A Letter to Princess Ch. 01

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Here is a letter from a daddy to his daughter, who is away to college, telling her how much he misses her.


Hi sweetie,

Its been so long since we have written to each other. I am sorry that our lives have become so busy that we don’t get to see each other or write or call as often as we want to. I have been promoted to a director and so I am not going to be working as many hours and not travelling at all.

Your college is so far away but I know its the best school in your field. I promise to write or call you as often as once a week. I will come visit you at least once a month. I have been thinking about you a lot. You’re my only child and I did a pretty good job of spoiling you rotten. I hope I can continue to do that. *smile*

Daddy misses his babygurl. You know what I am talking about sweetheart? *evil smile*

Baby, I miss you. I wish you lived closer. I miss having you run around the house in panties and a short tee shirt. Do you remember doing that? *smile* I miss having you tease me wearing nothing but a tank top that barely covered your butt. I miss having you slide up in my lap and tell me all about your day. Telling me how the boys teased you for developing so early and how the girls were jealous of you. I also miss you calling me in the shower and asking me to wash your back. I miss mobilbahis güvenilir mi how you used to push your butt back into daddy, rub and grind and giggle while we stood in the shower together.

I mostly miss the “tuck in” times with you. How you loved wearing only tank top (and nothing else) to bed and how you used to enjoy having daddy snuggle with you. You used to ask me to wear “tuck in clothes” which were my boxers and tee shirt, which, you always got rid of right away because you used to love playing with daddy’s chest hair. You used to love resting your head on my chest and snuggle and cuddle with daddy. I miss feeling your body pressed up against mine.

Then there was spooning. You so innocently used to turn to your side facing away from me. This used to be my indication to turn to my side facing in your direction. I miss feeling your cute round tight and gorgeous butt against me. Wiggling it, squirming it, rubbing it, grinding it against me. I miss wrapping my arms around your waist and feeling your flat tight stomach and your gorgeous sweet waist with my big daddy hands. I miss playing with your belly button. How you used to love it when I did that. Do you still touch your belly button thinking about that and get butterfly feelings in your tummy? I miss brushing my hands against mobilbahis your breasts and your hard nipples and how you used to breath heavy and moan and whimper when I did that.

I remember how I used to slide down the bed and lifted your tank top over your waist and spread your legs wide and kissed your little baby-girl cunny. How I used to wrap my lips around your hard little clitty and sucked and nibbled on it hard and slide my big wet tongue on your sweet pussy lips over and over again until your lips got swollen and engorged. How I used to slide my tongue inside your tight little baby girl pussy and licked the insides of your pussy until it leaked tasty sweet baby girl juices. How I loved sucking on your puffy pussy lips and massaged your tight buns and spread your ass cheeks and slid my finger up and down your hot little crack. Oh how I loved sliding a finger inside your hot little butt; finger fucked your anus as I sucked and licked your pussy making you cum over and over again.

I miss spooning with you and resting my fat hard thick daddy-cock in the crack of your ass. Falling asleep with my cock buried inside your tight little pussy feeling it pulsate and feeling your pussy quiver and contract around my fat large hard daddy-cock. On special days when you were particularly feeling naughty and dirty mobilbahis giriş and when you’d asked me with big naughty grin on your face, I’d put lube into your butt and finger it nice and deep then fall asleep with my fat cock shoved deep inside your anus feeling your tight butt ring massaging daddy’s huge fat cock and my balls resting against your pussy lips.

I miss waking up in the morning and finding my cock all swollen inside your pussy or your butt. To fuck you hard early in the morning and cum inside my sweet princess. To feel my cum and your pussy cream gush out of your pussy and onto my balls and your butt crack. I loved waking up like that and then taking shower with you where I continue to lick fuck suck and finger your pussy your nipples and your tight little anus. Do you miss daddy fucking your tight little ass hole? Do you miss begging daddy to shove his cock up your anus and fuck you hard doggie style honey?

I have been reading stories on lieterotica and how naughty little gurls like to fuck suck and lick their daddys. How they like to take their daddys’ big fat hard cocks up their ass holes and really enjoy getting fucked up the ass.

So, lately I have ben feeling very dirty. I have ben thinking about you and wondering what it would be like to slid my tongue inside your anus and tongue fuck your ass hole in the shower. I wish I could bend you over in the shower and shoved my fat cock inside your anus and pulled your hair and fuck you until your pussy gushed out juices for daddy.

I can’t wait to see you again honey. I miss you so much my baby girl!



Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20