A New Mutual Hobby Pt. 02

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This is a recollection of very true events in my life. Believe that or not, I figured since it’s my fantasy, I might as well share where it stems from.

I’ve gotten a lot of comments asking for more build up, more foreplay.

So, I present to you, a fake story about me telling the true story of my childhood/young adulthood encounters with incest. As usual, all participants are 18 or older, and names have been altered for privacy.


The threesome will be in Part 3. Duh. 😉


“Sweet Jesus,” I moaned, my palm on the tile wall in front of me, leaning as far forward over the toilet bowl as I could. I have often said that the feeling of relief you get from pissing after a long night of sex is almost as good as the sex itself.

Shaking myself clean and looking back at my sexcapade from last night, I was forced to admit that statement was no longer true.

Though how was I to know? What man ever actually believes his deepest, darkest, dirtiest fantasy might actually come true? I had reserved that section of my psyche to the deepest parts of my mind, only to be retrieved when I was alone and horny. I looked at myself in the mirror of my bathroom, unable to stop from laughing to myself. I had always believed my fantasy to be so perverted and wrong, that should it ever actually come to fruition, I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the eyes anymore. But the man that looked back at me was free. No longer haunted by the dark secrets that made him feel like he was broken.

Entering my room once more, I laid eyes on the woman of my fantasies. She had woken me up, but remained naked in my bed, a pair of reading glasses on while she scrolled through her smartphone. When I entered, she stopped and eyed me up and down, smirking at my manhood. It seemed only natural now that it should be my mother who washed away those fears and insecurities.

I climbed into my bed once more, and, reaching under the covers, ran my hand along the inside of her thigh and rubbing between her legs as our lips connected and our tongues intertwined. Her soft, warm hand covered mine and pushed my fingers inside of her, and I felt her get wet on my hand.

She pulled away from our kiss, but the look in her eyes was of pure lust.

“Every time I feel you inside me,” she whispered as I began to finger her more fervently, “I feel so bad.”

“But feeling bad feels so good, doesn’t it?” I agreed with her as we both laughed.

“Your cock feels good.” She answered, stroking my cock as it hardened again. “But,” she then stopped, and pulled my hand from her sopping wet pussy, “I for one, have not forgotten that you have roommates living with you.” She nodded at my bedroom door, wide open. “If David or Melissa came downstairs, we’d have quite some explaining to do.”

“I wonder if they heard anything last night,” I asked, getting up and slowly closing my door.

“Well if they did you’ll have quite the story to tell them – when I leave.” She finished with her motherly tone, a finger pointed in my direction.

“Are you kidding?” I was in disbelief. “I’d rather tell them I watched a porn and you slept in the living room.”

“What, you don’t think David would be proud of you fucking your mommy?” she asked with a coy smile as she got out of bed.

I shot her a look, and she took the opportunity to turn around and reach for her underwear on the floor. She bent at the waist, exposing her pussy to me in all of it’s glory. Her shapely round ass was not without the signs of motherhood, but it made everything that much sexier to me.

“You’re going to torture me as much as you can now, aren’t you?” I asked as she slowly, and I mean slowly, pulled her panties over her ass and reached for her bra.

“Just wait till your sister gets here.” She winked at me.

I could hardly wait. Admittedly, I had envisioned fucking my sister Rachel for years, ever since she had started to get the nickname of “Big Booty Judy” in high school. I used to take every opportunity I could to look at her ass whenever she wore her tight jeans, or her high school cheerleading outfit, or God willing, her bikini.

There were even a few times that I started to think my sister wanted me as well. And I don’t think it was without reason that I came to these conclusions either.

The first incident I can remember was back before my mom had even married Roger. They had just met, and were often meeting in a city halfway between Rog’s home and my mom’s. On the weekends where my mom had us kids instead of our dad, she would take us with her to see him and we’d all spend the weekend together in a hotel, seeing movies, going hiking, etc.

One weekend, Rog shelled out for a big fancy penthouse suite on the top two floors. He said it was just a way to show us he wanted us to have a good weekend, but even at that time I knew it was because he wanted to fuck my mom without Rachel and I being around.

