A Night Of Toilet Service And More

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My Mistress and I had been playing for several years after meeting at a local dungeon. Over time she became well aware of all my secret fetishes and the lengths I would go to please her. She knew I loved golden showers and one night about 6 months into our relationship she covered me in her piss while I laid in the bathtub. After, she had me lick her to orgasm. She noticed that my tiny cock was even stiffer than usual and she commented while laughing: “I guess you might be a little more of a toilet than I thought.” From that point forward, she frequently had me drink her piss. Some days she would drop by my house with a tall glass of “iced pee” and watch me drink it all down and thank her with my tongue. About a month ago she had me stay at her place for a 3-day weekend. During that stay she had me drink every drop of her piss. She even had one of her friends come over and piss in a glass and call me names like “piss slut” as I drank it down. My Mistress then pissed in a dog dish, ordered me to jerk off into it and then told me to lick it up like a “bitch.” She smiled wickedly and nodded her approval as I quickly completed my task.

Last week she called me and said she had something “very special” planned for me this weekend at her house. She told me to arrive Saturday at 6 pm and that I should have a “triple enema” before I leave my house, and “don’t get filled up before you get here because we will take care of that!” My cock reacted to her every word but especially the mention of “we.” She intended to have me available to serve others. I could not wait.

I arrived at her home all cleaned out at the appointed time. After I entered her front door, my Mistress had me get on my knees and immediately lick her to orgasm. Her juices coated my face. She then pissed for about one minute as I drank every drop. She added “That is only the appetizer. A lot more is coming later.”

I continued to ask what she had in store for me but she simply led me the bathroom and told me, “You will find out soon enough.” She had me strip naked and had me put on a thick leather collar which was padlocked on. She added cuffs to both wrists and both ankles. From there she told me to lie down on my back in her large sunken tub. When she got me properly positioned, she locked the wrist cuffs to D-rings on the sides of the collar. She then added a spreader bar about 3 feet long between my ankles and attached it to the ankle cuffs. She used a chain pulled through a secured ring in the ceiling to ratchet my legs up a couple of feet and expose my ass.

After I was secured Mistress said: “I am guessing you are now very curious as to what will happen tonight? Well it will become much more obvious in a few minutes.” She then pulled out some items that she had never used with me before. First she pulled out a leather hood and slipped it over my head. It had opening for eyes which could easily be covered by Velcro attachments. It also had opening for the nose and a round opening for the mouth. The hood was attached to the collar to secure it in place. Mistress then grabbed an O-ring gag that fit directly into the hood opening and behind my teeth so that my mouth could not close. She then waived a funnel in front of my eyes. “I don’t think it should be a mystery what this is for. You are going to be the toilet for the evening. I have about 20 couples coming over. There will be dominant men and women along with their male and female subs. If they need to piss tonight, you will be in service. They can use the funnel or pee directly through the gag. I can see by your tiny erection that this idea excites you. But your set-up is not quite done yet. This is not going to be all pleasure for you.”

She then grabbed something that looked like a butt plug but it had a tube going through it and a small pump like for taking blood pressure readings. She showed it to me and grinned.”Slut, this is going into your ass. As you can see, it allows liquid to go in but not come out.” With that she lubed the plug and forced it into my ass. As it popped into place she began pumping up the plug and it expanded tight into my hole. “Now to add some liquid…” She grabbed another funnel, fit it over the tube and began to piss into it. The warm piss entered into my ass quickly. The plug prevented me from expelling any of it. “Nice, huh? It won’t feel quite so good as a lot more goes in tonight.”

My Mistress next grabbed a small tube and slid it directly into the urethra of my cock. She wrapped a tight leather strap around my balls and secured the end of the strap to the tube to keep it in place. “I decided that it would be fun to create a recycling system of sorts tonight.” So my Mistress next took the small tube and connected to the tube in the plug. “As your belly fills up with piss you will have no choice but to pee. When you do, every drop is going straight into your own ass. So each time you relieve the pain in your bladder, you will swell your colon even more. You should be cramping by about 10 p.m. And since canlı bahis şirketleri this will likely go on all night, you will be begging for release before long. Relax dear, it is going to be a long night for you.” She smiled then put the Velcro coverings over the eyes plunging me into darkness. I heard the doorbell ring. “The first guests are here. See you soon.” I heard her walk out and the door close.

