A Good Morning

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I woke up this morning with you beside me .. something I would never have imagined all of those years ago when you were imagining it for us. As you lay on your side facing away from me, I watch you sleep. Then that feeling from last night starts to awaken in me.

I want to reach for you but am hesitant. Yes, last night was amazing as we totally threw ourselves into the passion that had been building since you first sought me out. But in the morning daylight, I worry that the regrets will creep into you. So I watch.

You are so beautiful laying there. Even when you sleep, you have that devilishly sly grin on your face. I hope you are dreaming of me.

You start to slowly move and wearily and exhaustedly open your eyes. You look over your shoulder in a pose that is the most erotic I have ever seen. There they are again .. the eyes that are the start of this whole adventure. Your grin turns to a broad smile and I know that there is no regret, only passion.

I reach for your shoulder and run my fingers over your soft skin, dried with the sweat of the passion from the night before. You moan and close your eyes again as I continue to run my fingers down your spine. I want so badly to continue down and insert my fingers into you but I sense that you are enjoying the softness güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of my touch. I open my palm and trace a wider path and you roll over onto your stomach.

I slide out from under the sheets and pull them down for a full view of that gorgeous ass of your. I move so I am sitting across your thighs and continue to stroke your back, sometimes gently with my fingertips and sometimes more forcefully with the heel of my hand. You seem to be enjoying this.

As I slide up to massage your shoulders, you become very aware of my excited state as my cock rests in the cleavage of your ass. You take that sexy glance over your shoulder again and whisper good morning. I am amazed I can even get erect again after the night’s long escapade we have just encountered. I bend forward and kiss your shoulder softly, just running my tongue along the top and up the side of your neck.

I continue to move up so that my lips can finally reach yours. We kiss gently and I run my tongue over your luscious lips. You nibble back on the tip, driving me to an even higher level of arousal. As I slide off to your side, you roll over to face me and we embrace again. I hold your delicate face in my hands and want to gently kiss you but the look in your eyes tells me it is time güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri for more passion .. it’s always those eyes!

You push me back and slide on top of me. Your wonderful breasts hang in my face and your nipples are erect, anticipating some attention. I cannot refuse as I lift the tip of my tongue and flick the underside of first one, then the other. You giggle in a way I have never heard before .. a girlish giggle that betrays the circumstances of our first meeting so long ago. As I start to suckle you, you begin to slide your wetness up and down me, teasing me with the slightest pause each time I reach the entrance to paradise. You are really a tease at heart and you can feel the effect it is having. All I can do is whimper “Please?”

With one slow motion, you raise your hips and slowly slide me inside you. You lower yourself delicious inch by delicious inch until I am fully implanted in you. I expect you to start moving up and down, but you just sit there. I look up into those devilish eyes and see a grin so large, it makes me laugh. You are such a tease. I can feel the walls of your pussy squeezing my cock, then relaxing, then squeezing again. Your grin becomes a smile.

But you cannot wait forever and neither can I. The moods güvenilir bahis şirketleri suddenly changes and you begin to motion up and down on me, slowly at first but then more quickly. I am trying to raise my hips to keep up but you are now in a world of your own so I just lay back and enjoy the experience of the look on your face and your breasts moving up and down in time to our lovemaking. I am trying so hard not to cum yet since I want you to go first. You were obviously ready since it doesn’t take long for you to fall on top of me. You shiver and I can feel you squeeze around my shaft and feel your juices flow.

I don’t give you much time to recover but you don’t seem to need it. You fall off of me onto you back and raise your legs high. I want to lick you, but the look in your eyes tells me you want something more. There are those eyes again! Maybe I will save that for another time.

I slide over and am so hard I feel I could reach you from a mile away. I slide my hips closer and enter in one easy stroke. In the past, we have been gentle but you now are saying “Harder! Faster!”. As a gentleman, I have to oblige.

With each stroke I pull almost all of the way out and then slide forward for all I am worth. Your face shows your pleasure. Seeing that look tells me that my time is short, although each stroke is a passionate eternity for my. I am ready to cum for you. You look at me and mouth the word “Yes”. It was all I needed to see.

I cum with a pleasure I have not felt in my lifetime. You are there .. you are embracing me .. encouraging me .. wanting me. It all is too much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20