A Long-Distance Relationship Ch. 04

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This is the fourth chapter in the series “A Long Distance Relationship.” It would be best if you could read Chapters 1-3 so you can gain the benefit of knowing the backstory of Chapter 4. As always, please feel free to offer any feedback you want. And an author always values feedback from his readers.


I rose slowly out of a very deep sleep, conscious only of the fact that I was happy and rested. Then I became aware of a hand on my cock. I looked over at the beautiful woman lying next to me, and I knew instantly why I felt so happy. It wasn’t the blow job in place of an intermission during the movie last night, nor was it the awesome love-making in my bed following that movie. It was the fact that I was in love with an incredible woman and she returned my affection. There was no feeling like that in the world, and I was basking in it, immersed in it, loving it.

Melany was curled up on her left side, still sound asleep, her right arm behind her and her hand holding my cock. I was on my left side behind her, spooning what was the most exciting body I had ever experienced. My right arm was around her, softly holding her left breast. Her nipple was hard against my palm, and my nose was nuzzled in her hair. This was a wonderful and warm dream become a reality.

I needed to pee in the worst way, and for a moment I considered how I was going to extricate myself from our snuggled position without waking her. But I was saved the trouble. Almost as if she sensed that fact that I was awake, Melany inhaled deeply and then slowly stretched. She rolled onto her back and looked at the ceiling, and then turned and looked into my eyes.

“I can think of nothing I would rather wake up to than the feel of your soft skin pressed warmly against mine.” I smiled and kissed her, and she returned both the smile and the kiss.

My hand was still holding her breast, and I slowly trailed down her flat tummy and onto her mound. Her skin was still sticky from our lovemaking last night, although most of our shared juices had dried on her thighs. I gently massaged her lips and then touched her clit, while I nuzzled my face into her breasts.

“This is how I dreamed of awakening for more than four months. And it is so much better than my dreams.” Melany smiled sleepily and gave my cock a squeeze.

“It is about to get even better,” I replied quietly.

I shifted my position and began to lick and kiss her breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples. As I kissed all around her beautiful orbs, I saw as well as felt both her nipples respond. Her breathing became short and shallow as she enjoyed my sensual ministrations. I kissed my way down her stomach, licked her navel, and then continued down to her trimmed pussy.

I licked all around her labia, tasting our combined juices from a few hours before.

“Dave, I need to take a bath.”

“Please allow me the privilege and joy of doing that for you,” I said as I continued to lick everything but her clit. As soon as I had licked her clean, I was tasting only her juices as she became wet again. Then I pressed my tongue against her clit. I gently sucked her clit between my lips, pulling it as deeply into my mouth as I could. As I kissed and licked her clit, she began moaning softly and deeply. As she entwined her fingers into my hair, she moaned even louder and her breathing quickened.

After only a couple minutes, her moans became cries. Then her thighs clamped tightly around my head, squeezing my ears so much that I almost could not hear her cries of pleasure. Her juices flowed freely, coating my face in spite of how much I tried to suck them down. She bowed her back and let out a scream. Then she squirted into my mouth and all over my face. The sheets became soaked, and still she squirted.

After a couple of minutes, she quieted down, her breathing calming and her fingers loosening their grip on my hair. I kissed her thighs and then kissed her beautiful and soft lips, giving her clit one last lick. Then, with a huge smile on my face, I crawled back up to her face and said, “Good Morning!”

She kissed me deeply and passionately. “David, you are the best lover I have ever known. I have never squirted before!”

“I’ll say!” came from the doorway.

I looked at the doorway just in time to see Lynda and Joy jump on the bed wearing only their usual panties.

“We couldn’t stay away with all the noise coming from in here,” Lynda exclaimed, wiping the sweat from Melany’s forehead with a soft and loving expression on her face.

Joy looked at me, then at Melany, then back at me. “Listen, you never gave us any rules about what is off-limits.” She added some comments in her native Hungarian, and then looked at Melany to translate. Melany replied in kind, but with a look of concern. Joy said something more, and then looked at me.

Melany blushed a little, and then said, “What Joy just asked me is if YOU are off limits.”

Lynda chimed in with, “We like girls, but we love a hard cock.” She looked at Melany and then at me, and seemed a little uncomfortable when she spoke.

