A Learning Experience

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Author’s note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to rozezwild for her editing to make this a better story.


From as far back as I could remember, both my mom and dad worked. Dad had a fairly typical daytime job, although his hours were long and unpredictable. Mom worked a swing-shift job at a major manufacturing plant, meaning that she started work in mid-afternoon and didn’t get off work until the early morning hours. It all combined so that I didn’t see them very much on weekdays.

In my early school years, they always arranged for me to spend the afternoons at a babysitter’s house, usually a mother of a classmate who was within walking distance of the school. Every couple of years, the babysitter changed as people came and went but the routine was basically the same.

Once I got into junior high, things changed somewhat. My father’s only brother, Uncle Mark, was several years older than my dad but had never married until that summer before my last year in junior high school. He married a woman who seemed to be more than 20 years younger than he was and they moved from across town to a new house just a few blocks from ours.

As with all new construction, there were lots of remnants of the building process left around the site. In those days, the custom was that the contractor just left the grounds as is when the house was completed and the buyer was responsible for cleaning it up and doing any landscaping he wanted. No sod was laid … rather most buyers bought grass seed and raised their own grass. St. Augustine or Bermuda grasses were the most popular in the hot, arid area of the southwest.

Since Uncle Mark owned his own business and spent hours with customers all around the state, he was not home often enough to do the clean-up himself and surely didn’t want to spent his weekends doing it! He talked to my parents and then to me and we struck a deal where I would ride the bus to and from school, getting off near their place. I would first take care of any homework, then spend whatever hours I could in their yard cleaning up. When I got it in reasonable shape, he would have some topsoil delivered for me to spread and seed for me to sow. Watering would also be my responsibility; this was before the days of automatic sprinkler systems.

It turned out to be a chore and I earned my money! Thank goodness I was good in school and seldom had much homework to do – usually I finished it before I left school each day. Picking up hundreds and hundreds of pieces of lumber, getting them into aluminum cans for trash pickup, adding untold lumps of concrete overrun to a rock garden in the back, dealing with unwieldy strapping material that had been discarded from bundles of roofing, and all the other bits and pieces left behind was a major chore. I think some of the things I found and picked up must have been left over from prior uses – like maybe the lot had been used as a dumping ground at one time – but I cleaned them all up regardless of their origin.

Aunt Elizabeth – Beth, as she urged me to call her when we were by ourselves – checked on me frequently and often brought me ice water or lemonade to drink. She would stand around telling me how good a job I was doing while I blushed and drank whatever she had brought. I was rather tongue-tied in her presence because she was so much prettier than my other aunts, the four on my mother’s side. They were all older but Beth almost seemed like my age. Actually I found out much later than she was just 13 years older than my own 14 years. At the same time, I found out that the real difference in Mark’s and her ages was 27 years!

I had always found it awkward to talk with women that I thought were pretty, whether they were 5 years younger than me or 50 years older. I didn’t have the same problem with a plain looking female so it had to be their beauty. Beth was the most beautiful woman I knew, including my limited experience with movie stars – I didn’t have money to see many movies so I didn’t have many to compare but it wouldn’t have mattered.

Beth was beautiful. And when her stomach began to round out with the growth of a new baby, I thought she was excruiatingly sexy. I began to have to find ways to hide my unwanted reaction every time I saw her – my cock would grow hard and push the front of my pants out and I knew she’d be able to see it, which would have embarrassed me beyond belief. So I had to consciously try to think about other things.

Eventually I got the whole lot cleaned up and Uncle Mark had the topsoil delivered. Two big loads in the front yard, three in the back. Using a wheelbarrow and shovel, I began distributing the huge piles into smaller piles, then used a heavy rake to spread the smaller piles over the old rough ground. It was backbreaking work and by the time I was finished, I felt like I had developed enough muscles I could have taken on the school bully and made him eat crow. internet casino Only I didn’t even know of a school bully!

