A Happy New Year

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Her laughter rang through my mind. It was amazing to be with her and this was so much like her that I had to laugh too. My brain was trying hard to regain control, but it was failing miserably – except of her voice.

“How in the world…” she stopped her comment to lick her finger again “…could you miss my mouth that bad?” her finger traveled teasingly down her chin, down her neck, onto her black – now stained – sheer blouse.

I simply laughed as the elevator with my brain was almost back up to the top floor. She looked so delicious, and her smile was truly intoxicating.

“I told you: In my mouth!” she tried to look up from her knees with that stern matronly look; but she could not pull it off, it came out sexy, sensual and happily inviting; “and what do you do, give me half it if, and then spray the rest on my hair and the final drops on my top.”

I leaned down and kissed her lips.

“Stop that, “she complained “I have to clean myself up before I head out to the other room where your wife and my husband are.”

“You look very beautiful on your knees.” I said as I picked up a dab of my own come from the tip of my now softening erection and placed it softly on her lower lip and twisted so that all the cum was cleaned by her pouting lips.

“Sure,” she licked her lips slowly, “now you know where to put it.”

“Well, actually it belongs in a much warmer place inside of you, but you said you were in a hurry and wanted to return to the dinner. I sacrificed myself for your need and now you’re complaining…” laughter finished the sentence as I now could fully react to the situation.

I offered her a hand and she took it, I lifted and she stiffened her arm to allow me to pick her up from her knees. I took her in my arms, she thought of a complaint, but this time it was only to part her lips, tilt her head up, and allow my mouth to take hers fully. The mixture of her flavor and mine showing me that I had marked the spot and that her husband was going to have to reclaim her. I had done my job.

“Your blouse looks good, it only shows enough detail for the discerning eye.”

“I’m counting on that”

We stepped out the door of the anteroom, and into the full dining room of the mansion.

– – – # – – –

“Patty, here we are.” My wife called out to Hypatia Lundis, the Greek goddess she had met in photography class only a month ago. The two women hit it off immediately, and brought the two families together within a week of meeting. The two of them found a perfectly willing model in the other, and together they searched for the perfect photograph for their class.

Patty was a tall woman with an amazing figure she had well carried into her fifties. He eyes had lost just a bit of the dark luster with age I was told, but when I looked at them the small lines she was so embarrassed about pointed directly at the center of a dark limpid pool of unyielding desire. To look into her eyes, and understand the passion behind them was to find yourself consumed with the equal and opposite desire.

Hypatia waved at Kymberlee as she took my arm and allowed herself to be guided and displayed at my arm.

Once we arrived at the table and I sat Hypatia at her chair, I took my place next to my wife, and placed a long kiss upon her lips. Letting my lips linger over hers as she took a deep breath and recognized the perfume that was on my skin. She smiled and look at Hypatia.

“So, Patty…”she stopped, looked her over and her husband Art, short for Aratus another old Greek name, “I see he missed again…” she smiled broadly.

“Kym…” she said pointing at me “the man has horrible control or aim, or both. There I was, on my knees – yes, me on my knees – and he finds it for a moment, but in the end he lets it fly.” A complete look of disapproval crossed her face, and her moonless-night black eyes focused on my blue eyes and held them, “and what I get? I get cum all over my hair, and worse of all down my chin, my neck and onto my blouse.”

She looked at Kymberlee, their eyes locked for a moment and you could almost feel the sensuality between them as one told and the other explored her fantasy and real memories to find one that matched. Kym looked at her and then a small upturn of the corner of her mouth let me and Aratus know she had the full image of the cum erupting from the tip of my cock, and falling upon her face, her hair, her neck and finally on her clothing. Kym licked her lips slowly.

“He has always had that final moment’s lack of control. He’s told me many times it is either ramming it down my throat, or forcing it to escape and protect the me from a bruising blow to the back of my throat.” She looked approvingly at me, “and I keep telling him that we’re not as fragile as he thinks we are. Don’t you agree Art?” she concluded by asking Art to join the conversation, and stop focusing on how deliberately seductively his wife kept looking at him.

