A New Discovery Pt. 02

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I woke up the next day refreshed, but a little confused about everything that had happened last night. Emma was sleeping soundly beside me, her blonde hair splayed over the pillow, her silhouetted form rising and falling underneath the sheets. Our schedules differed due to her work at the hospital, so she often slept in while I got ready for work. I pulled myself out of bed while I replayed last night in my head.

Did she really compare my penis to another man’s…and I liked it?

I must have more than just liked it. When she showed me just how much shorter I was, I came, and came hard. I didn’t know yet if I wanted last night to be an isolated incident or if I wanted more…

I was distracted all day at work; I couldn’t think of anything but Emma and what would await me upon my return home tonight. I made it through the day and returned home from work to a surprise; Emma was sitting on the couch with her laptop waiting for me.

“Oh hey honey!” She said brightly, shutting her laptop. “I had some errands I wanted to run today, so I took a personal day at work.”

She popped up from the couch and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“I was thinking we could order dinner tonight and maybe watch a movie?”

That sounded like great to me, so we ordered from our favorite pizza place, grabbed drinks from the kitchen (beer for myself and red wine for her) and settled in for a relaxing night.

After our pizza arrived, we started the movie and pulled a blanket over ourselves. I had a hard time focusing on the movie as Emma was quite obviously intentionally trying to distract me. She was wearing a low-cut shirt without a bra, her hand kept “accidentally” brushing my inner thigh, and she would press her breasts against me whenever there was a particularly scary or exciting moment. Finally, once the credits rolled, she stood up abruptly and walked directly to the bedroom. I turned off the TV and followed her, not sure what to expect. In our bedroom, Emma was adjusting something inside of our bedside cabinet, but the door to the cabinet was blocking my view from whatever was inside.

“Hey there,” she said coyly as I walked in. “I had a few ideas about how we should spend our evening after our ‘little’ discovery last night.”

I sucked in a sharp breath through my teeth, but I couldn’t help but notice my heart was already beating faster at the ideas racing through my head.

“Why don’t you get on the bed while I go change?” Emma asked. “Strip off all of your clothes, while you’re at it.”

She disappeared into the bathroom. I quickly pulled off my clothes and laid down on the bed, heart beating even faster. I was already starting to stiffen as I imagined what she had in mind.

What did she have in store for tonight? Would I like it as much as I enjoyed last night?

My mind raced as I waited for her to return, and then…the bathroom door opened, and Emma strode out.

Emma had quite clearly spent some time out shopping today. She was wearing a blue lace thong I had never seen before, with a matching sheer bralette that showcased her small pink nipples, which were already hard and poking through the translucent fabric. She gave a quick spin to showcase her whole outfit. At this point, my penis was fully engorged just at the sight of her, and she was looking sexier than I had ever seen her before.

“My little guy is already rock-hard, huh?” She laughed. “Just you wait until you see what else is coming.”

She sat down on the bed next to me, and reached over to our end table and grabbed her laptop, where she must have placed it after dinner.

“You just lay right there, I just want to talk to you for a bit first.” I nodded, and she continued on. “So when I woke up today, I just couldn’t stop thinking about how turned on you were last night when I told you how small you were compared to other men. You being turned on makes me turned on, so I wanted to talk to you first and see if this was something you wanted to continue on with.”

I thought for a moment. Did I really want my girlfriend to keep humiliating me and talking about how other men were much bigger than me? I then thought about how hard I came last night without her hands on me, and I nodded again.

“I think I do. It was really hot the way you treated me last night.”

Emma smiled again, and shook her head, laughing slightly.

“I knew you’d say that. I thought you came so hard you blacked out for a second last night, and there was no way you weren’t going to try that again. So with that in mind…I did some research this morning when I woke up, after you left for work. I found a pretty interesting website I think you might want to hear about…you input the measurements of your penis, and it tells you how you stack up against the average canlı bahis şirketleri man, with a visualized picture to show the difference.

