A Mating Of Light , Dark

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Dave had heard the rumors, who hadn’t? But who REALLY believed them. A threesome between three very distinguished professors? One women, two men, and the people, really! Professor Stine of advanced Mathematics at Miskatonic U, a slim older English gentlemen that looked as if he never even considered lust. The second man, the distinguished, some said bizarre professor Glause of ancient myths and lore. The man was short, somewhat toadlike. Finally the woman, a short overweight mousy woman, Alura Lamb. She was the professor of literature and English at Miskatonic U. These three? Cindy had told him jokingly, just because they were respectable didn’t mean there wasn’t something going on when the lights went out.

Dave found them in the woods by accident. Looked as if they’d used the picnic spot before. Maybe even had a few barbecue’s. A very complicated spit with a pit, strangely there looked to be restraints of some type on the spit, kinky! He had seen them leave, all three of them laughing and talking together, all three with dishelved clothing.

He had to see this! Dave thought a video camera would do nicely. The next time they decided to use their little picnic area, he’d record it. Let’s see those dried up professors and that little fat bitch in literature give him a D when he had evidence.

It was a warm weekend in September, one of the last they might have. He’d seen professor Stine buying barbecue sauce, lot’s of it. Professor Glause had bought wine, an expensive vintage for a professor of myths. Perhaps asking for money from these three might be in order as well. They were older, probably didn’t spend a lot, probably had a big stash.

He’d stealthily followed them with a video camera. When they started, he set the camera up for automatic recording with a close telescopic view of the events.

Laughing, Professor Alura Lamb started to undress. She was stopped by the two men. Laughing gallantly Stine said, “please lady, let your lords service you.”

This was really getting good he thought. Maybe those old people really did have some perversions worth something. Maybe worthy of sale, forget the blackmail.

They undressed her slowly, one from behind and one from the front. They stroked her through her clothing. Playing with her breasts, teasing her nipples erect. She moaned in pleasure as they undressed her. Her long strawberry blonde hair was undone. Damn, he wondered why this woman always had her hair up when she taught. Why she wore such frumpy clothing, all along her and those two men! On her forehead an orb of glowing light seemed to emit colors. Maybe she had some type of forehead decoration. He’d seen stranger things in the bong store.

The clothing now removed, he got a good view of Professor Alura Lamb. Big, REALLY big boobs, big butt, definitely overweight, with flawless creamy skin. They were quoting poetry to her now as they rubbed and stroked her. They undressed themselves. All right! Sex, he thought. Come on professors, let’s see what you got to give her.

Their male organs seemed normal, at first! Damn, they had long ones. They both started having sex with her at the same time, one from the front, one from behind. Alura moaned as her nipples grew hard and erect. Really large long nipples Dave thought. He wondered about black mailing her for something special. He’d definitely never look at her classes the same way.

Now they were really going at it with her coming. My how musical she was, saying their names and “yes, yes, oh yes.” Then the strangeness started.

From the tall professor Stine came what looked like ropey things with velvet fur. They came out of his body, how Dave was uncertain. At this point Dave wasn’t certain of a lot of things, including if this was really happening. Professor Glause also seemed to have suddenly sprouted THINGS, white and pink shiny appendages like worms. Both the appendages from Stine and Glause started stroking, feeling, then invading Alura’s vagina, her anus, stroking her tits, then seeming to latch on to and suck. All the while Alura seeming to go even higher in her pleasure. Light seemed to come from Alura’s mouth into them, then stopped. Dave watched shocked, the camera still recording. He thought this was about as bad as it could get, but it went further. There was all that barbecue sauce, the coal, the pit and WHAT were they planning on roasting?

They illegal bahis stopped, the strange appendages seemed to withdraw back into the bodies of the two professors. Once more they looked like two middle aged men. Nothing to show where those horrible appendages had come from in their bodies.

“Ah Alura” said Stine, “let’s get you ready for the barbecue.”

She laughed, “It’s a good thing it’s not cold this evening.”

Glause shook his head. “We really should have started the coals first.”

Alura sat on a picnic table. Looked like a custom one. Maybe they had made it themselves. After what Dave had seen of the two men, he wasn’t going to ask about tool time wood working tips. In fact he decided, he wasn’t asking them ANYTHING, EVER!

Glause put coals into the pit and lit them, getting them ready as Stine was preparing Alura. He pulled out handfuls of her long strawberry blonde hair. The hair seemed to come out easily with Alura making no objection. The coals lit, Glause started making the sauce, adding seasoning.

Dave was getting nervous, yet excited. “Oh God, this has to be some surrealistic dream,” he thought.

Stine took a razor and shaved her eyebrows, carefully, all the while saying how lovely she was, occasionally stroking her. Alura lay still, breathing deeply, seemingly transfixed. He moved down to her crotch carefully removing the lovely hair from her crotch, kissing her vaginal lips as she moaned. He put her hair in one bag and crotch hair in another, as if they were gems. He pulled out her finger nails from her fingers, toe nails from her toes, putting them in a separate sack. Not once did Alura complain or even seem uncomfortable.