– – – # – – –

The lights dimmed around us a while later, the conversation remained sexually charged canlı bahis şirketleri and both women did their best to show off their bodies. They enjoyed the looks of approvals they got from men and women as they walked by our table. The night was truly charged and we were ready to celebrate the New Year properly.

Kymberlee look at Aratus and asked Hypatia “Patty, may I take your husband for a spin on the dance floor – I just love this song and want to dance freely with someone I know.”

Hypatia looked at both carefully and with that erotic sense of mischief she so was so fond of exuding “Certainly, but you must tell me all about it when you are done.” She smiled in my direction.

Art stood up, and tugged automatically at the black jacket he wore, making sure he looked his best he approached my wife. A small bow of respect to me and he turned to take my wife’s hand. Her small delicate fingers reach out to his and the darkness of his Mediterranean skin contrasted magnificently with her pale white British skin. Her blue eyes darted to me, and a soft but honest and meaningful bow to me both asked permission and accepted the approval she saw in my eyes.

“Your wife is a lucky girl.” Hypatia Lumis began, “It is a rarity for a woman of her make up to find a man that will not only allow her needs, but demand them in a way that force her to feel her natural desire to be pleasing.

I smiled, “She is a woman of uniquely strong needs and desires. She knows who she is. She understands why she has her needs and accepts them fully, and because of that when we met she was a breath of fresh air.”

“Have you both always been this open?” She asked as she picked up a long stemmed glass filled with champagne for the night’s celebration.

“Indeed we have. I truly don’t think she could have had another marriage where she had to contain herself and lie about who she was.”

– – – # – – –

This was Kymberlee’s second marriage. Her first had lasted a full twenty five years, and she had raised her children well. When they were out of college she told her husband at the time what she needed and he decided that it was not for him.

In the months that past she was accused of everything but being nice. Her lawyer kept asking her to fight back, but he was instructed only to protect her when it would affect her children, now in their 20’s. Her husband told his family and hers that the divorce was at her request. She agreed, but did not try to explain or to minimize the import of the statement.

She never lost the sense of who she was, and in the end the family realized that the marriage was not what they had thought and that she had given it all she had. Now it was her time to find her life.

In her early forties she went back to school, received a degree, realized knowledge was great, but she loved being a man’s woman, and set out to find me.

Our paths crossed on a single’s cruise as she returned to the ship with terrible sunburn all over her body, and I was getting out of the cab from a day of sightseeing. She crossed my path, my hand touched her arm, she flinched and I felt magic. She looked up with soft blue yes, gentle reddish blond hair and a smile that even the jabbing pain of a sunburn could quell.

I walked her up the gangplank and down to her lower deck cabin. She tried to explain, but I pointed to mine – only a few doors down – and we laughed. “I guess neither of us is rich…” she said with a lovely smile to punctuate the comment.

I offered to put some lotion on her arms and back, and her frankness shocked me “You are not going to stop there, are you?” she asked very seriously.

I smiled and looked so deep into those tender blue eyes that it scared me. What I saw deep inside of her was the yin to my yang. I noticed a woman that could love deeply but not exclusively. I realized that she could be both the best and the worst thing that happens to a man – or a woman for that matter.

“Are you sure you mean what you say?”

“Indeed I do, Sir. I would never be caught so easily in a lie.” She replied.

Moments later, sunburn forgotten our lips locked onto each other our clothes were ripped from our bodies, and a frantic exchange of bodily fluids carried us up the most incredibly spiral stair case of pleasure.

My body ruled over hers. She took my cock inside of her and flinched at the pain of her sunburn but pushed me to go harder, to find her special place and to drive deep and hard into it. Kym opened herself fully; her warm wet lips parted fully as her legs spread and found my shoulders. Her hips curled up and down till the smile that covered her face told me I was hitting her exactly where she wanted to be pounded.

Her cunt took over. Her hips obediently returned every effort to pound into her with a welcoming response. Her upward thrusts were exact matches for my downward pressure, and at the very bottom she moved her hips to make sure her cervix was well caressed.

Her muscles at first had no effect on me; I was too lost in pounding canlı kaçak iddaa into this enigmatic beauty under me. I was enjoying how much she enjoyed being fucked. It was different. It was liberating. I was fucking a woman that knew how she wanted to be fucked and did not have any compunction about telling me exactly how to take good and make it better, better and make it best, and best raised up to orgasmic pleasure.

