A Hot Weekend in the Big Easy

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**If this story sounds familiar I had posted it under my former screen name of chigirl74. If you haven’t read it already I hope you enjoy it.

Serendipity, one of my favorite words and it basically means a fortunate accident. My chance meeting with Mark in Siesta Key was just that. I had just been blown off by my now ex boyfriend for the last time. He left me sitting in the hotel bar waiting for him and he never showed. Feeling rejected and angry I sat by myself downing Kalik, my favorite beer. Across the bar I noticed some guy happened to be checking me out. I am pretty sure I just rolled my eyes and started staring back at my beer bottle. As angry as I was I couldn’t help but notice he was quite hot but I was in no mood for talking and the frown lines on my face probably showed it. I was quite surprised that after rolling my eyes at this poor guy he had the courage to approach me.

“May I join you?” he bravely asked.

I looked him up and down and noticed he had two Kaliks in his hand, assuming one was for me I accepted his invitation. What’s the worst that could happen. I suppose I should also mention that when I was looking him up and down I noticed he was even hotter up close. A free Kalik and hot guy is a win win situation in my book. He introduced himself as Mark. I let him know my name was Catherine and warned him of my bad mood. As he sat down he offered me the beer with a look in his eyes and a smile that could warm even the coldest of hearts.

It didn’t take me long that night to realize we had good chemistry. We talked and laughed for hours. I became flirty in no time. I would laugh and touch his hand or grab his arm, tilt my head a certain way when he was talking, even bat my eyelashes. Mark helped my mood change real quick that night. In a daring move I left the bar area and walked onto the beach. I hoped Mark would follow because I had plans for what would happen on the soft, white sand of Siesta Key Beach. Mark did follow me that night and we did have beautiful, passionate sex on the beach. That was the first night of what was to become many hot, sexy, romantic and memorable nights.

That night in Siesta Key was about five months ago. As fate would have it Mark and I are both from the Midwest. We have been able to continue seeing each other. What I thought was good chemistry one night turned into something amazing that I have never experienced before. We share the closeness of best friends with a sexual compatibility that is mind blowing and leaves me giddy and in awe. Almost like it is the first time every time. It’s that kind of a turn on. When I think about Mark and how soft his kisses are on my lips and the rest of my body I get butterflies that start in my chest, travel down my stomach and I can feel it between my legs.

I was ready to plan my next adventure with Mark.

I found out Mark had a rare three days off of work for an upcoming weekend. I sent him a message stating not to make any plans because he was mine for the weekend. Of course this peaked his interest and he wanted to know what I had planned. Being the tease I can be, all I told him was he needed to pack for a weekend that would be hot in more ways than one.

It was the day before we were going to leave and I needed to pack. I was thinking less about what clothes I was going to bring and more about what lingerie I would pack. I wanted to bring something hot and sexy for each night we were gone. I wanted to wear lingerie that he hasn’t seen before, the kind that would make him feel the excitement in his shorts as soon as he saw me. I needed to make sure I looked good in it so I decided to have a little fashion show by myself. I tried on a few pieces and modeled them in my mirror. First was a white sheer teddy that didn’t leave much to the imagination, then a red lacy set and a black fishnet bra set and thigh highs. This little fashion show was getting me more excited as I thought about Mark’s reaction when he would see me, maybe I would even plan a little strip tease for him.

As a little tease I decided to send him a couple of my fashion show pictures from my Blackberry.

“Are you ready for a whole weekend of this?” The caption with my pictures read.

“I’m getting turned on just thinking about it.” Mark quickly responded.

I was getting a little turned on myself. The final lingerie outfit I tried on was a black peek-a-boo bra and crotchless panties. This is an outfit that screams I want to have sex now! I did want Mark right then and there but he was still at work. Nonetheless I was still excited and my hands started wandering all over my body. My hand was grabbing my breast, playing with my nipples slightly pinching them until they stood out hard from the peek-a-boo bra. My body was starting to tingle and my hands followed that feeling that led between my legs. When my fingers first made contact with my clit I let out a slight sigh as I was getting into touching myself while thinking of the sex Mark and I would güvenilir bahis be having very soon. My fingers moved in a gentle circular motion, swirling my clit, getting me quickly excited. As my fingers drifted deeper between my legs I could feel I was wet with excitement. My body tensed momentarily, my breathing got deeper and I let out a bigger sigh this time as I came. I lay on my bed for a few moments feeling the slight pulses, like aftershocks, between my legs. I thought to myself “this is going to be an amazing weekend.”

