A Night to Remember Ch. 01

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The following in this series are letters written to me by my lover…


I’ll never forget the passion and the intensity of the way you made love to me that night, Sweetheart. We met under a silvery sliver of moonlight, held by a scythe. You had held my heart for so many years, and we had shared ourselves with each other in passion and romance. But in those unforgettable moments under that shadowy moon, our souls were fused forever.

It was 7 o’clock on that Saturday evening in November. We had been talking about our big night out for a couple of months. We’d driven over to the romantic and beautiful city hard on the rugged coast of Northern California–the city of San Francisco. We’d strolled that day along Fisherman’s Wharf and enjoyed a sidewalk crab cocktail. We had toured the incredible Rodin collection at the Palace of the Legion of Honor–an ornate turn-of-teh-century building in the lee of the Golden Gate Bridge. And now, here we were, having showered and dressed into our formal attire for a showing of The Phantom Of The Opera at the Curran.

Our room at the venerable and elegant St. Francis Hotel was already laid out for a night of romance later. The candles were in place. Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (A Little Night Music) was ready on the CD stereo. And a bottle of Dom Perignon was already chilling in its stand, ready for our return.

When you came out of the bathroom and I saw you, I was stunned into silence. You were an ethereal vision of feminine beauty. Your lithe and agile body perfectly filled out casino siteleri your little black dress, revealing a winsome hint of cleavage from the plunging neckline and your well-toned, athletic legs enhanced by your 4-inch stilettos. You were wearing the dangling diamond earrings I had bought for you for our 5th anniversary, and your lips–accentuated by the maroon hue you’d just applied–smiled shyly as you watched me gaze in amazement at your stunning beauty.

“God, Lillian,” I rasped, “you’re incredible.”

“Only for you,” you smiled. “Only for you.”

I thought I was doing well to look as handsome as I could for you in my traditional black tux with the black bowtie. I was even wearing a white silk scarf for effect. But I immediately realized that all eyes would be on you tonight, for your beauty was stunning. And it would be my privilege and honor to escort you on my arm.

We rode the elevator downstairs to the spacious lobby, past the famous clock which had survived the ’06 earthquake. And then I gave you your first surprise of the evening. Instead of heading to the valet stand to retrieve our car, I pointed us in the opposite direction–to the Powell Street side–where a beautiful stretch Lincoln limousine awaited us. You were shocked when the driver opened the door and let us in, and–after getting behind the wheel and giving us a pleasant greeting and closing the privacy glass between him and us–you finally spoke and said “you know I’ve always had this fantasy, don’t you?”

“Why do you think I did this, Sweetheart?” slot oyna I replied. “I want us to live out our fantasies always.”

As we rode to the restaurant, I reached over and held your hand and you surprised me for the first time that wonderful night by immediately sliding my hand between your legs. You let me feel the silkiness of your sheer stockings, and you slid my fingers over the elastic garters which held them in place. You leaned into me, and whispered “Want to feel what you’ve done to me?”

Wordlessly, I slid my fingertips inside your swollen, already sopping-wet pussy, playfully toying with your erect clit. You were squirming in the seat almost instantly. And you instinctively reached for my rock-hard cock, already saluting you through my slacks. “How far is it to the restaurant?” you asked me. “Not far enough,” I laughed, as I continued to toy with you relentlessly, watching your eyes roll back in your head as you reveled in my touch. “I want you to fuck me, Don,” you said. But knowing that we didn’t have time, and that so much of our evening was still ahead of us, I decided that you needed to be tortured with desire, and satisfied in increments, rather than having all of the feast all at one time.

And so I slid over against the door of the limo, and slid you over next to me so that your back was against my chest and your leg was draped over the bench seat. I began kissing your neck slowly and seductively, and once again slid my fingers over your silky legs, my fingertips making little circles over your knees, the inside canlı casino siteleri of your knees, your upper thighs, and finally into your waiting, eager pussy.

You were incredibly wet. You were literally flowing.

And without warning, I slid three fingers inside you, as my thumb rolled slowly over your erect clit. My middle finger found your G-spot, and I finger-fucked you with relish as my tongue and mouth tasted your beautiful neck and ears. Your breathing was ragged, and you gasped “I want to scream.” And I whispered back to you, as I continued to fuck your pussy mercilessly with my hand “go ahead, Sweetheart…just don’t hold back.”

That was all you needed. You came instantly, a deep, resonant, powerful, total body orgasm, and your screams of delight and release were the sweetest music to my ears. I withdrew slowly, still kissing you gently, and holding you close to me in my strong arms. “I want you even more now,” you said.

“I know,” I smiled. “And you have no idea how much I want you. But we’re almost there, and we have the whole night ahead of us. And that was only the hors d’ ouevre.” As the limo slowed to a stop in front of the restaurant, I helped put you back together and before we knew it, the door opened and the driver let us out at the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.

“Back in ninety minutes,” he smiled. I thanked him, while you stood nervously, self-consciously on the sidewalk. As we walked into the restaurant, you said “do you think he knew? he didn’t say a word…maybe he didn’t hear us.”

“Don’t kid yourself,” I said as I winked at you. And we both laughed joyfully, and walked inside the sumptuous Italian restaurant for our delicious meal. Little was I to know that the Italian food was only the first course…

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