A Quick Dip

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I love hot sunny days. You can get away with wearing almost nothing, knowing all the boys are watching you. You can go swimming or take a pleasant walk in the country (as long as you choose a suitably shaded trail). Sunny days are the best.

There is one problem with hot sunny days. They tend to be followed by hot, mucky, nights, and they’re the pits. You’re too hot and sweaty to sleep and too tired not to and you have a dreadful night and wake up grumpy.

Turn on the air conditioner, I hear you say. Then you’re a trifle cooler and kept awake by the insist drone of the air conditioner. Whisper quiet, they say. A very loud whisper if you ask me, pitched in a voice that carries it throughout the house.

This particular night I was trying to sleep without using an air conditioner. The heat and humidity were winning. I grumbled my way out of bed and over to the window, hoping that if I leaned out I might catch a faint breeze.

I had mixed luck there. I didn’t find a breeze but I did spot the swimming pool next door, full of cool, calming, cleansing, water. Why not go for a quick dip, I asked myself?

Why not indeed? The Adams’s were away on holiday and not expected back for another week. No-one was there. I knew this because my mother had the key and checked the place every so often. I could slip next door and have a nice refreshing dip. The exercise and the coolness would help me get to sleep afterwards.

I was about to grab my bikini but then I thought the hell with it. There wouldn’t be anyone around and even if there was it was night. No-one would see me. I slipped out of the house and went next door.

Initially I sat on the edge of the pool, just dangling my feet in the water. Even that much contact with the cool water was enough to feel refreshing. I was wearing baby-doll pyjamas, scraps of material that weighed nothing. It was a job of seconds to shed them and then I was in the pool.

I swam a little and then floated a little, luxuriating in the coolness. It wasn’t nearly as dark as I’d thought it would be, what with a clear sky and a full moon. I could actually see quite well. Still, I was safe from observation. When I’d looked from my window the pool had been shadowy. I felt I could safely assume that the same would apply to anyone else who looked out of their window at midnight, not that there would be too many people doing that.

I was just floating drowsily, thinking that I really should get out and go back to bed. I got a real shock when someone spoke to me.

“Hi, Cheryl. Looks like great minds think alike.”

I promptly tried to drown myself but after a bit of swearing and floundering I found myself standing in waster that wasn’t too deep and still covered me to chest high. Looking around I saw Jordan and Brendan standing by the side of the pool, smiling at me. What was worse was the fact that they were both wearing bathing shorts.

“What are you doing here?” I demanded. I know, silly question. What did I think they were doing seeing both of them were dressed for swimming?

“Take a guess,” said Jordan. “Go on. Take a wild stab at the reason we’re here.”

“You’re going swimming,” I said. “Well, not with me, you’re not. Go hop in the deep end and I’ll depart and leave you to it.”

“Now don’t be like that, Cheryl. We wouldn’t dream of depriving you of your swim. If you don’t want company in the pool we’ll just wait here until you’re ready to go. That’s fair and reasonable, isn’t it Jordan.”

“I have to agree with you, Brendan. That sounds like a plan to me.”

The two oafs just stood there smiling.

“Ah, look, boys, I’m not exactly dressed for male company. Do you mind moving elsewhere while I get out?”

“Cheryl,” exclaimed Brendan. “Don’t tell me you’re skinny dipping. I’m shocked. Truly shocked. Aren’t you shocked, Jordan?”

“I am, Brendan. Deeply shocked. To think that sweet little Cheryl would go skinny dipping at night. In someone else’s pool at that.”

“All right, cut the clown act. It’s not funny. I’ll admit you have me at a disadvantage. Now will you please just back off for a few moments?”

“The girl has a point, Brendan,” Jordan said, sounding thoughtful. “It’s almost criminal the disadvantage she has, being naked and all. How about we even the casino siteleri playing field a little?”

Call me suspicious but I didn’t trust them one little bit. I was right not to. Brendan nodded at Jordan’s comment and then both of them dropped their bathing shorts, leaving them as naked as me. Nakeder, even, as a pair of erections were standing out and shining in the moonlight.

I suddenly felt so hot that I almost expected the water to start boiling around me. Oh lord, how could I even look in their direction without seeing those things sticking out?

“Do you mind?” I gasped out. “Will you please have the common decency to just back off and let me get out?”

“Um, no,” said Brendan, with Jordan promptly seconding that.

“Feel free to hop out. We won’t look, will we, Brendan?”

“Ah, I don’t know about you but I’ll certainly be looking,” Brendan said. “You saw how fine she looked just floating there. Imagine how good she’ll look standing in front of us.”

My face was burning. How long had they been standing there watching me?

“How about you come on out? We’ll look, but we won’t touch.”

“That doesn’t apply to you,” added Jordan. “You can both look and touch. We won’t object.”

Despite myself my eyes dropped to their erections. I bet they wouldn’t object if I touched them. I felt myself getting all hot again.

