A Mother’s Love Is The Best Love

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Chapter 1

Like so many women my age, forty-six, I’ve worked pretty hard to stave off the ravages of time. I’ve always been attractive but as I’ve crossed the thirty-year old mark, then entered my forties, well, I’ve had to work a bit harder at it.

I’ve done pretty well, still weigh about what I did when I left high school, I’ve used sunscreen faithfully so my complexion remains soft and smooth and unblemished, my breasts, well, there has been a bit of southerly drift but nowhere near what might be expected, I can still wear a bikini and hold my head up. And, yes, I do get more than my share of ogles. I love it, too.

I work out at the gym three days a week so my muscle tone is good and, well, not that I’m getting too much benefit these days, but I work out over a stick-on rubber dildo that I put on a glass-topped coffee table or on the shower floor to keep my pelvic muscles tight and ready for the occasional sex that happens my way. But, truthfully, it’s just a good dildo fuck when I don’t have the real thing around. Unfortunately, these days, that’s most of the time.

Yes, well. I’ve been married, twenty-one years, then he got a new secretary and, the old story became new again. And, I became single again. Not alone, just single.

I’m not alone because I have my son living here with me, he’s twenty-five, and when he was offered a job back here where he grew up, he took it and I offered him a place to live here with me. He does help with paying the utilities and the food bill along with some other expenses and it has worked out nicely. It’s nice to have a man around and I do feel safer now that he’s back home.

It’s funny that on the occasions that we go out to dinner or a movie, there have been times that we are thought to be a couple. It was certainly a complement to me, though, perhaps not to Randy.

Now, I had dated some, well, a little, it didn’t seem to me that the pool of eligible men was very deep and it always seemed that Randy took an instant dislike to every man who showed up to take me out. Nothing obvious but he would always have some pretty negative comments about him the next day.

Then, as we were finishing our wine from dinner one night, it came to me.

“You know, Randy, I think I’ve figured out why you’ve never liked any of the men that I’ve dated after your father and I divorced.”

“Oh, what’s your thought?”

“Well, I think it’s not that you think I’ll get serious with any of them, I think it’s, well, I think it’s because you want me for yourself.” There, I said it.

“You mean, like…” and his face got crimson.

“Just listen,” I said as I leaned toward him, sliding my hand onto his leg under the table, “I’m really flattered, Randy, that you would think of me in that way. And, you know what?”


“Well, when you go out on a date, well, I, well, I feel the same way.”

“You do, you really mean…”

“I mean, well, ever since I was divorced, well, I’ve, um, felt drawn more and more to you, to you, Randy. I didn’t really want to admit it to myself, well, until this week, really. I’ve been thinking about it.”

“You mean, like, you and me, attracted like, well, like, sexually?”

There would be no mistake as I pushed my hand up onto the bulge I knew was in his pants.

“Yes, son, like sexually,” I told him softly as I rubbed up and down.

He just sat there, I really think I’d caught him off-guard, then his hand reached out as it went palm-down onto my breast and squeezed lightly.

“I don’t know exactly where this will eventually lead but, tonight, I hope it leads us to my bedroom.”

“Yeah, I think I do too,” he whispered softly. I took his hand, stood up and said, “Then, that’s where we’re going,” and I led him down the hall to my bedroom. Every step was filled with questions in my mind: Where would this lead to years from now? What if he found me less desirable that he’d imagined? What if I wasn’t as good sexually as the young women he’d been with in the past? Was I really going to get naked with my own son? And have sex with him? His cock in my body?

As soon as we were inside my bedroom, I decided to just go right ahead and take my clothes off, then I began taking off Randy’s clothes until I got down to his boxers which I then tugged to the floor. As much as I wanted to take hold of that nice, large cock I saw, instead I stood up and put my arms around my son and pulled him to me and kissed him fully on mobilbahis güvenilir mi the lips as I felt his hands range down my back and onto my butt.

