A Happy Ending

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Two women both arrive back at the house they had just been out to lunch together. The day is extremely hot as well, the lunch was a business meeting for work and both of them work together high in a company but work at different branches of the company; they are both the best of friends as well. One is of a Korean heritage in looks; she has amazing long hair and it drapes down to the top of her upper back, the style is straight. She also has an amazing pair of opal obsidian black eyes and she is around five foot and six inches tall. She has an amazing figure with a very athletic body; she has a nice bust on her as well, it is at least a D sized cup but her main feature is her nice petite bum, it is really cute. She is also carrying an amazing designer handbag from Juicy Couture, she then goes into the living room and places it back on the table. She is wearing a lovely black silky dress which is very tight around her body and it is very short showing off her amazing legs; she is also dressed in black matching designer heels.

The other lady is a real exotic beauty as well; she is a mixture of English/Palestinian in looks she has long black silky hair that drapes down to her shoulders and mid back, she has amazing gemstone eyes and they are coloured hazel. She stands slightly taller than the other lady; she stands at least five feet and eight inches tall. She is wearing a very short light blue dress also from Juicy couture. This lady always shops there and buys dresses that are around $500; the dress is also short showing off her amazing calves and legs, she is a rich girl. The figure on the exotic girl is an amazing fit body, not as athletic but is far curvier than the other girl; she has a larger chest which is around 36 D in size. She is wearing black heels but they tie up around her legs slightly, they look very sexy just like her. She also is carrying a handbag as well, it blue to match the dress, she places it next to the black handbag and the house is hers.

“Gail it must have been a long day you had to travel far, would you like to lay out in the front on my chair and relax in front of the swimming pool?”

“Yes Karna, thank you very much it has been quite the journey but a productive meeting to say the least!”

“Great Gail I will give you a nice full body massage, please get into your Bikini or you can wear one of mine.”

“I have one on underneath, but thank you Karna for the kind offer!”

Gail goes outside through the amazing designed kitchen and to the back door.

“Karna sweetie, can you open the back door it is locked?

“Sure Gail,” Karna opens the door with her key for Gail; she always locks it every time she leaves the house or is upstairs for safety reasons.

Gail then goes outside and removes the dress in the garden, revealing a sexy crimson red bikini. There is however a large fence; this prevents people from looking over the garden but maybe from a top window it is possible to see but it never seems to bother Karna. Gail then lies down on Karna’s sunbathing chair she gets relaxed and lays face down on top of it. The sun is scorching hot out there but there is also a slight breeze flowing through the air.

Meanwhile Karna grabs her bottle of massage oil and sun block lotion and places it in her hands and she walks slowly to the garden.

“Wow Gail, you look amazingly stunning,” Karna gasped as this is the first time she has ever seen Gail like this.

“Thank you, now take your dress off, I want to see you in a. bikini baby girl. Gail slides her high heels off onto the floor as she forgot to remove this item of clothing earlier.

Karna takes off her blue dress and slowly unties her sexy high heel boots, one at a time she slides them off. Karna is wearing a really skimpy pink coloured bikini it is slightly more revealing than Gail’s not by much, it is also a G-string type of bikini.

“Oh my goodness, you are really sexy, Karna!”

Karna blushes as she grabs the sun lotion and opens the bottle and pours some of it into her right hand gently.

“Gail can you please unclip your top for me and remove your G-string but do not get up so I can get your whole back and body with the sun lotion first. Do not worry I will be very professional and we both females here.”

“Um, Okay sure Karna you better behave as I have heard naughty stories about you from my work colleagues down in Tampa where I work.” she said jokingly in reply to Karna’s suggestion.

Gail unties her top and bottoms and lays face down on the sunbathing chair again, “Now no peeking Karna!” Karna’s lips curl into a cute smile and her eyes look innocently eyeing up all of Gail’s.

“Of course not baby girl; please brush your hairs to the right as I am going to start on your neck and upper back”

Gail moves her dark black hair to the right of her head and Karna’s hand that had the lotion already poured into it, moves closer to Gail it finally touches the back of her neck. Suddenly Gail shivers as it is slightly cold, but the hot rays of the scorching, incinerating mobilbahis güvenilir mi hot sun, soon begins to warm her neck back up again.

“Mm that feels good, Karna!”