“I’m not getting out while you two stand there. You’d probably, ah, grab me or something.”

“Are you implying that we might grab you with nefarious intentions?” asked Brendan, sounding a little insulted. He turned to look at Jordan. “Nefarious intentions means she’s scared we might try to rape her,” he explained.”

“I knew that,” said Jordan. “It just goes to show she’s not as dumb as she looks.”

“I beg your pardon?” I snarled. Dumb as I look indeed.

“Ooh, bad move Jordan,” said Brendan with a smirk.

“That just came out wrong,” Jordan protested. “I was just trying to point out that she’s very astute in assessing what our intentions are.”

In other words they intended to pounce as soon as I got out of the pool. I was in a little spot of bother here.

“You’re an idiot, Jordan,” Brendan told him. “Why don’t you just invite her here so we can fuck her?”

“Oh, right. We can do that because she’s eighteen now,” said Jordan. “Um, Cheryl, would you please get out of the pool and join us so we can make love to you? We’d really appreciate it. We’ll even let you pick the positions.”

Was he for real? He couldn’t be that dumb. As a matter of fact I knew he wasn’t. He was really highly intelligent. So why the dumb question?

“I’ll scream if you don’t go away,” I warned them.

“No, I don’t think you will,” Brendan said.

“Why not?”

“Because when we run away we’ll take those with us,” he pointed to my baby-doll pyjamas, “and you’ll be trying to explain to people why you’re standing out here naked and screaming. Everyone will be talking about it for months.”

I gave him a nasty look and he just smiled.

“Well, we seem to be at a bit of a stand-off,” Jordan said. “There’s really only one way to resolve this.”

“You’re leaving?” I asked hopefully and he laughed.

“Ah, no. Just stay where you are for a moment.”

With that he stepped down into the pool and started walking towards me. At least one good thing would come of that, I thought viciously. His blasted cock will shrink in the cold water.

He just walked towards me as casually as though he was walking on the grass. I waited to see what he would do which was a little mistake on my part. I expected him to stop in front of me and try and coax me out of the water. He didn’t stop.

He took one step too many and my naked body was plastered against his, his arm going around me to hold me firmly against him. Not only that, but the cold water wasn’t doing the right thing. I could feel his erection, hard as a rock and pressed against my tummy.

“I thought cold water would, ah, um.” I faltered, not quite able to say what I wanted to.

“Have a deflating effect on me?” he asked. “Not likely when there’s a lovely naked girl right there in front of me. Time to leave the water now.”

“If you try and drag me out of the pool I will kick and bite and scream and slot oyna hit and scratch,” I warned him. “And shift that thing away from me.”

“I have no intention of dragging you out of the pool,” he said, a smile on his face.

The hand on my back dropped down to my bottom, pulling me a little more firmly against him. His other hand promptly joined it, both hands now clutching the cheeks of my bottom.

“Nice bottom,” he said, and lifted.

In the water I guess I weighed nothing at all, the water bearing my weight. When he lifted I popped up out of the water, my breasts now on full display, or they would have been if they weren’t plastered against him. On top off that I was now somewhat higher where his erection was concerned. It wasn’t pressing against my tummy but between my legs, legs that I was holding firmly together.

“Put me down,” I gasped, my hands grabbing his shoulders to hold myself steady.

“In a moment. Let your legs drift apart. Bring them around me.”

“But, but if I do that. . .” My voice trailed off.

“If you do that I’ll put you down, as requested,” he said, and I could feel him silently laughing.

“I’ll just bet you will. You’ll put me down on top of your stupid erection.”

“Now don’t you go insulting my erection,” he grumbled. “It’s the only one I’ve got. The term you want is thick, not stupid. Your legs,” he tacked on as a reminder.

I looked at him and considered what I knew of him and Brendan. All things considered they were a pair of nice boys. Would they really rape me if I actively resisted? They wouldn’t. They just wouldn’t do that. All I had to do was scream or start fighting and they’d back off.

So what did I do? I let my legs drift apart, the buoyancy of the water lifting them at the same time. I had no doubt whatsoever that Jordan could tell what I’d done, mainly because he would feel his erection slipping between my legs. I know I felt it.

He knew alright. He started lowering me and his cock was pressing up between my legs, seeking my slit, eager to get somewhere nice and warm. He was rocking his hips slightly, dragging the head of his cock back and forth along my slit. He seemed to know when it was settled against my vaginal passage as he stopped rocking and started pushing.

I found myself slowly settling down onto his cock as it steadily rose up into me. I could feel it, scraping against the sides of my passage, pushing forward to make more room for itself, going in deeper with each passing moment. I could feel heat exploding out of me, flooding my loins, welcoming this stranger into me.

I automatically locked my legs around his waist, staring at him, slightly shocked. I was having trouble believing that I’d let him do that, but I certainly had.