So, they took the upstairs room, my sister and I shared the bedroom downstairs, and that’s illegal bahis when things started to get weird. By this time my sister was finishing her first year at college and I was enjoying my summer after senior year of high school.

At some point in the night we all decided to go to bed, my mom and Rog retired for the night, while Rachel and I did the same. Now, fast forward through teeth brushing, talking shit to each other and random small talk while we stare at a black ceiling, and eventually we hear my mom.

Like always, she was dirty talking Rog, and not being quiet about it.

“Oh my God,” Rachel laughed, bringing her hand to her mouth to keep from being too loud.

“Sounds like they’re having more fun than we are.” I remember saying.

My sister laughed, “Jealous,”

“Please,” I scoffed. “you’re in college. I bet you can get some dick whenever you want.”

She thought for a moment, and then sniggered, “Yeah I guess you’re right.”

Mom’s dirty talking now degenerated to loud moans in the background.

“But going from getting it once or twice a week to not at all -“

“Once or twice a week!” I repeated, astounded at her response. “Jeez, Rach!”

“I wasn’t banging a different guy every time!” she answered defensively. “It was this one guy Robby. Mmh, I could use some Robby right about now.”

“Well, cool your jets until your little brother isn’t in bed with you.”

She hit me then.

“Don’t be gross! I don’t do that anyway.”

I could only look in her direction, barely able to make out her silhouette in the dark.

“Really…never?” I asked, daring her to lie again.

“No!” she insisted. “Can we change the subject please!”

I only laughed, hearing Mom’s moaning through the ceiling, I smiled knowing she was getting just as turned on as I was.

Mom’s continued moaning went on for another few minutes while we laid in silence.

“So how’s wrestling been?” she asked still suppressing awkward laughter over our mother’s sex noises.

“Good, good,” I answered equally as awkward, “Didn’t get a chance to go to state, since Joey’s in my weight class.”

“Mmm, Joey.” my sister cooed.

“Seriously? You just said you wanted to change the subject.”

“I’m sorry but the thought of Joey Mitchell in a singlet. . . ” she trailed off with a nervous laugh.

“C’mon, wrestle me.” she said, and without any hesitation or explanlation, she assumed the down referee’s position, on hands and knees.

I knew this position well enough, obviously. My job was to grab her elbow and kneel behind her, maybe tell her that she didn’t have to bow her back like that or poke her ass in the air like that, but proably not.

She began to laugh, and I was forced to sit up to look at her.

“Are you serious right now?” I asked still comfortable under the covers. Not to mention, mom’s moaning had given me a bit of a chub, and the last thing I needed was for my sister to notice.

“Cmon, don’t you want to redeem yourself from losing to Joey?” she teased.

“Yeah, yeah,” I pretended to be annoyed as I grabbed her by her waist. I then assumed the appropriate position, one knee up behind her, one hand just above her elbow. I may have been intentionally pressing my now rock hard cock against the side of her ass, but at that point in my life I was still unsure if she could even feel it pressed up against her.

“So what do we do from here?” she asked, wiggling her hips back and forth so that it pressed up against my thigh and my cock.

“Well, if it were a match, which this isn’t, the referee would blow his whistle and you’d try to escape, and I’d try to pin you.”

“Tweet!” she suddenly squealed loudly, and began to struggle out of my grip. She surprised me, so she nearly got out, before I just overpowered here again and brought her face down into the mattress, still holding onto her arm and tucking it between her knees behind her so that she couldn’t move. Of course, I also managed to move my throbbing erection firmly against her ass in the process..

It was literally at that exact point that our mom walked in. We hadn’t even noticed in our horsing around that she had stopped moaning.

“What are you two doing?” she asked, and the sheer panic in me blurred my vision and my other senses, I couldn’t tell if she was furious, or innocently curious as to what her two rowdy kids were up to.

“Just wrestling mom, don’t worry.” Rachel assured her as she straightened back up and sat on her knees.

“Well I heard you make a noise, Rachel, what was that?”

“Oh!” Rachel giggled and even I could see the redness in her cheeks now. “A whistle.” She made the noise again, “to signal the match had begun!” She was apparently unable to hide the devious look in her smile as she explained – or at least, perhaps my own guilt was reflecting back on me.

Looking back, that particular night was probably what first set me on this path of incestuous depravity and lust.