Dave had earlier noticed, that other then her eyebrows, eyelashes, her long strawberry blonde hair and crotch, she had been entirely hairless. Maybe she did a lot of body waxing. The professors had removed the rest of her hair now. She was bald, totally without eye lashes or eye brows. She seemed more a beautiful hairless alien then a human woman. The oval of light on her forehead continued to glow, even throb, but now with a rhythm.

Glause had stopped preparing the sauce and tasted it. “Hum, Professor Stine. Bowing to Alura in a purr “Alura, your thoughts please?”

He presented a basting brush to each with the sauce. They tasted it, “um good” seemed to be their conclusions.

Turning to her, Professor Stine bowed gallantly.

“Ah, lady it is time for basting and the spit.”

The two men took the spit, Alura lay face down on the table as they put it against her back side, parting her butt checks as the did so. She moved her hands up and back as if volunteering for the restraints. Those strange looking straps, it was evident what they were for and what meat was for roasting. Dave was transfixed, horrified, yet unable to turn away.

They gently fastened the restraints and started to baste her with sauce, both using basting brushes and barbecue sauce. They seemed to want to give pleasure as much as baste her. She moaned in pleasure coming to an orgasm again, especially with the basting of her clit and tits.

“Their not REALLY going to roast her,” Dave told himself. This was just some kinky sex game. People don’t eat other people. Well there was that Jeffrey Dahmer thing wasn’t there? But THIS, they liked one another. Hell they were lovers, roasting her alive and she seemed to WANT it?

Professor Glause opened that wine he’d purchased. With a flourish he presented the first glass to Alura. Tied to the spit, he brought the glass gently to her lips for her to drink.

“Very nice, from your homelands vine yards,” she inquired?

He smiled, “nothing is to good for you my love, and it will add to your lovely flavor.”

She just smiled back at him and then he and Stine drank a glass themselves, but toasted her.

“To Alura,” then they set the spit over the coals.

They had chairs by the spit and the rest of the sauce, seasoning herbs, basting brushes. They turned a key that started the spit rotating slowly, ever so slowly, roasting Alura over the heat. She talked to them, joked with them all the while, as if this happened every day. They occasionally basted her, salted, or gingerly spread crushed herbs on her as she turned. The light on her forehead gleamed, as she started to cook. She moaned, moved around as if she was illegal bahis siteleri finding it pleasurable. She occasionally yelled out, “yes” and their names. Never once a scream, a plea or anything resembling a woman who would die soon. Dave was terrified, shaking and all the while the camera recorded it.

Her cream colored skin turned golden brown and still she was alive. He could hear a sizzle, even from his hiding place. The smell of delicious cooking meat, Alura cooking. She still lived, roasting without screaming. The professors commented on how wonderfully delectable she was.

Apparently she was done, roasted to perfection. The scent of her cooked flesh made his stomach rumble. He almost vomited as he realized the smell was his literature teacher’s cooked flesh. They took her off the spit and moved her to the table. Glause produced a large platter he’d had to the side. Dave noticed the platter had restraints, needful he now knew for feasting on living prey.

Alura was still very much alive, very much aware though how Dave could not comprehend. She allowed herself to be laid out on the platter without protest, and with what seemed joy. The light on her forehead glowed intensely. It was as if it were from something deep within her. He, he’d seen sauce drip on it. So the light seemed part of her skin and of her, not something purchased as a cosmetic party paint.

They looked at her and both told her how she just seemed to always get better.

“You are the best our love.”

They both sat down and started to feast. There was no other word Dave could think of to describe it. They unfastened her hands, one for each man. They started to slowly, ever so slowly eat the flesh of her fingers. Her fingers in their mouths, sucking at first, then chewing the flesh from them. They seemed as if they were eating the most indescribably fantastic food in the entire world. As if eating the food of the very gods. Alura instead of screaming in agony seemed to be in a place of absolute pleasure.

They moved on to her hands, her wrists, the lush flesh of her upper arms. They turned the entire platter around and started at her toes. Her feet, then ankles, her legs, then her thighs. They released the restraints, she wasn’t going anywhere without legs or arms. They turned her upside down to start on her meaty rump. They occasionally commented on how wonderful she was as they chewed the flesh from her back, then turned her front side up. They spread her thigh bones, and took special delight in eating her vaginal lips, the clit, everything. They did it slowly, with almost obscene, delicate actions, using their tongues and teeth. Alura moaned in pleasure as if they were loving her, rather then feasting upon her flesh.

They now proceeded less slowly up, eating the fine flesh of her stomach, the internal organs, her ribs, stopping at her breasts. They stroked her breasts, Alura was STILL alive and responded. They each started nibbling, then chewing upon her fine long nipples. Down to her breasts, they started gorging upon those large globes. They took their time upon her breasts, commenting on how wonderful the flavor of such glands as hers.

