A Mother’s Help Ch. 04

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Please read the first chapters of this story before reading part 4.

* * * * *

As Angie drove the hour to home she was thinking about her mom and the affair she had been having for over 12 long years. When she arrived home Angie showered again and got dressed. After calling her mother, she drove to her house still wondering about yesterday. As she sat in the kitchen drinking tea and talking with Betty, her mother was giving her some ideas about how to handle her new lover situation.

Her mom said: “Basically Angie, the secret to a successful affair is to tell no one. I mean no one about it! Make sure you do nothing different than what you normally do. If you shop on Tuesdays for food keep doing it, if you go to the gym 3 days a week keep it to at last two. You know things like that. Oh yes, and very importantly always, and I mean always call your lover by the name of baby or sweet heart. Don’t call him by his real name. Because, one day you may moan out his name or Frank’s name at the wrong time and the wrong place if you do you are in big trouble. Especially if you slip and moan the wrong guy’s when you’re with Frank. Oh my! I don’t want to think about that one. Just keep everything as simple as you can and safe. NOW!! Tell me all about it!”

Angie told her mom all about what happened. Then she told her she was going to call Bud and try to meet him again on Thursday or Friday around 1 PM. She also told her mom she would like very much if her mom could meet Bud. Angie wanted her mom’s impression of him. Her mom was delighted and told her she would love too.

Angie told her she was most likely going to spend the night with Bud again. She would make sure they had dinner at the same place and perhaps the four of them could meet accidentally since she wanted to meet her mother’s lover really bad.

So they started to make plans to meet at 7 PM and have dinner after she spent the day at the beach or in Bud’s bed. Angie’s mom felt that it would be a good idea if they met later, like 8 PM, when it was dark. She told her she was sure she could keep Bud occupied until then with something. Both women laughed and hugged. They would both use the same cover about going to the beach together and then having too much to drink and spending the night in the beach house that Angie’s mom own. Both husbands would be covered if they checked up on the women.

Angie left so she could be home in time for her husband’s phone call. Tonight they would masturbate together and cum over the phone as they did every Wednesday night as they talked to each other. It was something she looked forwards too every week now. Angie waited and waited for Frank to call and finally fell asleep. The next day she was sad and upset that Frank didn’t call her. She didn’t know why he hadn’t called either. She was also horny as hell and gave her vibrator a quick look before putting it back in the nightstand and dressed to go to the beach. As she rubbed her self between her thighs, Angie moaned: “Oh no! I’ll save all this for Bud!”

She took the smallest bikini she had and put it on. It was new and very tinny and the back was a thong. She packed a few things she would need and took her new black mini skirt and white silk blouse. She wanted this day to be very special and took along her best perfume and all the things a lady took to look her best.

As she drove she wondered about what Bud was doing and what her mom’s lover looked like. She also wondered what her mom would think of Bud. She pulled up in front of Bud’s home and he was there to meet her. He kissed her long and hard pulling her hard into his body. His kiss showed his passion and desire for her. They held each other for a while before he broke and took her things into the house.

Bud put them in the master bedroom. She followed him and when he turned she locked her lips on his and squeezed him pulling him tightly against her body. It had only been 4 days since she had been with him, but God she had really missed him. His tongue found her open lips and she took it willingly. He could smell her sweet perfume as she melted into his body.

All the drapes were wide opened providing as much lightly as possible into the room. She smiled to herself as she wondered what his body looked like in the day light. As she began to unpack her things, she felt him move up behind her and pressed his cock against her ass as she bent over the bed unpacking her carry on.

He reached around and held her body pulling her up straight. His body tight against her, she took a deep breath as he held her tight and kissed her neck ears and shoulders. She could feel his heat as he pressed into her back standing behind her. Bud moved her long silky hair out of the way and licked and kissed her neck and shoulders and bit her shoulders again. He gave her chills and making her shiver.

She laughed and told him: “Stop. You’re giving me chills.”

He whispered: “God Angie, you are so beautiful. I have missed you so much this week. I’m so glad that you came back to the illegal bahis beach today to see me. I have wanted to see you again since the second you pulled away from the house the last time you were here.”

