A Good Workout

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Natalie was with her older brother Kyle and his friend Luke at the gym watching them work out. She noticed more than once that Luke had a very sexy muscular body. She had always thought that he was good looking, but he only thought of her as his friend’s pesky little sister. She decided to do something to change his mind. She took her shirt off, exposing her in the sports bra she was wearing and the very short shorts she had on. She got on the treadmill and walked for a while.

When she looked behind her, she saw that Luke still hadn’t noticed. Taking her hair out of the ponytail she always kept it in, she ran a hand through the soft shoulder length black tresses and walked over to where he was lifting weights. She came up behind him, put a hand to his biceps and squeezed, saying, “Wow, you have such sexy arms, Luke.” He turned around and looked at her, opened his mouth to say something, then seeing the rest of her, abruptly shut it. He looked her up and down, pausing at her breasts, which were a pretty good size 36C, and back to her face.

“Thanks, Lee.” He said, calling her the nickname everyone called her. He was only wearing shorts, and Natalie could see his hard-on, although she tried not to notice it. “You look good, Lee, you should leave your hair open more often. And not wear such baggy clothes.” Natalie shrugged, and smiled at him seductively. Kyle came over and looked at Natalie.

“Hey, little casino şirketleri sister, what’s with your hair? Did you get it cut or something?” he asked.

“No, just left it open.” Natalie said.

Kyle went back to his weights and Natalie leaned over by Luke’s ear and breathed, “Thanks for your compliment.”

Back at home, Natalie took a shower and got into a robe. Kyle and Luke had already taken showers and were watching a movie. Natalie went downstairs and sat on the couch holding a bowl of popcorn sitting in between Kyle and Luke. Soon, the two boys were immersed in the movie. Working up her courage, Natalie put her hand on Luke’s thigh, and rubbed up and down, dangerously close to his dick. Luke’s attention went from the movie to her hand. Feeling bolder, Natalie brought her hand up and stroked his partially stiff member through his jeans. Luke caught her hand and brought his own to her thigh. He stroked slowly moving his hand under the robe. He rubbed her mound through her now wet silk panties. Natalie shuddered and Kyle looked at her. “What’s wrong with you?” “Just cold, I think.” she answered, thankful the popcorn bowl was hiding Luke’s hand. Just then, the phone rang. Kyle reached over to the table and answered it. He had a brief conversation with the other person, hung up, and got up.

“Hey, I have to go pick up Max from the airport, I’ll be back in a couple of hours. Do you casino firmalari want to go, Luke?” he said.

“I’ll stay here and finish the movie with Lee, okay?” Luke said.

“That’s cool.” Kyle said and left. Luke waited for a few minutes to make sure that he’d left. He went back to the couch where Natalie was still sitting, looked at her for a minute, and pinned her to the couch with his body in one deft move. Natalie gasped in surprise. Luke started to kiss her and rub her pussy through her panties with his fingers. He got off of her partially and took her robe off. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so her breasts were exposed. “Mmmm, beautiful.” Luke said, and licked one nipple and pinched the other between his thumb and forefinger. They were hard almost immediately. He started to suck her breasts hard, making Natalie cry out his name. Luke made his way down her body, kissing and licking her stomach, until he came to her panties. He dragged them down her legs with his teeth. He came back to her fully shaven pussy and saw it was wet with her juices. He started licking it, loving her sweet taste. Natalie moaned, “Luke, ungh, ooooohhhhh.”

Luke ran his tongue along her folds, teasing her clit, making it hard. Natalie grasped his hair and tossed her head this way and that, on the verge of an orgasm. Luke sensed it, and moved away from her completely, wanting to prolong it. “Luke, Pleeeeeease fuck me!” Natalie güvenilir casino cried. Luke came back to her, starting to lick her again. This time, he put one finger inside of her, moved it in and out of her tight cunt. He felt her start to come. “Oooohhhh, Ungh, Fuck, Luke, I’m Cummmmiiiiinnnnng!” she started to scream. Luke kept moving his finger in her, feeling her walls clench around it.

After a long time, she lay still. Then she got up and got on her knees between his legs. She pulled off his jeans and his fully erect nine inches stood proud in front of her. She licked his shaft, getting it nice and wet, then put her mouth around his thick hard cock. She moved her head up and down, making sexy little noises in her throat. Luke reached down and pinched her nipples. Luke could feel himself at the edge. He grunted, tugged at Natalie’s hair.

“I’m gonna cum, baby, where do you want it?” Luke asked her. Natalie laid down on the couch and spread her legs, her pussy wet with Luke’s saliva and her own juices. With a growl, Luke shoved inside of her roughly, making her scream. She was the tightest girl Luke had ever been with. He had to concentrate to keep it from ending right then. Natalie arched upwards to meet his downward thrusts. After a few minutes, Luke could feel Natalie tensing. The look on her face was so sexy, Luke could feel himself cumming. “Here it comes, Natalie.” he said, groaning as he spewed inside of her. At the same moment, Natalie felt the intense climax taking over. She screamed, digging her fingers in his skin. Finally, the feeling subsided. They lay there, panting for breath.

“That was an even better workout than the gym.” Luke said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20