A Master’s Pleasure

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Arriving home, after a seemingly endless day at the office, she can’t wait to slip into the warmth of a hot, foaming tub. All day she waited patiently, the thought occasionally danced through her mind. Finally, the key is in the door and she is already transported in her mind.

On the floor of the porch she notices a pink envelop. “Someone must have slipped it under the door,” she mumbles.

Bending to retrieve the mysterious letter she places her purse and coat down at the same time. Mmmmm…. the thought of that bath…… she catches a familiar lavender scent. Suddenly, all of her senses are enlivened. she can hear soft music playing in the living room, a warm glow coming from a candle in the corner. so many thoughts swirl through her mind. opening the envelop quickly, a note from Him…. an instruction.

pet, a warm bath awaits. relax…. enjoy
your loving Master.

“Ohhhh, He knows me so well,” she whispers.

as instructed she heads straight to a warm bath, removing pieces of clothing as she goes up the stairs. feeling as if she is being watched, she turns part way up. seated in the chair in the corner by the fireplace, silhouetted by the glow of the candle, her adoring Master. Mmmm. He nods and she continues up the stairs, knowing He is pleased.

slipping eagerly into the soft foam, she senses Him near. eyes closed and traveling off to beautiful, warm, far away places. completely consumed by the experience. she has drifted far, far away… knowing her Master is near.

He raises her arm and places a warm cup of tea in her soft hand. kissing her lips softly and sweetly. fueling erotic thoughts.

kissing her eyelids and whispering softly “keep them just like this, pet.”

kissing her soft cheek, now güvenilir bahis flush with color from the warmth of the bath and the pleasure of the moment.

exchanges of pleasure and power. knowing her pleasure. knowing His power. knowing her power. knowing His pleasure.

caressing the bubbles into her silky skin. gentle but firm hands knowing every curve. gliding across every inch of her body. finally, taking her hands and raising her slowly and carefully, her eyes still closed as instructed, she can feel His eyes on her. standing before Him. for His pleasure. taking her in. deep primal moans.

toweling off every droplet of water. keeping her safe and warm in His arms. covering her eyes with a silken cloth. leading her, guiding her. trustingly, she follows to their soft bed. lifting her onto a cloud of pillows.

taking her right hand in His and extending it to the corner of the bed, kissing the length of her slender arm. binding her wrist securely. then her left arm, again kissing as He extends it, binding it securely. His lips flutter over her body. circling each breast, and clamping her nipples as He does. her breath catches. her body shivers with excitement.

tongue trailing across her belly to her hip. resting His cheek against her warm soft muff. hearing His soft moans.

her Master’s hands gripping firmly the flesh of her thighs. extending each leg in the same manner. binding each ankle firmly. she knows her Master’s strength. His abiding love.

with the fingers of His left hand He parts her sweet glistening lips and blows cool, soft puffs of breath. clamping her swollen lip. the other end He attaches to the chain dangling between her breasts. Pulling it upward her tight nipples and swollen cuntlip rise.

she türkçe bahis moans softly with pleasure. His pleasure. she aches to please Him.

her skin is cooling from the exposure. she trembles slightly.

“rest, pet, relax”,” His deep sensuous voice floats past her ear warming her thoughts.

His hands gripping her meaty thighs. soft taps against her skin. inside her thighs. close to the bend of her leg. firm spanks now. so close to her aching cunt. He pulls up again on the chains. deep moans. deep pleasure. she draws her hips back for more pleasure.

“ah, pet, you want more?” His tone, not only questioning but her guilt detects a scolding, knowing that He will determine the pleasure He will allow her.

the folds of her cuntlips glisten.

“My naughty pet. so hungry, so eager, so impatient,” He intones firmly, “your pleasure requires your obedience and your discipline.”

she knows her punishment, the bindings are removed, all but her right wrist.

she turns on her hands and knees and presents her full round bottom to Him. paddle in His right hand and the palm of His left on the small of her back, he strikes hard and fast. prepared and braced she still lurches forward. and a small cry passes over her lips. skin tingling, she endures 3 more quick whacks from her Master. this she knows is for her punishment and not her pleasure. she receives no pleasure from this.

her loving Master caresses away the sting with the palm of His caring hand.

she hears Him unzip His trousers and knows the punishment is over.

feeling the thickness of His cock on her bottom, the warmth , the pleasure. she quivers with excitement. she wettens quickly. He pulls her hips up close to Him, He feels her excitement, güvenilir bahis siteleri pulsing and throbbing against Him. this brings Him heightened pleasure.

He is now impatient and must have her. take her. ravage her. for His pleasure. pressing deep inside her wet aching hole. pulsing. coated with her pleasure. plunging over and over. harder and deeper. moaning. gripping her voluptuous hips. pulling His throbbing cock from her wet hungry hole and pressing firmly against her tightest hole until He pops in. no thought of her pleasure now, only His own.

slowly and deeply He presses. so deep, so fast, she is taking Him in. fucking her now. fucking her. deep and warm. screams of pleasure. so much pleasure. taking that tight hole. raping His fuckslut. as He fucks He spanks harder and faster. smacks against her right then her left ass cheek.

wildly and roughly fucking. His fingers twisted in her hair. pulling her head back. her mouth opens, tongue searching for cock. He quickly realizes her pleasure.

“My greedy slut, searching for more,” He says breathlessly.

she bucks against Him. feeling His balls tighten against her. feeling His shaft thicken. feeling His grip tighten. His breathing quicken. moaning. writhing. exploding deeply, fucking. fucking. slower now. concentrating hard on His aching cock.

reaching for that button, swollen and aching. slipping between His fingertip. slowly He keeps fucking His cumslut. screams and moans. release for that throbbing cunt. release. His spent cock slowly slips away. His displayslut spread before Him. pulsing with aftershocks.

her delicate body, exhausted, trembling, still. He lays His cheek against her thigh. taking in her sweet perfume. limbs entwined. holding her close and tight. safe and secure.

tending to her Master’s needs. cleaning, caring, stroking, caressing. she knows He is pleased. He strokes her hair and cheek. soft moans of pleasure. whispers.

“you did very well, pet, very well, indeed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20