A Loving Embrace Ch. 01

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There was a knock on the door signaling her lovers return. Josey got up from the sofa to answer the door; it wasn’t who she was expecting it was her mom.

“Mom what are you doing here,” asked Josey.

“Oh honey, your father is cheating on me with…”

“With who mom some girl from work I can’t believe he would do that.”

“Kind of its Alex his partner,”

“Are you saying dads gay,” said a shocked Josey.

“Yes. I thought something was wrong when he wouldn’t make love to me anymore. I feel so empty.”

“Oh mom, come here,”

Mother and daughter embraced in a loving hug. Her mom was starting to get aroused by her daughters embrace her sweet love box started dripping with her juice. Josey noticed her mom’s reaction so daughter decided to prolong the effect since she hasn’t any in weeks. Josey led her mom over to the couch and started unbuttoning her mothers blouse.

“Josey what are you doing?”

“Sshh mom I’m going to make you feel better just stop thinking.”


With that said daughter illegal bahis removed her mother’s shirt then her bra. Her mom was in very good shape at the age of forty. Her DD breasts were still very firm for her age. Daughter leaned over and put her mother’s nipple in her mom and starting nibbling on it. With that her mom starting moaning so she new she was doing something for her mom that made her feel good.

“Oh Josey that feels so gooood.” Josey didn’t realize that her mom starting tugging on her shirt so she stopped nuzzling her mom’s tits so she could take off her shirt and bra. When her mom noticed that she started nuzzling on her daughter’s beautiful 38c tits.

Josey’s hand started moving down south to her mom’s love box. Josey started rubbing on her mom’s pussy and she got more of a reaction from her mom.

“Mom stand up so I can see that beautiful cunt of yours.”

Her mom did as she was told she slowing stood up and started removing her jeans and surprised the hell out of her daughter when she stood back up illegal bahis siteleri with no panties on.

“Mom where are your panties?”

“Honey I stopped wearing them years ago. Stop talking and get over here and eat me I’m so fucking horny for some action.” Josey gladly pulled her mom back down on the couch and started eating her own mom’s pussy. She new better then so start right off with the clitoris so she just kept running her very long tongue up and around her mom’s clit and into her opening her mom was very wet down there so Josey’s tongue slipped right in. that brought her mom to her first stunning orgasm.

“Oh honey I need something in me” her mom screamed out so Josey plunged her index finger and then her middle finger in she realized she was fucking her own mom and she had her first orgasm without touching her self. Josey reached in her side table for her special toy and double ended dildo she teased her mom’s clit with it first then shoved it in her opening. Josey stood up to get the rest of her clothes off and canlı bahis siteleri joined her mom on the couch. Her mom admired her body before taking the dildo out and stated licking her daughter’s pussy but she went straight for her daughter’s clit. “Oh mom yeah right there don’t stop ohhhhh. I need something in my pussy now mom fuck me oh mom fuck me.” With that said her mom shoved the dildo in her pussy the end that was in her own love box.

“Oh my god I’m cuuuuuuuuuuuuming.” When Josey was done with her orgasm she got on top of her mom and started licking her mom’s pussy again and then shoved the big dildo up her pussy. While her mom did that Josey started licking her pussy again up and down all the way to her moms anus she got the other end of the dildo and started to give it a fake blowjob which made her mom start cuming again when she was in the middle of that Josey shoved the other end into her moms anus.

“Oh my god Josey that feels amazing keep doing it oh yeah fuck me harder yeah oh my god I’m cuuuuuuuuuuming.” Josey kept working the dildos in and out of her moms hole until she calmed down a bit.

“How was that mom did I satisfy you enough?”

“Oh yes honey better then your father but don’t stop I haven’t felt this good in years.”

to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20