The next kiss, I slid the tip of my tongue in between his lips, then he soon had his returning the pleasure. His hands were now on my breasts, kneading them, rolling my nipples between his thumb and forefinger making them hard and aroused and hungry.

“Oh, Mom, yes, I have wanted this. You’re so beautiful, just perfect. I can’t believe this is happening.”

“I’ve wanted it, too, honey, I really think it all began right after the divorce. At first, I really didn’t want to own up to the thoughts I was having. But, I eventually was thinking about you when I was in my room, making myself happy at night, imagining it was you,” I told him and then led him to my bed.

He lay down as I looked again at his cock laying on his abdomen. My son was a very well-endowed young man, it looked to be at least eight inches and nice and thick, as well; a real woman-pleaser.

I got on the bed on my knees, lifted his lovely cock and bent over to kiss it and take it into my mouth welcoming it into my body.

“Oh, oh, Mom, mmm, oh, that feels so good,” my son groaned as he fondled my boobs underneath me. I didn’t want him to cum, that I wanted inside me, I knew I would have lots and lots of time to suck his cock to completion, what man doesn’t love that, after all. No, I just wanted to suck him for a bit, then get him where I was longing for his cock to go. Right where he first came out into the world, twenty-five years ago.

Then, I lifted up and lay down, wanting him inside me as he crawled between my outstretched legs, but, then, his head dipped down and he began licking my wet pussy. I’m not a young woman, I’m in my mid-forties, but several years ago I began shaving my pubic area, just leaving a little ‘landing strip’ of soft, brown curls to point to my secret pleasure place for those who were interested.

I opened wide to his caresses, my hands down holding his cheeks as he pleasured me so fully, his tongue flicking up and down.

“Mmm, oh, Randy, you make me feel so good,” I whispered as he moved up to lick and suck on my clit which was so aroused it was fully erect. He slid two fingers in me as he sucked and I simply spiraled upward into a massive orgasm. I quaked and shook, bucking my hips up at his wet face, crying out his name, thanking him over and over.

He raised up, gleaming with my juices and said, “I want to do that every day, every single day,” and moved up, his cock wagging in front of him, took it in his hand and led it right up to my opening and shoved his hips forward, driving his cock up into me just where I wanted it.

“Mmm, now we’re really together,” he murmured as he began moving back and forth, each stroke sending waves of pleasure across my body. I raised my legs high so he could probe me deeply with his long, manly cock. His hands were gently kneading my breasts as his hips went back and forth, filling me, then pulling back for another wonderful thrust.

“Oh, Son, this is so wonderful. I hope you’re not disappointed. I’m not so young any more.”

“This is exactly what I want. I don’t want any one else, just you. And, you’re perfect.”

I loved every word he just spoke, it couldn’t have been any better if said in any other way. I reached down to pull my legs back onto my chest as he got up higher over me, thrusting straight down in long, long strokes down deep into my interior, then back up, almost all the way out, then back down again.

“Oh, Randy, you feel so good inside me. I just want to keep you in my bed from now on so we can be together like this as much as we can.”

Taking my son to bed and fucking him was so erotic that I was quickly getting close to an orgasm. And, his nice cock was pleasing me as much as I had ever been pleasured by any man’s before. I was close and it felt delicious.

“Mmm, mmm, yes, oh, OH, OH, AYYYE, AYYYE, UH, UH, um, mmm, mmm,” I cried out as I was swept over with warm and rapturous feelings as Randy pushed deep into me.

“Oh, Son, you’ve made me so happy, I love you so. Now all I want is your cum, do it for me, mmm.”

My darling son was taking long, slow strokes in and out that just felt so wonderful. I was even beginning to wonder if perhaps another orgasm was rising up inside me. I don’t usually have multiple orgasms but I also don’t usually have mobilbahis my own son’s cock bringing it about. This was, no doubt, the most erotic and arousing sex I’d ever had, surely a mixture of the taboo nature of our sex and the deep love we already shared for each other was adding to each stroke of Randy’s hard cock.