Her thighs clenched her legs, her calves tightened on my shoulders and slowly on my neck and her eyes opened fully to me and I could see deep inside of her soul where her need to be taken existed, and she presented me with the most beautiful, uncontrolled and relaxed orgasm I’ve ever seen a woman have.

She exploded from her soul outward. Her body convulsed and clenched, her eyes stayed open, heavy and lustfully on mine, as she constantly offered inner self to me.

The moment she saw that I was accepting and not judging, that I was curious and wanted to know her fully, she opened up even more. It was almost like she let me into her mind and I could hear her plea to be taken, used and protected. She opened her mouth and soft words came out, a hunger spoke as she whispered “cum all over me, and I will lick it all up for you to watch me… cum all over me…”

I could not hold back, not against a plea that tender, and I pulled out on the last stroke and let my cum fall on her chin, her tits and her belly, the second landed more on her tits and belly, and the third and final squeeze fell on her belly. To my surprise she took my cock in her hand, reached up high and pulled down like milking it, and let the lost dollop of cum be wiped off on the tip of her mons pubis.

I fell next to her well spent and approving of how she took my cum. She slowly took the trail of cum from her body to her lips and licked herself completely clean.

– – – # – – –

“Penny for your thoughts” Hypatia said smiling the music still playing all around us.

“I was lost in thought about how truly lucky I am to be married to her.” I said waving the memories aside. Her hand reached between my legs and felt the hardness there.

“Your wife truly turns you on, doesn’t she?”

“She is my perfect match. She asks only what I am willing to give, she’s never asked for anything outside of that. She offers only that which I can enjoy. But most importantly she remains always true to herself.”

I smiled at Hypatia, “I think that’s why you two have become so inseparable this last month. It appears that you both understand your own needs and desires, you’re both incredibly loyal to the men you’re with, so long as they understand that you have certain needs.”

She smiled back, but cocked her head asking for more, “You will never leave your husband, you are just as solid in that area as Kymberlee is. She wants pleasure, she needs the occasional diversion, she understands her own needs, and wants to be safe in my arms. You are the same with your husband. Hell, you even understand some of his proclivities and encourage him to explore them with you – not alone as many might do.”

“You are an observant man, Mr. Burke.” She lifter her champagne glass and I matched it, they two crystals clinked and vibrated in our fingers as we consumed the bubbly liquid, eyes locked on each other.

“Do you always drink so deeply?” she asked

“Only when someone has a deep font with the complete ability to replenish fully, otherwise I only drink that which is freely given.”

“Good to know,” the laugh was full and full of tease, as she licked the tip of the glass and placed her lips erotically over it.

– – – # – – –

I looked to the dance floor, and place where couples exchanged more than idle conversation. This dance floor was open to dancing in various levels. As I looked around, Hypatia’s eyes browsing over the crowd as mine were, we both found similar displays of public affection very nice to watch.

A couple a few feet away from us were enjoying themselves as she bent over the bannister at the edge of the dance floor, and he entered her from behind. Her ball gown pulled nicely over her hips, her panties had been moved to the side, and she backed fully onto his cock where he moved in and out of her in perfect syncopated rhythm to the music. Her eloquent moans inspired others to look at them, and a few to imitate them.

Hypatia extended her hand and touched mine and held it as we both watched the woman work her way up, and up, and up till orgasm crossed her lips, and the chorus of “fuck me, fuck me harder, or please, please pound me till I scream” was replaced by her promised scream of pleasure. Hypatia’s hand gripped mine tightly, she looked at me, her eyes heavy and I noticed she had been clutching her kegle muscles and forced herself to cum without touching herself. The orgasm erupted from her eyes, her head had an almost imperceptible shudder as her body tensed and finally relaxed.

“Damn you, Calvin Burke, for teaching me how to cum this way canlı kaçak bahis – now I find it so hard not to with the right stimulus” she growled at me true anger in her voice.

“Sucks to be you! But I’m not going to deny I loved watching you cum with her.”

“Fuck you, asshole!” she yelled and leaned over to give a long and warm kiss.