I entered the length of your penis I measured last night and got some pretty…fascinating results. The only problem is, it requires a girth measurement too. I’m not going to show you how you stack up unless you let me measure how thick you are too. Are you okay with that?”

As she said this, my mind was racing and my heart felt like it was about to pound through my chest, but my dick twitched as she proposed it. Trying to play it cool, I pretended that I was totally confident in my dick size.

“I’m sure I’d be fine, but how will you measure my girth though? We have a ruler and a tape measure, but that can’t really wrap around me accurately.”

“Well I have good news for you then!” Emma grinned. “One of the other two stores I went by after buying this outfit was a sewing store, and I picked up a vinyl tape measure. They’re normally used for sewing, but we’ll use it on your needle tonight instead.”

As my dick throbbed at her words, I thought about what she said…two stores? What else did she buy today?

“So what do you think Jack? Is this as big and hard as you can get? Are you are showing me every inch you have? Are you going to prove me wrong, show me that you do have a big dick?” She paused. “Well. I think we’re both aware that you don’t have a big dick. Maybe you can prove that you’re at least average in thickness, if not in length.”

With that, she pulled out the tape measure from her cabinet, and sat on my chest again, just like last night. I stared at her ass, her light blue thong barely covering anything. Still, I couldn’t think of anything but what her hands were doing as I felt her wrap the measure around my dick. I heard her giggle, and then remove it. She remained on my chest, and I moved my hands to her ass as she grabbed her laptop. If I was going to lay there and let her measure me, I was at least going to get to feel her up.

I heard her type something into the computer, and I realized that she had already had the website up and ready to go. She must have still had the website up from earlier today. As she typed in what I could only assume were the results, my heart pounded even harder.

“Well baby, your girth is…3.7 inches around.” I had no idea how that compared to the average man. “Do you want to see how you measure up?”

My mouth felt like it was full of sawdust and I could barely speak, but I managed to grunt a yes. She slid off my chest, and turned the laptop around to me. My heart sink but my dick throbbed even more as I looked on the screen. To the left was a fairly accurate digital mock-up of my penis, and on the right next to it was a significantly larger cock. Underneath mine it said ‘Your Cock’ and to the right it ‘The Average Male.’

“The average male!? That can’t be right!” I exclaimed in shock. “Look how big it is!”

“Baby…” Emma sighed. “I did a lot of research today, and that’s just about right. Surveys vary, but they all come in between 5.5 and 6.5 inches, depending on race. And the average man is thicker than you too, at least 5 inches in girth. Not only do you have a short little dick, but your skinny penis has pathetic girth as well!”

My mind was reeling, but every word out of her mouth seemed to send more blood to my dick. The tip of my penis was bright purple, and there was a bead of pre-cum clearly visible on the tip.

“Do you want to see something else?” She scrolled down on the website, and it had more statistics. “Look at this one.”

My eyes scanned the page as Emma read it aloud. “In a room full of 1000 men, 58 would be shorter than you. 80 would be thinner than you. Overall, 948 of those men would be bigger than you.”

“Now you know what I’ve been dealing with. You may be the first person I ever slept with, but I sure was unlucky when I ended up with your small penis! Almost every man I’ve ever met has had a bigger dick than you. How did I end up with someone as tiny as you with odds like that?”

I let out an involuntary moan, and Emma laughed at me again.

“You really do love being told you have a small penis, don’t you? Or do you love knowing that almost everyone you’ve ever met either has a bigger dick than you, or has been fucked by one?”

I couldn’t help but moan again, and my penis throbbed, bouncing and making Emma giggle even more.

She stopped laughing, and spoke softly now.

“At least it’s fun for you; you like being made fun of for having a tiny dick! But do you know what it’s like for me? Now I know that I’ve never been with a real man. No wonder you’ve never been able to make me cum with that little penis.” Now she smiled. “Do you want to move on to the canlı kaçak iddaa next part of our evening?”

Next part?? My head was spinning and I felt more aroused than I ever had before. My head moved without thinking, nodding for her to continue.

