A Rough Sorority Rite

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Author’s Note: This story is a combination of two reader requests – one for a story in which a darker skinned woman dominates a lighter skinned woman, and one for a story in which a woman uses pussy-torture on another woman. Obviously, this story has some hardcore elements to it. It is exclusively FF, there is pussy torture, rough sex, a very large strap-on and some verbal humiliation.

Hopefully there are no sororities that actually treat their initiates this way, but that’s the storyline that I chose to use for this particular plot.

I hope you enjoy!


Lacey Alexander knelt, blindfolded, with the other girls who were pledging Delta Beta, the most prestigious sorority on campus. Quite possibly the most prestigious in the nation. Over a hundred girls had tried to rush on her campus alone and she still wasn’t entirely sure how she’d been so honored to make the final cut. With so many girls competing, the sorority had their pick of the best, brightest and most beautiful. Girls with the grace of a southern belle and the brains to run Fortune 500 companies. Being in Delta Beta almost guaranteed one of the brightest futures possible because of the connections that were created through the sorority.

They didn’t care about where you came from either. The sorority took in everything from students were on full scholarships to students who had never spent half a minute thinking about the cost of something before buying it. In fact, Lacey wasn’t entirely sure what the members were looking for other than beauty, grace, social skills, brains and the overwhelming desire to join. There seemed to be an indefinable “it” quality to every single one of the girls who had made it through the past weeks as the sorority members thinned the herd. Some of the most beautiful girls had been cut along with some of the smartest. Although, of course, those that remained were both stunning and intelligent. Some shown with more of an inner beauty than an obvious one.

Being quite beautiful, with pale creamy skin that never tanned, and goldish-red hair that she kept in short waves down to her shoulders, Lacey fit in very well with all the other beauties. She had a curvy body with just a little pouch of a stomach, gorgeous 34DD breasts that were tipped with nipples of palest pink, and big green eyes that a boy had once compared to jade.

But beauty alone wouldn’t get you in. Most importantly was the overwhelming desire to be part of Delta Beta, because going through pledging was utter hell. Lacey had done things in the past few weeks that she’d never imagined in her life. Not just embarrassing things like only being able to wear footie pajamas to her classes for a week. Although she’d lost her virginity on her 18th birthday, nothing had prepared her for the sexual demands of the sorority girls during rush. At any point, Lacy could be ordered to get on her knees and eat a member’s pussy. And had done so, many, many times.

Now tonight was the last night that she would have to get through and she knew that the sorority members were going to make it hard. Already they were pinching, groping, sticking their fingers into Lacey’s pussy which was becoming wetter by the second. All of the pledges had been ordered to kneel down with their knees spread, naked, before putting their blindfolds on and clasping their hands behind their backs. The position made all of them incredibly vulnerable.

The adrenaline and arousal pumping through her veins made it hard to keep still, especially as fingers wriggled between her legs and tugged at her nipples. Every now and then one of the pledges would let out a low moan. Anxiety was running high. There were so many rumors on campus about what happened the last night, about the sexual debauchery and possibly even sexual torture that pledges would be forced to go through, to prove how much they wanted to be in Delta Beta. Lacey wanted it a lot.

Not just wanted. Needed. Lacey knew that this was the best chance to get out of the near-poverty that her family had been living in, to have a bright and shining future guaranteed. Being on scholarship, she knew that the best thing for her was to get into Delta Beta. All sorts of connections would open up for her and her life would no longer be uncertain.

All she had to do was get through tonight and all those open doors would be hers. Waiting for one of the sorority girls to choose her for the night was one of the most torturous experiences she’d ever had.

Not Zara, not Zara, not Zara, she thought silently to herself, almost like a prayer.

Zara, the President of Delta Beta, was one of the few members that Lacey hadn’t been with yet. She was also the one with the most formidable reputation for being rough, and on a night when all of the members were going to be rough, that would just mean that Zara would probably be even rougher. Lacey didn’t know what was in store tonight, although she’d heard whispers of whips and bondage, gang bangs, male frat members invited into threesomes… and all sorts of other kinky things that made her shudder just to think güvenilir bahis of them.

“Mmmm look at all this nice pale skin,” someone in front of her purred, trailing their finger down the center of Lacey’s chest and over to her right nipple, tweaking it. “Isn’t it pretty?”