Sewing the grass seed was a breeze. I had no problems carrying around the twenty pound bags and broadcasting the seeds until the ground was fairly well covered. That took less than one afternoon and I started watering the same day. At first I had to use three hoses screwed together with a nozzle on one to cover the whole yard but, after three days, Uncle Mark came home with a new sprinkler. Then all I had to do was set it up, keep up with the time and move it until the whole yard had been soaked.

Even though most of the outside work was finished, my parents and Uncle Mark wanted me to keep to the same routine. I always stayed at their house until just before sundown or shortly thereafter, when my dad would drive by on his way home from work. He’d honk and I’d grab my books and run to get a ride home.

Instead of working outside, Uncle Mark asked me to let Aunt Elizabeth assign me chores to be done when I wasn’t moving the sprinkler or mowing the grass. As she grew larger, it became more and more difficult for her to do things so I did some things around the house for her and he kept me with a steady income of spending money. It wasn’t great but, for a kid with nothing, it was fantastic!

With the school year finished and summer starting, dad would drop me off at their house early every morning and I would usually start out by making sure everything on their lawn was ship-shape. Sometimes there would be trash to pick up and every week I would pull out the old rotary mower and cut the grass – ugh! That was an all morning chore. Other days Beth would have a list of things to do or I would go around the house looking for things that needed repairs. I turned into a reasonably good handyman if I do say so myself.

I began to do some of the easier loads of laundry. They had a set of the latest washing and drying machines for clothes so the work was mostly carrying the clothes up and down the basement steps and folding them when they were dry. That wasn’t bad. Some days I would run the Hoover vacuum over the carpets, doing either the downstairs or upstairs but never all of it in the same day so it wasn’t a huge chore.

I found myself often staring at Beth when I thought she wasn’t looking. That beautiful round belly made her seem so sexy I couldn’t believe it. And I swear her boobs grew right before my eyes. They just seemed to expand like a balloon taking on more air. Oh, how I craved to nuzzle my head between those two big pillows and just listen to her heartbeat … so something.

One day as I was moving the vacuum from one room to another on the second floor, i spotted her bedroom door open and turned to look. There she was in the dressing area, obviously fresh out of the shower because she was bent over drying herself. I couldn’t help but stare. What a woman! Her heart-shaped bottom was magnificent. And her breasts, hanging and swinging as she dried her legs, were out of this world. I had never seen anything so luscious.

It must not have been more than a few seconds before she straightened up and spotted me in the big mirror. She took time to carefully wrap the towel around herself before she turned and walked sensuously toward the door. She smiled at me and closed the door without a word. I went on with my work, feeling like I had betrayed my aunt … but reliving those seconds over and over and over in my fertile mind.

About seven weeks after the new school year started, I dropped off the bus one afternoon and went to the house only to find it locked up and nobody answered the door. There was a note on the back door that Uncle Mark had taken Aunt Elizabeth to the hospital and I should go on home until further notice. The next afternoon I found out that she had given birth to a baby boy after more than 13 hours in labor. They named him Jackson Theodore.

It was five days before Uncle Mark proudly brought his wife and baby son home. He was tickled pink and I guess Beth was too. I got to see them that night for the first time and Beth seemed to beam with joy at her little bundle of life. To me he just looked like a wrinkled baby but dad and Uncle Mark and Aunt Elizabeth all talked about how the baby had this person’s eyes and that person’s chin, ad infinitum.

I resumed my chores the next day after school, only this time, they included doing more items for Beth, who was supposed to spend several days taking it easy, mostly in bed. As a result, I was in and out of their bedroom several times every afternoon. And no less than one chore came up every afternoon right in the midst of the baby’s feeding.

That didn’t seem to bother Beth. She sat propped in bed on several pillows holding the baby to her breast. She sometimes invited me to sit on the edge of the bed while she went over chores that I needed to do that day. I could not help but stare at them, especially since she seemed much more comfortable taking her gown down and canlı poker oyna uncovering both of her big tits, rather than trying to keep on covered – that way her gown didn’t get in the baby’s way, she said. Whenever she caught me staring at her, she just smiled and then turned back to her son.