She laid her head back against his hard chest and pressed her ass into his hardness. She heard a soft moan escape from her lips as she felt him slid his arms under hers and watched as he cupped each of her soft young firm breasts. She didn’t wear a bra and he lifted each breast feeling the weight of her C cup. Bud rolled her nipples around in his fingers feeling them harden under her blouse as he made gentle love to each one.

Using his index finger and thumb he gently pulled and stretched each of them as they both watched. She looked down to see her white silk blouse being unbuttoned and sliding off her shoulders. It fell down her arms as she let it drop to her waist

Nude from the waist up, Angie didn’t attempt to cover her young breasts but rather pushed her arms out of the way allowing Bud’s hands to cover each globe again. She was so glad she decided not to wear any underwear today as Bud made tender love to each breast. She was so young only 20, her breasts were not overly huge but they were nicely shaped and full with almost no sag at all. She loved watching him touch and cover every inch of her flesh. She also loved the way he pulled and twisted her nipples making them stick out over an inch.

She felt his cock begin to thump against her as it grew harder and moved up under her ass. With just a pair of very small shorts on Bud’s cock was straining at the leg opening to be free! He never wore underwear and Angie felt it pressing harder up between her bikini bathing suit.

Now as Angie’s nipples harder even more from his touch, she reached behind her and between their bodies and felt his cock head sticking out at the bottom of his shorts’ leg opening. It was super hard and straining against the opening. She ran her hand down the thickness and felt the big cock head throbbing out under the pants leg now. She gave it a firm squeeze and heard Bud moan. With her back against his chest, she watched as his hands slowly began to undress her. She lay back against him with her arms bent back around her body playing with his cock, which she had managed to set it completely free out from under the leg opening. She could feel it sticking straight out and beating with a pulse like a heart.

She gave him all the room he needed to make love to her breasts, stomach and pussy. He untied the strings of her bikini bottom and it opened like a dipper. They both looked down to see him release the last part of strings. It fell to the floor and Angie stepped out of it. She stood there nude now with her ass pressing against his cock, which she held in her hand. As she rested the back of her head against his chest, she now only had on the shoes she wore to drive. There was noting else in the way for Bud to work on her body. She could feel her pussy so wet the juices were almost dripping down her things. Both breasts were being lifted and squeezed with his big gentle hands stroking every inch of them. He licked her neck again and told her: “You are so beautiful Angie I want to make love to you this afternoon instead of going out. I want your body locked with mine as we orgasm together.”

She simply said: “Oh Yes Bud! Yes baby! Let’s do it!”

Still standing behind Angie, Bud felt her heart beating faster in her chest as he moved his hand down letting it roam all over her body. Down over her stomach and across her hips and then . . . FINALLY. . . she moaned softly as Bud moved his hand between her thighs and under her pussy. He knew she kept the hair trimmed very close so it wouldn’t show when she had on her bikini but now he couldn’t feel any hair. God!! She had shaved herself bald. His cock got harder and thrummed in her small hands as she rubbed and stroked. The big cock head rubber over her ass cheeks.

Angie felt Bud cupped her pussy and gently squeezed it just like he did to her breasts. They both could feel just how wet she really was already. Bud’s cock jumped in her hand when his fingers discovered her dripping wet cunt hole. He rubbed and stroked around over her pussy’s mound and finally touching just around where the hairline was usually. It was just above her swollen hard clit. He moved his other hand down to her pussy and bent her forward a little bit. He whispered: “Open your legs wide for me baby.”

She did as he moved both hands over her pussy mound and down between and under her legs. Bud made sure he didn’t move his fingers into her cunt hole very far but he did rub her slit and under the opening. He wanted her to be teased a little more before he inserted a finger deep into her. Her beautiful breasts rose and fell as her breath became faster with anticipation. He continued to make love to her soft flesh and rub his hand down the front of her body and over her naked body.

She was leaning hard against him now as his cock poked her in the ass as he held her illegal bahis siteleri from behind. As he knelt, Angie turned around facing him now. She so wanted him to lick her pussy again. He wanted to see her vagina without any hair. As he knelt in front of her he said: “God how sexy!”

