A Night at the Movie turned me Gay Pt. 02

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Entering the room immediately caused my stomach to churn with excitement. Something about entering a place where strangers are in control and you anticipate being involved with sexual activities. The what, why, and how remained a mystery. This only added to the combination of nervousness and excitement.

The woman with a strangely deep voice said, “Welcome to our “Halloween celebration”. My name is Lena and my friend is Charles. You will find tonight to be the most memorable and life changing time of your life. William tells us that you are very exciting and show amazing endurance. We want to find out for ourselves.”

I was both puzzled and excited. What does this couple expect from me and Ana?.

“When you took William’s sexual preference test, you showed interest in several particular areas. We want to confirm them for ourselves. If you please us, we have many opportunities for you that can be both enjoyable and, yes, profitable.”

Lena pointing to Charles, “Check her out to make certain she is dressed as we ordered. Then make certain she stays there.”

Within seconds the burly male forced me down onto a stool and both hands were handcuffed to it. I was not able to stand up without the stool being firmly attached to my ass.

Lena continued, “During your visit with William you took a preference test. You probably didn’t know you were taking it because all he showed you were pictures. But, you reacted to some and not to others. The ones you reacted to told us quite a lot about you and your sexual interests. We know you get excited and can become very submissive. When you allowed William to masturbate you, it indicates submissiveness. You allow others to take control of you cock and do what they please. We want good looking submissive people like you.”

“Buried deep inside your fantasy world is the desire to surrender to a strong person who will take control of your body and force you to perform sexually. This eliminates any responsibility or guilt because others are in control. This fantasy covers years of belief that sex is wrong and it has created guilt in you. With one simple act William released you.”

I listened but wasn’t convinced she knew what she was talking about. But, my cock started strain against that pink chastity device which Ana had secured to me.

The woman continued. “You have always done what others have wanted you to do. You were a good student in high school. Played in the band, won a college scholarship, and were always the polite guy with the girls. Deep inside you yearned for an active sex life and have had many fantasies. Most of which involve some form of surrendering to another person. Am I right?”

I sat in silence thinking to myself. “How does she know so much about me especially my sexual fantasies. What secrets does she know and would she expose me?”

I only attempted to shake my head indicating no.

“James, I know who you are, and you can’t hide. It is time for you to surrender to all of your desires while you are young.”

I still said nothing and shook my head no.

“Ok, let me take you down the path you want to follow but are afraid about what someone will think of you or discriminate against you.”

She continued, “Women have always been of interest. You like them but never seem to make a lasting, strong connection. While you have had sex with a few, they never have really caused the type of sexual release you have fantasized. The picture of Ana did create some excitement, but she was the only one. Why is that? I know and you do to but won’t admit it, that women don’t get you aroused. Even tonight Ana is dressed so sexy that most men would have gone crazy. You were the gentleman. We watched you as you walked to William’s home trying to provide some modest cover for her bare ass. That was what you felt you should do. Now let’s run an experiment.”

“Ana, strip.”

Within a few seconds Ana stood there naked. Her firm breasts, shaved pussy, and long legs were beautiful.

Approaching me on the stool, the woman ran her hand over my caged cock. She said, “It is firm but are you moaning with sexual pleasure? No, you are not. As pretty as she is, it is not enough to cause you pain.”

Motioning to her male partner, “You know what to do, Fuck Ana”.

Within a minute the burly male grabbed Ana’s hand, dragged her to the bed, Stripped and started to fuck her. He lasted for several minutes before she orgasmed.

Lena checked my cock again. “You are not even breathing heavily illegal bahis as you watched this beautiful woman being fucked by another male. Why? Because you are not completely turned on by her having sex. William tells me you were watching a Women’s prison movie where a girl was being fucked in the ass by a guard. Do you remember that scene?”

I did not respond but simply shook my head no.

“That’s not surprising because that was when William was giving you the pleasure of a hand job. You were deep into your fantasy and pleasure. Both you and the woman in the movie were under the control of another person and you felt free and finally released your sexual energy. That was the moment you realized surrendering to another person brought you pleasure.

“Let us see how James reacts when Ana is fucked in the ass. Put her on all fours and fuck her”

Ana dutifully got on all fours and the naked male applied some sort of lube on her anus and then proceeded to penetrate her ass. She started to moan with pleasure as the intensity built within her. She started to whisper, ‘fuck me, fuck me hard’. This continue for several more minutes before she exploded with screams and started to cry. This had been a very strong orgasm.”

Turning to me, “How did you feel watching Ana have such a magnificent climax””

I did not answer but was breathing heavily as I shook my head.

“Come on James, I see that you are breathing heavily. I know your cock is straining and it must be painful as you watched Ana achieve a very strong sexual release. You can admit it now. There is no judgement here. You got turned on watching Ana submit to the control of another. That turned you on, didn’t it?”