With more laundry to do than ever, I found myself in the basement almost every day, and glad of it. I could leave the bedroom, bound down the stairs, and then get the laundry started without her ever knowing that I was covering up my thoughts about her. When Beth did need to get up for any reason, she would call me. I would go up and help her out of bed and provide an arm for her to lean on while she moved about the house until she was ready to go back to her bed. By then, having her tits rubbing constantly against my arm had my cock rock hard and I would make another trip downstairs as quickly as I could get away.

Days turned into weeks, which turned into months and years. I continued my work for my uncle, spending as much time at their house as I did at my own. During that winter, Uncle Mark had to spend some time in the hospital for an illness I didn’t know much about, although I knew it was some form of cancer. Beth told me it was related to his long time smoking habit. While he was in the hospital, I spent as much time as I could babysitting so Beth could be with Uncle Mark.

Early in my senior year, Beth became pregnant again. Although that meant that my chores changed again so that I became their primary babysitter, that wasn’t a problem with me. I really loved my little cousin and we got along well, even with our age difference. I still did some of the laundry and yard work but taking care of Samuel was my number one responsibility.

Even though he was a little over two years old, Beth still nursed him and in fact, told me that she had every intention of letting him nurse until he was ready to go to pre-school. She felt that it was good for him and they did seem to have an extremely strong bond. Of course it didn’t hurt my feeling to take Sam in to his mother and watch her bare her breasts as he climbed into her lap. I think she knew what it did to me to watch her luscious breasts but she just gave me the sweetest smile and turned back to her son.

Knowing very little about the functioning of the female body, I wondered if she would stop producing milk during her pregnancy. Actually although her body seemed to undergo some changes and she complained for a time of being ultra-sensitive, she did not stop lactating. Sam had to settle for a bottle of formula at meal times when Beth was in the hospital that spring, giving birth to her baby daughter Della (yes, Beth was a fan of the early Perry Mason books and TV shows and named her daughter for Della Street). However Beth was home with Della in three days and feeding both of her offspring that evening while I watched. Then I bounded down to the basement to keep from embarrassing myself.

Five weeks later, just two days after my eighteenth birthday, I got another shock. Having just cleaned the kids’ rooms, I was putting away the vacuum cleaner when I spotted the master bedroom door partially closed. Peeking in, I was startled to see Beth sitting naked on her dressing counter, one leg dangling while the other foot was properly flat on the marble counter top. Her crotch was coated in white shave cream and she was very carefully scraping the hair from her abdomen. As I watched, she finished that part, then, placing her fingers in the petals of her pussy to stretch the skin, she shaved up the sides of her opening. She kept twisting and turning to get every hair and when she was finished, she carefully washed herself off, ran her fingers over the smooth skin and smiled with satisfaction.

Without moving her raised leg, Beth looked up and caught me staring at her. “Do you like what you see?” she asked.

My mouth opened but I was unable to make a sound. I nodded my agreement.

“Theodore!” she spoke sharply. I figured I was in trouble because she never called me by my real name; she always called me Ted or Teddy. “Do you like it?”


“Then say what you like and mean what you say.”

“I love it!”

“Have you ever seen one up close?”


“Come here then.”

I put the machine on the hall floor and advanced into her room. The closer I got, the more apprehensive I became, sure that at some time, this wonderful dream would end, my bubble would burst and something bad would happen.

But it didn’t. I stopped within two feet of her, my eyes glued to that mysterious place between her legs.

“Do you like it?”

“Yes!” I spoke with feeling.

“Get down there where you can see it up close.”

I knelt down, but then spotting her little dressing stool, I pulled it out and sat between her legs. My eyes were level with her treasure and I wondered at this most unusual sight before me. Out of a split that disappeared in the direction of her butt, there were two of the poker oyna strangest, laciest, curviest ridges of flesh I’d ever seen. They looked so soft, I wanted to reach out and touch her but I dared not.

Beth had both of her hands flat against the inside of her thighs and gently pulled each leg toward the opposite direction. The little strips of flesh spread apart, revealing a bright pink, wet looking area with an opening in the upper portion. I sniffed and loved the strange fragrance. It was beyond my description but I knew I loved it.