It’s the day of the trip and Mark still doesn’t know where we are going. The limo was waiting for us outside. I suggested Mark take our bags downstairs and I would meet him in the limo. He gave me a suspicious look and reluctantly took the bags. I wanted to put the finishing touches on my surprise destination. When I stepped into the limo I was wearing a sparkling purple Mardi Gras Masquerade Mask and a few strands of Mardi Gras beads. I had a mischievous smile and finally let him know we were going to New Orleans for the weekend. Mark shook his head, chuckled and said “You are trouble Catherine.” I just shrugged, gave him innocent puppy dog eyes and leaned in to kiss him. The entire way to the airport we were sipping champagne and passionately kissing. I even noticed the limo driver glance in the rear view mirror. We were acting like a couple of teenagers on prom night.

Mark had never been to New Orleans so he didn’t realize that when he called me trouble he was right on, I had known we were going to have a lot of fun, sexy trouble. New Orleans has a certain mystique about it. It’s a city that oozes with spicy food, music that touches the soul, alcohol that flows more readily than water and sex as hot as the humid summer nights. It’s a place where anything goes and the carefree fun goes until all hours of the night. This city has always been one of my favorite places to be and to have been there with Mark ensured that this would be my most memorable trip to the Big Easy.

We landed in New Orleans and after an always interesting cab ride we finally pulled up at the Inn on Bourbon. This is a historic hotel that was once the site of the New Orleans Opera House. It is in a perfect location right in the middle of the French Quarter. I have been to New Orleans a few times and have always wanted to stay at the Inn on Bourbon. I was so lucky and happy that they had rooms available for that weekend. Especially a room with a balcony that overlooked Bourbon Street.

We got up to our room and it was everything I hoped for. It was a spacious room decorated in a way that had a traditional New Orleans feel to it. There were many windows that made the room light up and also provided the views to the fun below on Bourbon Street. There was an inviting king sized bed in the middle of the room that I knew would get it’s share of fun that weekend. We dropped our bags and just lay back on the bed. We looked at each other, smiled, both happy to finally be there together and started kissing. Mark has amazingly soft kisses and it felt so good to feel his kiss on my lips. We were on the bed, arms and legs entwined as we held each other and planted kisses all over. We both become weak when our necks are kissed. I was kissing Mark’s neck all over occasionally giving a little nibble. Mark let out a little sigh as I was doing this. I knew I better stop or we would never get out and see the city.

“I’m going to get in the shower.” I whispered to him as I got off the bed.

I went into the bathroom and left the door open just a crack. Hotel bathrooms always seem to get way to hot and steamy. I turned on the water and slipped out of my clothes. As I was letting the water fall all over my naked body I caught Mark in the doorway watching me with a smile on his face. I blushed and gave him a little wink. He stepped into the bathroom and started to take off all his clothes. Mark has always made little comments about wanting to get in the shower with me but we have never done that. Truth is I have never done that with a man which is maybe why I blushed a little.

“May I join you?” Mark asked but I got the feeling he knew what my answer would be.

I coyly smiled up at him as he got in the shower with me. He used his fingertips to lightly glide up and down my wet body. I got goosebumps even though the warm water was showering down on us. He took my face into his two hands and started kissing me, more intensely this time. His tongue was meeting mine with great passion. Mark’s hands were now all over my breasts slightly grabbing at my nipples that were already hard and pointed. I glanced down and saw that he was almost fully hard. My hand followed his body downward until I felt his hardness and wrapped my hand around him. As my hand was stroking his cock his fingers found the warm wetness between my legs. I was ready for him to be inside of me. I wrapped one of my legs around his waist and pulled him towards me. We both let out a sigh as he entered türkçe bahis me. I was up against the wall of the shower with my arms wrapped around him. My leg was still around him as he was moving in and out but never fully exiting me. Our breathing was getting heavier and I could no longer tell if the heat was from the water or from our bodies moving against each other. As he was going deeper inside of me I was getting so excited I could feel myself getting tighter around him. He must be able to feel it too because with a loud sigh he came inside of me. Our breathing eventually slowed down as we were holding each other as the water was still coming down over our naked bodies.