“Well, the more I looked online, the more I realized how below average you were. But I also saw other women commenting on the different articles I looked at. All the women I saw posted that while average penises were okay, they had other preferences. As I looked around, I found most women preferred dicks that had some girth (completely unlike yours) and that they like a fair bit of length too.

So I decided I should swing by that sex shop near your work. While there I picked up a toy I wanted to try out tonight.”

At this point, Emma went back to ofur bedside cabinet and opened it again. She pulled out a nondescript black box.

“When I went in, I asked for their most popular version with women.” She started to slide the box open. “Do you want to see it?”

Pre-cum was dripping down my dick at this point, but I couldn’t look away from Emma and the box in her hands. She reached inside and slowly revealed what had to have been the biggest penis I had ever seen. It was a tan, flesh toned model, molded to be as realistic as possible, even with anatomically correct balls at the base of the shaft. But the thing that had me shaking was the size of it. I could tell as she held it in both hands that it absolutely dwarfed me, but I didn’t have to wait long to find out by how much.

“It’s 8 inches long, and 6 and a quarter around. That’s almost twice as long as your little dick, and much thicker. I’ve been fantasizing about trying it all day, but I wanted to wait so you could watch me use it for the first time.”

Emma placed the dildo next to my dick, and my face burned bright red with embarrassment at the shocking size disparity between us.

“This is what women want, baby. Your diminutive thing is what I’ve been stuck with. I need bigger.”

With her words, I moaned and couldn’t control myself any longer. My dick erupted, spraying cum all over my chest and her dildo, and my hips pumped in vain, hoping to receive some form of physical stimulation.

This hope was not to be achieved, however. Emma burst into laughter at me thrusting helplessly in the air, and her laughter only stopped when my orgasm finally subsided. My dick began to shrink down to its flaccid state, and I looked even more pathetic compared to her new toy, which I had accidentally just covered in my cum.

“It’s okay baby.” Emma said with a bright smile on her face. “I wasn’t going to touch you for quite a while anyways, and I think this guy is going to need some of your little dick’s premature cum to get all the way inside of me.”

I gaped at the idea that she was going to take all 8 inches, at the thought of that dildo sinking deep into my girlfriend, farther than I had ever or will ever reach.

Emma then stood up, and in one fluid motion slid her thong down around her ankles and kicked them off. She turned back, grabbed her dildo, and moved to the chair in the corner of our bedroom, sitting down and spreading her legs. She leaned back, placed the tip of it against her already wet pussy, and whispered

“Are you ready baby?” I sat up and moved to the edge of our bed for a better view. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

And with that, she slowly pushed the tip of the thick dildo inside of her. We gasped together, her at the sheer fullness of the dildo entering her, me at the sight of my girlfriend adapting to being truly filled up for the first time. She stopped after inserting the first 2 inches, and looked straight at me.

“It feels so much thicker than you baby!”

My penis may still have been soft but I had never been more aroused. She pushed it in further, my ejaculate serving only to lubricate the massive dildo sliding inside her. It was halfway inside her now.

“This is about as long as you are, but I already feel so full…I wonder how much more I can take?”

My eyes were glued to her. Watching her take something so much bigger than myself was somehow arousing beyond belief.

“Look how your little dick matches up against this Jack!” She let out a quick gasp as she slid it another inch deeper inside her. “Right now it looks like your little cock wouldn’t make it past the two inch mark on a ruler, and on top of that you’re a premature ejaculator too! This is a real man’s dick right here, and it’s fucking your girlfriend deeper and better than you ever have.”

She suddenly pushed it all the way inside herself, and the balls rested against her, forcing her to a stop.

“Holy shit baby. That feels so fucking good.”

She began to slowly slide it back canlı kaçak bahis out, stopping halfway, and then back inside.

“Ohmygod Jack. It’s so much bigger than what I’m used to. Can other guys really be this big?” she groaned as the glistening dildo moved in and out.

