A Latex Crossdresser’s Dream Pt. 07

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Part 7. “The New Toys”

I managed to get in the shower alone for once, without the insatiable Karen following me, or waiting for me. Not that I minded this attention from my wife’s slutty friend, but I also needed to save some for the woman I was married to. I got into bed about 5:00 so I set my alarm for 9:30 to give me an hour or so to get some food and then prepare for a session with my wife, and probably Karen as she was staying over, although she must be fast asleep as I hadn’t heard anything stirring from the spare room.

I went downstairs for food and while I was there I took out some latex sheeting from the rubber cupboard and placed it over the sofas, chairs, and the rug, which to be honest was a little late after Karen and Laura had left their juices all over it .I still had plenty of time as wifey was only due home at 10:30 after work and I’m sure it would take her a minimum of 30 mins to warm up and get ready for anything she had in mind.

Back to the rubber cupboard and it was time to pick out some nice tight latex for me to wear and get it shined up. I chose my old favourite, the red and black basque, red stockings, black shoulder length gloves and a solid black hood with eyes, nose and mouth openings and a zip up back to ensure a snug fit. Last, but not least a pair of semi-transparent blue latex sheath pants with internal sheath at the back so I would be ready for some fucking off my lovely wife, and probably Karen. Still only 9:30 and I admired myself in the bedroom mirrors, a very kinky naughty slut I looked at and it was all I could do to resist the temptation to masturbate to my own reflection, but I knew I had to perform later so popped a Viagra and slipped off the hood for now. I put on my tracksuit bottoms and a top and slipped on some trainers so to all intents and purposes I was ready for the gym, and not the sex session I knew would happen.

As I crossed the landing I heard noises from the spare room and assumed Karen was doing the same as I had just done and was getting ready to join in. The noise sounded more like she was redesigning the bedroom rather than getting dressed and a steady pumping sound was all I heard as if she was banging her head on the wall. Being over curious and probably slightly nosey I put my ear to the wall and heard the same sound only louder accompanied by a whirring sound.

Knowing my wife would probably getting ready to come home I text her and explained what I was wearing to get her warmed up but also mentioned the strange noise coming from the spare room. She replied that she was on her way in 30 minutes and couldn’t wait and that she would message Karen to see what she was up to. I said I didn’t just want to burst in on her as that would not be the polite pervert way lol. Five mins went by and my wife sent me text back,

“Hi babe Karen said she is busy warming up and said to tell you its fine to go watch till I get home,”(laughing emoji, devil emoji, kiss emoji)

I replied,

“Warming up with what? My fucking power tools lol?”(laughing emoji, laughing emoji, kiss emoji)”

She replied with just a photo which immediately caused my cock to fill the nice tight shiny rubber sheath it was encased in. The photo was taken from the user’s eye and it showed a view down the body of Karen from her head to the foot of the bed. A smoky grey latex leotard like the red one she had worn earlier, a transparent latex suspender belt holding up smoky grey latex stockings and two very black and very shiny latex clad arms and hands holding the latex thighs apart. Looking further down and I now knew where the noise was coming from and this excited me most, Karen had a machine at the foot of the bed about the side of a laptop but square, so about ten laptops on top of each other.

A steel rod came out of the box and attached to the end was a light blue dildo made from the same type jelly material as the monster dong she had used with Laura earlier that day. The machine was actually fucking her, pushing the dildo in and out of her wet cunt like being fucked by a cock.

Oh my god it was an amazing photo and I had to give my cock a nice firm grip to try and calm it down, but I knew Karen wanted me to go watch as my wife had told me as much in her text. I had seen machines like this in porn videos but didn’t imagine Karen and my wife had one, although I should have knowing what a nymphomaniac she is lol.

Fuck it, I thought as I tapped on the door and walked in and saw Karen in all her splendor with the added bonus that she was wearing a tight rubber hood in the same smoky latex and her leotard had a D ring collar around her neck. The machine was slowly pumping in and out of her open crotch latex leotard and deep into her pussy in long easy strokes. I couldn’t take my eyes off the nice thick dildo stretching her moist swollen pussy lips as it went in and how she squirmed on the bed to get closer to it so it went deeper.