Karna then pours more sun block lotion into her hands and she warms it this time as she did not realize it was cold being a hot day outside. She then rubs it all over the back and spine of Gail, she does not massage her yet and this is just to protect her from the sun. Karna moves her hands lower and goes over Gail’s ass cheeks in a professional manner make sure that cute bum is protected as well. She then moves past it and then goes to her legs and feet. Karna comes back up her body; she then grabs each of her arms as well and she does both of her hands making sure Gail is protected from the sun fully.

“Please turn over Gail so I can protect the rest of you,”

Gail takes a deep breath; she has never been with another girl before, but nor has Karna either. Gail finally gives in and turns over revealing her body, however she is very relaxed and trusts Karna fully, she smiles at Karna.

“I see you were nervous; I am too, Gail, as I will let you see me after as you will need to protect me from the sun too!”

Karna rubs the sun block over the face of Gail all around it and then moves down cupping her breasts as professional as she can.

“Karna can I please do this myself, it kind of feels awkward,”

Karna simply understands and backs off as Gail finishes rubbing the sun block into her remaining body parts.

“Gail can you do me now, darling?”

“Sure Karna lay down”

Karna in despite of Gail’s shock she starts untying her top and bottoms right in front of her, “I will have to show you anyway later, may as well get naked now!”

Gail loves what she sees as Karna lays down on her chest, she moves her long black hair out of the way.

Gail pours the lotion onto her body on purpose to make her shiver but then she quickly warms her up rubbing it all over her back and neck.

“Mm, such soft hands, Gail, it feels amazing baby.”

Gail blushes slightly and goes down to Karna’s ass cheeks and rubs it all over her ass and then down her legs.

“Can you turn over please, Karna?”

Karna turns over and smiles, “do not forget my arms and feet sweetie!”

“Of course not Karna I just wanted to look at you more to tell the truth.”

“That is fine Gail, look at me all you want!”

Gail grabs Karna’s left arm and then her right arm and finally both of her hands and lotions them up. She then rubs Karna’s chest on top but skips her breasts. Gail is still not comfortable with touching them; she however does do her stomach and the front of her body.

“Gail pour some on my breasts, I will do those while you do my legs.” Gail nods in approval and does exactly what Karna just asked and finishes up on her lovely feet.

“I only just noticed your tattoo Karna, what is it?”

“That is Ma’at the Egyptian Goddess of Protection, she protects me from behind,” explained Karna.

“That is cool it looks amazing,”

“Gail, please lay back down, now it is time for your proper massage now you are in no danger of getting burnt by the sun.”

“Which way do you want me first, Karna?”

“Face down please, Gail, protect your hair again as I am using massage oil now, it is strawberry” Gail lays on her front again and waits for Karna patiently.

Karna pours the strawberry scented massage oil which smells so lovely just like her perfume; she rubs it together before placing it onto Gail’s neck. Karna rubs her hands softly at first over her neck and then applies some deeper pressure using her thumbs to really get the stress out of her neck.

“Mm I really needed this Karna; my boyfriend is such a fucking asshole!”

“Why he is not treating you right?”

“Pretty much he keeps on sitting on his ass watching TV while I am supporting us both.”

“Wow, fuck him, you have me now to take care of you,” Gail smiles, “Thank you Karna, Mm this feels so good”

Karna then pours more onto her upper back and rubs it in gently.

“Karna can you apply the same pressure as my neck?”

“Sure girl tell me exactly how you want it I am here to make you feel relaxed and forget about your problems with your shitty boyfriend. This is exactly why I do not have one right now; men can be such fucking selfish cunts sometimes!”

“Tell me about it Karna, go lower baby!”

Karna goes lower down her back as she spreads her hands like an eagle and goes up and down her spine, she pushes deeper and Gail moans out, “Mm just like that you are a natural at this”

Karna smiles again, she then moves her hands out towards both of Gail’s sides she moves up and down her hands lightly touch the side of Gail’s perfect breasts.

“Mm, Karna,” Karna smiles as she slowly relaxes Gail.

Gail moves her hands in front of her and Karna goes to work on her Tail bone as she pours even more oil on her it drips down over her body and mobilbahis changing the colour of her body, some drips onto her cute bum as well.

‘Mm I want her so bad; I need to seduce her as much as I can during this massage, she is too stressed and needs a woman like myself to pleasure her’ thought Karna to herself.

“Please give me your left arm baby,” Gail lifts her left arm up and hands it to Karna.