For the first time I shook my head yes but would not say anything.

“Ok James, let me speak for you since you are unable to do so. Your fantasy of total submission was playing in your head as you watched Ana become totally under the control of Charles. You saw yourself submitting no longer ashamed or afraid of you deep desires. You wanted to be free like Ana to experience total release of your inhibitions. You would no longer be afraid of what someone might think or say about you because you let someone take total control of your body and release your suppressed passions. Your encased cock was screaming for release. You can no longer hide or be ashamed of who you are.”

“Ana, put your clothes back on and sit on the sofa. You are going to watch a transformation of prisoner to a liberated male.”

Dutifully following her instructions, Ana used several towels to wipe the cum off her body and then put the leather vest and backless pants on.

Lena then continued, “James, why are you dressed in women’s clothes?”

I responded, “I don’t know. It seems strange but since we were attending a Halloween party, I thought is was just part of the party.”

“You really think that is the reason? Think back to the sexual preference quiz William gave you. What group did you select the most pictures?”

I answered, “I don’t remember.”

With a smile Lena said, “You responded most to the men who dressed as women or were Shemales, remember that?”

I started to remember choosing three of those pictures as exciting. Instead of admitting what I had selected I said, “I do not remember those pictures.”

“Sure, you do. You selected one woman, Ana, two naked men, and three sissies or shemales. You want to deny it but that was your favorite group. Why is that?”

I did not answer but looked down to the floor.

Lena continued, “Let me tell you about your inter most secret fantasy. You are a true submissive. As such you do not feel like a male but want to be someone else. You crave others taking control and making you do things that you want done but are afraid to do or find others to do it for you. When William pulled your pants down in the theater, you released yourself for the first time. Once you experienced the release you wanted more. You were turned on by the shemale pictures because they represent what you want. As a submissive the idea of your manhood scares you. Watching Ana achieve total sexual release reenforced your belief that women can be submissive and be allowed to have amazing sexual releases. “

She continued, “Now you will realize those long suppressed sexual feelings and desires. You can no longer deny them, and we will make certain you realize them. Know that you will never want to hide your true self again.”

Motioning to Charles, “Release the handcuffs illegal bahis siteleri and help James to his feet. We need to start.”

Standing in front of Lena I had a mixture of anticipated excitement and fear. My cock was straining against the chastity device and pain was becoming more intense.

Lena continued, “You are wearing women’s clothes not as a Halloween costume but rather to strip away your self-image a that you have as a male. At some point in your life your were told that being naked was wrong. Wearing women’s clothes was wrong. Having sex with men and women was wrong. That you should be filled with shame and guilt for ever desiring sexual freedom. But, deep inside your submissive self was begging to be set free. That pain of hiding who you wanted to become grew until William started you on the road to freedom.”

Listening to Lena I wondered how she knew so much about my deepest secrets. I was both afraid someone knew so much about my deep fantasies. She had stripped away all my secrets and exposed me to the truth of my desires.

“Charles, remove her dress.”

Those words created a wave of fear for two reasons. First, the dress covered my shaved body and secondly, Lena referred to me as a she. This strange sensation started the sexual energy inside me to rage. My cock strained against the penial cage.

“Look at your shaved body. No hair below you chin. Like a woman you are smooth and very hairless. That should make you feel very submissive. You true self can be released. How do you feel now?”

For the first time I stopped denying what I was feeling. “I feel very vulnerable.”

Smiling Lena continued, “That is what you should feel. You can no longer hide your emotions and desires. You are beyond the point of denial and refusing to accept yourself. What you want is now available to you.”

I no longer wanted to suppress myself. “Yes, I want this freedom. I am a submissive and need to be controlled by someone. Please control me.”

“Don’t worry dear your will soon be released from your past.”

“Charles, strip her of the rest of her clothes except the nylons. I want to see her smooth body.”

Within a few seconds I stood naked in front of Lena wearing only the thigh high nylons and the pink chastity device.

Lena started to closely inspect me. Soon her cool hands were rubbing my shoulders, but they were quickly on my breasts. As she rubbed my nipples, they became hard and a wave of passion flowed through me. My cock pressed even harder on its prison.

“Please Lena, have Ana unlock this cage, the pain is becoming too much.”

She only smiled and said, “When I am ready. You are the submissive and I am your Mistress.”

Her hands shifted to my caged cock and balls. Her touch further increased my excitement and pain. As I moaned she simply smiled.

“You are letting those fantasies come out and allowing yourself to become my submissive.”

She had Charles take me to a piece of furniture and had me straddle it. My ass was totally exposed. My hands and feet were secured with straps.

Lena then ordered Ana to join her at the back of this device.