I took güvenilir bahis a deep breath, and then took the plunge. “Okay, Rule Three.” I looked at Melany for the translation. “I am in love with Melany, and I would never do anything that might cause a problem in our relationship.” I paused to allow Melany to translate, and she smiled with real joy as she spoke in Hungarian. So I continued.

“But Rule Two applies. You are free to do anything you want here at the house, and almost anything you want in public. As long as Melany is comfortable with it, the two of you can join in with anything we are doing. And to make sure everything is okay with her, she will invite you. Otherwise, you may watch. And you three can feel free to enjoy each other all you want. Is that clear?” I looked at Melany, and she nodded, and then translated for the other two.

I knew that the three girls had a special relationship, and that relationship sometimes included Melany joining the other two on camera and off. So I didn’t want to get in the way of their pleasures. At the same time, I knew that sometimes I, and maybe Melany, would want some activities to be just for the two of us.

“One limitation – if my bedroom door is closed, it is for Melany and I to enjoy some time alone. But in any other room, or if the door is open, the two of you can feel free to join in. Is that okay with you, sweetie?”

I really did not want to risk damaging the beginnings of an awesome relationship with Melany. On the other hand, I didn’t want to claim all of her attention. In addition, I wasn’t sure what would happen if the four of us engaged in sex, but I sure wanted to find out.

All three women nodded with glee, and made all sorts of noises. They hugged other and squealed and kissed and touched. Then they hugged me. Without warning. I felt six hands roaming my body, removing my clothes. That in itself would be a turn-on to any man. But if you add to it the fact that a mouth engulfed my cock and a finger invaded my ass, then you get a very erotic experience. And I loved every minute of it.

In what seemed to be only a few seconds, someone had pushed me on my back, and Lynda sat on my very hard cock. Then Joy was sitting on my face, smashing my nose and covering my mouth with her pussy. My tongue responded in its natural way by invading her lips and tasting a very sweet cunt. I tried to see what Melany was doing, but my vision was too restricted. Then I could feel most of my nine inch cock slipping in and out of Lynda’s pussy, each time going deep and banging against her cervix. I felt her smooth pussy ramming against my pubic hair and her clit making contact with it. She mixed a sliding motion with a grinding motion in an incredible way, causing me untold excitement. Within minutes, she had me on the verge of cumming. But before I could shoot my load into her pussy, Joy flooded my face with her juices. That put me over the edge, causing me to empty my balls deep into Lynda’s vagina. She could feel me cum and squealed her excitement, signaling her own orgasm. I couldn’t believe it, but all three of us came within seconds of each other, indicating just how in tune with each other our sexual hunger had become.

With a loud sigh, Joy climbed off my face, allowing me the chance to breathe a little more deeply. I felt almost drowned by her juices. I thought that she had released more cream into my mouth and onto my face than any woman of my limited experience. And I know I had cum more than I had ever cum before.

Lynda pulled off me, releasing my cock from her wonderfully tight pussy, and lay on top of me, kissing me and tasting Joy’s copious cream. Then we all sprawled on my king-sized bed in exhaustion. Melany was the first to speak.

“I think that was the most exciting sight I have ever seen!” I looked and could see her eyes sparkling as she spoke.

“I think that was the most exciting thing I have ever felt!” was my breathless response.

We all lay in my very messed up king sized bed for a few minutes without talking. Then I broke the silence.

“Okay, who wants to go to Disney World?”

The cries of excitement made it obvious that they all wanted to go to Disney World.

We all dispersed into our respective bedrooms to clean up and get dressed. Disney World should have opened about now, and we wanted to spend an entire day there, so we needed to hurry. As I was washing all the cum off my body with a hot shower, I was thinking about the girls and how much they were looking forward to the excitement of the world famous amusement park. In several of the many Skype calls we had exchanged, we talked about some of the things they would want to do when they came to America. And on the top of the list was a visit to Disney World. It seemed that everyone in the world had heard of the amusement park, and everyone was enough of a child to enjoy it. And the second trip on the list was one or more visits to the beach. They had been to a number of lakes, and Joy had been to the Mediterranean Sea once, but none of them had been to anything like the Florida beaches. They had seen Daytona Beach on türkçe bahis the Internet many times since we planned their visit, and they were very excited to head to the beach. But the first thing on the list was Disney World, so I suggested that option for today. And obviously it was the right suggestion.