I could tell that she was enjoying herself; she was moaning louder than she ever had with me, and her legs would shake slightly whenever the fake dick bottomed out inside of her. My dick began to stiffen again at the sight of her enjoying the massive dildo, and soon my penis was back to it’s almost 4 and a half inches of glory.

“Ohhh, are you enjoying watching me get filled the way I finally deserve? Looks like your little dick is at least, judging from how it’s standing up. Are you going to cum again?”

I shook my head no. I had to control myself this time. It was humiliating enough to not be able to please my girlfriend half as well as a dildo, but if I came again without even being touched by Emma, I’d never be able to live it down. Emma began moving it faster and faster, and I could tell from her face that she was rapidly approaching an orgasm. I had never been able to make her cum without eating her out or using her vibrator during sex, and this dildo was going to do it in a few minutes!?

“Oh fuck Jack…I’m…I think I’m gonna cum!” Emma sounded like even she was surprised by this.

Sure enough, she slid the dildo all the way inside of her once more and I looked on, half with horror and half with unbelievable arousal. She moaned again and began to squirm in the chair, breasts bouncing gently, her legs shaking. Her hands never stopped moving though, the dildo sliding in and out as her body shook with uncontrollable pleasure. My girlfriend was cumming on that thick cock while my diminutive dick stood rigid, alone and untouched.

Finally, her soft cries of pleasure faded, and as Emma caught her breath she looked directly at me.

“You’ve never made me cum like that baby, and you’ll never be able to with a penis that small.”

Emma slowly slid the dildo out of herself, and I could see that while my premature ejaculate had made an excellent lubricant, it was now slowly dripping out of her vagina.

“Do you want to try to reclaim me with your little guy?” She asked curiously.

“…Yes please…” I whispered back.

Emma responded by standing up, returning to the bed, and laying on her back. She spread her legs.

“Do your best then.”

I stood up, positioned myself in front of her, and as I looked down to try to aim my penis inside her, I could see that she was still partially agape from the fucking she had just given herself. My dick throbbed again at the view as I lined the head of my penis up with her cum-covered pussy, and I slid inside her.

“Oh…is that it?” She asked as I bottomed out, four inches deep. “I can barely feel you right now baby.”

She was right. I could barely feel her as well. I knew that in theory her pussy wouldn’t stay like this, that she’d return to normal soon, but right now she had been stretched out by a real cock, and my dick simply couldn’t make an impression inside of her. I began thrusting faster, hoping that she’d react to the added stimulation, but all that did was make her lingerie-clad breasts bounce more and more.

Then it happened…Emma yawned. She must have been tired after her orgasm, but was I really having that small of an effect on her? Emma must have noticed my dismay at her yawn as I began to thrust into her ever more fiercely.

“Don’t worry baby. Just because I’ve had a big dick inside me now doesn’t mean I don’t love you. Your little penis doesn’t mean you’re worthless as a person, it just means you’ll never be able to please me as well as other men can.”

She put her arms around my back and pulled me close, bringing my ear to her mouth.

“Maybe I’ll have to try a real man soon instead of this dildo, to see how a man with a real dick fucks. I don’t think your tiny penis is going to cut it for me any more.”

An image of Emma being fucked by a man with a massive cock flashed before my eyes, but before I could push it out of my mind she spoke again.

“I think I should find one and fuck them in front of you. That way you can really see how a big dick pleasures a woman, and how useless you are to me now that I’ve had bigger.”

I couldn’t hold back any longer. She could barely feel me inside of her, but somehow her words had built me up to the point that I was cumming, and cumming hard. I shook with both shame and uncontrollable arousal, the pleasure winning out until my cock was spent. My face burned red with the shame of another orgasm at my girlfriend telling me she wanted bigger and better, and the thought of another man pleasuring her in ways that I would never be able to. As my orgasm ended, I lay on top of Emma and held her tight.

With her arms still wrapped around me, I could feel her grinning, and she whispered in my ear again.

“We’ll have to talk about that again later…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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