He smiled up at her and said: “Is this a surprise for me Angie?”

She laughed and asked: “Do you like it?”

He moaned and she said: “I’ll take that as a yes baby! I did it for you!”

Bud began to softly stroking her pussy with one of his fingers. She stood there, legs opened wide and looked down at him. She watched his enjoyment as he saw her bald pussy up close. He could tell her pussy was aching to be probed with a finger, a tongue, or a cock. Something! She was so wet.

Angie knew Bud could smell her sexual excitement and see her wetness but she didn’t care this time. She wouldn’t be embarrassed at all when she climaxed fast. She wanted him to know how excited he was making her. She wanted him to pick her up and eat and fuck her after carrying her to the bed.

But now at just this moment, she wanted him to eat her vagina. But he didn’t. Instead he stood and cupping her breasts again pulling gently on her nipples. Angie moaned saying: “Suck them Bud. Suck my tits. Oh god baby suck my nipples!”

He lowered his mouth to her right beast. She inhaled deeply as both of his covered one breast and his lips sucked and his teeth bit down easy pulling and teasing on just the nipple. Then he moved to the other side and did the same thing. As he held each breast in his hands and moved from one to the other sucking and biting them, she cried out: “OH GOD BABY! You are driving me crazy!” She used her hands to continue to cup his cock and nuts and pump that long hard shaft. She raised her left hand and held his head pressing it tight against her swollen nipple as he softly sucked one nipple and then the other. Her breasts were spectacular. She pressed her body into him arching her back so he could feel her pussy against his cock.

She moaned as his lips, teeth and mouth enjoyed making love to her breasts. They were perfect. He came up to her face and kissed her deeply but soft and gentle. She felt his tongue at her lips and she opened her mouth so he could slide it in. As she squeezed his big cock, she sucked his tongue hard and felt his hands move down over the back of her body and over her ass. She lifted her left leg and put her foot on the chair next to her allowing his hand more room to explore her pussy!

Bud moved both hands down to her cunt. One pressed under her ass from behind while the other pressed between her legs from the front. Her pussy was being attacked from both the front and the rear of her body now. She moaned and spread her thighs wider for him, allowing even easier access to her hot wet cunt. She felt his hand press in-between her thighs and cupped the fat soft mound between her thighs while his other hand stroked the bottom of her cunt and that patch of skin between the ass and pussy hole. Then she felt his finger wiggle around her ass hole. She moaned louder.

He palmed her pussy making love to it for a long time. As he held her sex squeezing it softly, he broke the kiss and started to lick and kiss down her chin, around her neck and over her shoulders. Still stroking her pussy, he bit on her shoulder gently but still hard enough to leave a small impression of his teeth. He used his other hand to hold her pussy from behind. He took a nipple into his mouth again and started to suck and bit it. She moaned again as he squeezed her pussy a little tighter, and a little harder. Bud felt her begin to rock on his hands that were between her legs. She moaned his name! “Oh!” She remembered what her mother told her. Never use his name. She said: “Oh baby I love that! Oh yes baby! Rub my hurting pussy!”

He moved down and kissed and licked over both breasts one last time before moving under them and down to her stomach. Licking around her belly button and fucking it with his tongue, Bud moved one hand from between her thighs and reached for her breast. She felt his wet hand squeeze her breast as his mouth moved further down her body. As she stood there she watched as both of his hands moved above his head now making love to both her breasts and the nipples as his head and mouth moved lower and lover down her body.

She held his head pushing a little helping him to know she wanted his mouth to move further down her body to her waiting and so eager pussy. Bud knew she wanted him to eat her but he continued to tease her a little. He licking and kissing over her stomach and down over her lower stomach down to and around pussy. She could feel her nipples tingling and standing straight out, hard as small rocks as he rolled them between his fingers and squeezed each.

His mouth had moved passed her Venus mound and down around her upper things before moving back up over her belly ring. He than licked back down further until he was just above her clit. He teased canlı bahis siteleri all around it seeing how red and swollen it had become. God she was so ready to have her pussy licked or fucked.

