurp. Oh, the greatest of all beats.

“Oh good lord it’s so good…so good…so good… C’mon Alfie give me all of your best shot.” The audio and visual effect of his love muscle drilling her accompanied by his fingers being sucked in her mouth was mind-blowing.

“Am I doing fine?”

“You’re doing great, Mr. Lady Killer but I won’t let you kill me,” she said and she shifted herself without disengaging his cock and went on top of him. Cowgirl position with her knees on either side of his torso.

“Suck my tits and hold my butt cheeks gently apart as you thrust me.

“Oh yeah…that’s better…ohhh that’s utterly good…ohhh fuck! I hope you don’t mind my dirty talking,” she hissed sliding so slowly, teasing in just the tip and gripping the shaft as she contracted her vaginal muscles. Alfie saw his tool lived up to its hardness. Gina’s clit found gainful employment in this position for having good exposure and direct contact.

“Can you withstand my vagina muscle?”

“Try me,” he said and winced as she tightened her grip around him almost vice-like.

“How is it?”

“Incredible,” he said gruffly.

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