“Very pretty,” said another voice. “I like the contrast.” Someone – she assumed the speaker – hefted her other breast in their hand, rubbing their thumb over her nipple and Lacey stifled a moan. She was so wet that the tops of her thighs were starting to slick with it. “Yeah, I’m going to take this one.”

The hand that had been on her breast moved, clamping onto the back of her head, twirling her hair around it to give her assailant a better grip, and pulled her to her feet. A heated kiss was pressed to her lips and she opened them obligingly, taking the other girl’s tongue into her mouth and suckling on it eagerly.

“Mmmm you’re a hot little bitch aren’t you?” The voice growled. It was the girl that said she liked the contrast, whatever that meant.

“Yes,” she said panting. And then moaned again as the girl pulled on her hair, tugging her head back so that her breasts thrust out, her hands still clasping each other in the small of her back. A mouth enveloped one nipple in its humid embrace while the other was pinched by a pair of clever fingers. Lacey mewed and squirmed, the blindfold adding to the intensity of the sensations, the mystery of her lover increasing her arousal. Then the mouth pulled away from the hard nubbin of her nipple and the hand in her hair released. A hard tug on her other nipple had her stumbling forward as she was led away from the circle of pledges.

Completely blind, she had to rely on the direction given by her nipple, which was starting to throb in the hard pinch of the other girl’s fingers. Finally they stopped and her nipple was released. She heard footsteps walking away from her and then the sound of a door closing, cutting off the sighs and moans of the other pledges. The footsteps came back closer to her.

“Remove the blindfold now Lacey.”

As she did, the room seemed to blur as she blinked, trying to focus. The lighting was fairly low, but still bright considering that she’d been in complete darkness before. Standing in front of her was a gorgeous black woman, completely naked, with creamy mocha skin and dark brown nipples which were already hardened into little eraser points as she stared at Lacey’s body. There was no hair between her legs and her pouting purplish pussy lips, glistening with juices, were clearly visible.


Lacey trembled. Of all the luck. But at least now she understood what Zara had meant by the contrast; her dark skin tone against Lacey’s creamy paleness would be a gorgeous contrast. If only she didn’t have such a fearsome reputation. The anxiety made Lacey’s pulse race, but her pussy just got even juicier as she wondered what sexual torments the sorority president would put her through to earn her membership.

The other woman paced around her, taking in every inch of Lacey’s attractive assets. She rubbed her thighs together, trying to create some friction to pleasure herself with.

“Stop fidgeting,” Zara snapped, her hand slicing out and slapping Lacey’s ass. The sting surprised her and also turned her on even more, the slight pain mixing with the need in her pussy. But she stopped fidgeting, hoping that they’d start soon.

She watched as Zara went over and lay down on the bed.

“Come here Lacey,” she crooned as she spread her legs open, revealing her glistening core. “Come here and please me.”

Eagerly Lacey hurried over to the bed. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. So far Zara wasn’t doing anything that she hadn’t experienced before. She’d already discovered from her experiences with another sorority member that she enjoyed a spanking. Kneeling between Zara’s legs she lowered her head to the other girl’s breasts, taking one dark nipple in her mouth as she squeezed the large mounds, enjoying the way their softness filled her hands. While she still didn’t consider herself a lesbian, she had learned to enjoy being with another woman. Thankfully, considering how often it was demanded of her as she pledged.

“Mmmm yeah… suck on my titties,” Zara moaned, one of her hands fisting in Lacey’s hair, the other sliding down to Lacey’s breast where she began to squeeze and knead the soft flesh. Lacey admired the contrast of her pale hands on Zara’s brown body, they looked very pretty against each other. In her mind she pictured what her own breast must look like in Zara’s darker hand, creamy skin and palest pink nipple against the coffee colored skin of the other girl.

Zara pinched her nipple and Lacey moaned around her mouthful of breast flesh. “The other one,” Zara demanded. “Suck on the other one, you little whore.”

The crude words were a turn on all on their own, shocking Lacey since she knew she should be insulted; instead being called a whore sent a fresh surge of arousal to her pussy. She suckled at Zara’s breasts, doing her best to please the other türkçe bahis girl. The hand in her hair tightened and pulled her off of Zara’s succulent nipples, which stood at attention, hard and shiny from her efforts.