“Hi John, I had a feeling you would want to see your wife’s new toy as I was trying it out before illegal bahis she got home, but god it was heavy to get here,” gasped Karen as she used a small wired remote to increase the speed of the thrusting. “I hope you like it?

“Your lovely wife thought it might be nice investment to give you a rest between Fucking us and also something you might like to watch as you have seen this before haven’t you John, when you wank off all alone?” she said, slightly mocking the fact that I used to only wear rubber and wank on my own.

But not anymore and I voiced my appreciation to the very horny Karen who I couldn’t take my eyes off and so ,so wanted to dive in on the action. There was an array of dildos that could be used with the machine on a bedroom chair at the back of the box, they ranged from anal beads to dual cocks, and they also ranged in size from 6 inches and quite thin to about 14 inches and as thick as my forearm.

“I love your attachments Karen,” I said “but unfortunately I am only here to watch as I have strict instructions to be able to come at least twice tonight.”

“That’s fine babe you just watch me warm up, you could help me by changing the cock though, I fancy that black one with the anal probe on it please.” She said so matter of factly as though I was changing the attachment on a food processor in the kitchen, but hey I guess that was Karen’s way, no bullshit, no pretense, just ask for what you want.

“Anything I can do help babe,” I said as I watched the dildo slide out of her and watched her juices run don and into the latex leotard, wishing I could lean down and lap them up. The machine stopped and I slid off the jelly dong ,which by the way was very easy. I then picked up the one she specified and spread a generous amount of lube up and down the shaft and slipped it onto the steel rod, it was about ten inches long and quite heavily veined and ribbed and the anal probe was about the same length but more like a string of anal beads, quite large beads as well about the size of a Ferrero rocher chocolate.

I reached down and guided them into the holes they were bound for and gently pushed so they were in by just the tips.

“Ok you horny man, now take off your clothes and show naughty Karen what you’re wearing so I can come while this machine fucks me hard,” she commanded with a naughty grin.

I slipped off my clothes to reveal my outfit and she gasped and her eyes widened as she took in the view, a naughty rubber slut man with his cock nice and hard encased in a tight latex sheath.

“MM can’t wait for that after john, now put on your hood, you know the masks excite me so much.”

I slipped on my tight black rubber hood and gave it a final shine with the fluid soaked cloth at the side of the bed which was supposed to give wet look to the rubber and worked very well for short periods of time but generally wore off after 30 mins or so.

“Oh yes my naughty slutty tranny lover, I love it, now strike a pose for your naughty wife as I’m sure she will want to know what’s waiting for her.”

Not really knowing how to strike a pose as Karen lifted the phone and aimed it in my direction, I just gripped my cock and aimed it at the phone with a broad grin on my face, also trying to hold in my little paunch which was unfortunately exaggerated when wearing such tight clingy rubber.

Click click and a ping was all I heard knowing that the pic had been sent. Karen passed the phone to me and told me to wait for a reply as she was going to be busy. By now both cock and probe had started to rhythmically invade her wet holes and she began to inch up the speed of the machine. As it got faster I could see her ass gaping as the beads came out and I so wanted it to be my cock. I knew I would shoot my load without touching anything if this carried on so I went to the bedside drawer and took out a cock ring and rolled I to the base of my sheath to delay my orgasm, hopefully this would work.

Karen saw what I was doing and told me it was a good idea as she didn’t want me to waste come yet as she licked her lips.

Ping ping, went Karen’s phone and my wife who was by now in the car ready to start the journey home returned the favour with a pic of her crotch, quite a dark photo but I could easily work out that she had slipped on a pair of see through latex panties with two dildos attached, they weren’t very large but they were well inserted into her pussy and her ass. She added the comment,

“No need to fill up on the way home I’ve already done it (laughing emoji, laughing emoji, licking lips emoji ).