They ate her lungs and Alura made no further sounds. Dave was transfixed, certain that somehow she was still alive, still aware. They had finished all but her neck and head now. From the neck down she was a gleaming skeleton. Her bones seemed to gleam with supernatural radiance. He noticed the light on her forehead still glowed bright and Alura blinked.

“Oh God, she’s still alive,” he thought. He was terrified of the two professors. Men he no longer viewed them as, they most certainly were NOT human.

With what seemed a gentleness, they started eating the flesh of her neck, her internal throat organs, the flesh on her face, her tongue. The light on her forehead vanished as Professor Glause seemed at first to kiss, but then chew upon the flesh of her forehead. With what seemed practiced skill, they popped her entire brain out of her cleanly picked skull and set it down on the platter away from her bones. Professor Stine took out a bag of what appeared to be powdered white sugar. With great relish he lightly sprinkled it upon her brain. Dave thought he could see her brain throbbing, could she still be alive?

They each took a sip of wine as they chewed upon her brain. One on the right canlı bahis siteleri hemisphere, the other on the left. It looked like they were done. But in the center, where there should only have been a thick connection of nerves, there was a small bit of flesh the size of a walnut and it was glowing, throbbing.

“Oh God, she is alive,” Dave thought. They both stroked this little tiny bit of flesh, all that was left now of the living Alura.

Stine bowed to Glause, “your turn I believe old man”.

With a smile Glause took this last little bit of Alura into his hands. Continuing to stroke it, he popped it in his mouth and with gusto, swallowed it. Dave could see this last living bit of Alura, go down Glause’s throat, down and then no more. Dave imagined her digesting. The last part of her digesting in Glause’s stomach. Was she still aware now that there was so little of her?

Glause fluttered his eye lashes. He seemed to be waiting, then his eyes closed. He made a sound of pleasure as he rubbed his stomach. He opened his eyes smiling, “more wine Stine?”

They both poured themselves a glass of wine, drinking slowly, sitting down after the feast. Professor Alura Lamb was now only a few bags of hair, nails and a skeleton. They gathered her bones as if they were pearls, and put them in bags.

“The last glass of wine for Alura,” said Stine.

“Yes, I have a nice salad for her as well,” said Glause. “As she provided our feast, we shall provide for her.”

This mockery of the woman they had loved and then devoured unnerved Dave so that he fled. Fled into the forest and back to Miskatonic U. He left the video camera behind, the evidence left behind. Terror and self preservation can overcome a motive for profit.

In his poetry class he wondered what excuse he’d hear for Professor Alura Lamb’s disappearance. Would they wait until someone finally realized she wouldn’t show up to teach? That she would never show up to teach. He was sorry he hadn’t paid attention to her now. God, for a fat chick she had been hot and deserved better then to be cooked and eaten alive.

The door opened and in walked Professor Alura Lamb. Dave fell out of his seat. She was alive, vibrant, in frumpy clothing with her strawberry blonde hair up over her head and a braid across her forehead. The braid covering the spot Dave had seen glow in such intensity.

“Dave are you quite all right,” she asked with concern.

“Yes Ms. Lamb” he stammered and wondered if indeed it had all been some strange dream. But he didn’t have his video camera, and his clothes from the weekend were torn from his run in the forest.

When his class in myths came it was even worse. He remembered the shiny white and pink things that had come out of Professor Glause. Professor Glause was looking at him with, Dave didn’t even want to think about what the man, the thing might do.

As he left the professor spoke to him. “Dave, you might find special interest in this chapter. It’s on the legendary Gods and Goddess of light and dark. It is not considered wise to view a mating of such creatures together. You may wish to remember that.” He smiled “Oh, thank you for the camera and the video. It will give us all so much pleasure.”

Dave ran out, deciding to call in sick for the rest of his classes. He couldn’t begin to face Professor Stine in Advanced math. He kept remembering the furry, ropey things coming out from his body. He opened the chapter though. The Gods/Goddess of light and dark, finding one section especially illuminating. Gods/Goddess’s of everlasting, ever flowing light. Their need it is, to disperse energy in many forms, life force, life essence, sexual energy and even predation, as in being consumed. The old Eat of my flesh, drink of my blood myths, with the females producing bountiful amounts of milk as begetting a said goddess. Often found with immortal consorts of dark, that have the need to feast upon their beloved God or goddess. Thus with ample reason to defend their prey/love in a symbiotic relationship that spans eternity.

Dave left Miskatonic U and took up professional football. When told his head butting techniques might cause some memory loss, he seemed eager to lose more then a few memories.

In the home of one Professor Stine, Professor Glause and Professor Alura Lamb sat watching the video. It had come out quite well they thought. Very well Alura thought. It seemed to excite her lovers as they stroked her body even with her clothing on.

“To bad it’s to cold for roasting now,” she managed to gasp.

They looked at her and smiled, “well there is the OVEN my dear.”

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