A Helping Hand (Or Two)

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This all started about ten years ago. It was a midsummer day, and I was hanging out with my old friend Erica.

Now Erica was what you would call a little on the big size. Like, back then I was a big guy- little under six foot and well over two hundred pounds- but Erica made even me feel small. She was maybe an inch taller than I was, and though I never asked how much she weighed, it looked to be somewhere in the same ballpark as me.

Most guys we’d known growing up with didn’t think much of her- they weren’t the kind of assholes to make jokes to her face thank god- but you could tell they all thought she was unattractive. Me on the other hand? I thought she looked great. She carried her weight well, and it helped that a good amount of it found its way to her chest, giving her the biggest breasts of anyone we knew. So who really cared if there was a bit of a belly underneath them?

On top of that, Erica had this long reddish-brown hair that cascaded down her back, and her face- already pretty cute as far as I was concerned, tended to be enhanced by her make-up skills to look even better. Hell, her lips alone should have been enough to make most guys melt.

If not for the fact that I knew a lot of people looked down on her- as well as the fact that we were friends- I probably would have tried to ask her out at some point before we graduated. But at the time, I didn’t want to cross that line, and so we stayed just friends even once we were out of school.

Anyway, it was mid-July, the sun was hot and Erica and I were hanging out. Normally there was a whole group of us, but this time no one else was free so rather than be bored we decided to hang out one on one. We were at her place and had the entire house to ourselves which was a rare treat. The afternoon had been spent watching tv and making jokes about where we thought our classmates were going to wind up, as well as by my trying my damnedest not to stare at her chest, which was glistening with sweat through her white top. It wasn’t easy, but I like to think I managed.

Then we ordered pizza for dinner and for the most part, everything seemed to be going pretty well.

When we finished eating, Erica decided to save her mother the trouble later and take care of the dishes, both the ones we’d made over the course of the afternoon as well as the ones that were already there. She told me to help her dry, and I quickly agreed, both because I didn’t want to be a bad guest, and also because her firm tone had sent a shiver down my spine.

Maybe it was due to her size, but I always liked the idea of Erica ordering me around. Sure I was almost as big as her, but there was just something in how she carried her size that made me feel two feet tall. I don’t know if she was aware of it, but this wasn’t the first time she’d more or less given me an order that I’d jumped at the chance to fulfill.

I followed her to the kitchen, debating what we could do after the dishes were finished with, but all such thoughts faded away when she reached the sink. Leaning over, she picked up a pair of blue rubber dishwashing gloves, and my heart skipped a beat.

See, ever since I was a kid, I’ve had this thing about rubber gloves. In the years illegal bahis since I’ve discovered the correct term is a fetish, but at the time I didn’t know what it was, just that I liked it when women wore them, and that when they did it made my cock harder than Chinese algebra.

And Erica- who I already stated, was pretty good-looking in my eyes- was pulling on a pair of them right in front of me.

I held the towel I picked up so that it hid my growing erection, but it was difficult to keep up the charade once she opened up the tap and added soap. The first time I caught sight of the sud-covered blue rubber I thought I was going to cum in my pants.

Erica started washing the dishes, and when she passed the first few my way I was careful to grab them without revealing my hard-on.

For a little while, I thought I did pretty well. But once we got a bit of a rhythm going, I guess I relaxed my whole trying to hide stance, because when Erica handed me the next dish, her hand got closer than I’d expected, and brushed against something that was definitely not a towel.

At first, I didn’t notice, mostly because the sensation of the warm, soap-drenched rubber even brushing against my cock was enough to sever the connection between mind and body. But by the time my brain rebooted a few seconds later, Erica was looking right at me with those deep brown eyes of hers, gloved hands at her sides, and her gaze firmly focused on the tent being pitched in my shorts.

“What the fuck?” She said although I think she was well aware of what was going on, just a little surprised. I, on the other hand, wasn’t all there just yet, and thus not in the frame of mind to respond in any tangible way besides half-formed Frankenstein thoughts.

“I, uh… I mean…”

Erica bent over and poked at the bulge in my hands with a soapy finger. I held back a moan but the twitching of my cock beneath the fabric betrayed my thoughts and got her to giggle. “Aww, are you hard for little ol’ me?” I nodded since it was pretty obvious and I couldn’t exactly lie.

If she was weirded out by any of this, she didn’t show it. In fact, she seemed to revel in it. “Is it my big boobs that have you all stiff?” She asked leaning over, giving me a full view of the chest I had tried so hard to ignore today. Before I could answer, she spun around and pushed her butt towards me. The round, firm backside was packed tightly in her track pants, and it was a sight to behold. “Or maybe my ass hmm?”

Finally, I managed to get some blood back to my mind, enough to at least give her some form of an answer. “All of you…”

That got a reaction. Her teasing demeanor faded for a moment, and Erica blushed, bringing one of her gloved hands to her face in mild surprise. “I’m flattered… I know most guys-“

She didn’t have a chance to finish the thought, I knew where she was going with it, and I hated knowing she was so aware that so many idiots could see how beautiful she was. “Most guys are stupid. You’re gorgeous Erica… I’ve… I’ve never known how to tell you.”