Why was all this delicious horny unbelievable sex happening to me now? And why had my wife turned into a raving sexual deviant? Not that I was complaining as I was loving every minute of it and to be honest we had already had the conversation of why? But I still couldn’t believe it. My wife had told me that we had been stagnant for years and she really didn’t know what to do, she knew I had a stash of latex lingerie and that I masturbated illegal bahis siteleri when she wasn’t home and she knew that I thought she would be outraged so I never mentioned it. It proved that we didn’t really know each other. She explained that when she met Karen she realised what she had been missing and although she was unfaithful at the beginning she also knew I would be hot to see her fuck with another man so decided to build it into the coming out in rubber party where we could both realise and release our inhibitions and know each other sexually. Of course she was dead right, we had been quite vanilla before and for my part this was frustrating and obviously for my wife’s part as a raging pervert was inside us both we just didn’t know it. Thank Fuck for Karen I thought.

I sent my wife a reply,

“Love you sexy naughty wife, can’t wait to taste what’s in your sexy latex panties.”

“30 mins babe that’s all you have to wait, now make sure you film Karen when she comes, I also want to see how much juice my new toy brings lol.”

“Apparently I have to film you coming with your new toy,” I said to Karen who was by now approaching the moment, I quickly put the camera on record and stood at the foot of the bed behind the machine, watching it now thrusting the black rubber fuck toys into her pussy and ass was causing my cock to stretch against its rubber confines.

Encouraging her to reach her glorious moment I began to give Karen the help of my filthy mouth to get her to gush all over the rubber sheet she had carefully thought to place underneath her dripping cunt.

“Oh yes Karen you filthy rubber whore, turning my wife into a latex slut who craves cock and pussy, you love to eat her cunt and ass don’t you Karen? You slutty bitch, lying on my bed getting fucked hard by a machine while you look at my cock, you are a very naughty slut aren’t you babe? I want you to come all over my bed, gush your wet cunt out so I can lick it all off the latex you dirty cunt.”

Wow I gave myself a raging hard on talking dirty and it also had the desired effect on my latex guest as she shrieked and clenched her latex thighs together to grip the cocks sliding in and out of her, bucking her hips toward the ceiling as she gasped, her breathing became shorter and more intense. Her gushing come squirted all over the latex she was wearing and out onto the sheet, covering the black rubber cocks in her sweet sticky juice.

I had to restrain myself from diving on the bed and licking at her cunt but she sighed as she relaxed and turned off the machine, the sticky cocks slowly pushed out of her by her own internal muscles.

“Now get that machine and the various attachments ready downstairs John, your wife will be home soon and she needs to try this amazing new addition to our horny collection. Maybe you might like it too John she winked at me, after all you enjoyed Su fucking your naughty rubber ass didn’t you?”

I smiled back nervously, knowing that I would probably be bending over being fucked by the machine before the night was out lol.

I went downstairs and set up the machine, the coffee table was just the right height for it as it was in line with the couch and chairs; I set up the array of attachments like a porn shop, all neatly in size order lol. I made sure all the blinds were closed to avoid any prying eyes and also made sure that the camera were ready to film and fully charged. After all I need to see what I’ve done after I’ve done it because I get so caught up in the action I don’t remember most of it. I decided to put my outdoor clothes back on and as Karen got to the bottom of the stairs I could see that she too had covered up, but with the nice and shiny rain coat she wore earlier today. .Mmmm that looked so hot knowing that all that figure was encased in nice tight shiny rubber underneath.

I opened a bottle of my wife’s favourite wine and prepared a snack for when she got in, I was presuming she would need some energy after the day she had and the upcoming session we were both anticipating.

Both Karen and I sat chatting at the dining table as though we were discussing any everyday occurrence, you wouldn’t have a clue what we were wearing underneath at first glance as Karen had slipped into some nice over the knee boots in a very patent glossy black but they were in fact PVC which had an amazing shine and looked like the type of boots worn by many girls out shopping. It’s just that I knew how they complemented her ensemble underneath her shiny red mac. The thought was enough to wake up my cock and it began to swell, this was quite uncomfortable underneath the restricting track suit bottoms and as I reached down to adjust myself Karen looked down at my crotch and commented.

“Oh nice John, a bit premature to be masturbating just yet but the bulge looks good enough to eat, which I’m sure I will later,” as she laughed and tossed her head to one side in her usual very flirty manner.