As I regained my seat I continued to browse around the room and found my wife and Art dancing very seductively. She was leaning back on him, her ass grinding on his cock. His hands were holding up her dress. A man and a woman were dancing opposite them and facing my wife. She was parting her legs and letting the woman part her lips. It was beautiful to watch the glistening lips occasionally reflect the dance floor lights. Everyone that wanted to, knew she was wet.

Her hips pushed back onto Art’s cock and her cunt upward to meet her fingertips. She offered her cunt more and more as the soft female fingers caressed her wet lips. The man whispered something to his partner and she moved a bit out of the way so his fingers could do some work. He entered her, first a few knuckles then followed quickly by a few fingers. He pounded into her all his fingers almost fisting into her welcoming cunt.

Kym turned her neck impossibly back and locked her lips on Art as he lifted her legs onto the man’s shoulders so he could keep pounding her cunt. She squirmed her hips in the air and then surrendered to the first orgasm: She screamed into Arts mouth. Her body convulsed and his fingers retracted from her cunt. They were almost chased out of her by the stream of female ejaculate the pushed out and she squirted over his woman who took pleasure in washing her face with it.

Hypatia and I watched entranced as my wife and her husband played with others in front of us. I looked at her and my lust was now uncontrollable. The moans of pleasure from the dance floor and the fact I occasionally recognized my wife’s moans drove my blood to boil.

I took Hypatia from the chair, I placed her on the table, and pulled back her skirt. I pared her pussy and buried my face on it. Her lips parted from the parting of her legs. Her round ass terminated in a perfect crease above her thighs as I plunged my tongue into her lips. The wetness coated my taste buds and my mind raced with recognition. My wife had cum all over her cunt earlier.

“Familiar taste?” Hypatia asked.

“Indeed!” I smiled as my tongue traced her lips from the anus to the tip of her hooded clit. I caressed inner lips, and outer lips till her scent told me she was fully aroused. I plunged deep into her and found the ridged upper softness that if caressed right will force her to squirt. I worked her lips and her clit and with intent worked her rosebud with my fingers.

Her body on display on the table gave her the exhibitionist pleasure she wanted on top of her sexual arousal. She moved against my pushing, her anus pushed out hoping to be penetrated; but her clit was more eager. I worked it softly, till I could feel her plea for roughness and then I sucked it into my mouth. I bit it gently, but caressed it harshly with my tongue, till her fingers intertwined in my hair and she pushed up into my mouth, letting her orgasm flow into my mouth. She kept her cunt pressed and I kept working her clit, but I removed my fingers to give her room to erupt.

As her squirt filled my mouth I felt a man’s hands grip my hair and move me out of the way; but onto my wife’s lips as he took the next squirt on his face till he too put his mouth of her cunt.

I shared my mouthful of squirt with my wife who tasted first of another man, then of another woman, and finally faintly of Hypatia’s cunt. Her mouth opened, her tongue caressed the liquid in our mouth and her fingers caressed the back of my head eagerly.

Kym took the cum that was left in my mouth and stole it for herself and swallowed it in small portions so she could enjoy it more.

I pulled Kym onto the table next to Hypatia and plowed deep into her cunt, she opened her legs wide and accepted the impatient pounding she was getting. She understood that if I had been able to control it, to lower the intensity, I would have used her very long later tonight. But, she knew what the image of her being eaten had done to me and she was surrendering herself to be marked and claimed by me; the same way Art was repossessing his woman.

I pounded hard into her and I noticed in the blur of passion how she and Hypatia were kissing and fully embracing each other. I noticed that I was pounding her hard but also hearing a second slap. I also noticed that the table was in rhythm with my fucking motions, as I plowed into Kym.

I started to see the darkness that comes just before you realize your orgasm in fully loaded. I braced on the table and felt the tingling explode from the base of my cock, to the top of my head, and then bounce back to my fully clenched cock – I did not want to give her the first wave. I struggled against my own body and hers. I struggled against the image of Kym and Patty tongue fucking each other as Art and I pounded into them. I tried, and finally, knowing I had succeeded, I released my cum into her perfect wet cunt, and a guttural primal scream erupted from me as orgasmic wave after orgasmic wave washed over me.

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