She held his head tighter now but she let him do whatever he wanted to her body. He was making her feel so good but so hot! Bud looked up into her eyes looking for a sign she wanted to be sucked. He saw her looking down at him with only lust in her eyes and as she licked her lips, they seemed to say: “Eat my pussy baby. Now! Oh yes lick my cunt baby. You know I love it.”

He knew what she wanted and where she wanted him to go. He knelt straight in front of her and pushed his face between her open legs. He let his nose touch her clit as his tongue was at the level of her pussy hole. He took a deep breath taking in her musk. It was filling the room and mixing with the perfume she wore. Her hands were actually shaking just a little now as she pushed harder on Bud’s head driving it into her body.

He moved very slowly on purpose taking one leg and licking from her thigh up over her slit and then down the other leg. He did each one running his tongue slowly up and down her inner thigh. While she wanted him to take his time and see her body she also wanted him to eat her! She wanted it very bad. She smiled, as she knew he was looking between her wide-open thighs. He saw her shapely legs, and what was between her thighs and under her ass and pussy. She knew he could see both holes and her wetness. She loved thinking about how excited he was and how hard his cock was going to be when he put it in her vagina.

He saw all of her, more than any other man or woman had ever seen except maybe her husband. Bud loved how her beautiful body was built. God he knew how beautiful she was now as she stood in front of him and he knelt on the floor looking up between her legs. He realized she was the most beautiful woman he had ever been with. He saw the sides of her pussy with the blonde hair gone. He saw her ass hole and all around it. And he could see the under part of her unbelievable ass and the wetness of both holes. He was going to get that ass sooner or later too. He was almost sure she had a virgin ass and he was going to be the first one to fuck it.

As he looked up at her, he sat back on his feet and asked her to turn around, slowly. She moaned but then slowly turned in a circle twice smiling and letting him take in all her beauty. As he saw her ass in the day light for the first time, Bud moaned loudly. He told her: “My God Angie you are unbelievably beautiful.”

He stood and took her hand and walked in front of the window with the sun coming in. He said: “Stand here so I can see you in the light of the bright room.”

She stood there letting him drink in all of her charms as he dropped to his knees again and pulled her body to him. His cock was huge and hard as he could ever remember. His face went back between her legs and she opened her thighs again as she said: “Oh god baby, come on baby eat my pussy. Make me cum baby!”

He took her fingers and got her to open her pussy lips for him as he moved his mouth into and over her pink insides. He began to suck and lick and kiss her cunt. She cried out and thrust her cunt into his mouth. She grabbed his head letting go of her pussy. She held his head tightly against her heat as he sucked her snatch deeply and vibrated his lips around and over her hole. She cried out again as she began to cum.

Bud heard muffled moans and sounds from her enjoyment. God she was so much in need. He loved it when a woman was this hot and worked up. She was going to fuck his balls off today he knew it. Finally when her orgasm stopped, Bud stood up and carried her to the bed. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed and licked his mouth! As he lowered her to the bed she told him: “Make love to Bud! Fuck me baby! I want your cock so bad!”

Bud dropped his shorts and moved quickly over her body. He wanted his cock in her badly! Angie opened herself for him as she felt his cock rubbing up and down her wet slit. She reached for his penis and guided it to her waiting and opened love hole. As Bud came down into her he could feel Angie’s breasts and her long hard nipples pressing into his chest.

Angie moaned out: “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. OH CHRIST BUD!! FUCK ME!”

She was screaming in a fit of passion, as her pussy hole grew accustomed to the thick hard shaft pumping into her. Bud’s slapping balls seem to sound loud as he pumped and pumped them against her ass making then sound like: “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Angie was in paradise now as she pumped and pumped and pumped up into Bud’s body! She was lifting them both up off the bed each time she elevated her ass and thrust her hips. She moaned as she began to thrust her hips even harder in her heat of passion. Her legs were wrapped tightly around Bud’s hips, and her feet dug into his hard cheeks. The vibration of her climax started in the soles of her feet and the tips of her toes and fingers. It moved quickly over her body and deep into her stretched, wet and warm vagina until all the sensations seem to arrive at her clit. Bud was slowly stroking it with his three fingers as he continued to pump into her hole with his hard long cock!

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