Karna starts to work on her hand first she locks her fingers with hers massaging the stress from Gail’s left hand. She then rubs her arm gently all the way to her shoulder and back.

“Mm, Karna this is better than my masseur you are so gentle”

“Thank you, Gail, please give me the other arm now.”

Karna does the same to her right arm now loosening it up and places it back down on the sunbathing chair in front of her head.

Karna then goes lower down her back and gets to her ass cheeks, “Gail are you okay if Massage you here?” asked Karna as she touches her hands flat on both of her ass cheeks.

“Yes Karna no need to ask anymore, I feel so relaxed with you”

Karna needs no further approval she really starts to work her hands into her ass, she spreads it and moves them together.

“Mm, Baby”

Karna hears those words and knows she is seducing her but does not push it and goes to Gail’s thighs and legs, she purposely brushes into Gail’s pussy which looks to be cleanly shaven but it is hard to see while she is lying on it.

“Mm Karna, Mm.”

Karna lifts Gail’s right leg up and holds it she stretches it out before applying more oil to her she really works the stress now out of her calf muscles.

“Oh, Karna, that feels so good.”

“I am glad, baby” She then massages her perfect foot, which makes her giggle a tiny bit as she is ticklish on her feet.

“Time for the other one and then I need you to flip over so I can get the rest of you!”

Karna does the same thing again to her left leg and foot, Gail is slowly turning to jellow.

Gail then turns over and lays in front of Karna, Karna looks at her perfect body, Gail’s fully shaved pussy which looks so tight, her amazing breasts and abs.

Karna kisses her on the forehead and whispers, “Relax, just relax!”

Gail closes her eyes as Karna works her neck again after she had poured it onto it. She almost cradles her neck; Karna has watched many massage videos on the net and it is paying off delightfully.

Karna goes lower now and over the tops of her breasts and then she looks at Gail with her eyes.

“Karna, has anyone ever told you, you have the most gorgeous eyes?”

“Yes people tell me this all the time, just only a few gets to see them this close.”

As Karna said that she grabs both of her breasts and gently starts to massage them gently, not touching her nipples.

“Mm Karna!”

She then gently teases them, “Relax Gail, it is all part of the massage!”

“Mm, Karna!” Gail moaned in reply. Karna keeps on massaging her boobs until she think she has had enough and moves her hands lower to her body and massages those lovely abs.

“Such an amazing body you have Gail; those abs feel so toned.” whispered Karna into her ear as she leans down on her.

Karna rubs over the fold just above her pussy and starts to kiss her neck, and whispers “Mm Gail, I have always secretly wanted you”

Gail is shocked to hear those words but likes Karna much; I mean who would not want to get on with Karna!?

Karna lowers her hand and places it right between Gail’s legs and she slowly starts to rub her pussy gently, “Mm, Karna you are so naughty!”

“Me, Naughty I am innocent,” replied Karna as she rubs her harder and Gail starts to kiss Karna on her pretty lips.

Karna is not shocked and rubs her more and more as she begins to make out with Gail.

“Mm Karna!” moaned Gail as Karna pushes away from her lips. Gail sits up as Karna sits next to her and both of them make out with each other again; Karna plays with Gail’s hair as Gail strokes through Karna’s hair as well.

Karna leans in again and kisses Gail on throat, she leans back and moans, “Mm baby.”

Gail grabs hold of Karna’s breasts as she kisses her throat, “Mm Gail.”

Karna pushes Gail down on her back gently she places one hand behind her neck tickles her with her long nails. She then sucks Gail’s right breast, she flicks her tongue over it several times, “Mm!”

Karna continues to stroke the back of her neck as she begins to suck hard on Gail’s perky nipples that are getting hard very quickly. Karna swaps over to her other breast before kissing slowly down her body.

“What a lovely piercing you have, Gail!” As she looks at Gail’s long cross shaped ring sticking out of navel.

Karna kisses over it and then goes toward her pussy but stops to tease her. She blows gently over her pussy, which excites Gail even more.

“Lick my pussy Karna, now!” Karna is shocked to hear her demands that quickly, however she needs no second invitation mobilbahis giriş to such a delightful looking pussy. Karna quick licks around it still teasing her, Gail quickly grabs hold of her hair taking two handfuls of it into her hands and forces Karna to lick her.