I looked up at her and her smile broadened. Her voice just barely a whisper, she asked, “Would you like to lick it?”

I croaked, “Yes!”

“Then come on, Teddy. Just be careful.”

I leaned toward her, tentatively sticking my tongue out toward her. When the tip reached her flesh, I licked down to the opening and ran the tip around the little cavity. Clear fluid seemed to cover every part of her and I rolled it up my tongue to my taste buds … it defied classification but, once again, I knew I loved it.

When I backed away just a bit, so that only my tongue was making contact with her outer surface, I noticed a bit of a bump at the confluence of those two lacy ridges and curiosity got the best of me. I let my tongue tickle the side of the bump and heard Beth suck in her breath. I glanced up to see if I’d done anything wrong but her eyes were closed and she didn’t seem to be in pain so I continued.

I wasn’t sure what to do but the little button was hard, like a bit of rubber. I circled my tongue around it, then closed my lips around it and sucked the whole thing into my mouth. Beth gasped and her hand clasped the back of my head, pulling me toward her. My hands found the sides of her bottom and I was amazed at the soft smoothness of her flesh. I kept sucking as if her button was a nipple and my mind thought flashed thoughts of what it would be like to suck milk out of her beautiful big tits.

I was conscious of her breathing becoming faster and faster. She moaned unintelligible things and I would have leaned back to look at her to see if I was doing something wrong but she had both hands locked behind my head holding me tightly to her, so I kept licking and sucking. My hands roved over the curve of her bottom and up her back, only to come back down and start all over again.

Then the tenor of her voice changed and she suddenly screamed, “I’m cumming! Don’t stop!” Not that I had any inclination to stop. I felt a warm wetness trickling down my chest and glanced downward but I couldn’t move far enough to see myself so I kept sucking and licking. Her hands guided my lower so I let go of the little button and moved down to where she guided me. Over her opening again, I found a little flow of hot lava that tasted so good. Eagerly I lapped it up.

Somewhere along the way, she slumped backward against the mirror. After a bit of a struggle, her dangling leg was lifted to my right shoulder. She rested for a few moments and then moved her other leg so that it was cocked over my left shoulder, her ankles locked behind my head. Only then did her hands slowly let go of my head. It suddenly dawned on me that I was pleasing my aunt! She had, in fact, just opened her legs so that I could reach even deeper into her than before, while still holding me close to prevent my retreat. That meant that she wanted more.

I sucked and slurped until all the fresh liquid seemed to be gone. After that I alternated licking all up and down between the two sweet fluffy ridges of flesh, sometimes tickling the little bump but spending more time exploring the opening and wishing I could reach further into her. Beth didn’t seem to mind whatever I did so I kept at it. After a few minutes, her legs jerked my head towards her pussy hard and she began really stiff as she gritted her teeth and hissed, “I’m cummming, baby. Keeeeeep sucking…” And another miracle happened! There was another stream of that delicious liquid flowing out of her opening.

While I greedily searched for every drop with my tongue, my hands roved all over her body. Unconsciously they found their way to her tits and circled those heavy globes. I halfway expected her to object but it didn’t happen. In a moment of lucidity, I noticed the litte ridge that ran across her crease below the opening to her pussy and I ran my tongue over that ridge. Somewhere in my mind I knew I was treading on dangerous territory but for some reason it just didn’t matter.

I licked all around the new valley but found it similar to a funnel … everything that went into the valley eventually went to the center. That’s where my tongue wound up … tapping on her ass hole. The instant it did, she jerked and gulped in her breath. But then she relaxed and I went on with my exploration.

The little puckers that led to her core opening all had to be explored, line by line. Then I went back to the center and pushed the tip of my tongue and was surprised when it actually slipped inside of her opening. It didn’t go far but it was enough that once again, Beth gasped and held her breathe for several long seconds. My fingers got carried away on her precious boobs and I felt warm liquid oozing over my hands. She didn’t seem to notice or at least she didn’t comment.

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