When he was satisfied that I was comfortably settled on him he turned around and waded back to the edge of the pool. That felt so strange, being carried through the water while riding on his cock. It was even stranger when he went up the steps leading out of the pool. Each step he took seemed to grind his cock into me a little bit more, jolting me.

Out of the pool he walked off the concrete surrounding the pool and onto the grass. He was deliberately bouncing me as he walked, sending additional little thrills through me, blast him. Once he was on the grass he stopped and knelt down, tilting me back until I was lying on the grass with him on top of me.

That was what he’d been waiting for. His hands came snaking up to grab hold of my breasts and his cock was pumping into me. His hips started working hard, driving his erection deep, with my hips working just as hard as I pushed up to meet it. As far as I was concerned I was not going to be a supine victim. If I was getting screwed then I’d make sure I did my own measure of screwing. I couldn’t help feeling that it’s a pity men don’t have breasts that I could play with the way Jordan was playing with mine.

With Jordan on me having his fun Brendan decided to come over and sit on the ground next to us, watching us get it on and waiting for his turn (if I permitted it). I promptly had an evil thought. Men may not have breasts that we can grab a hold of but it seemed to me that there was a rather nice erection right there within reach. My hand reached and you should canlı casino siteleri have heard the startled squawk from Brendan when I squeezed him.

I didn’t really have a chance to play with it as Jordan was keeping me fully occupied and most of my attention was on him, making sure that I was keeping up with what he was doing. He was, in my humble opinion, playing games. One moment he’d be belting along, doing everything bar whipping me to get his ride going. The next moment he’s slowing down and we’ve gone from racing horse to a casual donkey ride at the beach. He was doing it deliberately, getting me all worked up and then easing off, extending the amount of time he had to play. And through all this I kept a tight grip on poor Brendan’s cock.

For all his playing around things were advancing. Every time Jordan picked up the pace my excitement rose higher than the previous time and it wasn’t all that long that his slower periods weren’t having any effect. On me, anyway. I was burning, my blood felt as though it was boiling inside me, and it was only a matter of time before I climaxed.

Then I did climax, dropping Brendan’s cock as though it was too hot and jamming my hands against my mouth, stifling any screams. Damned if I was going to make a loud noise and have someone come and see what was going on.

Jordan groaned and rolled off me, collapsing on the grass, totally spent. For his part, Brendan was now rolling me over onto my tummy, lifting my bottom into the air. I let it happen, scrambling onto my knees, so I was head down, bum up, and Brendan advancing.

Poor Brendan was in a bit of a state. My death clutch on his cock and apparently encouraged it to new and greater heights and he was feeling a little constrained, fearing that his balls would burst before he could get into action. It was quite an impressive sigh of relief he gave as his cock slid down my passage. Come to think of it, it was quite an impressive length of cock that came sliding into me.

Brendan didn’t start in on me straightaway. He just held himself firmly in place. A little relieved I think to have his cock so comfortably placed. I waited patiently, quite willing to let him have a bit of me time.

When he felt he was ready he started, moving surprisingly gently. He just pulled back and eased back into me again, as though feeling me out to see how I’d respond. I’d have thought after seeing how Jordan handled me he’d have had a good idea, but maybe he stopped paying attention to us when I gave him something of his own to think about. There again, he could have been feeling himself out to make sure he wasn’t going to explode too early.

I just moved along with him, rocking gently in place. For all his easy going I could feel the excitement building in me again. Not surprising after the performance Jordan gave. If Brendan couldn’t build something with that for a foundation he would have had to give up on women and made a career of masturbation.

After a couple of minutes I could feel Brendan relaxing. Well, as much as any man can relax in this sort of situation. He was gaining in confidence and starting to build up his pace. It wasn’t too long before he was galloping along at a respectable clip, and I was having to work once more to keep up with him.

I was quite happy to just let him get on with things on his own terms. I was almost purring with satisfaction, my excitement building with every thrust. It wasn’t going to be all that long and I’d be good to go again. Being a woman I didn’t even need to try to delay things until the man was ready. That sort of thing was the man’s responsibility. Very soon it was a case of ready or not, here I come.

I climaxed very nicely, thank you. My passage naturally clamped down on Brendan and quite frankly that was more than his poor cock could stand and he also climaxed, ready or not.

Brendan separated from me and collapsed back down onto the grass. I rose back up onto my feet. I was feeling great.

“I am going back into the pool for a quick dip,” I announced. “Then I’m going home.”

With that I turned and slipped into the pool. The cool water washed over me, wiping away my cares and sundry juices that I seemed to have acquired. After a refreshing dip I was out of the water, slipping on my pyjama, and heading homeward. I’d have whistled on my way except for the fact that I can’t whistle.

Brendan and Jordan? They were still sprawled on the grass. I guess they were just waiting for me to go before having their own swim.

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