“Oh, Mom, mmm, this is what I’ve wanted, oh, yes, I want you every day, as much as I can have. I love you, Mom, I love you,” and he shoved hard into me as I felt his cum spurting into me for the first time. I was already dreaming of the next time and the time after that.

He dropped down over me as I wrapped my legs around him drawing him even closer, deeper as we kissed and held one another.

“Mmm, I think that was the most exciting sex I’ve ever had, Randy. I just never expected that my own son would take me to such heights.”

“Oh, Mom, we’re just beginning. That was our first time. We have hundreds, thousands of more times ahead of us. I want to fuck you as much as I can.”

That might have been the nicest thing that’s ever been said to me.

“Yes, I want the same, I want you to have me just as much as you want.”

“Mom, that’s a lot, you know. I could do this two, three times a day. Not week, day.”

“Well, dear one, I may surprise you, but, well, I’d just love that. You can have me whenever you want. And anything you want. I’ll do whatever you need, a handjob, suck you, sex like we just had, whatever. Anything.”

“Can we sleep together?”

Chapter 2

“Oh, I’d love to sleep with you, Son, but only on one condition…it has to be naked,” I replied, a smile crossing my face.

He laughed and replied, “I guess you’ve got a deal. We can even be naked around the house. I know I’d like that. I just love looking at you like this. You look so good, god, you make me hard,” as he began stroking inside me again, his cock still inside me.

He fucked me again before we retired for the night, wrapped in each other’s arms. In the middle of the night, I felt him move then his lips fastened to my nipple as he began sucking. I reached down for his cock which was hard and rubbed him while he sucked. We were soon asleep again and woke in the morning when my alarm went off.

“Oh, it would have to be a workday, damn,” I grumbled as I slapped down the alarm button.

“Let’s both call in sick, Mom. I just can’t let you go today, I just want to fuck you all day long.”

Well, with an offer like that, we both decided that we would call in sick and spend the day together in our wonderful new way. And, to start our day, I got up over Randy and slid down over him taking him deep inside me and scissoring up and down on his wonderful cock. The stick-on dildo exercises were paying off as my son began to moan.

“Oh, Mom, you are so tight, just incredible, you tighten down on me every time you go up, it’s just the best,” he moaned as his hands rubbed my breasts.

It did feel so good, I kept clenching his cock every time I pulled up, oh, it felt so good, just heavenly. Then, as I was squeezing my grip on him and slowly raising up, he bucked his hips up and I felt the warm spurts of his cum that I’d sucked up out of him. I quickly went up and down as fast as I could as he writhed and squirmed, pumping me full.

“Oh, mom, OH, OH, UUH, UUH, UNH, mmm, mmm, oh, I love you, Mom, I love you so much,” and he pulled me down on him and kissed me over and over as I kept fucking him as fast as I could, desperately wanting release for myself.

“Mmm, I’m…I’m getting close, mmm,” I panted, then I exploded in a fantastic orgasm that just went on and on, I almost cried it was so good.

We held each other, I was still on top of him, still moving on his cock, kissing, hugging, feeling each other.

“Mmm, I’m so happy, Mom. I never realized just how much I had wanted you all this time. I think even when I was twelve, thirteen, I remember thinking how sexy you were. When you wore a bikini, I remember getting hard-ons and going off to jack-off. I guess I’ve wanted you for a long time.”

“Well, it’s funny. I’ve been thinking back, too, and I remember one morning you came out of the bathroom naked, maybe you were sixteen or so, and went running down the hall to your room as I saw your very hard penis bobbing back and forth. I had some pretty erotic thoughts for a while after that. Naughty me, huh?”

“Oh, do I wish we’d started this back then. I would have mobilbahis giriş fucked you ever since, all those years, like ten years, Mom.”

“Yes, well, it didn’t happen, Randy, but now it has and we have each other.”