I waited in darkness for about 30 minutes before the door to the bathroom finally opened. I heard the footsteps of several people enter and the laughter of a couple of woman before my Mistress spoke. “You can see my slut is all ready to serve tonight. I have placed an O-ring gag on the leather hood to keep his mouth wide open. He knows he will be swallowing the piss of all my guests tonight. There is a funnel beside him with a tube. You have the choice of standing outside the tub and using the funnel, or feel free to straddle his face and piss directly into his mouth. He can’t object one way or the other. The tube you see coming from his tiny cock runs directly through the pumped up plug in his ass. As he fills up with piss, he will piss it straight into his own ass. He should be moaning like a little bitch in a few hours from that enema. I also have a couple of nipple clamps on the edge of the tub. Feel free to use them on him if you want to add to his discomfort. So, now that you know how the “toilet” works, feel free to use him whenever you need to go.” I heard several voices thank my Mistress before her steps led out of the bathroom.

After a few seconds of silence, another woman spoke. “Well, well, slut! You are quite the site. I can see why you are toilet with that 4” hard-on. No women would ever get satisfaction from that. I am Mistress Jenn. I am here tonight with my sub Nicole. Say hello to the “toilet,” Nicole.” Nicole said a quiet hello. Mistress Jenn continued, “Your Mistress told me what she had planned for you so me and my sub have been drinking water all afternoon and neither of us have used the bathroom. So, get ready! Nicole, use the funnel and get to it.” From there I heard someone walk beside the tub and insert the end of the tube in my mouth. Within a few seconds warm piss started shooting out of the tube and down my throat. I swallowed quickly to get it all. They must have been saving it up for awhile because she pissed for about two minutes before it finally stopped.

Mistress Jenn commented, “Impressive, Nicole. You did have to go. That should be a good start on his evening. Now, it’s my turn. And I am not using the funnel.” The tube was pulled from my mouth and I felt Mistress Jenn step over me to straddle my head. She placed her thighs on either side of my head and I felt her weight on my head and the gag. She was obviously facing my feet because my nose was suddenly in her asshole. As she twisted both my nipples hard she said, “Here it comes “toilet”!” I tasted a blast of hot piss enter my mouth. She was making no effort to control the flow so I had to swallow as fast as I could to stop from spilling any. She continued for what seemed like five minutes but was probably only two before the flow finally slowed to a trickle. She gave my nipples one final twist before she dismounted my face. “Pretty good job “toilet.” But it is still early. I will find out later whether you do quite so well once you have filled your ass with your own piss and are fighting the pain.” I heard them both wash their hands and walk from the bathroom.

This same seen was repeated for the next several hours. Mistress would explain to the new guests the operation of the “toilet,” then I would be filled with more piss. It only took about an hour and a half before I could not hold back and began filling my ass with my piss. Once it started, it was nearly impossible to stop. By then I had probably been filled about 15 times and had swallowed what seemed like at least a gallon of piss. Several of the dominant guys had stuck their cocks through the gag and pissed straight down my throat. One guy jacked off into my mouth and followed it with a piss chaser.

At around 10 pm my Mistress walked in by herself and removed the covering from the eyes in the hood. It took about 30 seconds to adjust to the lighting in the room. “I have heard nothing but compliments slut. You are doing an excellent job tonight. I may have to make you available for all the monthly parties. I heard someone say you are starting to moan through your gag. That enema must be finally having its affect on you. I do see that your belly looks like it has expanded at least a couple of inches from the piss. Several of the people have been talking about other possible uses we may be able to find for your mouth and ass tonight. We will see about that. But for now, just stay focused on the job at hand and try to forget the cramping.” My Mistress then stepped over me and moved into place. “Don’t you just love how it looks as my pussy moves down onto your face slut?” She placed her weight on my head and canlı kaçak iddaa began peeing into my mouth. When she finished she stood over me and smiled. “That feels much better. Not sure you will be saying the same in a few hours.” She got up, replaced the coverings over my eyes, washed her hands and left. I thought about the love I had for my Mistress to try to forget the waves of cramps that had started.