“Aaron?” I heard Melissa illegal bahis siteleri call from upstairs.

I opened my door, having completely clothed myself by this point, and shouted back up the stairs, “Yeah?”

“David and I are leaving for the resort!”

“Oh shit,” I said under my breath. I had completely forgotten that they were both leaving for the weekend to be with their families on a resort vacation at the coast. My mother, still clad in her panties and a tiny maroon shirt, smiled lustfully at me. “Okay!”

Melissa appeared at the top of the stairs now. “Just make sure the puppies get their food at least two times a day and they get outside and plenty of exercise.”

“It’s not my first time watching them you know,” I assured her.

“I know, but they’re my babies.” Melissa smiled, embarrassed.

“No worries, Melissa. Go have fun. I’ll keep you updated on the babies.”

“Thanks!” she smiled as David opened the front door for her.

“I’ll shoot you a text when we’re taking off.” David said as he left.

There was a moment of silence that followed the front door slamming shut, and my mom and I looked at each other with big stupid smiles on our faces.

“I forgot you said they were leaving.” Mom beamed.

“So did I.” I walked back into my room and grabbed my mom by the waist, and grabbed a big hand full of her ass, worming my fingers under the fabric of her panties. I could practically smell the sexual tension in the room, and decided if she could tease me like she did in the bed this morning, I could tease her too.

So I let her go and went upstairs, ignoring the confused look on her face as I left her wet and wanting.

I decided I’d make breakfast, and that pancakes would be easy enough. One thing about me, I love making breakfast food. It’s my favorite. Try and get me to make lunch, or to grill up something, eh, maybe. But get me up for breakfast food and I’ll be happy.

It also allowed me to fondly recollect on my other experiences with Rachel as we grew up. I remember another night not long after the wrestling incident, when we had shared a bedroom together. We were forced to stay at our mom’s friends house, but thankfully my mom took the guest bed while Rachel and I shared the Queen bed in the master bedroom, since her friend was out of town.

One night that weekend I came into the room to find my sister already apparently asleep in bed, with the lamp by my side of the bed still on casting a dim light into the room.

I carefully climbed into bed, and felt my hand brush against bare skin. Instinctively I snatched it away, and looked under the covers slightly to see Rachel’s thigh; her leg was bent to intrude into my side of the bed. Of course.

Regardless, I climbed into bed and tried not to touch her, and decided to wait for her to move.

Minutes passed and she didn’t move, so I rolled over, her knee now a foot or so away from my crotch. Thankfully the queen size bed still gave me enough space to move around.

“Rachel,” I whispered into the dark room.

No response.

“Rachel move.” I whispered again, giving her knee the most innocent of nudges with my hand.

Still nothing.

A thought suddenly entered my perverted brain at that moment, and I lifted the covers further now to inspect my sleeping sibling. She was wearing her SpongeBob boxers, with the waist line rolled up several times to bring the hems of the shorts as high as possible so they hugged her crotch and displayed the bottoms of her ass cheeks. It was a fashion statement she bore around the house a lot that I was far from opposed to.

On this night, however, I was clearly able to see my sister’s right hand down the front of those SpongeBob boxers.

The sheer shock of my discovery caused me to close the covers again, and stare at my sister. I expected to see her open one eye, or to show any sort of sign that she was awake. But nothing. She was still. Her mouth was even hanging slightly open, as if she had fallen asleep moaning to herself.

I still remember the way my heart raced at catching my sister masturbating, and not to mention while sleeping right next to me. I could hardly believe my luck.

This was when I decided to be a little too brave.

I called her name a few more times to be sure that she was asleep, and then I ducked myself beneath covers entirely. I left the covers open slightly to still allow light from my lamp in, but I could just barely see any detail. What I could see, however, were the legs of my sister’s boxers, and for me; a way in.

Despite my racing heartbeat, I moved my hand slower than any being has ever moved in the history of the world, towards my sister’s boxers. There was only an inch or so between the fabric and her bare flesh, but dammit I was determined to feel my first vagina, and the fact that it was my sisters only made it that more exhilarating.