Not surprisingly, I was the first to be ready. As I waited in the main room for the girls to get ready and join me for the trip, I tried to imagine what they would each be wearing. I had emphasized that Disney was a family attraction and that they should wear what they wanted as long as they kept this fact in mind. But even a family environment left a lot of leeway as to what they could wear. So I waited with no small amount of anxiety and lots of excitement to see their individual choices. And when they came of out of their respective bedrooms, I was definitely not disappointed.

All three girls came into the main room within seconds of each other, and I silently wondered if they planned it that way. When they came into the room, my eyes had a difficult time taking in the sight. I spotted Melany first, of course. She wore a sun dress of some light material, befitting the hot weather here in central Florida. It was made of some very thin material, not quite see-through, but clearly transparent enough to show she was not wearing a bra underneath. I could see her dark aureole at the peaks of her breasts. The protrusion of her nipples was apparent from the points pressing against the material of her dress, but the actual view of her nipples was covered because of the color of her nipples blending in with her aureole. But the cleavage that was showing made up for the absence of her visible nipples. Much of her breasts was visible, making the large size of her natural boobs quite apparent. The hemline of the dress was short, halfway up her thighs, and the skirt was almost flowing, and was clearly going to be a problem if there was any wind to speak of. She wore white tennis shoes to complete the light and playful outfit. As I would have expected, she was the perfect combination of sweet and sexy, and I felt confident that she would be turning the heads of many people at the amusement park, both men and women.

The noises behind me while I was checking Melany out indicated that Joy and Lynda had also arrived. I turned around with expectancy, looking forward to enjoying what I would see, and was not disappointed. Joy, the more adventurous of the three, wore a white tank top with thin straps that hugged her braless breasts. Her nipples were wonderfully prominent, indicating her excitement. The neckline was scooped, showing so much cleavage that I was concerned for a moment that she would get the unwanted attention of the security guards at the park. In addition, the blouse as cut deeply under her arms to show more than a little side boob, but hopefully not too much to keep her out of the park. She wore a pair of tiny white shorts that could only have been inspired by Daisy Duke herself. Her fine ass was put on display with the scant beginnings of her butt cheeks peeking out from under her shorts. She wore an over-sized pair of sun glasses in rainbow colors, with the expected pair of tennis shoes. I had a hard time looking away from this unbelievably sexy woman, so I lingered for a few seconds longer than was necessary.

“Hey, what about me?” Lynda’s voice broke my focus long enough for me to look away from Joy’s awesome body and exciting outfit.

Lynda wore a simple tee shirt of some thin material that fit snugly over her medium sized breasts, but was made of some silky white material. While her breasts were properly covered, the material was thin enough that her nipples almost protruded through the cloth. The shirt ended midway down her stomach, showing plenty of her toned and slender midriff. She also wore shorts so small that they rivaled Joy’s shorts for the butt cheeks revealed. She wore comfortable sandals and over-sized but gaudy sun glasses, like Joy.

All things considered, I was certain I would be having a lot of problems keeping my cock under control all day long. And I was certain that we would be pushing the limits on what the amusement park considered family entertainment. More importantly, I was certain that we would be having so much fun that these girls would never forget their vacation. Hell, I was sure I would never forget their vacation!

“Shit! Ladies, you are going to cause a few divorces today!” My comment elicited more giggles and exchanged looks between the girls. And all three had very wide grins decorating their faces.

“That is sort of the idea, isn’t it? I mean, not the divorces, but definitely the distractions, right?” Lynda’s response got another round of giggles and exchanged looks between them. I mentally groaned, foreseeing an awesome day, while hoping that no one would get “detained” because of their outfits.

“Okay, let’s load up.” We all headed for the door to begin this unforgettable day.