We both stood up and put on our tight latex hoods as we heard canlı bahis siteleri a car pull into the drive way, my wife didn’t need a key as the door was already open. We quickly closed the door behind her and locked it and made sure the blind was drawn across as we would look odd stood at the front door both dressed in rubber hoods. Without a word my wife just came straight to me and started to kiss me very roughly on the mouth, my god she was so horny she was like a woman possessed. As she reached down and gripped my cock firmly she withdrew from the embrace and looked at me straight in my eyes.

“I do hope that you have plenty left for me lover boy and that my haughty rubber slut friend,” as she looked straight at Karen, “hasn’t taken it all.” This was all said with the usual knowing smile between the girls and a near apologetic look from me, although she couldn’t tell that as my face was fully encased in glossy black rubber. My wife took a step toward Karen and gave her the same rough horny kiss, wow that made me fill the sheath with ever growing cock watching them tongue each other’s faces. The sight of my wife sticking her tongue into the open mouth of a latex hood to be greeted by another wet tongue was very hot and set the tone for things to come. It looked like were all now incredibly horny but my wife had yet to change.

“Before you go and get ready I want to see you remove the rubber panties and leave them here, I want to taste you as you get ready,” I told her.

“Oh Fuck John you sexy rubber husband, of course my darling, better still you take them off me,” as she stepped out of her skirt to reveal the very tight rubber stretching across her buttocks and the two dildos buried inside her holes. I knelt down behind her and began to peel the sticky rubber down her buttocks, the rustle and sound of the rubber being removed added to my excitement as it snapped to her skin. I had to roll down the latex until I could see the dildos inside her then pulled gently and they both slipped out . I carried on carefully sliding them down her thighs and legs until she stepped out of them. She turned round to look at me knelt in front of her with her juice soaked panties in my hand. I knew I would get her even more aroused by my next actions so I slowly inserted the dildo she had in her pussy in-between my lips and began sucking the juice of it like a true rubber slut. She watched intently as the full rubber plug disappeared into my latex face, her eyes widened and she smiled sexily and nodded at me with appreciation.

“MMM you are a naughty boy John, I love that you want my come in your mouth. It’s very horny watching you suck my dildo and I can’t wait to repay the favour, just give me 15 minutes and I’ll be back down. But please don’t start without me as she looked at both of us in turn. We laughed and said of course not.

Both Karen and I carried on chatting at the table over a glass or 2 of wine, alcohol always seemed to remove any inhibitions and allow me to do things I would probably not have considered before, I remembered fucking Su just a couple of weeks earlier and the wine certainly added to my willingness to do this, and other things too lol.

The TV was on standby mode ready to connect to any external source, it was one of the smart TV’s that could connect to anything, phones, tablets, PC’s etc at the click of a button and you could cast anything you were watching on your phone to the TV. My wife was pretty tech savvy and obviously had a little plan of her own in mind, as the TV sprang to live and all of a sudden we were watching my wife thrusting a big purple dildo into her cunt and two large cocks were in view masturbating over her pussy and tits. My wife was giving instructions to the two cock owners, who I now knew to be Aron and Ky.

“Come on you big horny boys give this dirty slut some of that lovely cream, come on my pussy and tits you horny fuckers,” she ordered as the boys furiously wanked and spurted their thick wads of come, splattering her tits and landing on her pussy and torso, she rubbed the cream into her skin and looked like this was one of her favourite things to do as the purple cock disappeared into her deeper and faster and she began to gush all over the plastic gyno chair she was sitting in.

Karen and I watched intently and my cock was now standing to full attention, Karen reached under the table and began to massage the head of my cock through the lubed latex covering, this felt amazing as she hit the tight spot behind the glans of my cock, a soft moan escaped my mouth as my cock still grew and I was glad I had squeezed a tight cock ring around the base of my sheath to keep me from coming to soon.

My wife appeared on the bottom 3 steps of the stairs and the sight was one which could have made me come in an instant if I hadn’t shot 2 loads already today.

It looks like my slutty wifey has been out shopping today as well as working and she must have been inspired by the Lovely Late Laura from the earlier face time session. She was wearing identical semi- transparent open crotch latex leggings but had underneath a pair of panties similar to the ones I had removed only with 2 internal sheaths, one in her pussy and one in her ass (I bet she enjoyed putting them inside herself).

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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