“Mmm, yes, and I must say you really know what you’re doing when you get up on top, Mom, you sure gave me the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“Why don’t we have some breakfast, then it’ll be time to call in sick and come back to bed and just fuck as much as we want. And, your mother is feeling very aroused and horny, just warning you,” and I gave him a kiss and we got up.

I went to the closet to get a robe and Randy asked, “Can we just stay like this? It’ll save us time, after all,” grinning from ear to ear.

“Good thought, Son,” as I took hold of his cock and gently pulled him down the hall to the kitchen.

As I was getting the coffee ready, he was behind me, his rehardened cock pressing eagerly behind me, his hands around my front rubbing my breasts. I wiggled my butt and said, “My goodness, I have such a horny son.”

“And aren’t you glad, too?”

I turned around to kiss him as I reached down to grip the object of my desires while the coffee began perking.

“We’ll never have breakfast if you keep groping me all the time, you know.”

“Oh, I know and I really don’t care,” he said sassily as his hands went back to my breasts and he pulled me tight, pressing his hard cock against my middle.

“Oh, here, you spoiled boy,” and I turned back around, leaned forward a bit and spread my legs as he pushed between my legs and ran his cock back and forth along my pussy lips, already glazed with my slippery juices.

The coffee was ready and the toast popped up when I turned my head to him and said, “Randy, we have all day for this, breakfast is ready and, I think we’re going to need our strength for what we have planned. So take your cock away and let me finish this,” all said with a smile.

“I just can’t keep away from you, Mom, you are so hot naked like this. You better love sex because I plan of giving you all I can.”

I put the coffee down, then a plate stacked with toast, as he scooted his chair over to mine so he could fondle me as we ate. I must admit, I did have some fun with his cock.

I was rubbing the precum around on the head of his cock with my thumb while he was gently caressing my breast. I was excited about the way our new life was unfolding, being naked with each other with full and easy access to each other’s bodies. So familiar, so open,

I stood up and turned to him, leaning a bit so my breasts were in his face as he opened and took a nipple in. Then, I reached down for his cock, held it up and moved over him, facing him, straddling the chair and lowered myself, driving him deep into me as I sat in his lap.

I began moving my hips back and forth, fucking him in the kitchen, as we kissed. His cock, somehow, felt even larger, harder, as I went up and down on him.

“Mmm, this is how to have breakfast, Mom,” he said softly as I rode him up and down.

“Oh, it is, Son, yes, it is,” and I kissed him again as I ground down on him forcing him even higher up in me as I slowly twisted back and forth.

I was panting and my heart was racing as he was touching me in all new places so deep up inside me.

“Omigod, Randy, oh, I’ve never felt so…UUUH, UUUH, UUNH, UUNH, oh, oh, mmm, oh, Son, this is so wonderful. You’re all I need, I love you so much, so much,” and I began scissoring up and down wanting his cum, his cum up in his mother’s pussy. It was all I wanted at that moment.

“Oh, Mom, oh, that is so good, you are so tight, it’s incredible. My own mother, the best fuck of my life,” and as he said that he thrust his hips upward as I felt the warm spurts of his cum, oh, I loved that feeling so.

I snuggled down on him still moving my hips up and down, “Mmm, I love this, Randy, I love us being together like this, as lovers. It seemed so strange at first and so natural now.”

“Yes, I want us to always be like this. I want us to always be lovers. You’re right, it feels so perfect, the two of us.”

All told, we fucked five times that first day we were lovers. And Randy and I also pleasured each other orally, I loved sucking him even when I couldn’t get him fully-hard, I’d just suck him anyway.

SInce that first day, we are naked with each other every day, having sex as soon as we both get home from work, then we prepare dinner, watch some television or watch a video, Randy has gotten us some pretty hot porn videos, then off to bed for more sex and cuddling.

I just never thought I would ever be so sexually fulfilled as I am now with my always-horny son wanting sex from his always-horny mom.

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