“Mm, you taste so good, Gail”

As Karna tastes her sweet nectar that was on outside of her pussy lips from her teasing earlier. Karna then goes to bottom and licks up her slit slowly; one huge long lick which drives shivers down the spine of Gail.

“Mm, Karna!”

She does it again and again driving Gail insane before she starts suck on her pussy gently wrapping the lips around her outer labia. This forces to expose her tiny clitoris which Karna has been wanting to tease all afternoon. Karna rubs it gently with her index finger, “Oh Karna, Mm!”

Karna then licks around her slit again before finally flicking her tongue over her clitoris. “Baby, finger me!”

Karna then makes Gail suck her own juices from her finger before putting inside her. Soon after she slides a second finger and starts to move them in and out slowly and gently.

Karna looks up while licking her before she closes her eyes and lets her lips do the work.

“Oh my god that is sexiest look ever and you make me feel so fucking good baby, Mm!”

Karna starts to really lick her clitoris clockwise with her tongue the licks get faster as Gail asks her, “Fuck me harder Karna!”

Karna obliges and really pounds her pussy with her fingers but being careful as she has longs nails

“MMMMM KARNA!” she screams.

Karna then sucks her clitoris into her mouth and sucks on it hard as she pushes her teeth into it gently and grinds them.

“Oh my fucking god, Karna, you have done this before haven’t you!?”

“No Gail but I have watched many lesbian movies and have always wanted to try it with another girl, you being my best friend I lured you out here purposely!”

Gail smiles as gets licked more and fucked more by Karna’s fingers, Karna increases the pace as Gail grabs hold of her hair hard gripping it as her hands to fists.

“Mm, Karna I am going to cum soon!”

“CUM FOR ME BABY!” screamed Karna in side of her pussy as she is forced close to Gail’s pussy by her own hair that is being held by Gail.

Karna then rubs her Clitoris with one hand as she continue finger her hard and fast trying to make hee squirt.

“Gail I am going to make you do something that you never thought possible!”

Gail continues to moan and tremble on the sun-bed, “Mm, Karna I am Cumming, MM oh my god baby you make me feel too fucking good!”

Gail then in total shock as Karna is able to teach and make her squirt for the first time in her life.

Gail gasps for air as this has never happened to her she almost totally blacked out; she regains her breath and says, “Wow Karna my boyfriend never makes me do that and did not know I could squirt either!”

“Now it is my turn to make you feel fucking good, Karna!”

Karna lays face down on the sun bed and Gail climbs on top of her and grabs her hair from behind and licks her on her neck. She spanks Karna as well for being naughty girl and making her have lesbian sex with her. Karna’s pussy is fully visible now much like Gail’s it is tight and tiny and is fully shaved with not a single hair on it or around it.

“Mm, Gail, I never knew you could be this kinky, lucky for you I love to be spanked and having my hair pulled like this!”

Gail pulls it harder, “Be quiet your mine now!”

Gail kisses down her spine gently releasing her hair but she grabs her by the back of neck pushes her into the sun bed.

“Mm, Gail!”

She then kisses down past her ass, she kisses both her cheeks though to tease her, she then begins to lick her from behind.

“MMMMMMMMM, GAIL!” screamed, Karna.

Gail continues to push her down with one hand, she spanks her with the other and licks her again and finally she releases her neck.

She does this so she can rub her pussy, Karna suddenly kneels up in doggy style position and open it up, but she licks her slit first up and down from behind.

“Mm, do not stop, baby!”

Gail then licks her clit that is finally exposed from behind and she grabs two hands on her ass and pushes her into her face. Gail licks inside of her pussy now deeper than what Karna licked her, “Gail, MM, you are so good for someone that has never licked pussy before!”

“You just taught me, Karna and you taste fucking amazing, just like strawberries!”

“Mm, BABY, make me cum hard!”

Gail slowly inserts two of her fingers not wanting to start with one as Karna is extremely wet from being licked earlier and being pushed around just now. Gail spanks her several times now on her ass cheeks as she now knows Karna is a very kinky girl and it turns on very much.

“MM, I love that baby!”

Karna continues to moan in pleasure as Gail starts to drill her fingers deeply and gets deeper with every thrust until she is finally able to fully get inside of Karna’s wet cave with her two fingers.


Karna starts to shake out of control as Gail begins to fuck her hard with her fingers, she then licks her clit from behind as Karna holds herself still as best as she can.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20