I paused to see if I could see my sister’s fingers moving under that yellow fabric, but it was canlı bahis siteleri too dark to tell. So, I pressed onward. With my heart racing hard enough to feel my pulse in my cock, I was suddenly reminded of the old saying that men only have enough blood to power one brain.

I even remember thinking to myself that I would never even be trying this if I weren’t horny.

It took only one mistake. My hand brushed the inside of her thigh, probably less than eight inches from her crotch, and within a second my sister had thrown the covers up to see who had invaded her space. In sheer panic, I actually played dumb. I pretended to be asleep. One hundred percent under the covers. Curled up in a ball. Because people do that.

I waited. And waited.

It was the longest four or five seconds of my life. But then, the covers fell back down. She said nothing. She did, however, close her legs, roll over and lie on her side with her back to me, which was . . . disheartening, to say the least.

I remember how awful I felt that night, having let my perversions get the better of me. But now, as my own mother came up the stairs and hugged me from behind, slowly rubbing my cock over my sweats while she tells me how good breakfast smells, I was reminded of how different she made me feel about all of that.

“Ready for your sister today?” she asked as she started to stroke my hardening cock.

“I was actually just thinking about her,” I said, turning to her with a devious smile.

“Oh yeah?” she held herself tight against me, and I could feel her rest her head against my upper back, my cock growing harder and harder in her hand as she continued to stroke it. “Something good, I can tell.”

“I was thinking of all the times I wanted to fuck her,” I admitted unable to keep from laughing to myself. “How much I used to hate myself for that.”

“Aww, Bubby,” my mom reached her hand down under my sweatpants as she cooed for me, and her soft warm flesh squeezed my cock slowly from base to head.

“And,” I went on, unable to continue preparing breakfast, “how you changed all of that for me last night.”

I turned in place to see her, and she continued slowly stroking my cock.

“It was pretty amazing, wasn’t it?” she smiled, looking down to the growing wet spot in my sweats as she stroked me. “I’ve wanted to have you inside me for years. Ever since moving up with Rog.”

“What started it?” I asked, sliding my hand down the back of my mother’s pajamas to grab as big a handful of her ass as I could so I could pull her in tight against my aching member.

“You came up one weekend,” she began, looking me in the eyes as she stroked me, “and you walked around the house in just your towel after you got out of the shower for a good hour.”

“You kept yelling at me to get dressed,” I remembered. It was one of the first times I stayed with her and Rog at his house. I used my grip on her ass and a firm grip on her other hand she was using to jerk me to twist her around, and pull her tight against my cock. I slid my hand down the front of her panties and held her arms tight against her chest, tight against me.

“It’s because you were making me so wet,” she moaned the final word as I slid my fingers inside her. “It was all I could do to keep from taking the towel from you and mounting you.”

“You could have,” I smiled, grinding against her ass with my rock hard cock. “I would have fucked you silly. Just like I did last night. Just like I will today.”

My mom smiled, but broke free from my grasp, and turned around again.

“Not so fast. You said you were thinking about Rachel.” She smiled, and reached down for my cock over my sweats again. “Tell me about it.”

I smiled, yet again shocked that my mother wanted to hear my sexual fantasies about my sister, her daughter. But after last night, I knew everything was on the table.

So I began to recant the time that we were at the swimming zone in the local lake, surrounded by other people, when she said she wanted to play the drowning victim game. This simply meant she would lie face first in the water like a corpse, and I would pull her out of the water and carry her to safety.

Only the one time I carried her to safety she insisted I carry her back out to the lake and simply wade around in the water with her in my arms. Admittedly, it was easy, as everything is practically a third it’s normal weight in water, but by the second or third time she assumed the position – so to speak – I decided to get more forward with our little game. Rather than pick her up like a sack of potatoes under my arm or fireman carry her, I acted like I was going to give her the Heimlich Maneuver, which perfectly allowed me to rub my dick against her lovely, shapely ass.

“Wow!” my mother stared wide eyed at me. “You little horn dog!”

“I obviously get it from you!” I shot back at her.

“I know,” she smiled again, “I love it.”

“Now, there had to have been at least twenty other people in that swim zone, with five or six immediately nearby, and here I was watching my sister bend over for me in the water and wait for me to rub my cock against her. Needless to say, the image is forever locked away in the spank bank.” I tapped my finger to my head as I said it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20