A Pig’s Tale Ch. 02

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Part Two: Maintenance

“Oh, yeah; he’s a total Pig,” my Master said. And yes, he knew what Pigs liked. . . .

Within a few minutes the man began to cum in the ass before me, moaning, groaning and violently slamming into the ass until he pulled out. He dangled before my face his long, thick cock –and as I guided its smeary, slippery, dripping head into my mouth the funky taste now satisfied my lust as I yanked at my own cock. Willingly, I sucked and licked the cock clean, slurping it from base to head, and his hands went to my ears and he yanked my head toward him as he pushed his cock deeply into my throat–and he let go a gushing voluminous stream of warm piss. It overflowed my mouth; he withdrew and pissed over my face, and luckily I had my eyes closed as I opened my mouth wide, my tongue extending, seeking the piss stream. A second, third and fourth stream of piss joined the first.

“Keep your mouth open, Pig,” my Master’s voice. The streams converged in my mouth filling it almost instantly, and I began swallowing as fast as I could as my own cock exploded; the derisive laughter and comments like, “Swallow that piss, Pig” flew at me as an intense orgasm had me smacking my lips at the taste of piss. Another stream hit my ear and a few more splashed over my back.

Finally, the streams ended, and yanked to my feet by the belt, piss and complete humiliation covered me, and I wanted more piss, more cum, more humiliation. Experiencing a trembling stupefaction and a thirst for a repetition, I eagerly followed my Master as he led me further into the darkness, and amazingly my cock throbbed and stiffened, greedy and wanting more.

I was stopped at another station, and this time a bottom’s ass was presented before me. “Suck this asshole clean, Pig; get your tongue up his ass, now!”

I spread the ass cheeks and began readily to eat the asshole, ramming my tongue in as far as I could and sucking the cum out.

“This dude just took 6 or more cocks up the ass, so they’ll be a lot of cum for your Pig,” I heard as the bottom moaned and wiggled illegal bahis in pleasure as my tongue reached up into him. And the cum did just pour out of him.

He jacked his cock off, and when he began to cum he turned and shoved his cock in my mouth and filled me with his hot juice. “Piss down the Pig’s throat,” and a few moments later the cock streamed a full onslaught of piss. I felt warm and full just like the feeling you get after a big dinner as my stomach filled with piss, cum, lube and ass.

When the piss stopped, my Master led me by the belt to another area and another, and over the next hour or so I sucked and licked clean a dozen more cocks that had just shot cum up a bottom’s ass and sucked out 6 or 7 more totally-cum-filled assholes, all the while getting fucked up the ass by my Master and other dudes.

Then my Master led me to a booth. “You’re stayin’ in here and you’re gonna get some visitors, so treat ‘em right–ya hear, slave?”

“Yes, Master,” I answered and stood.

Moments later a young black dude entered the booth with his big, black cock erect and jutting out of his pants and curving upwards close to his zipper. I turned around and bent over. My gaping, open hole was slick with cum and lube, and was stretched and ready from the previous fucking.

Again I felt hands spreading my cheeks, and I pushed my bottom back when I felt the hard, warm head of his cock touch my anus, engulfing the whole length in one motion. It rammed up inside me at an impossible angle; I felt he might lift me off the floor with his cock. It felt overwhelming, more so than larger ones. Furiously, he pounded my asshole and within a few minutes, I heard a gasp from behind me as the cock’s owner felt his tool thrust to the hilt up my slim rear end, and I began to ride this long, very hard, young cock. It shot in and out of my bottom as the owner grunted, now furiously reaming my slippery asshole.

I leaned back even further, pushing my ass out and grinding down on his cock, squeezing it with the muscles of my rectum as he grunted and fucked me in the illegal bahis siteleri rear. I felt him break his rhythm, and soon the wet feeling of his cum spurted into me as his black hose rammed home, deep and hard.

As he pulled out, he said, “Suck me clean, Pig!” I spin around and gobbled his cock clean, relishing the taste of ass and cum and lube. As he left, another replaced him. This one was smaller, but still 7” or so. However, as his good-sized cock slipped into my rectum, I felt my buns being very roughly squeezed and my anal area rubbed, and this action really made me hot. He fucked me hard, slamming his groin against my butt as his tool reamed into my slippery rear hole. He lasted only a few furious minutes.

No one spoke as visitor after visitor entered and then came inside my asshole. Most requested to be sucked clean after shooting their cum into my ass, and I loved every second, every drop of it. I kept taking hits of Rush, so I was literally “stoned” and responding automatically.

My cock stayed hard; my lust didn’t fade. How many came and went is only a guess, but I was tiring fast, almost exhausted when 2 older black men entered. To my surprise I felt fingers going into my ass, joining a plunging cock, stretching and violating my rectum as I fucked down on both the fingers and cock. One pulled my sphincter open, ramming his enormously shaped cock head into my anal passage as fingers opened my tail to his cock, and I grunted and groaned with the feel of fingers and cock banging and stretching my asshole.

One reached in front of me to grip my hard cock, squeezing it and jacking me off while the other pushed his meat quickly and violently in and out of my slick rear opening, which was now red and hot and sore. I felt the another man’s hands on my ass now, squeezing my buns, then moving his own fingers down to my asshole and pushing them up inside me next to the pumping cock, prying my rectum open even further. I pushed my butt back onto the ramming cock and probing fingers, trying to force them ever deeper inside my bottom as my cock was canlı bahis siteleri jacked off in front of me. I felt myself start to cum as the activity centered in my ass grew to a feverish pitch. The cock plunged deep into me and stayed deep, pumping hot cum into my bowels as the fingers pried my hole open, and my own cock spurted it’s load again, which splashed against the inside of the wall I was leaning on.

We all held still for a second, breathing deeply and panting. My legs shook from the effort and the heat of being gang-banged. The door opened; it was my Master, “Get out!” And the 2 men left and he entered the booth. “Here,” and he handed me my shorts. “You need a break, follow me.”

We walked to the left and entered a small room with a Coke machine and a few folding chairs. No one was inside but us. He bought 2 Cokes, handed me one and sat. I followed him.

Amazingly, the Viagra still had me hard. I drank from the can as he spoke, “I know Pigs and you’re a complete one. We’re gonna go somewhere else. I have made some calls. The gangbang’s gonna continue. I see your cock’s still hard—right?”

“Yeah, I want some more.”

“Good. Did you drive?” he asked.

“No, took a cab from Metro.”

“Okay, when we’re finished—and I ain’t sure when that will be; I’ll drive you to Metro. Where ya live?”


“Long way, but black cock is like prime rib to a Pig like you—right?’

“Oh, yeah.”

“Well, you’ll have as many as a dozen cocks wanting to bury themselves in your ass and mouth when we get there. You up for that?”

“Oh, yeah.”

With that –we finished our cokes and walked to his car—about 3 blocks. The drive was uneventful, about 10 minutes with more talk about black cock and the glory hole place. He offered me some marijuana and I smoked one of his joints as we drove. He went on to tell me how much safer going with him would be than staying there thru the night. I had gone for it, but a flicker of fear was present. At the joint’s end I was flying. Only my hard cock over-ruled everything.

We parked and his instructions were simple just do what he said; he was in charge and the dudes there would follow his lead, so I would just enjoy the gangbang of my life.

Continued: Email me to encourage me to finish the next part.

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