“Ana is going to start a process of anal control. You may become excited, but you can’t cum. “

With those words, Ana was ordered to blow into my rectum and use her tongue to rim me. Her warm tongue was darting in and out of my rectum. This was unlike any sensation I had ever experienced. The pleasure sensations came in strong waves. The pressure built to the point I started to beg for release from chastity.

“Please release me. Please”

Lena only smiled. “You are just getting started my dear.”

Ana continued for at least 5 minutes as I moaned and begged. Finally, Lena told her to return to the couch.

She then said, “It is time for you to see what you may become.” Charles was then ordered to release me from this bench. As I stood up Lena began to remove her clothes.

Within a minute the leather pants, and leather vest were on the floor. Standing in front of me was a woman with firm breasts, smooth skin, and a very large, erect cock.

“Are you surprised? This is what you fantasize about and what you want, or do you prefer just having men?”

I couldn’t answer. Lean was beautiful and her cock provided real a new dimension to what had only been pictures up to that point.

“I am going to fuck you so get over to the bed.”

Unlike resisting as in the past, I obeyed without a word. My cock was still canlı bahis siteleri screaming to be released but now the thought of submitting to Lena was overpowering. My body was ready to surrender to whatever Lena demanded. I no longer wanted to resist or deny my feelings. I was naked but without embarrassment of shame. I just wanted to let her do whatever she wished. The constant throbbing of my cock only added to the moment.

The snap of a rubber glove being pulled on and the sudden warn liquid being applied to my ass provided the anticipated effect of excitement. Slowly the head of Lena’s penis spread my anus open. Ana’s rimming had served to relax my muscles, so the firm cock easily slid into me. With her breast pushing against my back, Lena began the sexual rhythm. Each thrust increased my desire. My cock’s inability to release added to the pain and pleasure. AS I moaned the emotional release overcame me. Yes, my cum had not yet been freed but somehow I became liberated.

AS she continued to fuck me Lena whispered, “You are free to be who you want to be. I am fucking away your old thoughts and feelings and giving you new ones. Your naked body belongs to me. Your fantasies belong to me, and you can not be ashamed of being a submissive.”

Suddenly I felt her erupt and a stream of hot, white cum filled my ass.

Pulling out of me Lena appeared to be both satisfied and ready for more action.

She commanded, “Ana, bring the key to the chastity over here and then strip.”

Turning to me. “You are a sub and are not permitted to fuck anyone unless I give you permission. Subs do not control but submit. Your cock has been imprisoned to further your submissiveness to me. It now belongs to me and will only please me as I so desire.’

Handing Lena the key Ana then dutifully stripped and stood in front of me naked.

Unlocking the chastity which quickly fell to the floor, my cock became fully erect.

“Ana, you will suck this cock until it explodes on you. I want to see you covered in cum. You will then submit to having me or Charles fuck you or James. As a submissive you know the rules. “

As I stood there in front of Lena, Ana went to her knees. Her lips soon found my cock and her warm tongue licked the head. That sent shivers throughout my body. With pre-cum forming and the pent up passion of the past few hours, it only took a minute before the explosion of cum splattered on Ana’s face. As it ran down her chest and between her breasts, I felt ashamed that I had erupted on her beautiful face.

Lena smiled. “That is a good sub. You followed instructions and the cum has covered you. To finish the evening do you want Charles or me to fuck you or James. This is your opportunity to make a decision.”

Ana asked, “Mistress may I fuck James. He should be fucked by a woman who is not afraid to let her dominant desires out. I know he will submit to me. If he does not then perhaps we could have a double penetration with me and Charles cramming into his tight hole.”

After a few seconds Lena replied, “Ok, wash the cum off yourself. You will have five minutes to fuck him, if he has not exploded then Charles will join you. Here is a strap-on.”

I was exhausted and did not know if I could have a second climax so soon after Ana’s oral but the thought of a double penetration scared me.

“James, you no longer are a man but a gay friendly person. Your fantasies can be relived over and over with partners who share your interests. I am letting Ana fuck you because she has demonstrated a desire to expand her world. She will always be one of my submissive persons. As a lesbian she pleases dominant women. She pleases men and she pleases me. You have pleased me and I expect we will become good friends. You no longer have to hide your true desires but can express them. If you decide to become a full shemale, I can help with hormones and laser hair removal. There are many men who will pay you well for experiences like we shared tonight. So, I want you to think about that. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing a naked shemale who has committed to this lifestyle.

Ana returned with the strap-on. Ordering me to get on the bed on all fours, she put some K-Y on my anus and her cock. She inserted it with ease and began to pump into me. This lasted only a few minutes before I had an explosion of cum.

Ana said, “Thank you. I enjoy taking control once in a while. You have a great ass and I love pushing into it.”

So ended that memorable evening. I no longer am afraid to be myself. I enjoy every opportunity to be naked with other men and women. Engaging in sex is no longer a shameful experience. It all started with that night in the theater and William’s command, “Surrender to me.”

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