Hungrily Zara pulled Lacey up to her mouth, continuing to tug and pinch at her nipple as she maneuvered Lacey with the hand in her hair. Even though Lacey was technically ‘on top,’ Zara had complete control over her body. She moaned as Zara thrust her tongue into her mouth, squeezing Zara’s boobs as they swapped spit. Zara’s kiss was roughly domineering, turning her on as much as any man ever had. It was like Zara was an alpha male in a woman’s body. Her tongue invaded Lacey’s mouth, going deep, and she used her hand in Lacey’s hair to hold her tight until Lacey was breathless from making out. As Zara continued to pinch and tug on her nipple, she began to wish that the Sorority President would turn her attention to her other nipple. The one in her possession was becoming sore while the other ached from lack of attention.

Then Zara released her nipple and began pushing Lacey down her body, using forcing her head between her legs. Zara’s pussy was very wet, her shaved pussy lips swollen with her need.

“Lick me slut.”

Immediately Lacey stuck out her tongue and began to orally worship Zara’s crevice, sliding her tongue along the sensitive pussy lips and teasing the girl’s hole. Moaning, Zara began to move her hips in time with the strokes of Lacey’s tongue, both of her hands now on Lacey’s head, pulling her into her pussy. Zara’s pussy was sweet, like peaches and cream with just a hint of sour. Placing one hand on Zara’s thigh, Lacey used her other to spread Zara’s pussy lips, allowing her to lick the other girl even more intimately.

“Mmmmm that feels good. You’re a good little pussy licking whore.” Zara pulled her legs up, her knees tilting towards her chest and exposing more of her pussy to Lacey. “Lick my asshole, little whore.”

This was something Lacey had never done before but she didn’t hesitate. Zara’s derogatory words and erotic orders had her so turned on. The idea of licking her anus was so incredibly perverse and dirty that she couldn’t help but be even more aroused. Her mouth moved lower, her tongue circling around the crinkled little hole. It tasted slightly different from Zara’s pussy; more musky and dryer. The other girl moaned even more loudly, humping her hips up and down as Lacey’s tongue laved over the sensitive bundle of nerves. She wondered what it would feel like to have her own anus licked.

“Oh fuck yeah… finger my pussy while you lick my ass…”

Zara’s moans became more pronounced as Lacey slid her fingers into the hot cavern of her pussy, the inner walls tightening around her invading digits. They were spongy and soft against her probing fingers as she searched for the rough ridge that would send Zara over the top. Simultaneously she sucked on Zara’s asshole, her tongue wriggling and stabbing at its entrance. She felt decadently sinful in performing these dirty deeds and she wondered if she should be ashamed at her perverse enjoyment of the situation.

Her fingers stroked in and out of Zara’s pussy, the pads on her fingertips rubbing over the other girl’s sweet spot just as her tongue managed to force its way into the tight ring of muscle that guarded the entrance to Zara’s anal passageway.

“Oh FUUuuuuuuCK! My clit! Suck my clit!”

Pulling on Lacey’s hair hard, Zara forced her away from the her ass, leaving the dark hole shiny with her spit, and up to the engorged bud peeking out at the top of her pussy. Eagerly Lacey sucked it into her mouth, her fingers rubbing inside of Zara and pressing against her g-spot. The other girl wailed and Lacey felt her own surge of sympathetic ecstasy at knowing how well she was pleasing Zara. All of her anxiety and fears about being with Zara had melted away. So the other woman liked to talk dirty and call her names, so she liked to drag Lacey around by the hair and have her asshole licked; that all had turned Lacey on more than anything else. Maybe some other girls didn’t like it, but Lacey did.

She sucked hard on Zara’s clit, rubbing it between her lips and flicking it with her tongue as the other girl screamed and came, her pussy quivering around Lacey’s fingers as sweet honey flowed from her, coating Lacey’s hand. Her own pussy throbbed in harmony, hopeful that perhaps Zara might reward her in kind. With all the skills that she’d learned as she’d pledged, she was able to draw Zara’s orgasm out, rocking the older girl with pleasure until finally she sighed in satisfaction and pulled Lacey’s mouth away from her leaking pussy.

“You’re a good little pussy eater, Lacey. Are you a lesbian?”

“No, I’ve just been getting a lot of practice,” she said honestly. “I don’t mind it though.”

Zara laughed. “Ah… I remember those days. I never learned to like it. By the time you’re a senior you won’t have to do it unless you want to.”

Lacey nodded her understanding. Social hierarchy within the sorority meant that with each güvenilir bahis siteleri year there were less girls that you had to cater to. As a pledge she was anybody’s meat, as a freshman and newly minted member she’d continue to be so but after rushing the new members weren’t as in demand anymore.