Because my Jaguar F-Type would not hold all four of us, I had rented a Cadillac Escalade for the week, and we all piled into the luxury SUV. I told güvenilir bahis siteleri the girls that Melany would sit in the front seat, and would sit next to me at any other time, so Lynda and Joy climbed in the back with Melany in the front. Within seconds, Joy and Lynda were enjoying the benefits of sitting next to each other. Hands were roaming and tongues were getting tangled before we made it out of the driveway. I could only hope that the show in the back would not distract me enough to cause an accident.

The conversation during the hour long drive to Disney World came in spurts, separated by the sexual activities in the back seat. Melany and I talked about nothing in particular as we enjoyed each other’s company, although I could tell that Melany entertained the idea of joining the other girls in the back. But for the most part, she held my hand and looked into my eyes and shared bits and pieces of her life in Hungary.

As I drove, I couldn’t help but notice that Melany’s dress worked its way up her legs, showing more and more thigh each time I looked. When we were still about ten minutes away from our destination, she caught me staring. But this time, her dress was so high that I could almost see her crotch, and I kept moving my head to get a better view.

“Are you okay, Todd? You keep moving your neck like you have a pain or something. Do you need a neck massage?” Melany’s questions were underscored with a tempting grin. She knew what she was doing to me and was enjoying it.

“It is not my neck that needs massaging, and you know it.” My response had its own grin. I was loving the show she was sharing.

Without taking her eyes off mine, she reached down and slowly lifted her hemline higher. Within seconds she had pulled what looked like a tiny thong aside and I could see her trimmed thatch, and then her beautiful pussy lips. With her dress bunched around her waist, she touched her pussy. I almost exploded in my pants. Her lips were engorged and her pussy was obviously drenched, with the juices leaking out onto the smooth leather of the seat below her ass. I tried to keep my eyes on the road at least a little, as she caressed her lips with her forefinger. After several seconds, she made contact with her clit. A moan escaped her lips, and she began to gently rub circles around her clit.

“No fair!” I exclaimed. “You are putting on an awesome show and I have to watch the traffic around us. That is simply not fair!” I tried to sound as disappointed as I could, but my grin betrayed me.

Melany’s response to my complaint was to push a finger into her pussy. I watched as she slowly pushed it in and out several times. Then she added a second finger to her efforts. I groaned as a third finger entered her pussy. She began moving them faster, and groaned herself, only much louder.

“Let me see! I want to see what is going on up there.” Joy’s words were emphasized by her groan as she leaned forward enough to see Melany’s hand. “Oh, that looks so good.”

Lynda leaned forward to join her as they watched Melany, and Joy reached around the seat and slid her right hand inside the top of Melany’s sun dress. The dress was loose enough to make that easy, and Joy began caressing and squeezing Melany’s right breast. More moans were heard above the traffic noises outside the car, but I couldn’t tell if the moans came from the front seat or the back seat.

“Shit, that is hot, Melany,” came Joy’s voice from the back.

At that point I saw Lynda’s hand snake around the passenger seat and disappear into Melany’s dress top as she joined in the caressing and stimulation of Melany’s breasts. I felt jealous that the two girls could have all the fun and I was limited to driving. For several minutes, the only sounds coming from within the SUV were the moans of three very hot girls.

Finally, the gates of Disney World loomed ahead of us.

“Okay, ladies, we are here so you need to stop.” I may as well have been speaking to myself because the girls totally ignored me. As I pulled up and then past the entrance gates of the park, the man directing traffic into one of the several parking lots looked into the car and smiled at what he saw. He winked at me as I slowly passed him, and I grinned back at him. As I pulled into the appointed parking space, I hoped that my erection would subside at least a little.

“Okay, ladies, you will not need your purses because I am covering all the expenses today. But in case you want to spend some money, I am giving each of you $100 in twenties. Since you each have pockets, you can keep your money in your pockets and not need your purses.” I passed out the money as the four of us exited the vehicle, amid the surprised expressions on the faces of the girls. Then I walked up to the ticket booths and ordered 4 two-day passes just in case the girls liked Disney World so much they wanted to come back. I pulled out my wallet and slipped the woman behind the security glass my credit card. She looked past me at the three women standing behind me and smiled with interest as she handed the passes through the glass. I turned around to hand out the passes and saw the three women just staring around. It was my turn to smile, knowing that this place was absolutely awesome to anyone here for the first time. Hell, I was still awed and I had been here a couple dozen times!

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