Mark and I definitely worked up an appetite in the shower. Eventually we were ready to leave the hotel and have dinner at Galatoire’s. Like most places in New Orleans, Galatoire’s has a long history of tradition and is world renowned as one of the finer restaurants on Bourbon Street. We drank our first of what would probably be many classic New Orleans cocktails.

Mark gave a little toast stating “To a what is sure to be a very memorable weekend together.”

We enjoyed a very fine dinner of Shrimp Creole and Crab meat Au Gratin. Even at dinner we couldn’t stop touching each other. Under the table our legs were always touching or rubbing up against one another. My fingers were gently rubbing his forearm as we were waiting for our check.

We were finally ready to start experiencing Bourbon Street. Since this was our first night here I wanted to go a little easy on Mark and save the partying and debauchery for tomorrow night. I took him to a place called Tropical Isle. This is the home of the famous Hand Grenade drink. This particular location also tended to play Trop-Rock music including, but not limited to, Jimmy Buffett. I know Mark was already in a good mood but since he is the biggest Jimmy Buffett fan his mood would only get better. We had a great time sipping drinks and dancing together. He was behind me with his arms around my waist as we sway together to the music. His hands would sometimes trace my body along the outside of the red spaghetti strap dress I was wearing. I had no intention of going back to the hotel only to pass out. Before we had one too many I grabbed Mark’s hand and led him to the door.

I wanted to make our first night there a little romantic so we took a ride in a horse drawn carriage around the French Quarter. I sat snuggled up to Mark with his arms around me as we took in the sites and sounds of New Orleans. We smiled as we saw other couples engrossed in each other kissing up against a building or holding hands and holding each other up as they are walking down the middle of Bourbon Street with a drink in their hands. It wasn’t long before we were engrossed in each other and in the carriage kissing like lovers that had just been reunited.

We barely took our eyes and hands off each other as we exited the carriage in front of our hotel. We handed the guy money and took our little party into the hotel lobby. We quickly found the elevator to head up to our room. As luck would have it we were the only two people in the elevator. Our kissing became more fierce and his hands were all over the outside of my dress grabbing my breasts and kissing my neck slightly biting it. I jumped up and wrapped both legs around him as I heard the elevator ding when it reached our floor. Barely stopping for breath he carried me into our hotel room.

The door had barely closed before he was lifting the red dress over my head. He looked at me smiled as noticed the red, lacy lingerie I was wearing. He took my hand and led me to the bed. Mark rubbed his hands up and down my legs. He took off my heels and started kissing my leg starting around my ankle and working his way up. He was kissing and licking my leg all the way up to my inner thigh. He slid my lacy panties off that were already damp from my excitement. I spread my legs for him and welcomed his tongue as it finally reached my clit. My head was back and my eyes were closed as I felt his tongue move in a swirly motion on my clit. The feeling was unbelievable and I couldn’t help but slight moan as his finger entered me.

Sounding out of breath he whispered, “God you’re so wet and you taste so good.”

Barely able to talk I responded with “please don’t stop I want you to make me cum.”

A few moments later as his tongue was all over my clit and down further I arched my back and let out a moan as I felt the pulsing between by legs. I knew we were not done yet though. He started kissing my body again near my pelvic area moving up my stomach until he met my nipples. As he was sucking them I was hastily trying to get his clothes off. Once I got his pants and boxers off I could see how hard he was and that he was ready for me again. I wanted to put my mouth around him but he had other plans. He gently pushed me back down on the bed and lifted my legs so that my ankles were at his shoulders and he entered güvenilir bahis siteleri me. I could feel the pleasure travel through my whole body as he was entering me deeply and slightly harder and faster as he was getting more excited. Since his hand were holding onto my legs my hand were free to touch myself. I was playing with my own nipples as he was watched. My hand traveled down to my clit and I was massaging myself as he continued his in and out motions.