Pushing Lacey off of her, Zara slid off the bed. “Lie down in the center of the bed and put your hands above her head, little whore.”

Eagerly Lacey got into the position that Zara had demanded. Even though she’d gotten used to these girl on girl erotic demands, there was something about Zara that excited her like nothing else. The domination was so much more complete with her.

The dark skinned girl pulled a pair of leather cuffs, connected by a chain, from her bedside table and fastened one around Lacey’s right wrist before threading the loose cuff and chain through the posts on the headboard, and then attaching the second cuff around Lacey’s other wrist. As soon as Zara let go, Lacey couldn’t stop herself from tugging on the cuffs to see how strong they were. Very, as it turned out. Zara smiled at her wickedly and Lacey’s heart rate sped up, knowing that she was bound to Zara’s mercy.

Were all the stories of Zara’s sexual cruelty true? Was Lacey about to find out now?

Zara pulled some straps from the drawer and Lacey watched with interest as Zara attached one around her creamy thigh and then bent her knee and wrapped the strap around her calf as well. Now Lacey’s calf was pressed flush against the back of her thigh, hampering any leg movement. Repeating the restraints on Lacey’s other side, Zara then ran a long chain from each side of the bed and attached it to the straps around Lacey’s legs, spreading her legs wide. Realizing that she looked a little bit like the frogs she’d once dissected in biology class, except that her hands were also stretched out high above her head, Lacey started to tremble with a touch of fear.

The way her hands were bound and stretched thrust her breasts upwards, and the restraints on her legs had her creamy thighs spread open so far that her pussy lips gaped wide, showing off her wet pink interior. Looking up into Zara’s eyes, she saw a glint of cruel anticipation and she opened her mouth to beg Zara to release her from the bindings and let Lacey please her some other way; but her plea turned into a shriek as Zara’s hand came down hard between her legs, spanking her open pussy.

The shocking pain cranked through her, the hard slap shocking her system. Never in her life had anyone ever treated that tender area so roughly!

“Mmmm you just got even wetter,” Zara purred, rubbing her fingers through Lacey’s wet lips. What? Surely that wasn’t possible. But as the pain subsided under Zara’s stroking fingers, Lacey realized that in some ways the pain had felt kind of good, the leftover tinkles from the slap mingling with the arousal that she’d already been feeling. Zara’s fingers glided down to Lacey’s anus, circling the crinkled rim with the wetness from Lacey’s pussy. “Have you ever had anything in this pretty little asshole?”

“Yes,” Lacey admitted. “My ex-boyfriend put his fingers there sometimes and we tried to have anal sex once, but it hurt too much so I made him stop.”

Zara smiled at her wickedly as she put pressure on the tight hole and Lacey groaned as it gave way, allowing two of Zara’s fingers entry into the snug tunnel. It burned a little, it had been so long since anyone had touched her there, and she shuddered as she felt Zara’s fingers digging deeper. Lacey had always enjoyed the full feeling of having her ex’s fingers in her asshole when he’d been eating her out, but he’d always started with one and eventually worked his way up to two. Now Zara had two slowly sinking into her, an uncomfortable probing that would have set her squirming if she’d been able to move at all. Instead, she was only able to lay there and take it – which really just turned her on all the more.

Then Zara’s fingers pulled out and the other girl got up off the bed, smirking a little. “I’m about to do you a favor, Lacey, although you might not appreciate it at first.”

“What are you going to do?”

The sorority president just smiled at her as she reached back into that drawer and pulled out a new toy. It was made of black rubber and had a bulbous shape, pointy at one end and then expanding slowly outwards into a bulb, from which there was a smaller part sticking out connecting it to a wide base.

“This,” Zara announced, “is a butt plug. If your boyfriend had used one of these first then you two probably could have had anal sex.”

Although she wanted to ask if Zara was planning on fucking her ass, or possibly protest that she’d prefer not to have her ass played with, Lacey just bit her lip and stayed quiet. Unfortunately this wasn’t about what she wanted or needed, and from the excited and determined look on Zara’s face she could tell it wouldn’t do any good anyway. Not if Lacey wanted into the Sorority. The only way out of this was to stop pledging, and Lacey hadn’t come this far to shut the door on her golden future. So she just watched quietly as Zara lubed up the black plug and then climbed onto the bed, looking almost gleeful as she pressed the hard point of the plug to Lacey’s crinkled hole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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