The next few hours had been a blur. As the waves of cramping hit there was no relief. I tried to close my eyes and concentrate on stopping the pain but I would be interrupted every few minutes by someone else needing to use the “toilet.” There was obviously plenty of alcohol being served because as the night went on the people using me were clearly drunk. A couple of women came in after being fucked by their Doms and emptied the cum down my throat. A pair of Dommes decided that if I could drink piss I could drink vodka. So after filling me up they poured 4-quick shots through the gag. They finished by extinguishing their cigarettes on my nipples. One woman wiped some shit on her finger and spread it on my nose and the area of the hood just below. Three guys had a contest to see who could shoot the most piss into the O-ring gag from a distance. Much of it went up my nose. At least that washed away the smell of shit. Finally, several people ignored the funnel and O-ring completely and just pissed all over me. I was soon dripping piss from my hooded head to my suspended feet.

It was just past midnight when my Mistress finally re-entered the bathroom. My Mistress laughed as she looked at her sub and pulled off the coverings to the eyes on the hood. “Hey there, slut! I had some complaints from my guests that the “toilet” was broken. They said it was leaking piss and was making a lot of noise. I thought I would come in and check. But I can see what they were talking about. What a mess!” She bent over and pushed my stomach which was now very bloated. I moaned loudly. “They were right. It is making a lot of noise. It must be clogged up.” I heard the laughter from other people. As my eyes adjusted to the light I saw that at least 15 people were gathered around laughing at me. I figured I had served all of them at least once tonight.

My Mistress continued, “My guests wanted me to show them how to fix a clogged toilet.” I saw here walk back and forth and stare at me like she was puzzled by a complicated problem. As she was down by me feet she exclaimed, “There’s the problem! The toilet drain is stopped up by some type of plug.” More laughter. “I will need some help from a couple of you guys to fix this back up.” She finally undid the chain which held the spreader bar suspended in the air. I was relieved when my legs were down again. I felt her pull the tube out of my cock. I shot piss up in the air and on my belly. “You’re right, the toilet is leaking too. Now, grab his legs and pull him up. Bend him over so his head is resting on the bottom of the tub in the middle. Good, now keep his cock pointing down at him. This next part is a bit trickier. My sub is too fat and doesn’t bend like I would like. I do not want to flood the bathroom so I will need that funnel with the tube.”

I stared up with wide eyes as I felt Mistress deflate the plug after more than 5 hours. I would like to say that gave me some relief, but the cramping was on the verge of making me delirious. I could see my cock dripping piss down on me with my ass straight in the air as two big guys held the spreader bar which secured my ankles. I watched as she yanked out the plug then deftly covered my opening with the large end of the funnel. I noticed that she had attached a wider tube to the end of the funnel and she held the end of the tube about two feet above my head. “Now that the clog has been removed the back up needs to go somewhere. And I guess you can see where that will be slut. It might as well go back in the toilet! Now I hope you see why I told you to have a triple enema before you got here. I am sure more than what just went in is coming out. You can try to hold back, but it won’t matter because I’m not going anywhere until the job is done.”

She pushed at my belly and I could not hold it a moment longer. I needed to get that piss out of me no matter what the price. I felt a surge as I began to expel the massive amount of piss from my colon. I could hear it explode into the funnel. The tube immediately began flowing a stream of piss onto my face and chest as more ran down over my balls and down over my ass and back. She moved the tube back and forth so some went in my eyes, some up my nose, some in my mouth and generally just covered me. After a short while I also began expelling a browner mixture as the enema cleansed some deep areas of my intestines. Mistress laughed, “I guess maybe I should have told you to take four enemas before you came.” The flow continued for more than five minutes before it finally slowed to a stop. The people in the bathroom applauded as it ended. “That canlı kaçak bahis was really something my toilet slut. I would like to think that you could not possibly have enjoyed that but look at that…. your teeny tiny cock is hard again. You are indeed a complete slut!” Now get showered, clean up this mess, and take a little time to clear your head. Your presence will be required in the family room in about an hour for part two of your service tonight. It seems that the guests liked this part so much that they have more creative ideas to test you.”