He loved what I was doing and whispered “seeing you touch yourself is so sexy”.

The moaning got a little louder as we both came. He collapsed on top of me, hot and sweaty from the amazing sex we just had. Exhausted we both fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning we woke up and lay together until late in the morning. It was so nice to be able to relax a little after our passionate night. We were in no hurry to go anywhere. As amazing as last night was I had plans that tonight was going to be a little more daring. Mark and I both like to have a good time and we both like to drink. Tonight we were going to experience New Orleans like it is meant to be.

First we had to do a little sightseeing, shopping, and eating. Of course we had to start at Cafe du Monde and have some beignets. We picked up some souvenirs and spices at the French Market. We walked leisurely around the French Quarter through Jackson Square. Also had to make a stop at Preservation Hall and Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo. Once I thought we saw some of the key points of the city we went back to the hotel and got ready for our fun night of partying.

Last night I dressed for a nice dinner, tonight I am dressing for fun. I wore my short jean skirt that Mark loves with a low cut, black ruffly tank top. Mark was also dressed for comfort and fun wearing a pair of shorts and a nice blue shirt, a color he always looks good in. We started out the night at Pat O’Briens. We sat in the courtyard close to the famous flaming fountain. We had some food and of course some Hurricanes to start the night. After that we stopped at the Cat’s Meow for their 3 for 1 happy hour. We were feeling pretty good going from bar to bar, drinking, dancing, meeting people. Tonight we were the couple walking down the middle of Bourbon Street, maybe stumbling a little.

At about 2am we made our way back to the hotel. The streets were clearing out a little bit but die hard were still out there. I dragged Mark to the side of a building and pulled him towards me and just started kissing him. My tongue going deeply into his mouth. We were quickly all over each other. His hand was on my thigh going up my short jean skirt.

He stopped sighed and said, “You’re not wearing any panties, were going to the room now!”

As fast as we could in the condition we were in we made it back to the hotel. This time we skipped the elevator scene. As soon as we got into our hotel room I took charge of the situation. I walked him to the side of the bed and quickly unzipped his pants. He was already partly hard from the foreplay on the side of the building. I got down on my knees and put my mouth around him. I was sucking on him, my tongue going up and down the length of him. He was grabbing onto my hair as continued to pleasure him with my mouth. I cupped his balls and put my mouth around them as well. He was definitely fully hard now and I could feel and taste him in my mouth. Before he could cum I stopped, got up and gave him a mischievous smile. He looked confused, wondering why I stopped.

Instead of going on to the bed I grabbed Mark’s hand and led him onto the balcony of our hotel room. I said earlier I wanted to be daring and the exhibitionist in me wanted to have sex on the balcony overlooking Bourbon Street. Mark may have been a little nervous. It was late and no one else was out on the balconies. If there were people still partying on the street below maybe they wouldn’t notice, or maybe they would. We were still clothed for the most part. I sat Mark down on a chair that and I straddled him. I think he realized why I didn’t wear panties that night. I started kissing his neck and nibbling it the way he loves and that always makes him breathe a little heavier. He started rubbing my clit until I was wet and ready for him which didn’t take long. I slowly lowered myself onto his hard cock. I started riding him slowly at first allowing him to get deep inside me. I love the feeling of being on top. He moved the straps of my tank top and bra to the side and started sucking my breasts and gently biting my nipples. I grabbed onto the back of the chair with both my hands and started going up and down on him faster and harder. We were breathing so hard we couldn’t even kiss each other. His hands were holding me tightly as the intensity was almost too much to bear. Finally I came and I was pulsing around him, he too erupted inside of me. We stayed there on the balcony for a few moments until we could catch our breath. He lifted me up and carried me to bed.

The next morning I awoke to see him smiling at me. We had to get ready to head to the airport but both of us seemed like we were in no hurry for this weekend to end. Mark gently kissed my forehead, cheeks and lips.

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