Her face erupted in a smile, and before I knew it those thick, red-painted lips of hers were on mine as she kissed me and wrapped her arms around me in a giant illegal bahis siteleri hug. I felt the still-warm gloved hands on my body, one on my back and the other on the back of my head, both pulling me into her. The scent of her body, perfume, and sweat mixed in with the warm soapy rubber sent me reeling. If I thought my cock was as hard as it was going to get, I was wrong. And we both noticed.

When Erica finally broke the embrace her smile remained, but there was something else beneath it. “I always thought you had a thing for me,” she said teasingly, especially whenever I asked you to help me with something.”

“I would do anything for you, Erica.”

I couldn’t believe I’d said it, but it was the truth. I wanted her to tell me what to do. And make me do it.

She smirked, but it was a little eviler this time. As if she’d been waiting to hear that, and now that she had, she could have fun. “That’s sweet of you, but I don’t want a boyfriend right now..” I felt crushed as if my revelations meant nothing to her, but she brushed my fears aside before they could take hold. “I haven’t told anyone, but I’m moving out of town next month, and long-distance wouldn’t work for me… But, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun beforehand. As long as you do everything I say.”

I nearly choked on the sigh of relief I took in and blurted out “anything you say Erica” before I had a chance to think about it.

That was all she needed to hear, and with a grin, she slipped off her top, showing off her bountiful breasts in all their glory. Without a thought I slid off my shorts, leaving only my boxers holding back my still growing erection. Erica seemed to like the sight of it, but rather than say anything about it, she started to remove the gloves. I nearly leaped out of my skin at that. “Wait” I pleaded, and she looked at me curiously. It seemed it was time to let slip my other secret. “Please, leave the gloves on.”

I wasn’t sure what Erica thought about that, but given she didn’t remove them, I really didn’t care. Instead, she said “interesting,” then slid the still soapy fingers of her right gloved hand over my waistband and pulled my boxers down, freeing my erection which seemed to almost reach for her and her gloved hands.

Without another word, her gloved hands wrapped around my cock and started to stroke it, gently at first, but firmly as well. Erica, either knowingly or not, was letting it and me know that she was in charge, and I was all for it. The sensation of the warm, wet soapy rubber on my cock was magical, and I’d have given anything to stay in that moment forever.

As she stroked I stared at her dumbly, her beautiful red lips I’d had the luxury of tasting, her huge breasts, and her sweat-glistening body and everything started to blur as the strokes grew faster and faster and Erica’s slick rubbery fingers ran the length of my cock until all that could be seen if one looked down was the shiny, wet blue gloves.

I started breathing heavier, knowing from my experience jerking off that I was getting close, and Erica seemed to sense this as well. One of her hands moved off my cock and reached up to the back of my head, then pulled my head into her chest, canlı bahis siteleri my face plunged between her massive breasts. I thought I would suffocate in there but I didn’t care, it felt so nice having my face so close to her warm, sweaty bosom that it would have been worth it.

It was easy to see, in retrospect, that Erica was asserting her control over me. She could give me all the pleasure in the world, but she could also take it away. Along with my breath and my life if she wanted to. Luckily, she wasn’t that mean, and mostly just seemed to enjoy knowing that I was so into her.

The hand that was still on my cock picked up the pace, and within seconds I started to blow my load. As I did, Erica let me out from between her breasts and moved her right hand down to catch my cum, even as her left hand continued to stroke me for all it was worth. In my daze I almost didn’t hear her whisper, teasingly telling me she wanted to make sure it was “all clean for later.” I didn’t know what she meant by that, and I didn’t care. I’d never felt so good in my life.

Knowing I wasn’t going to be of much help, she led me to one of the nearby dining room chairs then turned back to the sink, rinsed off the gloves and finished the rest of the dishes, leaving them in the rack to dry. I watched her from my seat, drinking in the sight of her body in all its large glory. It was a masterpiece.

When she finished up, she spun on her heel and sent a wicked smile my way, then sauntered over and wrapped a gloved hand around my now drained cock. Gently guiding me up, she led me cock first out of the kitchen, down the hallways, and into her bedroom.

Once we were inside, she gently pushed me on the bed, grinned, and shut the door behind her. I did everything she said. And I loved every minute of it.

I lost my virginity twice that day. Once to her, and once to her magnificent gloves.


We saw each other a few more times before that summer ended, but always in a group. Neither one of us told anyone about that afternoon, and while I wished we could have had another go before she moved away, it wasn’t meant to be. That didn’t stop her from sending flirty looks my way, or ‘accidentally’ letting her hand bump into my crotch.

When I left her going away party, she asked me to follow her into the kitchen, where out of sight of the other guests, she slid on the rubber gloves and, holding my face in them, gave me a long, wet kiss that nearly made me cum in my pants. Then she told me not to forget her, which I promised I never would. Before I could leave the kitchen she gave my cock a soft squeeze with her gloved hand and whispered “don’t let him forget either,” then let me go on my way.

After that we lost touch, social media not having been a thing at the time. But I never forgot her, and I thought about her every once in a while. I relived that afternoon in my mind countless times, and I often wondered if she did the same.

I’m telling this story now because today, I got an email from her. And at the end of all the expected “how have you been’s” and “what have you been up to’s” that messages from old friends are filled with, was a single attachment. A photo. And once I opened it, I knew she hadn’t forgotten.

It was a picture of a pair of blue rubber dishwashing gloves. And underneath them, were three words that got my heart beating and my blood flowing.

“I’m coming home.”

And I knew our story wasn’t over yet.

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