I needed the entire hour to shower, clean up the bathroom and regain a little strength from my five hour ordeal as the guest “toilet.” I continued to purge the piss from my bladder for another 30 minutes. When I was finally dried up and felt like I was basically empty, I refastened the cuffs to my wrists and ankles. The cuffs, and the collar that had remained locked on all evening, were all I was wearing when my Mistress entered the bathroom. “I am proud of you slut. You did a better job than I expected. I thought you would be begging for relief hours earlier. Are you ready for the second half of your evening?”

I replied, “Yes, Mistress.” She smiled and clipped a leash to my collar and told me to get down on my hands and knees and follow her into the family room.

I crawled into the family room and saw that about 25 people still remained at the party. My Mistress announced, “Slut, since your introduction was not very formal to my guests earlier, I thought it would be better for you to give them a proper greeting.” My Mistress then led me by my leash to each Mistress and Dom in attendance and introduced me as her “slut toilet” and had me kiss their ass and thank them for using me tonight. After I was introduced to all, she led me to a new device that one of the other guests must have brought with them. It was a narrow padded bench that sat about 2 feet off the ground. I was laid face down on the bench with my arms and legs extended over the sides in the location of the front and rear legs of the bench. My cuffs were secured to D-rings on each leg of the bench. Two wide straps came around the middle portion of the bench and secured my body firmly. My head and rear end extended slightly past the ends of the bench. My erect cock pointed down towards the floor. I could see from that position that my mouth and ass were easily accessible. I knew that was not an accident.

My Mistress spoke: “Your attention, please! It is time for the special contest of the evening to begin. As you can see, my slut is locked in place at just the right height. Standing around him are six Doms and six male subs. According to my instructions, none of the subs have been permitted by their Mistress or Dom to cum in the last week. When I say “Go!” the male subs will take turns getting sucked off by my slut. As each one cums, he will be replaced by the next in line. At the same time, the Doms will fuck my slut’s ass. After they shoot their load deep into him, the next Dom will step in. This is a race to see which team will have all their “members” cum first. The subs will have their hands secured behind their back so they don’t cheat. But any contest needs prizes, so here they are. If all the subs finish first, then they will each get one week of unsupervised, unlimited orgasms. But if the Doms win, the subs will go the next 30 days without any orgasm at all.”

“As for my special “slut cum catcher,” his incentive will be a bit different. If the subs win he will finally get his fantasy of a weekend of traditional sex with his Mistress. For the first time, I will allow him to put that worthless little cock inside me.” My mind raced as I thought about how close I was to finally being able to be with my Mistress in that way. I smiled as she winked at me. “But…..” She hesitated. “If the subs lose, my slut will not be quite so happy. Remember sub Nicole that Mistress Jenn introduced to you much earlier tonight? “I nodded. “When Nicole is not serving Mistress Jenn she works at one of the local tattoo joints. Her specialty is in erotic piercing. Over the years, she has pierced several of the subs that are here tonight. If the subs lose you are finally going to get pierced, and not just once.” I swallowed hard. She had talked about this for some time but I would always change the subject and we would move on. Apparently, she had been serious.

“And to give the Dommes a chance to play, Mistress Jenn and Mistress Sarah will straddle my slut’s back. Mistress Jenn will face the subs. She can pull slut’s hair, slap his face, pinch the nipples of the subs, whatever she can do to add to the fun! Mistress Sarah will face the Doms. She will be cropping my slut’s ass while he gets fucked and she will make sure the cum doesn’t leak out as each Dom switches places. So now that I have explained the rules, everyone needs to take their places. Oh yeah, one more thing. To make this more fun to watch, the subs and Doms are lined up in order of cock size. Start small and work your way up slut!” With that, the Mistresses straddled my back and sat down. I felt some lube being dripped into my asshole and a finger sliding it in. I saw the first cock in front of my face. My Mistress said, “Everyone ready? Go!.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20